but i can't remember seeing it anywhere

The original Broadway cast of Hamilton performing “Alexander Hamilton” in the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, February 2016

So I was making this Lams gifset and had to cut the Grammy performance out of the whole show because Photoshop was being an ass, and I couldn’t remember seeing it online anywhere, so I thought I’d upload it as well (Here’s the Tony performance by the way).

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I vividly remember an episode with the gang stuck in a radio station with a Michael Jackson looking villain lmao am I crazy I can't find it anywhere?

Hmm… would it happen to be The Diabolical Disc Demon?

It was an early episode on SDM, done nearly two years ago… but boy, it had some beautiful stuff.

Can’t wait to see how much more can be found when we reach the episode again… though nothing will ever top the glorious Frog Scooby, pictured above.


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Wasn't there fanart that you drew of Will and Nico where Will had on a tan chb hoodie with orange lettering and an orange pegasus silhouette on the sleeve and Will was hugging him? I can't find it anywhere. I've been looking for it for a few weeks lol and I feel like im going crazy because it may not exist but I'm positive that it does because it was too wonderful for my imagination to create and I remember seeing it.

oh do you mean this one? i sometimes post stuff on ig that i never post here and vice versa lol but im sure that’s what youre looking for :))


“Let’s do it. Let’s go on a vacation, just the two of us. Anywhere you want”. “Really? Okay. I’ve always wanted to see what the Spirit World’s like”. “Sounds perfect”.


Someone once asked me if I had learned anything from it all.
So let me tell you what I learned. I learned everyone dies alone.
But if you meant something to someone, if you helped someone or loved someone, if even a single person remembers you,
then maybe you never really die.
And maybe this isn’t the end at all.

person of interest, season 5

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Remember when kyungsoo and jongin went out together after Valentine's day? (It said they were having a movie date). But some kaistal shippers said that they were actually kai and krys ugh i hate

Those pictures were taken by fans/sasaengs, not Dispatch. If Krys was at the same place as Kaisoo, they wouldn’t have hide it at the time. Those shippers are getting ridiculous, really.

Takao & Midorima’s commentary on being chosen as Best Combination

“On sync anywhere, anytime!?”
“Shin-chan, we’re popular combination!”
“Why am I a set with Takao no da yo

Midorima’s comment: I dont’ remember forming a combination with him but I approve of him as a player. Well, he is not unpleasant no da yo.
Takao’s comment: You approved me?? Hee….hoo….fufu~n (SEE??) Everyone! Even though he’s looking this he’s actually very happy, please watch him well!

Fatal Frame Setences
  • Are you leaving me again?
  • Didn't we always promise each other... that we would always be together...?
  • So this is the Camera Obscura... It takes pictures of impossible things...
  • When you die, then I will be gone forever
  • More sacrifices... More blood...
  • please tell me: am I supposed to be alive?
  • Is my punishment for living. For living on... for surviving.
  • I don't care! Stay here! With me! Forever!
  • Please! I want to go with you!
  • I know...we're going to die.
  • I thought this place was haunted. Too bad it's not.
  • You said you would come back…!
  • ...I have severed all of my attachments
  • But if it lets me see my love again...
  • But being alone is more frightening
  • But if I go in, I may not be able to return.
  • But it's not like I chose to survive.
  • I can't take being touched again.
  • But as long as I can be with you, I'll follow you anywhere.
  • I don’t want to remember
  • But I want to know for sure what happened
  • My broken toy
  • Let me out! Let me out! Let me out!

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I've got a question, if you don't mind. I have this faint image in my mind that I once saw a sub!Kou drawing from you (him being stepped on and gagged, I think?), but I can't find it anywhere anymore. Do I even remember correct? If I do, do you still have it somewhere? I'd love to see it now that I'm in Kou hell *^* Thank you!

Yes I’ve drawn such, I wonder if I deleted it by mistake, XD I remember getting some mazo requests back then :’v 

There you go, Kou, and the other two just in case they were gone:

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Does Ward actually have a sister(s) in canon? bc i see that all the time in fic and on tumblr but i can't remember/find anywhere it said that in canon, only his 2 brothers and parents and gramsy

It was a blink and you miss it line in 1x19.  While he’s in the chair, Koenig asks him to list his immediate family.  His response is “Two parents, one sister, two brothers. Don’t have contact with any of them.”

On a side note, I think it’s important to note that he has a sister, possibly and assumedly younger, based on the way he treats Simmons for most of the series.  Grant sees exact replicas of his younger siblings in the two of them, and even if FitzSimmons are, in actuality, nothing like his siblings, Grant is still going to project that.

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Hey do you happen to have that picture of Ryan when he was like five or something?? like it was in a yearbook and his name is on the table or something. I can't find it anywhere

Um I don’t think I’ve ever seen any such picture? I’m sorry :( I only have three yearbook pictures and in none of them Ryan is around 5.. Where do you remember seeing it? 

EDIT: I think this is what you’re looking for; :)

Thanks to fueledbythedisco for giving me the pic n_n

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Hi! I am trying to find a fic that I can't find anywhere, I remember the title being something along the lines of 'phone prank confessions' Dan changed all the contacts in Phil's phone and he sent a message to Dan unintentionally meaning for Louise.

Phone Pranks And ConfessionsDan pranks Phil by changing all the contacts in his phone to his number. A couple weeks later, Phil still hasn’t figured it out until he sends a text that was meant to be for Louise, but Dan ends up seeing it.

- Gabriela

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Remember when he posted on insta "See how fast you are" and posted his "album" and all the songs on it? I remember Kanye was on one anyway do you know where that picture is now? Can't find anywhere!

This is what you’re talking about, but I don’t think it’s legit, as you can see that the leaked songs and songs like ‘the hills’, ‘often’, and ‘kotf’ aren’t on there.