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Hello anon! Thanks for the compliment and dropping kind words about me in my inbox. However, when your dropping complete and utter bullshit in my inbox, I don’t appreciate it as much so can you not? Thanks 💕

So since I’m Tamaki-Defense Squad captain, I have to disagree with you claims against him.

•Annoying- Tamaki being annoying? Well, that’s a matter of opinion. Maybe you can’t handle how cheerful he is? Maybe you cants handle how funny and confident he is? Hmm, well I guess I can’t change that my sweet, just know that I don’t find Tamaki annoying, because it’s his personality that made the Host Club even possible. And you hate this very character and find him annoying???? Hmm okay 👌🏼

•Homophobic- LETS TALK ABOUT THIS BULLSHIT. How the hell is Tamaki homophobic? I swear to god aren’t you SJWs the best at calling innocent people homophobic? Does Tamaki have an irrational phobia or dislike against LGBT people? Hmm let me think… Oh yeah! No. Hey anon remember the very first chapter/episode when Tamaki offers to host Haruhi, whom he thought was a male? Remember when he suggested that the twins be homosexual with each other? Would a homophobic person do that or did you just see how Tamaki treated the lobelia girls and was quick to shout homophobia? Look, Tamaki said something about nothing to gain in a relationship between women, and that wasn’t right, but you have to understand that Tamaki grew up secluded and oblivious. He did not mean that, but even in his teenage years true love was such a foreign concept to him. He was angry with the Lobelia girls (rightfully so) but when it comes down to it, Tamaki accepts who they love is who they love, no matter what gender. He’s just not careful with his words, but that does not make him hateful or homophobic.

•Makes Haruhi uncomfortable- You know what, I’ll take that. But only if you admit that everyone in the host club (probs except Mori 😂) has made her uncomfortable at some point. Honey calling her Haru-Chan made her unhappy, Kyoya having so much personal knowledge on her makes her uncomfortable, Hikaru and Kaoru draping themselves on her made her to a certain degree: UNCOMFORTABLE. But Haruhi has never had true close friends before, she has only focused on school. People calling her nicknames, people not being family being so physically touchy with her, people knowing her secrets; it’s all new to her. It’s new to Tamaki too: he’s never had a true family before. He mistakes his romantic feelings for Haruhi as platonic ones and treats her like his daughter, and gets touchy with her. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. You act as his intentions are perverted, but they’re not. He’s in love, and it’s so new to him he’s subconsciously just trying to figure it out. It’s his unique personality which makes Haruhi develop feelings for him, and not any other host club member. And after a life of him being insulted because of his parents, his heritage, his personality, and him being alone all his life…. he damn sure deserves being in mutual love with Haruhi. How about before judging a character as harshly as you did, you truly pay attention to them and their nature.

Thanks again for your kind words for me anon 💕💕


i wasted my time making sims of the crew. you can find it by searching ‘origins crew.’ the author is aashtxn. if anyone uses them, please tell me! i’d love to see how it goes.

[ as i only have the demo, i cant actually make sims sims, but alas, such is life. also, click on the images for captions! i tried to be funny. ]

@irlkuriyama hmm how interesting i cant seem to find any evidence about him having autism being fake either. they said it was a “rumor” but a quick google search will show you he’s said he’s autisitic in comments of his videos, in his other videos and on other platforms lol

got7-out  asked:


28) i find this question really difficult bc i feel like got7 were made for this path in life yknow like its very hard to imagine them doing anything else if im honest lmao but ill try my best!!!

jaebum - honestly if he couldnt sing i think he’d b working in some form in the music industry like as a songwriter or a producer or manager maybe like writing and making music is his passion he lives and breathes music u can see it in him and i cant imagine any other path for him

mark - hmm…. i know that mark’s dream when he was younger wat to b a teacher which i could see that yea but also maybe a sports instructor??? bc he loves and is good at skateboarding, snowboarding, basketball, football etc but i dont think mark had rlly figured out what his passion was?? and so its hard for me to see as well but i think he’s rlly found it in being a member of got7

jackson - he definitely would’ve stayed on in the fencing team, perhaps even have gone on to the olympics and won a medal/multiple medals over his career and then retired to teach fencing instead like i know thats not a very “normal” career lmao but it was jackson’s other passion that he still loves and i want to imagine them in careers that they love and enjoy so i can definitely see that

jinyoung - hes such a smart cookie so i can imagine him possibly doing a phd or masters and becoming a professor/lecturer of literature or smth like an expert in his field but also jinyoung has an instinct to care and a natural way with children so i could also see him going into pediatrics, nursing or childcare

youngjae - i rmr this lil sunflower saying that if he didn’t become a singer he would want to be a music therapist helping those who are sick thru music and thats just so… him he just always wants to help and i could see him following that path

bambam - i think bambam was absolutely made for the entertainment/pop culture industry so perhaps he may have gone into modelling, acting or presenting?? he just has the personality for it yknow he’s a star he's one of a kind and he’s loveable in a way that would make him like a nation’s sweetheart and a staple on television yknow

yugyeom - dance is my baby son’s passion and i cant imagine him doing anything else so maybe he could’ve worked w dance crews for a while or opened his own dance school to teach dance to others like sorry fjkdslfj i know these r a bit typical but i rlly cant see him doing anything else dancing is in his blood