but i cant decided which one i like more so

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omF i lost it at aussie in the minion costume for the response to the pirate ask, could we have more of him like that ? basically, what would they all wear for costumes on halloween ?

(( @chopstickmusings ))

ZEA: We were picking out another Halloween costume for Australia :3c

ZEA: Although I doubt Canada will be able to keep Oz’s costume for much longer without feeling bad


@shippinggg thank you for bringing me peace, even just for a little while 

reigen’s garden (probably rooftop) slowly becomes a safe haven for everyone. except for shou’s hamsters. shou only has to learn that lesson once

teru comes there to read when his apartment feels too stuffy. no he doesnt have a key. dont ask. mob, who does have a key, doesnt ask, so why should you 

in the summer maybe reigen would put a mat in a corner so hed have a place to sit down. then all the kids would take naps there. maybe sometimes at the same time. 

also I put in both the ink and the colored version bc I cant decide which one I like more so yeah

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What gave you the idea to make suzy a naga?

Well 90% of the reason was bc i didnt want her to be cliche. As in, I wanted her to stand out :0 She already uses the cat as her central theme so making her ANY kind of cat was a nono in my books. (i had considered making her a panther or a black cat)

My other three options were moth, spider, and snake. Moth bc they are cute and soft!!! 10/10 would totally hug if possible. But I was like…suzy is On Point w that crisp makeup 100% of the time so I wanted somethin more fierce™. So I THOUGHT of a spider bc extra arms, super stealthy and creepy, all things Suzy enjoys wrapped into one creepy insect (that i am absolutely terified of)?? Also good. Except its TOO dark/creepy/synonym for fierce that i cant think of atm and Suzy is actually very cute and soft when she wants to be (which is often)

And the second i decided on snake, i wanted her to be a medusa-like character bc why not ??? She looks intimidating w that Intense Glare and shes super stealthy and deadly?? But at the same time, shes got cute lil snakes on her head that are individually named after sweet foods bc she loves them so much??? Sometimes shes coiled up in her own tail, watching movies on her tablet until someone disturbs her?? Shes got a fantastic snootle primed for booping?? Cute and deadly is literally Suzys aesthetic and im glad I decided on the naga design ✨

@dankiawarden I will do my best to do so >:3!
I have applied for a table so this is checked :D
The next big and scary step would be to fly there … because .. I live in Europe and it will be a 13 hour flight and I never flew in my life and i probably gonna die because this will stress me out so much and aaaaaaaaaaaaaa a a a a a aa q0q

So i CANT give a definitive answer .. but I will surely try to do my best to get there and meet all the awesome people Q0Q!!!!!!!!

@bianxiee oh my XDDD oh boi … one year already x0x!!
How time flies ahahaha … thank you qwq!!!!

@shewolufreily depends what i feel like doing :O
Mostly I go with 15 frames per animation and draw either every frame or every second, but I am trying out more and  more to go with 24 frames per second XD
I still can’t decide which one to usee hhhn ….

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i just checked and that extra is before Bitty coming out to Ransom and Holster (it's at page 5 if you look at the blog in chronological order, while Bitty comes out at page 15)

THANK YOU! I knew there was a way to figure that out but I’m working right now (not on tumblr shhhh) so I didn’t have time to do it!

This is actually super interesting because it implies that at least Holster may have suspected (?) Bitty was gay– or he was thinking Bitty would connect to the “effeminate boy” part of the ask?


Also, I’ve always needed like 100k of Bitty’s friendship with Ransom and Holster as it develops… like, what made these huge d-man decided that eric r. bittle was to be taken in and protected at all costs. Where are the other frogs of eric r bittle’s year? Why did he start hanging out with the sophomores? Like did Ransom and Holster just see him and think to their collective, shared mind “we will protect this one. he is our friend now. forever.” or did bitty gravitate to them for some reason? Was bitty the little awkward freshmen who kind of slid himself into their friendship and then they loved him? LIKE HOW DID THIS DEVELOP??? I NEED TO KNOW!! THERE ARE SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. 

Like, seriously, bitty and shitty sorta make sense because shitty is ranting about social justice and bitty has to find that comforting, especially after georgia and being friends (or at least sitting close to) Jack comes with being friends with Shitty and obviously R&H are in the Haus so like that is one avenue of friendship but also Bitty didn’t live in the Haus freshmen year but by winter screw, Ransom and Holster are His People ™so I am going to NEED MORE.  Right now there are just too many options bopping around in my brain.

Was Bitty just good enough at hockey that he was automatically put up with the older players in practice and that carried over to his social life? (that happens with athletes!)

Did Bitty first gravitate towards Shitty and then R&H just like… took him in too? Did Shitty tell them “yo this is the cool frog”?

Did they share a class together? Bitty didn’t even realize it but he turns up to some english class and there are the two huge boys from his hockey team and hes going to sit by himself, or maybe with some other freshmen he recognizes from his hall but then– “BITTTSS!! YOU’RE TAKING THIS CLASS TOO- SWAWESOME, CMERE- THIS PERSON WILL MOVE” *holster lifts unsuspecting person from desk to make room* “BITTLE! OVER HEREEE!!” “Seriously, brah, first rule of hockey, we sit next to each other in class. always. in the fucking bylaws.”

Did Bitty just draw the short stick of the frogs and get forced to sit next to these two huge men? Like wouldn’t he naturally try to avoid them because we all know Bitty is not okay with too much physical contact and i swear in 9/10 panels R&H and all over each other. (Which is because they are in love, yes, but also they just seem like grabby bros! bitty wouldn’t like that– HOW DID THIS FRIENDSHIP HAPPEN? WHEN DID R&H LEARN TO BE MORE CAREFUL WITH BITTY?)

Did Bitty start out as “that frog that makes pies in our house” and then become “that frog we will die defending?”

Did Bitty secretly impress them with his like crazy funny witty humor? Snark? Sarcasm? Was Bitty the only one who would watch Real Housewive with Holster? Or was that after the friendship was established?

Did Bitty get checked a little in the first game and then R&H DESTROYED the guy and Bitty tried to bake them a thank you pie and R&H were like “uh, we’re d-men. that’s our job.” but then ALSO realize “This Southern One Needs Us” and commit themselves to defending Bitty Always Without Question?


…. well that got out of hand. 


So I thought it would be a good idea to listen to the unravel acoustic again… I ended up making myself sad so I had to draw the sunflower child more (╥_╥)

my sketchbook is filled with him, i might need help

Please don’t steal or remove my signature (◡‿◡✿) thank you!

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hey zipps! this is the Jane Eyre anon from before. i mostly just wanted to tell you that ur comment about protofeminism was actually reallllyyy helpful with my essay so thanks!! and also i saw ur ask about Ender's Game and i cant believe bc my favorite book of all time is ender's game / shadow (i can never decide which one i like more lol) so. i guess i shouldnt be surprised you have great taste in books but


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~Sneak Peek~

Okay! So before now y'all have pretty much just seen my lines and like halfway points. This is what a finished piece will look more like and this will be what the prints I sell tend to look like when I do posters/shirts and stuff!



Million steps ahead

You might be breathing but you’re dead

You want to run away

But instead I make you bow your head

Fusion with 1marchingidiot

I couldn’t decide which one I like more so here take all of them.

So this is Blart, the mall cop….

I’m just kidding I’ve had to suffer through lots of fucking memes tonight, such as “ALL I WANNA DO IS SEE YOU TURN INTO A GIANT MALL COP“ and “We’re Blart now”

The real name is Director. Because I’m uncreative.