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I am so angry that two women with incredible chemistry and such potential are consistently looked over by showrunners in favour of bland heterosexual romances. Writers, producers and anyone who has a say in the way creative media is shaped has a responsibility to tell diverse stories. Anything less is not good enough. At all.

I need to rant about my ex (he follows my main blog)

I realized something about my ex boyfriend today. For as long as I’ve known him, he’s always dated girls with low self esteem. I don’t think he’s done it because he wants to take advantage of them. I think he’s done it because he wants to be their “knight in shining armor”. He wants to be the one they come running to when things go wrong. I think he got a power trip out of being their saving grace. I don’t think he does it on purpose necessarily. But I do think he loved the feeling it gave him when he would help them.

When we broke up last July, I still wasn’t totally confident in myself. I had gotten a bit better from when he and I first started dating, just enough that I could stand up for myself a little more. But not enough that I still couldn’t stop myself from wanting him back.

I’ve done a lot of growing up since July, and I’ve finally come into my own, and I saved my own damn self. Not him. Not anyone else. And I think that’s why he and I constantly fought after I decided I didn’t want him back. I wasn’t a scared little girl who needed him to save me. And he didn’t like that. He needs someone who will rely on him, who won’t stand up to him when he decides to be selfish again and again. He needs someone who will follow him, not someone who makes her own path. When his girlfriends stand up to him, that’s when things end with him.

I’ve never felt better about myself. I need someone not to lead me, but to stand next to me, and let me face my own battles.

You know what, I’m surprised I haven’t done anything with Kellogg yet.

Ya know, one of the important characters for the plot? I should probably look into that…..

Having dissociative amnesia is so weird because it’s not like normal forgetting where you’re kind of like “I think this happened but I don’t know the details”, it’s looking back at a period of your life and seeing absolutely nothing. There is nothing TO remember, it’s just like a big black pit where your childhood should be.


This gorilla mask, it’s just like the one I saw on the tape! It’s a sign, these are all signs.

I’ve never liked the saying “forgive and forget,” like… no.

If somebody’s done something shitty to me in the past, there’s a higher probability of them doing it again than there is of anybody else, even if that person says they’ve changed.  It’s an unusually high probability, so I’m going to want to remember that it happened in order to be prepared and mindful of it potentially happening again.

There’s another saying, and this time it’s appropriate: “those who ignore history are bound to repeat it,” or something along those lines.

Forgive if you want to.  Don’t if you don’t want to.

But never forget.

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