but i can't rmbr


GD : annyeongchingudeul bangawo modudeul, annyeonghi gaseyo

TOP said things like : We wanted to show people on how sexy and cool korean language is.

Then 2 years later, bubble but was released.

source : GD&TOP TV Sirca 2011, vid by lovelybb (link)

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[caitlin voice] sorry i can’t hear you over cersei’s sleeves !


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I really loved Bex until the pregnancy storyline she was really cool, fun, kind of wild but sweet but her personality seemed to flip when they decided to write her like she always wanted a baby like very over sweet, delicate one dimensional and I dont know I really loved her Im sad I dont see that character I liked any more

see, i don’t love bex and i don’t hate her. but i find that i enjoy her more when she has scene with chrissie bc i love rl between siblings bc i would honestly die for my little brother. so sibling dynamics are beautiful to me. imo i would LOVE it if she came away from rbrons orbit, and it showed the struggle of being a single parent and raising your child with the support of ur family/friends, because u can raise a baby on ur own and give that child an amazing life. but i get WHAt u mean, I agree that the writing for her has been all over the place. But I’m so sorry they’ve ruined her character for you my love 💖

Jeb couldn’t help but glare at the man across the counter. He’d forgotten his ID, and he didn’t seem to be budging in not letting him away with it, telling him to hurry up and get out of his shop. But Jeb wasn’t going to give in that easily, and after letting out a deep sigh, he leaned on the counter, letting the man know that he wasn’t going to leave without a fight. “I’ve got all day, you know,” he told him, shrugging as he saw the annoyance on the shop manager’s face grow, making him smile as he tapped on his 8 pack of beer, “And all I want is my beer to enjoy on a lovely day like this.” Jeb could probably find another shop that would let him away with it, but he wanted to have a little fun with the situation anyway. He hadn’t even realised that someone else had entered the small off-license, but he turned to them when they stood behind him in the queue, “Can you believe this guy? I’m fuckin’ 19 and he won’t let me buy some beer. Ridiculous.”

rmbr when adrien could’ve found out ladybug’s identity but he didnt bc he knew she wouldn’t want him to and like plagg was like “what were u thinking!!! u could’ve found out who the love of ur life really is!!!” and adriens just like “i wasn’t thinking, i was following my heart” like …..this fucking kid

getting pulled over
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> police: licence and registration please <br><p/><b>me:</b> (slides over a doyoung photocard)<br><p/><b>police:</b> ma'am i can’t accept this invalid form of ID<br><p/><b>me:</b> it’s autographed <br><p/><b>police:</b> you’re excused</p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p,<p/></p>