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I’m have a crisis right now. I’m looking for the specific fic on fanfiction. I don’t remember what it’s called but it was about Sanji reliving the same day of his crew being attacked and killed everyday for nine days I believe. I thought I had it saved in my favorites but now I can’t find it and I’m afraid the author deleted it! Please help me!

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Sterek AU: Stiles gets a job on the Hale farm and when Derek meets him he is so flustered that he kinda accidentally introduces himself as Miguel, their senior farmhand. The workers usually avoid Derek while he’s on the farm anyway due to his grumpy demeanor, so Derek doesn’t think it will be much of a problem.

The trouble is Stiles refuses to leave Derek alone and his incessant chatter is actually sort of… charming. Now Derek is completely head over heels for a man who often asks him if he would feel more comfortable talking in Spanish, and he has no idea how to come clean. Honestly, Derek’s kind of a coward. He would probably go on letting Stiles call him Miguel and insult his family, except you can’t sign a marriage licence with a fake name. He’s checked. 

Well this is going to be more like a huge thank you note rather than a follow forever, I just didn’t know what to call it lmao. I never ever expected this to happen, I remember when I had 50 followers and I thought that would be the most I would ever have, like that’s more people than I can fit in my house? Honestly 2000 feels unreal to me, that’s so many people. I don’t see my follower count as numbers, but as friends (except for you random porn blogs who are you um) and I still get excited when I get a new one or I when I receive an ask. I’ve had people call me their “tumblr senpai” from time to time and that is just so weird to me, like I’m just a random girl with no life spending countless hours on the internet, lmao I’m no senpai. But thank you guys for thinking that I am, I appreciate every single one of you so much. I wish I could write a note for everyone but my fingers would probably fall off. Thank you again! 

- Nicole :)

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I love how cute jaehyun reacts whenever he makes cute little mistakes.

Dark Horse 74

[This fic has a Sexy Things Warning. This means that there will be sexy things happening between characters. Sometimes it will be very clear what they are doing and how they are doing it.]

Dark Horse Master List

Chapter 74: 1778 words


Young-Do grunted as Rachel’s alarm went off but didn’t wake like he was supposed to. It was their wedding day. In six hours, they would promise their hearts, bodies, and souls to each other. She slowly smiled and excitement burst through her. She poked at his shoulder and tried to get him to wake up.

When that didn’t work, Rachel poked at his back dimples and started nuzzling his neck. He briefly stirred but not enough to really count as awake. She made a face at his back and climbed on top of him. “Oppa,” she murmured. “Oppa, wake up.”

Rachel almost snickered when she felt the exact moment her words permeated his sleep. He tensed all over and she knew he was faking to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. They were getting married today. Their value hadn’t tanked. Hyo-Shin’s parents were facing an investigation into their corruption and it was possible someone would go to jail. She could give Young-Do the one thing he really wanted from her.

“Oppa?” She shrieked when he rolled her off of him and pinned her beneath him. She didn’t even make an attempt to struggle. She just enjoyed how red his face, neck, and shoulders were as he stared down at her. “Good. You’re awake.”

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Some random Lionel factz yo!;

  • While Lionel can go up stairs, he can’t come back down them.. Well he can but just extremely slowly and carefully. He’s very top-heavy and he’s fallen down stairs and injured himself so many times, it’s just easier for everyone for him to take the lift
  • Lionel gets really really travel sick, as he’s not used to cars/busses/trains/etc. Boats are okay and he’s never been on a plane before. But he’d much prefer to walk or run to places (or sometimes swim!)
  • We know Lionel loves to eat fish, but he really loves to ‘hunt’ for them the old fashioned way, by swimming and catching them in his mouth! He has a friend who owns a special sort of ‘aquarium’ for that sorta thing
  • And sometimes, when he catches fish, he’ll just swallow them whole, mostly just to cause a reaction with his friends
  • Lionel really like his fruit and vegetables, his favs being nice, crisp and crunchy apples and carrots, but he can’t stand soft, mushy textures, like bananas. Usually he blends soft fruits and veggies into a nice smoothie
  • Lionel loves belly rubs, but his tummy’s really sensitive and he gets embarrassed by the goofy faces and the rumbling/purring noises he makes. If he lets you rub his belly, he really trusts you
  • His tail’s semi-prehensile, meaning he can pick up and hold things with it but can’t like write with it
  • His go-to hand to write with is his upper left, but he’s pretty good at writing with all his hands
  • Lionel snorts when he laughs

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The fruits of my 11pm Fallout binge, I present Melanti, my OC that I never properly made because how the heck would I make this in the vanilla game w/o mods. I also blame @deltastic for putting the seed in my head.

She’s a mage/warlock that freezes her enemies and is called to different dimensional planes at a moments notice, having to follow the voices to her intended goal. The Commonwealth’s not too sure what to do with her, and she’s still trying to figure out why the fuck she was called in.

Again, ty to @highsodium for the cryolator suggestion, ahhhh so perf.

I need your help!

I’m looking for this lapidot fanfic that was a high school human au, where Peri and Lapis were childhood friends and Lapis was on the swim team. Peridot was awful at swimming and needed help from Lapis frequently, and liked Lapis. But Lapis was dating Pearl? I can’t remember what it was called, but I know it was on fanfiction.net. Does anyone know what this was, or have a link to it? It was published back when Peridot and Lapis only had like 20 seconds onscreen together, before Peridot was poofed, and the lapidot fandom was really small.

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what's the knowledge of the general public about emergents? do they know people with powers exist, or is it all a secret?

It’s all very public! At least 20% of the population in Atlas are Emergents, and they are heavily monitored, secured, and often employed by a branch of the government called NEXUS. The powers were definitely a surprise, at first, but it’s been years since they first appeared and people have more or less adapted. Still, people with weird powers and abilities are undoubtably dangerous– the public view is definitely has some negative connotations just due to how much destructive Emergents are inherently capable of.

So, they’re required by law to be registered once their powers.. well, emerge. This usually happens during puberty or earlier, though sometimes late-bloomers and people with more subtle powers manage to slip through the cracks and avoid registry. Several also more recently managed to give them the slip due to a large-scale riot getting out of hand and leaving behind a lot of orphaned emergents,,,

NEXUS is also the #1 employer of Emergents– mostly because they offer pretty good benefits. Their Agents are assigned to control any out-of-control or law-breaking Emergents, who are often given a chance to join up themselves as opposed to being incarcerated. It’s kind of like a community service type deal. Exceptions are made for especially dangerous individuals, though, who tend to get locked up indefinitely.

Some types of Emergents are actually required by law to be employed in a NEXUS-specific facility. It mostly applies to Healers, since quick healing can be remarkably helpful when an Emergent situation gets out of hand and wrecks an entire city block or something. Otherwise, though, Emergents are free to do as they wish, so long as they stay out of trouble and keep their ID on hand.

……Ok this kinda became more about NEXUS than Emergents themselves but. Meh, they’re pretty heavily intertwined so //shrug