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It’s been a while posting here! <3 AND GUESS WHO FINALLY WATCHED SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMIIIIING jshfjahfhfs

All I can say is TOM HOLLAND FREAKKIN’ NAILED AS BOTH SPIDER-MAN AND PETER PARKER. Everything is SPECTACULAR especially Daddy Tony being a grumpy dad to Peter huhu.

Anyway! Hope to see more of Tom Holland’s performances in the future MCU!

Also BONUS (and spoiler-ish):



“What is it?”

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I cannot stop thinking about what Tom's Hamlet will be like (I can't watch it and didn't do ballots). I know it utterly depends on Tom and Sir Kenny, but there are a few things that I want. I want it to be very comic at times (there exist some scenes that could be), I want the performance/interpretation to be quite fresh, I want Tom to look and act different from Coriolanus. I want fierce, sardonic, pensive, idealistic, hilarious Tom/Hamlet. Jeans, hoddie, white shirts... your thoughts?

Hello, little gray face!

Oh, yes, such possibilities!

I like your idea of finding the comedic moments.  I think SAF in general is under-rated on that score.  He is so fun in Suburban Shootout and other shorter things like the MTV sketches with Josh Horowitz show how good he is.  Even some moments in Coriolanus show how great his sense of timing is.  And with Loki, now there’s a unique mix of wit and tragedy.  Those years of experience will be a terrific assistance for him.  

I think it will be very different from Coriolanus.  Intense, yes.  But Hamlet is a singular beast to tackle.  His Coriolanus is a man, there is no sense of the boy there.  The gap in life experience between Coriolanus and Hamlet is vast.  If anything,  I think his Hamlet will be caught somewhere between Prince Hal and King Henry V, regarding maturity and wisdom. 

I’ve been thinking how he once said that when he’s preparing a role, he will go through the text and study what all the other characters say about his character.  What I am wondering is how he will choose his source.  Will he use the whole play or the edited version that will be performed?  Just that on its own would majorly effect his portrayal.  Another major factor will be what era they choose, because he will take that into account. Along with that, a lot will depend on what age they decide to use.  He looked youngish as Coriolanus, but he played it with an older feel IMHO.  Will he play Hamlet as his own real life age?  And with that, he will have to decide at what level of maturity Hamlet is operating.  I’m partial to the New Historicism approach - All hail Stephen Greenblatt! - and I’m so curious about to what extent he will use what we know today regarding the cultural context of the author’s life and the original text itself to influence what he brings to the stage.  

Of course the big question is what he will do with the Sane Hamlet vs. Insane Hamlet eternal debate.  How will he approach Hamlet’s cruelty?  Take for example when he as Henry V is saying those gruesome things after the fall of Harfleur.  I watch him and I believe that he will follow through if necessary, but I think he hates that he might have to, and in fact, I think he even hates having to say the words.  That’s kind of how I imagine him when he attacks his mother.  I can’t really explain it yet, I’m still pondering, and I can’t put it into words right now, but I am terribly curious how he is going to interact with his mother and Ophelia.  As an actor, I think Hiddleston is going to take the time to consider their position as women and specifically, the real reasons why his mother would marry his uncle.  Whether or not he will give us any sense that Hamlet has considered that as well (other than the “Meh, she’s a whore!” hypothesis) remains to be seen. 

I think he will, by turns, be as you have described: fierce, sardonic, pensive, idealistic, hilarious.  I think he is capable of illiciting a lot of empathy from the audience, mainly because he is very comfortable with showing fear and I hope he and Sir Kenny are exporing that.  Many actors focus on the anger and thus the desire for revenge in the character rather than the fear and that simply isn’t very interesting to me as audience member; I personally find fear to be much more compelling and layered, much more relatable.  

Regarding the wardrobe…I love me some white poofy shirts, but I don’t see them going for that kind of look or era.  Maybe they’ll go modern casual and he’ll get to wear his own Cuddle Coat and boots!

Thanks for the message!  Such an exciting time for him!


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Yoongi x reader


889 words

In which your boyfriend tries to be cool.

You insisted that your boyfriend Yoongi spend the night at your place, because it was far too late and too cold out for him to get back to his dorm. You’ve just started dating him recently, and it was your first time sleeping together. Sure, you’ve fallen asleep on his shoulder and he’d fallen asleep on your lap a few times, but you two haven’t intentionally slept together on the same bed before. You hadn’t even had sex with him, and tonight wasn’t going to be that night either. You two were tired, and it was late.

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I've heard so many conflicting things regarding the pewdiepie Nazi thing, and I can't seem to get one straight story. Can you school me so I know what the heck is actually going on? I wanna make sure I'm calling out all nazis!

From the very beginning pewdiepie would make Nazi jokes on his channel. I stopped watching at one point because I got so sick of it. Since then, he’s gone full Nazi, wearing Nazi uniforms, performing Nazi salutes, displaying swastikas in his videos. He claims he’s doing it as a joke, but Stormfront, the biggest neo-Nazi/white supremacist website, called him “one of us” and endorsed his videos as examples of how best to spread their ideology.

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I clicked at the "into the new world" video seven hours ago. Ever since, I've watched every single performance of that song, rehearsals and edits of the girls harmonizing. After this little obsession, I've moved to Jessica (because her voice was flawless) and she really is a Goddess. I can't stop now, simply can't stop.

Into The New World is Girls’ Generation most iconic (and debut) song.

So happy that a lot of you are getting into Jessica Godsica (YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!11!!!1!), so for those of you who haven’t ~yet~ she’s the singing Goddess with the bow in the video above.

Not only this song is Girls’ Generation signature song (to be honest it’s not their most famous song) but also it’s actually become a protest song in Korea.

This is actually cute and powerful (the song has a great message) and I’m really happy that korean people chose this song to protest in a peaceful yet powerful way.

You rock people.

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I can't stop laughing at that Ed's Murdering Otter headline lol. The internet will say anything!

Yup, anything to make you click. They gotta have that ad revenue. 

I get news alerts about Ed in my email, and the funniest headline came up not long after he surprised a fan on the Ellen show. A whole bunch of different sites were posting articles about it with headlines like, “Ed Sheeran Surprises Young Fan on Ellen,” “Watch Ed Sheeran Give This Fan a Big Surprise,” and “Singing Fan Has No Idea He’s Performing for Ed Sheeran.” So I’m just scrolling through all these headlines, and at the bottom of the list there’s this one: 

Heh, definitely one of my favorite Ed Sheeran headlines of all time. I almost choked laughing at it because it was so unexpected. Another of my favorite Ed headlines is this: 

And now of course we’ve got: 

I think the best part of all of these is that they’re technically accurate. I also read a headline in the Guardian yesterday that began this way:

A little less accurate than the others, but still, no one can say internet media isn’t some form of art. x)


The All-Star Group’s Jazz Performance | Season 14 Ep. 12 | SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE to “Dernière dance” by Indila



Listen, I know you guys use music, and that’s why you’re here. Josh and I get to use music every day, so I just want you to know that it means the world to us that you use our music to get from one place to the next. So thank you so much for doing that. You know, I see you. It’s not just a one-way street up here where we perform. If you guys weren’t in this room, this would mean nothing. The few, the proud, the emotional. I see you guys.
—  Tyler Joseph before performing Trees on October 11th, 2015 (you can listen to an audio from the concert here)