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i know we all have our own lives. we spiral in our own orbits. i’m telling myself the reason you never text is because you’re busy. i ask you how things are going, the conversation is stilted. remember when we were madly in love. when you would text me with every stupid joke you thought of. 

“how you been?” i ask. three days later i get, “fine.” 

i am trying to tell myself: at least you’re alive.

Painting is just an endless cycle of “I don’t know where I’m going” and “how the fuck did I end up here?”.

i can’t remember where i saw this but there was a post about roman demigods having dyscalculia instead of dyslexia because they don’t struggle with the english alphabet but struggle with numbers that aren’t roman numerals, and every day i think about it & the endless possibilities but, uh. the romans got maybe 10% development, which was an odd decision when 4 of the main cast were roman 🤔😶

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I have a head canon that Dean knows how to sew. John wasn't exactly a good homemaker so who else would have patched up Sam's pants whenever they got a hole in them? I just feel like its something he would have needed to learn on his own growing up to make clothes last longer because they didn't have a lot of money. I can't remember a time that this was ever alluded to in canon so that's why I called it a head canon, but do yo know of any evidence to support this?

I don’t think there’s ever a time where we see this talked about or shown, but it seems a pretty safe bet considering we’ve seen Dean doing pretty much everything Sam needed doing. Not only taking care of his brother (and stealing to make sure he eats) when they were kids while John was gone for days (and weeks), and checking to see that Sam has his lunch money

(from 4.13)

And talking about taking Sam to the emergency room (9.15) on his handlebars (when it was a break that couldn’t be fixed with a bit of sewing):

So clearly fix-up duty was a thing. 

But we also see Dean ironing (11.20) his adult brother’s clothes (albeit with beer): 

And it doesn’t seem to be a one-off occurrence considering Sam yells at him to quit ironing his shirts with beer. Shirts, plural. Which isn’t surprising that Dean does this, because it was probably a pattern established in childhood. Another job that needed doing so Dean took it on, and would have had to figure out how to make that happen if John wasn’t around. 

And we know Dean is good with his hands

So if sewing was something that needed doing, Dean would have taught himself how to do it. 

Imagine Your OTP
  • Person B: It's four in the fucking morning - lemme guess, you found out we were out of fruit loops?
  • Person A: ...I wish.
  • Person B: Okay, I know something's up.
  • Person A: Remember that, uh, cooking video we sent in to that contest?
  • Person B: *chuckles* The one where I imitated a British accent every time I said "tomato"?
  • Person A: Yeah. Well, uh... we kind of got in.
  • Person B: Areyoufuckingserious?
  • Person A: Uh, yeah. And the fact that you didn't make the Harry Potter joke tells me something.
  • Person B: I... how? I literally said "you need to make it hot, but not as hot as me".
  • Person A: This is terrifying. I mean, TELEVISION.
  • Person B: It's okay - I've got your back.
  • Person A: Even if I take off my pants and say "YOU WANNA EAT THIS, GORDON RAMSAY?"
  • Person B: ...no. Then you're on your own.
  • *to be continued*

REMEMBER THE EPISODE SUMMARY FOR 13X06, where TFW …”head to a sleepy old western town to investigate a murder. Dean gets to live out his boyhood fantasy when he comes face to face with a famous, gun-slinging outlaw.”


and i know it’s not the show and everything, but it’s kinda funny that Dean will have just got Cas back after grieving so heavily and they go on this western adventure….? J2 being giant adorable trolls?

(gifs belong to @angvlicmish​)

they :) gonna :) need :) all :) the :) zodiac :) keys :) to :) use :) the :) neo-eclipse :) gate :) or?

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Hey guys,I was wondering if you could rec some of your favourite underrated fics?Like,hidden gems?I understand that's a list that probably takes a while to make,so if you can't do that with all the work you've got its completely fine.Thanks for all you do!!

here are some fics i loved that have less than 300 kudos

stars go waltzing out by FreshBrains

Who am I?

Who are you?

Where am I?

It scared him when he asked himself those questions. It scared him shitless, because sometimes he didn’t know how to answer.

leave the lights on by memitims

“Do you believe in the one?” Steve asks.

in the land of the living by hitlikehammers

Trip remembers the Temple; the Chamber. Remembers the Obelisk. Remembers—

Well. Basically, Trip remembers more than enough to be real skeptical about how the hell he ended up here, after that.

Furrier Needed by bactaqueen

Steve comes home to Bucky wearing nothing but a fur coat.

more fics under the cut!

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It’s now the easter holidays so I have two weeks to get studying hard. It’s so scary how quickly life is happening at the moment because it feels like A levels only started a month ago 😯 My bullet journal spread is blue and pink themed this week as i saw these beautiful photos and wanted to incorporate them somehow.