but i can't talk on the phone at all

Lin on Drunk History :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Saeran POV head canon thing/late night Yooran feels

Ok ok but like I think about yooran so much?? I like got many ideas I can’t deal with them?? Like Saeran has Yoosung in his phone contacts as ‘My Sunshine’ and he really loves talking with him and seeing him and it’s just so good and fuck this ship is gonna kill me?? Like he also gets really bad dreams n stuff about hurting Yoosung and that’s scares him so bad and he gotta call or text him to make sure he’s ok. Also will like death glare at anyone who looks at Yoosung wrong, he can go from sweet to I will cut u in .5 seconds if needed.

All you incoming college freshmen, please, for the love of all that is good in this world, keep a folder with all the terms of all the financial aid you receive!! I am currently on the phone freaking out about losing my scholarship all because I made one class pass or fail last term and apparently that made me lose my scholarship forever!!!

see how quickly even replied to isak’s first text? boy for sure had his phone with him at all times since he put that drawing in isak’s locker, just waiting for a reply, like, he prob double checked before going to bed to make sure there was no new message and checked again first thing in the morning 


“Mr. Reese, you are the inexcusably careless with your safety and I have had enough of this. If you don’t stop your reckless attitude, I …” Harold is talking on a tangent, irritated beyond his tolerance limit.

All because John has not been careful enough, as per his express instructions.

“I love you,” John whispers, unable to contain the words any longer.

Harold’s voice freezes, and there is only the sound of breathing from the other end for a few moments. Then there is an exasperated huff followed by,

“So do I,” it sounds like Harold is annoyed with himself for the sentiment. “Although you can’t expect to get out of problematic situations by saying that every time, Mr.Reese.”

“I will stop doing it when it stops working,” John grins.

Soo I don’t know how this came up, but Nicole and I were talking about Washington/Hamilton yesterday, and I was all “yeah it’s like the super-taboo, perpetually shamed ship.”

And she’s like “Why? I can totally see it.”

And I’m just “….yeah me too.”

And she just looks me dead in the eye and goes, “Hamilton, how come no one can get you on their staff?”

The combination of watching Civil War and then Eurovision the next morning has led me to spend most of the day picturing Wanda Maximoff making all the American (and Asgardian and Wakandan) Avengers watch Eurovision with her. Natasha, of course, already knows about it and thinks that’s a great idea. Clint knows about it because Natasha has been making it the centerpiece of his family’s Memorial Day barbeque for years. 

Everybody else starts out staring in awkward confusion, but by the time the votes are getting announced they’re all jumping up and down and yelling indignantly. 

the civil war nearly breaks out again


“Stevie is one of my closest friends and I did all I could to talk her into getting some help and getting right. I was very worried about her. To the point that if the phone did ring and they said, ‘Stevie died,’ I wouldn’t have been surprised.” Tom Petty, 2015“When I thought I was dying in rehab, it was Tom who lifted me out of the pain and made me fight through it. He has at times been my Olympic coach, my best friend and my greatest inspiration. There will never be another Tom Petty.” - Stevie Nicks, 2006.

But can we talk about Cas still binge watching Netflix? In Sam’s bEDROOM? Does Cas stay up all night while Sam sleeps, Netflix turned down low because his angel hearing picks up on it even with it only on volume one? He doesn’t want to disturb sleeping Sam, who’s all curled up on one side of the bed, while Cas takes up the other side like it’s his own – like he’s been sleeping in Sam’s bed for ages – back resting on a pillow against the headboard. He’s got a hand absent-mindedly carding through Sam’s hair; has no idea when he started doing it but it’s second nature at this point. And he’s just. Content. Content in a way he hasn’t been in a long time.

[  selfie. ]

“I like those miniature portraits of us that you take with your talking phone.”

“They’re called selfies.”

“Selfies. Why the blazes are they called that?”

“Because it’s a picture of yourSELF, I guess.”

“This realm is bloody ridiculous with all its little machines. I’m still trying to figure out what the hell those me-me jokes are that Henry was talking about yesterday.”

“The what jokes?”

“The me-me jokes.”



“Whatever, I’ve no clue about this nonsense.”

“You’re such a grandpa.”

“Just take the bloody portrait, Swan.”

“As you wish.”

My boss tricked me into a last minute conference call to our corporate office to present an activity I created. I don’t do good with last minute phone calls. I felt like an idiot and they talked over me basically like “that’s a basic idea and we do this and it’s better”. Needless to say I’m going to run away now…it was nice knowing you all.

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When customers talk on their phones at the counter. 

 When they bring all their stuff to the counter only to realize they forgot their wallet. 

 When they pay in change and hold up a line trying to count out that change.

 When they keep giving you 20 dollar bills for $3 and under purchases. 

 When they don’t read signs. 

 When they try to argue with you because they didn’t read the sign.

so I saw my psychologist today and I think we made huge progress

we figured out why my panic attacks are the way they are (my hands get really cold and they start hardening up, my face gets all twitchy and I can’t breathe) and it was so funny cause when I was still in college I totally didn’t believe in freud’s technique of psychoanalysis but it was amazing how it worked cause I was just talking about nothing and all of a sudden I like had a house-style epiphany and it was pretty incredible

the downside was that i had a panic attack during the appointment when we started talking about deep stuff and i know theres something deep inside me, hidden in the darkest parts of me that I dont know what is or where it is and how to reach it and I’m horrified of finding out and what it might be and what it might to do me

control is a huge part of my life and I can’t give it up to find whatever it is out and it’s scary cause i don’t know what it’s gonna do to who i am

i want to live in ignorance but on the flip side I know these panic attacks won’t stop until I fight whatever this is and it scares me half to death to even consider going under hypnosis and finding whatever it is out

“Can you believe that we truly had to do nothing for all of this mayhem to happen.” Tinsley said as she looked down at her cell phone, looking over her social media feeds. “I’m kind of offended Rosewood took matters in their own hands, we’re the ones who are suppose to stir the pot.” She pouted slightly before taking a sip from her glass. @ram-the-man

PROM NIGHT ‘cause i need it ( ; u; )/ 

i mean, just IMAGINE Max all nervous, thinking of the best way to ask Chloe to go with her. Chloe FREAKING OUT ABOUT WHAT TO WEAR BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T WANT MAX TO THINK THAT ASKING HER TO GO WAS A MISTAKE (OR EMBARRASS HER, ETC). Max talking to her mother at the phone, saying she will be fine with whatever dress they buy but it HAS TO BE BLUE (so it secretly matches with Chloe’s hair… ofc she will never say it out loud). AND CHLOE GETTING DRUNK AND THEN SHE IS ALL OVER MAX, TELLING HER HOW PRETTY SHE LOOKS AND SHAMELESSLY FLIRTING (/*O*\)omg