but i can't stop drawing anyway


There’s a place you can’t reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone.

prints and stuff (redbubble)

Y'know, normally I make portraits based on photos, so this drawing was like a long and bumpy ride through hell, but in the end I gotta admit…… I enjoyed it. Very much.

repressed crushes 



may have gone overboard, but seriously his hair are the real deal!


see you around, drummer girl.

you can see the exact moment i gave up on this doodle but i kinda like her expression and hair so thought i’d share.

*~Jungkook’s Drawing Corner~*
JK: posting on hyung’s blog rn 4 self promo pls luv me xoxo. Anyway, drew this nerd being gross give him love too I guess

(If you guys haven’t picked it up, JK is an artist in this au!)

Hey! I don’t know if you’re still taking art submissions, but I just recently discovered you and I absolutely love love love your work!!! And I was wondering if you would be up to doing Louis in a crop top and flower crown? I would be so blessed.   And again, I just love your art. You’re so amazing and you’re so sweet!! 💖💖   

How could I ever say no to crop tops and flower crowns tbh?? And thank you so much, you’re a sweetling yourself 💕🌸

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okay but the kiss is so amazing like i love how you can see that, since lance doesn't remember anything, he's not used to this kind of things and he's such a blushing mess i love it!! but at the same time i love how tender keith looks and how you can understand that he's used to kissing lance. dude just tell me if i'm reading too much into it. anyway i just can't stop wondering how they both felt when they kissed for the first time since they met again aaaaah i love it so much it's amazing

this is so beautiful i’m crying

I was just drawing a kiss tbfh but ^^^^^^^^^

me @myself: literally no one asked for punk yoongi

aka i can’t stop a sketch until it looks normal or i delete it

do not edit or repost

“Ryan,” Gavin said suddenly. “Can I paint a moustache on you, Ryan?”

“What?” Ryan asked, startled out of his staring - “No!”

“Please, Ryan. Oh my God. It’d be so funny. It’ll be under the mask all day anyway!”

“What if I take my mask off?”

“It’ll shock whoever sees it so much you’ll have time to kill ‘em. Come on Ryan. Don’t be a party pooper. You said you’d wear an animal onesie around, what’s a moustache compared to that?”

He looked so gleeful that Ryan could only roll his eyes and hand over the paintbrush. Gavin let out a delighted sort of squawk and grabbed it.


“I look like Geoff,” he said.

Gavin couldn’t even reply, too busy doubled over, cackling as though this was the most hysterical thing he’d ever seen. Seeing him laughing and looking so carefree was nice, after the last few weeks, and Ryan couldn’t help but stare at him, smiling fondly.

- from whalehuntingboyfriends’ fic Murdering Mr. Darcy

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Holy FRICK, it's youuu. I've seen your art all over and never realized it was one person who created all these amazing pieces? How did I not? They're all so good? Anyways I'm here now. Subscribed and all!

Excuse my reaction but ‘all over’ sounds like … everywhere but tumblr? D:  (Which, if that’s the case, makes me really unhappy because my art should only be on this site.. with some exceptions)

But yeah… Well .. I am glad that you found me? o_o .. and yes all these shitty little jokes are mine. They’re bad :’D .. and the art is just sketches but yes. That’s all mine. When you see a bad joke with seijou 3rd years involved, it’s probably mine because that’s been all I did lately :’D… I’m very sorry for it, I just can’t stop. But I am very happy that you seem to enjoy all my dumb art.
And I guess I need to get a bit more continuity in my style. I realize some pieces look very different in style from others. I’m still not where I actually want to be so, yeah. :D
Thank you <3

*throws original art at dumpster*

I want you guys to meet these characters from a story that has been in development for several years now!! My sibling @necesito-escapar and I developed this story and these characters together in what sorta just started out as something for funsies… and then slowly it developed into an enormous ongoing project and has an entire plot and EVERYTHING. My sibling did a CRAP ton of world-building for this, and I worked on a lot of the character designs. It’s one of the best things the both of us have come up with.
We kinda got a little more serious about it after all of that, and we came to the realization that collborating on it for the final project wouldn’t work out 100% smoothly, so I decided I’m gonna try and take the ideas we’ve come up with over the years and finally get that story out there!

It’s a fun story, not yo’ typical vanilla fantasy story either, if I do say so myself. This is one of the things I’m planning to do once I’ve stumbled out of the Undertale graphic novel project, and I can’t wait to share our fantastic world and characters with you guys. I’m really proud of this story and I can’t wait to put it out there.

Just thought I’d share this!! No context whatsoever at the moment but!! I’m!! Excited!!
You guys may see these peeps pop up now and again, I like to draw them.

Oh and by the way. If you get the idea in your head that you’re gonna try and steal my and my sibling’s years of hard work… banish that idea IMMEDIATELY.
I will not tolerate art theft, and my sibling and I would not appreciate that in the least.
But, I trust you guys. You’re all incredibly supportive and neat.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling. Just thought I’d share.✨

probably a candid photo taken by another merc (probably dadspy)

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oh my gooood iwaoi and c1


…there were a bunch of Setbacks™ because I’m not used to drawing digitally but HERE IT IS??? I’m kind of proud :0

Thank you for asking!!!

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LISTEN just when i had stopped crying over your wdta fan art you post that "cookie tutorial" sTOP i can't handle this (jk pls don't stop, your art really is the cutest and i'm in love, this is what i really wanted to say with this ask. anyway i can't believe i'm mutuals with someone so talented bye)

Ahahaha Why are u so cute?!(≧艸≦*) lol You got to push your limit XD(jkjk) Thank you very much for loving the drawings!!~ I can’t believe I’m mutuals with you either. You run an awesome jikook blog & I love it so much!!!♥

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