but i can't remember where i got it

Sirius sings the cup song

I got my ticket for the Hogwarts train
Some firewhiskey for the way
And I sure would like some sweet company
So Prongs, Moony, Wormtail, what do you say?

With my wand
With my wand
I’m doing magic with my wand
Hexing snivellus, not to mention
This is worth to get detention
I’m doing magic with my wand

Playing pranks
Playing pranks
Pranking Slytherins offhand
Shooting spells across the aisle
Pouring Potions in your vial, oh
Pranking Slytherins offhand

I know the entrance to the Shrieking Shack
The haunted building near the school
We’ll be rats
And stags and canines
And a wolf that can be malign
But, I know it’s always fun with you.

It’s full moon
It’s full moon
We’ll be animals tonight
We control the wolf combined
We explore the woods unmind, oh
We’ll be animals tonight

After school
After school
Prongs marries Evans after school
They’ll have children and a cat
Boy, who would have thought of that, oh
Prongs marries Evans after school.

Be with you
Be with you
I just want to be with you
We will get a place together
We’ll live happily no matter, oh
Moony I want to be with you.

Peter’s gone.
Peter’s gone.
We fight a war that can’t be won
So he betrayed us in cold blood
Now I’ve lost all that I’d got, oh
We fought a war that can’t be won

So during my first read-through, I got kind of suspicious about the fact that Spender always wore his sunglasses. After a bit, I started to think that it wasn’t such a big deal, since it’s his Tool and all, but then I remembered this bit-

A Medium too, eh? Now what was that thing about Mediums and their appearances? Oh yeah,

Basically what I’m saying is that Spender probably has solid black eyes and doesn’t want to freak others out

-Widowmaker and D.Va playing video games-

D.Va: Wow your aim is good! People must accuse you of using aimbots all the time.

Widowmaker: ?

Widowmaker: What is an aimbot?

D.Va: Oooh nice burn spidermom, very sick!

Widowmaker: ????


Widowmaker: ????????!?!?!?

Deadly spider does not understand her smol gamer child but still loves her and wants to hang out  

it's sunday, and here's an update (well, kinda)

Hey, sweethearts! It’s Sunday (here), and I just wanted to tell you guys to have a great week at school and work and life. Stop by and talk to me if you need anything!

Before you head off to kick ass this week, try these fic recs I’ve got for you!

  1. Fall Back Together | What starts off as mere attraction to Clarke ends up turning into something much more.Or, the story of what happens when Bellamy Blake agrees to let his little sister’s college roommate come home with her for spring break. This is Bellarke, and it’s complete! I just read it like ten minutes ago, and it’s awesome!
  2. Brighter Than Sunshine | For Luna. Percy works at an ice cream shop and Annabeth visits on Saturdays. Featuring dinosaur ice cream, potential sharks in cafés, a few dates, and a six year-old named Noah. AU. This is Percabeth, and it’s soooo lovely. 

Also, just an fyi, I should have a new fic (it’s top secret, sorry) posted sometime later this week. In addition, the punk!Percy fic is coming along nicely. It’s still at 27k, but I hope I can get back to it pretty soon. So, here’s you a sneak peek: 


Now, she was standing at her locker, shuffling through her own books and trying to get all of her homework down into her backpack. She was just finishing when she heard, “Annabeth!”

She looked up to see Hannah running toward her, dragging Percy by the hand. Percy let go of her once she got close enough, and Hannah grabbed her in a hug.

Annabeth was laughing, “I saw you barely five minutes ago!”

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remember when the mcgenji tag was just me, like three other people, and ten guinea pigs in a trenchcoat? ? i’m so happy. happy #mcgenjiweek folks ♥

lil mcgenji touches for day one - ‘touch’

  • genji smoothing jesse’s frown lines between his eyebrows with the pad of his thumb
  • stroking the patches of synthetic skin between genji’s armour pieces
  • fingers reaching down, grazing the hair on jesse’s stomach, reaching lower
  • gently scritching jesse’s hairline, at his temples where he’s starting to go grey
  • rubbing the smooth metal covering genji’s knuckles
  • a prickly beard against the insides of genji’s thighs
  • jesse hooking genji’s legs over his own shoulders, fluttering fingers against the backs of his knees
  • leaning his elbow on genji’s head, pretending to use him as an armrest
  • sitting on jesse’s shoulders, hands buried in his hair
  • a disney style post-recall hug, clinging tight to each other
  • soothing, rubbing moisturising ointment into the other’s scars
  • jesse tickling genji’s sides and getting ‘accidentally’ kicked in the balls
  • genji’s fingers working through jesse’s hair, brushing out the tangles
  • a hand cupped round jesse’s cheek, anchoring him there
  • an arm over genji’s stomach while he sleeps, keeping him close
  • holding hands, thumb stroking thumb

Wow. I’m truly appreciating all these #GrowingUp… tags. It’s like everybody had that one moment where they forgot to start cooking something/take something out before their parents got home, had that one food/seasoning to put on everything, not recognized people that remember holding you as a child, to other (apparently universal) coincidences. I’m really loving this.

By the way, don’t be afraid to start a new tag with your race after #GrowingUp____. This is a great way to bring your culture to the forefront along with many others! What a convenient way to have people who’ve lived a culture talk about their shared experiences.


I know I’m not the only one who thinks that Michael Jackson seemed like he would be an amazing kisser. Not only were his lips extremely sexy and kissable, he also seemed so tender yet passionate. The women who got to kiss him are extremely lucky. He could make any girl melt.

A first-hand account of kissing Michael Jackson:

“‘Remember the Time’ is one of the few videos where Jackson is seen kissing his co-star; Iman later remarked that he was a ‘very, very good kisser.’”


Please remember that the artists that you see who are talented and successful didn’t get there overnight. They didn’t wake up yesterday and say “I’ve never held a pencil in my life. I’m gonna sell art!” And you won’t be able to do that either. They worked hard and lost sleep. They learned and practiced what they loved until they got where they are now and they’re still working to get better because that’s how art works. You will improve but it’s not going to happen overnight. Everyone started somewhere, don’t rush it.

Remember back in Season 3 where it looked like Jaime was going through some major character development and he was a layered character with a personality who did more than just blindly follow Cersei around? 

Yeah, me neither.