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so i just had a really sad but also happy thought. what if one day harry comes home from a really horrible mission and fumbles with his key so he can get in to see draco and hug him but he’s really, really shaking. There’s a metallic clang as it slips through his fingers and falls to the floor and he sinks with it; his legs are refusing to hold him up for any longer. 

He sits there for like half an hour? then his body collapses, dry sobs rattling his whole frame and he doesn’t even glance up when the door opens and a shocked draco rushes to kneel in front of him and hold him while harry tries to limit the shivers that rush through him as he recalls the churning that ran through his body as he lay in wait for yet another bastard that wanted him dead. 

Draco strokes the back of his neck and traces soothing patterns on the back of Harry’s hand until at last, Harry inhales heavily and looks up at Draco. There are fresh tears in his eyes as he whispers: “i was so fucking scared draco, i was terrified”. He leans into him, clutching at draco’s shirt like it was a lifeline. 

And that’s when draco decides he cant take this anymore. Harry is brave and kind and selfless and so full of love and he doesn’t deserve to ever feel scared again. “Why don’t you quit?” 

“I cant, can I? It’s not all over yet.” Harry’s voice breaks as he lets out the pain that he feels each day as he enters a battlefield or a building filled with people who just either expect too much or want there to be a hole where Harry Potter once existed. 

Draco takes both Harry’s hands and cradles them like they are the most precious thing to both of them. He lets one finger run round the wedding ring on Harry’s fourth finger. 

“Harry, you’re brave and strong and wonderful, but these people you say you’re fighting for, you’ve done your part for them now. You’ve been saving them for years and years. You don’t owe anyone anything Harry, except yourself. You aren’t getting to live anymore, you work and work and at work all you seem to do is have to listen to more reasons people want you dead. I love you so much, and it.., it breaks my heart to have to see you like this. Please don’t stay there if its not what you really want. No one will think any less of you, and I.. I just want you to be happy and safe, with me, for as long as forever will let me.” 

A small smile turns up the corners of Harry’s mouth. His eyes are glistening, but there’s a small glimmer of hope that’s buried itself in there now. 

“I think I need to owl Mcgonagall back about that teaching position.”

sometimes i get pissed about kash because he’s an asshole, he’s terrible, he’s god awful with words and someone needs to pop him in his mouth whenever he makes the terrible decision to open it–

but then i remember that he’s like. he’s a healer. out of all the goddamn things he could’ve done with his powers, all the shit paths he could’ve gone down, he’s a fuckin life domain cleric, who brings fire spells to fight fuckin fire giants and fire elementals, who obviously isn’t Great in combat because he’s the fuckin medic, who heals his best friend to Max before even blinking at his own wounds, who brings a girl he met yesterday back from the dead even though it could mean bringing back the biggest fucking trauma of his entire life because he didn’t want to disappoint someone who believed in him, how he traveled across the goddamn continent to bring back those contracts and?? didnt even really complain until they told him it was useless?? and it. gets. so. much. harder. to. be. angry. 

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Y'all are really starting to piss me off with this tbh. How about instead of arguing with each other all the damn time and destroying fandoms everyone just stay in their own goddamn lane? I am so sick of seeing posts with sns shippers are bad because whatever or the ss fandom is disgusting because this and that. Well here’s an idea! Leave each other the fuck alone? Ever think of that? Let people do and ship what they want. Stop the hatred. Stop the pettiness. Stop trying to start drama and cause problems with each other. We all love Naruto no matter what we ship. Why turn on each other simply because of different beliefs? Honestly. Every ship fandom has flawed people inside of it. Sorry, that’s just how it is. It doesn’t mean every member of said fandom is trashy. There’s just nothing you can do about that. Block the hateful people and move on. Stop attacking fandoms and accusing everyone inside of them of being an asshole. Just stop the hate already oh my god.

class appreciation week day one - favourite character

it was so so hard to choose between charlie, matteusz, and tanya but i eventually went with charlie and matteusz. cool cool

BIGBANG - Mafia AU - Part 1

Summary: The most notorious mafia gang in the city, and you’re at the heart of it…quite literally! 

Based off of this request - “All of BB - MADE trailer. All hitmen. U r like a sister to them. All live together in a safe house (love ur cooking/adorable family). U get kidnapped & fucked up badly (ANGST!), they r PISSED. People get fucked up, killed while they save you. Fun ;)” 

AN: Surprise! I just recently got inspiration to do a bigbang mini series, and after looking through my requests, it was pretty obvious which one i had to do! I have changed it slightly, but hey! Bigbang Mafia is hot any way! ;) (Warning: This will not be a regular update like Voices, although i will update it a minimum of at least once a week!- this term has a hectic workload.) But Enjoy! :P x

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Part 1

‘Ah! FUCK! Bae, just slow dOWn!’

Those were the first words you hear when you’re startled awake in the middle of the night, the sound of the front door slamming open rousing you from sleep.

'Ji, you are aware that you’re actually quite heavy?! I cant carry you all day! Now, hurry up.’

You listen to the two of them bicker quietly back and forth, sitting up in your darkened room as you hear their voices getting louder, but you know they wont come into your room.

It was like a ritual that happened most nights.

They’d come back at stupid o'clock in the morning- waking you up in the process- with one of them injured or knocked out. They’d make their way to Jiyong’s office hidden at the end of the corridor beside your room, and then they’d go in for a few hours before you’d once again be woken by Jiyong as he slides into bed beside you- his body normally covered in bruises, cuts, and sometimes bigger wounds, but his face clear of any abuse.

And if it was any other night you would have gone back to sleep like you usually did. But after talking with Jiyong earlier in the day before he’d gone out, and finding out that the meeting he had today was with one of the most notorious gang leaders in the area, you were more than slightly worried about what had happened. 

Which is how you found yourself slipping out of bed and pulling on the white, silk robe that hung over the back of the chaise lounge positioned by the window. It was slightly cooler in the room than you first realised, which made you slightly regret getting out of bed, but with the lingering worry in the back of your mind that Jiyong might have been seriously hurt, your feet automatically continue their path towards the door, and you quietly open it before beginning to make your way towards his office.

When you arrived in front of the solid oak door, you couldn’t help but hesitate. It wasn’t like you never went into the room, or that your visits to check he was okay in the middle of the night weren’t frequent… but it was an unwritten rule that Jiyong had put in place that when he was hurt, he didn’t want you to see him.

You’d asked him about it as you’d laid in bed one night at the start of your relationship.

He told you it was because you’d ran out to greet him in the hall when he’d got back one night, but when you’d opened the door and seen him with a bullet caught in his shoulder and a dozen cuts- both shallow and deep- across his torso, you’d frozen in shock, and when he’d seen your face-the utter fear and devastation there- he’d decided he never wanted you to see him like that again. He didn’t like scaring you, and with his line of work, although there wasn’t an aspect of it that wasn't scary, he gave everything in his power to make sure you felt safe in your home and as you went about your life.

However, as stubborn as you always were, that rule got broken a few times along the way- becoming more and more frequent as the weeks went on. But over the past month it had been pretty silent on the wound front; until tonight that was- which was partially why you were so worried.

You didn’t bother to knock before you opened the door, just making sure to be subtle and quiet as you entered the room, although you might not have bothered as you poke your head around the door to see both Jiyong and Youngbae already looking in your direction.

The room was modern…-ish. When you’d asked him about the design when he’d first shown you the room, he’d told you it was a 'classic-future’ fusion- the old wooden floor to ceiling bookcases lining the walls being the 'classic’, and the glass desks & tables and artistic chairs being the 'future’. It was cute and classy just like him, and every time you came in here- even if it was in dire circumstances- you always felt at peace, like you were physically inside Jiyong’s arms; nothing bad could happen here.

'Hey.’ you mumble as you close the door, folding your arms around yourself and biting your lip as your eyes focus on Ji and you see him frown a little as he looks away from you, moving to put his shirt back on where he’d been cleaning his wounds.

'Jagi, I thought you would have been asleep.’ he says, his face scrunching up in a wince as he slips his arms into the shirt, and you cant help but make your way towards him when you see the pain he’s in, Youngbae sliding off of his seat on the edge of the desk making you stop halfway across the room, your lips pressing into a line as you watch Jiyong continue to button his shirt.

'I was, but I…I heard you come in…I just wanted to check that you were okay.’ you murmur, rubbing your arms against the chill that ran through you- the cold having nothing to do with the temperature of the room at this point, but instead being a reaction to seeing the cuts on Ji’s arms.

'I’m sorry for waking you, Jagi… I’ll try to be quieter in the future-’

'Are you okay?’ you blurt out, anxiously looking between him and Youngbae, who raises his eyebrows as he looks at the floor, slightly surprised by your outburst- especially since it was in his company.

That was another one of the unwritten rules; always put on a strong face in front of Ji’s men.

'Jagi, I’m fine.’ Jiyong replies, his gaze burning into you telling you to calm down, but it was obvious from the way the two of you watch each other silently for a few moments that you were struggling not to say anything.

'Bae, can you give us a minute?’ he asks with a sigh, sitting up properly in his chair with a wince, and your grip on your arms begins to ache as your fingers curl at the pained expression on his face.

'Sure. I’ll go and call the others and be back in 5.’ Youngbae replies, his eyes finally flickering up to look at you as he begins to make his way to the door, the slight breeze as he walks by you making you tremble in his wake, and as soon as you hear the click of the door as it closes, your gaze flickers back up to Jiyong.

'I’m sorry. I know you dont like me coming in here when you’ve just got back from work, and I know you dont like me seeing you when you’re hurt, but I just needed to-’

'Jagi, come here.’ he murmurs softly, cutting you off as he gets to his feet and grunting quietly as he straightens himself up. But as soon as the words are out of his mouth, you’re lunging over to him, flinging yourself into his arms as he holds them out to you, and you hear him grunt with the impact.

'Aish, Jagi, not so hard.’ he groans as you tie your arms tightly around him, loosening your hold until your hands are laid gently against his shoulder blades and your forehead is leant against the clean, non-bloody, side of his chest, being extra careful to make sure you weren’t causing him any pain.

'Sorry.’ you mumble, feeling his own arms slide to encompass you in their grasp, the warmth from his forearms sinking through your robe to your back and making you feel- as always- like everything was okay.

'You’re silly for worrying about me, Jagi…you should know by now that even if I come back battered and bruised, I’ll always come back to you.’ he murmurs, propping his chin on your head as his hand rubs gently over the top of one of your arms.

'I know…and I know you dont like me seeing you hurt…but-’

'Jagi, dont worry about it…as long as you’re not scared, then seeing it once wont hurt…besides I’m not even that badly hurt…I just dont want you to always be worried about me. I want to make sure you’re okay, and that you’re happy, because thats the only thing that matters.’ he explains, moving his chin so that he could press his lips into your hair.

'Tell me…how was your day?’ he says quietly, tilting his head to look down at you and smiling gently at you when he sees you looking up at him with wide, worried eyes, pulling you gently towards him as he backs up and sitting back down in his huge, importantly looking, desk chair, before guiding you to sit on his lap.

You couldn’t help but smile at his question as he pushes your hair back from your face, knowing that it was his way of asking you to distract him from the evening’s activities.

And so you do.

You tell him about how a new order of roses that you’d got delivered to the flower shop had been mixed up with a giant box of cactuses, and you’d had to call a bazillion people to get the mishap fixed. You tell him about how your friend Soolee had dumped her boyfriend John after he accidentally tripped her mother up at dinner and caused her to have to get a knee replacement. You told him how when you got home, you’d found a bill for the heating that told you you were in credit by over 800,000 WON, and when he chuckled you proceeded to tell him that you were going to turn the house into a sauna from now on, since you were usually always freezing.

'You are unnaturally cold for a normal person.’ he comments, grinning as he rubs your arms to make sure you were comfortable and you lean into his shoulder, immediately recoiling when he hisses.

'Aiy- its okay, its just…that was the one that I hurt earlier..’ he mumbles, turning his head to look at it and pulling down his shirt a little to reveal a very large white dressing covering the skin.

'How did tonight go?’ you ask before he can change topic again, knowing he wanted to forget about it, but also knowing that that wouldn’t be possible until he talked through it.

'Fine….’ he starts, sighing as if he wasn’t going to say anything else, but when his eyes flicker up to yours and he sees your patient expression, he carries on, slumping his shoulders in the process and hissing once again with the pain of the movement.

'I mean, we got what we wanted. But then Seungri decided he had to go and show off…riled up one of Hyung-won’s men, and then when he couldn’t control the situation left me to deal with the aftermath.’ he murmurs, his jaw clenching as he remembers something that you couldn’t see, but with the way his eyebrows smoothed out slightly, you knew he felt better after letting out some frustration.

'Seungri, does seem to cause you a lot of trouble.’ you mumble, reaching your hand up to wipe a smudge of dirt from Jiyong’s face and smiling shyly when he turns his head to press a kiss into your palm, holding your hand in place with his.

'He does…but I just cant seem to find it in me to get rid of him.’ Jiyong says, smiling slightly at you as his eyes roam your face, a content hum escaping him as the two of you continue to watch each other.

It was always moments like these, when a spark would appear between the two of you and you’d remember why you put up with everything the way you did. The way his large, yet gentle hands held your hips, sliding over your sides as he pulls you in to him slowly. The way his glistening brown eyes caught your gaze and held you captive beneath his, promising to keep you safe from anything. And the way his lips told you anything you wanted to know with a simple touch against yours.

It was all of those things and more that you craved in that moment, but just as your bottom lip brushed against his and you were making to close your eyes, you hear the heavy footing of Youngbae coming back down the hall and you sigh as you make to stand up- knowing Ji wouldn’t want one of his men seeing him with his guard down.

Which is why it surprised you when his hands that were still secure on your hips, refuse to let you move.

You look back at him, frowning in confusion as the door opens, but he simply holds you calmly against him as Youngbae walks in, the shorter man not outwardly showing his uncomfortableness with the situation- the only sign of this being in the way his eyes shift slightly between the two of you, which you see as you turn to look at him.

'Seungri and Daesung have just arrived back at the base, although by the way Daesung reported it, Seungri wasn’t all too happy about being dragged back- but the brat needs to learn a lesson. And Seunghyun has just called in to say the deal went ahead smoothly and Minhyuk’s gang should be ready to move in the next two days.’ he explains, ignoring you for the most part- which you dont blame him for- and focusing his address on Jiyong, who nods thoughtfully with the information.

'And Junmyeon?’ Ji asks, head perking up as he remembers something, his fingers squeezing a little on your hip in his excitement.

'Taken care of.’ Youngbae replies ominously, his eyes briefly flickering to you, and you bow your head as you pretend to ignore what he had said, but with Ji sliding a hand into one of yours and rubbing his thumb over your palm, you get distracted from the conversation anyway.

'Will you be able to sort Seungri out by yourself when you go back to the base?’ Jiyong asks a few moments of conversation later, the sound of the youngest gang members name making your ears perk up, and your hand in Jiyong’s tightens minutely in response, making him huff a quiet chuckle through his nose at your reaction.

'Yeah. I’ll make sure that little punk knows to stay in line next time.’ Bae growls, his frustration at the Maknae’s obvious faux pas, being a lot more aggressively apparent compared to Jiyong’s and even though you know you shouldn’t, you cant help but smile slightly at the passion of the shorter man.

'Thank you, Youngbae. Good work, as always for today- I’ll call you in the morning.’ Jiyong say, dismissing him as cheerfully as he possibly could and after a quick nod of his head and ’catch ya later, alligator’, Youngbae was gone.

'You shouldn’t laugh when he gets riled up, Jagi.’ Jiyong reprimands as he pulls you back into him, dropping a kiss to your cheek and grinning as he leans his forehead against your temple, his warm arms around you making you shiver happily.

'Sorry, Oppa.’ you mumble, holding your palm to his jaw and humming happily as Jiyong changes from 'mafia boss’ to 'caring boyfriend’ in the space of the 20 seconds it took for the front door of the house to slam with Youngbae’s departure.

'Yah, come on, lets go to bed. I’m exhausted.’ he murmurs, patting your butt to get you to jump up from his lap, and you smile as you get to your feet, casting your eyes affectionately around the room as Jiyong shuffles a few papers on his desk and re situates a few things before getting up with a grunt and grabbing hold of your hand again.

'So, what is it tonight?’ he asks, in reference to your usual ritual of whenever Jiyong returns home late at night and manages to wake you up, the two of you will watch an episode of the television show you were most recently watching, so that he could help you get back to sleep.

'The new season of Game of Thrones! I just started it the other day!’ you say excitedly, grinning at him happily as he smiles back at you, pulling you out of the office, and switching the light off and pulling the door closed as he goes.

'Is it any good? I dont think I ever got around to watching it.’ he asks, shuffling slowly down the hall with you as the two of you make your way back to your bedroom.

'Its okay so far…its very…bloody.’ you explain, shooting him a knowing look as you walk backwards through the bedroom door, and you receive a smirk from him in response.

'Dont you get enough of that kind of excitement from me, Jagi?’ he asks, as he shuts the door behind him, before making his way to the ensuite off the side of your room.

'Well yeah, but this show has hot guys in it!’ you call as you make your way to the bed after he’d disappeared around the door, turning when you sit down to catch him sticking his head back out to glare at you in response when he registers what you’d said, before dipping back into the bathroom.

'Is this not hot enough for you?’ he asks, coming back out from the bathroom a few seconds later minus a shirt and in just his boxers, battle scars crisscrossing a lot of his toned torso, but somehow his stomach area, the majority of his chest (other than a deep gash on one pec) and his face, remained unscathed.

You felt your mouth water at the sight, your body flaring with heat as it usually did when he presented the smoldering look on his face that he was currently wearing, and your hands trembled excitedly as they grip at the bed sheets on either side of you, eyes roaming his body all the while.

'Mmmmh, always.’ you mumble, eyes flashing up to his and you grin at him as he quickly stalks towards you, jumping onto the bed and straddling you as you fall backwards, the action making you giggle happily.

'Then how about we forget about the t.v show, and have some fun instead?’ he asks, his large shoulders eclipsing the soft lamp light that flowed through the room, and his plush lips drifting over yours make you forget about the rest of the night’s events almost immediately.

'Sounds like a plan.’



Dean Winchester x (fem) Reader

Warning: ) smut slightly in the end, swearing, kinky ;)
lol im so sorry but i felt like writing it so yeh. sorry again.

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“i’d really like some pie” said Dean while driving his Impala after hunting down yet another werewolf.

“I think we should get ourselves cleaned or we’ll go looking like we came straight from The Walking Dead.” Sam replied 

“What?” Dean said back, looking at Sam in confusion. Sam looked at Dean with his signature ‘I’m-so-done-with-you-right-now’ face as he asked Dean to forget the reference.

“whatever, were definitely getting pie tonight.” Dean said as he turned up the music in which Dean sang along with Led Zeppelin “I, I CANT QUIT YOU BABY” 

“tURN IT DOWN DEAN, MY EARS!” Sam yelled as he covered his ears with his hands.

This went on until they’ve reached the motel. Which Sam’s ears only gotten used to the loud music by the end of the ride.

“Thank god” Sam said wincing at the ringing in his ears.

“its chuck.” Dean said looking at Sam smirking at himself.

Sam couldn’t help but smile at the lame joke his brother made as they entered the motel.  “ha, lame.”

By now, Sam and Dean looked far from zombies. Both with wet hair and clean clothes and Sam attempting to dry his hair a little with a small towel. Just as Sam was getting comfy on his bed Dean shouted from the bathroom “Oh no princess, were getting the pie.” 

“Dean, its 3 AM.”

“So? Sleeping beauty could get her beauty sleep after i get pie.” Dean said back quite seriously as he walked out of the bathroom and towards his brother.

“Dude, who sells pie, or eats pie at 3 in the morning?” 

“i would.”

“Dean, we’ll get some pie tomorrow”

“but it is tomorrow”

“oh my- fine.” Sam being fed up of the childish man, stood up and followed Dean to the car.

They were currently back in the impala, still discussing about who’d sell pie this early and why Dean could’ve wait until later. 

“Aha! There” Dean said relieved and proudly as he pointed at a small shack which had lights on.

“Where?- you can’t be serious” Sam said as his face dropped. Poor Sammy was tired and extremely fed up with this child in front of him. By now its was 15 min past 4, yet somehow Dean was bubbling with energy.

They parked the impala and Dean basically zapped to door, which had nice tiny bells signalling a customer entering. For some pie. At 4 AM.

Sam didn’t follow him, he basically passed out because of sleep deprivation.

It was nice, cute little shack that had all kinds of pastry, and drinks. It looked more like a wannabe-bar, with music play softly in the background which Dean didn’t recognise because it was The 1975 playing instead of the classics. The shack smelled like buttery goodness and fresh coffee beans, in which Dean’s stomach grumbled as response. He began to really like the place. It was peaceful and quiet, because he was the only customer. 

“wow, you’re up early” a heavenly voice rang into Deans ear. Something he’ll never forget.

“yeah- wow” Dean said without thinking. He couldn’t help himself. For a second he forgot to breathe. What he saw was absolutely stunning. 

She had gorgeous (h/c) locks with piercing (e/c), another thing that will be incredibly hard to forget. She was wearing a red mini skirt that was above her knee, a white button up with a red apron above it. She had red lipstick on too and she goes by (y/n). Dean knew this because it was printed on the apron.

“are you getting anything?” she asked after the gorgeous pretty-green-eyed stranger observed and studied her.

“Oh- uh yeah, do you guys have pie?” Dean answered, with his signature breath taking smirk.

“Yeah… but it just entered oven, we literally opened 5 minutes ago”

“oh, its alright. I’ll just wait.” Dean responded, never planned on leaving just yet anyways. “what pie is it anyways?” he added in.

“Apple, and berry. We have custard, coconut and chocolate pie in the fridge but it needs time.” 

“damn, i love this place already, i’ll get the apple”

“you must really love pie.” she said while grinning. How could anyone look this gorgeous this early in the morning? Dean thought without knowing she was thinking the same thing. I mean, who isn’t attracted to a guy like that?

“i love me some pie” Dean said, attempting to sound cute. Which worked because she giggled lightly and softly. Damn.

Me too, who could resist such beauty?” She agreed.

“and she likes pie” Dean thought and noted aloud without noticing, but not regretting it either. She laughed and walked away to check on the pie.

Dean, proud of himself, walked around to observe the place. it looked like it was made by wood and it had a head of a fake bull hung on a wall. Underneath it was a secured and strong glass box that had an old gun and bullets in it with gloves and other stuff. Dean liked it. But what he really liked was the hat on top of the box. A cowboy hat, sitting there peacefully, waiting for someone to pick it up. That someone was Dean, and he put it on. Because he’s Dean.

He looked at the mirror and he was enjoying his time. Little does he know that the girl he’s been crushing on, (y/n), was staring at him and romanticising all those nasty things they’d do together. She had a major crush on him too. How could anyone look this hot? Especially at this time. I must look like a slob, i must be out of his league. He’s probably married and has an apple pie life…  She thought and thought until he was in front of her, she must have been in a trance because she didn’t notice it until he said “You like the view?”

“Oh!- uhm, i- I’m sorry, just reaaallly tired, hehe, you know… early shifts” She stuttered and tried really hard to cover it up, but that doesn’t work on Dean Winchester. Or anyone in fact. 

“nice try, sweetheart” he said smirking, and winked at the end. wINKED.

“i think the pie is ready” (y/n) muttered and left to get the pie that would definitely be cooked by now.

around 4 minutes later, she bought the pie to Dean who was waiting patiently.

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He smirked as she arrived. She was blushing madly.

“whip cream?” she asked un confidently, only getting a huge grin from pretty-green-eyes with the cowboy hat that turned her on. She knows he wasn’t oblivious on how insane he made (y/n) feel. She doesn’t even know his name yet.

“Im Dean” ignoring the question earlier.

“(y/n)” she said back. Dean… nice.

“and, yes id like whip cream” he added in, as his tongue darted at the bottom lip for a quick second.


She placed the big slice of apple pie in front of him, the fork, spoon and knife as well; and turned around to get the whip cream.

fuck fuck fuck

by now she was mildly turned on. She realised they were the only ones in the shack. No one would know. Apart from that guy with hair better than any other girl’s outside, knocked out. He had a nice car, she thought it might been Dean’s brother. 

Lets play this game then.

She came back with the bottle of whip cream, but Dean noticed the she was more confident now, and that her white button up was opened and showed a little cleavage just above the red apron. Who’s turn is it to be turned on now?

She put some whip cream on the pie (that was already half eaten), not before she took a taste of her own. Licking it off her finger, slowly. Dean just imagining what she’d do to him.

He bit his bottom lip so hard, his lip paled under the pressure.

That’s when she twirled around, where Dean got a glimpse of the black undies due to how high she pulled her skirt up and the air blowing it up slightly. He wanted her so bad. No, needed her. As much as she does, but she was having a little too much fun. She winked at him and went to the back where they have the oven.

oh no she won't 

“oh come back here” he said sitting up straight now.

She obeyed and turned back and cat walked her way to the horny Dean Winchester. 

She then sat on his lap, and took his cowboy hat off to wear it instead of him. She smirked knowing that he liked it better on her, but she like it better on him. Now they were eating each other faces and grinding at each other. Desperate for each other, to taste more. Her hands grabbed a bunch of Dean’s hair and Dean let out a small moan. She smirked again and deepened the kiss. They parted for air, and they both missed each other the second they did. 

“fuck, you’re gorgeous.” Dean breathed out. 

“Lets go to the back room, the rest of the staff are coming.”

Dean let out an animalistic growl as response and grabbed (y/n) up and made out their way there. Shutting the door quickly behind to get to nasty business ;)

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characters who should come back (my opinion is law and you have to agree with me)

1.) ezekiel’s rotting corpse
2.) katie and sadie and knuckles
3.) gwens mom
4.) harold (please?)
5.) my dad…how long does it take to go to walmart haha…
6.) trent lol jk can u imagine who tf wants him back
7.) tyler (im begging)
8.) sasuke uchiha
9.) celine dion cardboard cut out
10.) my 2 month period where i hated this stupid show fuck you total drama i thought i could quit you but i fucking cant i need to focus on my life and youre not letting me move on i cant spend the rest of my short short years on this fucking site seriously i just-