but i can't see through my tears

But what if Eleven never sees her own reflection until she returns to Hawkins for good? What if she can feel the soft fluffiness of her hair, but she doesn’t know what it looks like? The first time she looks in the mirror again, after all they’ve been through, she sees gentle, brown curly hair and says decisively with the brightest smile in years, “Pretty” 

things to absolutely not do: 

  • imagine solas leaving skyhold
  • imagine solas looking back

  • imagine solas reaching the first mountain peak, so when he looks back skyhold is no longer in view

  • imagine solas falling to his knees because he knows…it’s over

  • imagine solas silently wishing lavellan the goodbye he never got to say 

I commissioned Quartetship for a JeanMarco in the rain fic a few months ago AND BOY DID SHE DELIVER PLEASE READ IT -It’s called Timeless and now it is in an AO3 near you! >v’b

I also commissioned Bubbline for THE EXACT SCENE from the fic AND I’M SO HAPPY YOU GUYS IT’S PERFECT THERE ARE TEARS!!!!


I believe in starting over
I can see that your heart is true
I believe in good things coming back to you
You’re the light that lifts me higher
So bright, you guide me through
I believe in you ♡

  • what he says: that's one hell of a pilot!
  • what he means: that's my boyfriend!!! everyone listen, that's my boyfriend right there! i rescued him all by myself, he's mine! look at him flying, best damn pilot right there, that's him *wipes tear* hey han, i bet my boyfriend could make the kessel run in 10 parsecs. kylo, hey kylo, my boyfriend's hair is better than yours and his is naturally black. hey rey, my boyfriend's eyes are prettier than yours... i mean... rey put down the staff, let's call it a tie, okay? anyway, everyone listen to me, poe fucking dameron is my boyfriend, understand? i'm taking care of his droid for him, i mean we're practically engaged. doesn't he look soooo hot in his pilot's uniform? anyone? hey wait stop shooting at him you beasts
My sincerest apologies,
That I am not all sunshine and rainbows,
That I am not all caps lock and laughing,
That I don’t always see the best in things.
Sometimes I am a rain cloud,
Sometimes I shed tears.
There are times when I’m a raging storm,
When I lash out in bitter anger,
Without cause,
Without reason,
Without need.
Sometimes I am as unpredictable,
As a Tornado,
Ripping through everything in my path yet-
At times skirting off to the side,
Keeping all my pain to myself.
Sometimes I am a Blizzard,
I become cold and unresponsive and
Hard to get along with hard to
Talk to.
Sometimes I am a Volcano an,
Eruption waiting to happen and when,
I do eventually explode I leak,
Toxic gas,
Noxious fumes,
Rivers of lava and I mercilessly,
Cause damage where it will hurt,
The most.
But even after all the storms,
All the lightning,
All the rain,
All the damage,
All the pain,
I will become Sunny again.
Sometimes there will be a Chance of Rain,
Sometimes Clouds will dot over me and,
Threaten to cast their cool shadows,
But I’ll be sunny again.
—   Vent Poetry by Airanke.

I don’t understand how people can just go through high school and grow up. I want to stay my age forever. The thought of growing up and leaving my parents and my convert zones scares me like hell. Am I the only one. I’m so sick and tired of tearing myself apart but I can’t help it.


to be honest I’ve had had a really shitty week. with my step-dad being in the hospital (on his death bed at this point), my grandma being in and out of the hospital there isn’t much that helps me. but watching @therealjacksepticeye’s videos does and after getting my Sam in the mail I wanted to burst into tears. thank you for helping me through this truly shitty time in my life. thank you. one day I hope to thank you face to face.


❝ ––– And even though I sin, baby we are born to live, but I know time will tell if we’re meant for this and if we’re not  I hope you find s o m e b o d y. I hope you find somebody to love…❞