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In case no one told you growing up

Many wonderful additions have been posted in the reblogs if you care to look through them (the post would be a giant if I added them all, plus I don’t see them all myself).

An anon asked me for a version of this specifically for feminine hygiene. You can see it here.

Edit: Previously, this post explained how to sanitize a sponge in the microwave - something I did read on several sites before adding to the list. However, I removed it due to concerns expressed by other readers about the creation of super bacteria/possibly melting plastic based sponges.


  • Bras last longer if you let them air dry. Don’t put them in the dryer.
  • If you have a problem with frizzy hair, don’t dry your hair with a towel. It makes the frizzies worse. (I recently read an article that said to use a t-shirt? I brush mine out and let it air dry.)
  • Whites wash best in hot water. Everything else can be in cold - save on your electricity bill.
  • Airing out your room/house and letting sunlight in every so often can decrease the number of household pests like silverfish and ants.
  • Black underwear is best during your period as stains are less likely to be visible.
  • To save money, put aside 10% of each paycheck into a savings account. It’ll add up.
  • Unless your hair has something on/in it (like grease or mud or something), using conditioner first can actually be the better choice. The conditioner holds in the good oils that help you hair look sleek and beautiful, which shampoo would otherwise wash away.
  • Speaking of shampoo - if you have long hair, washing just the bits that touch your scalp is generally enough. The rest of your hair gets cleaned with just the run off from your scalp.
  • If you put a tampon in and it’s uncomfortable/you can feel it, you didn’t do it quite right/it’s the wrong size. A properly placed tampon is virtually unnoticeable by the wearer.
  • Apply deodorant/antiperspirant a couple hours in advanced of when you need it. This gives the product the chance to block your sweat glands. Using deodorant just before going somewhere where you’ll sweat (this means walking outside for people in high humidity places) results in your sweat washing the deodorant off and starkly limiting its usefulness.
  • After running the dryer, use the dryer sheet from that load to brush out the lint catch - it gets everything off in a fraction of the time it’ll take you to get it clean with your bare hands. Paper towels also work well.
  • Wash your face everyday, or as often as possible. Forget which brand of cleanser is best. Just washing your face everyday will guarantee you clearer skin. And do you best not to pop pimples, as tempting as the urge may be.
  • Fold laundry asap after taking it from the dryer to avoid wrinkles. This may seem obvious for dress shirts and silly for things like t-shirts, but you’ll notice the difference even then once your shirts stop looking like unfolded paper balls.

Hey guys this is probably isn’t the best way to do this at the moment but I’m taking commissions starting from $10. Prices go up depending on color, details, other time consuming ideas, etc. which we can negotiate. I’m very low on funds and I got really no one else that can offer to help me right now.

Sketches are the fastest and depending on the day of the week I will guarantee them done within hours.

I don’t have much posted on Tumblr, but you can check out aside from my #kyart #kyfanart tags.


Commission inquiries start via Tumblr messenger and will continue through email. I only accept Paypal.

There are only 10 slots I can do for the moment!

Thank you all for your support!


deleted scene from x men first class



what you gon do now charl

that1thiccbih  asked:

How do you recover from weeks of binging and not following rules? I keep trying to set limits, but I just can't get back on track. :/

My best advice would be to start restricting your calories very slowly. Start with only 1,000 calories a day and start limiting them more and more. You don’t wanna just go straight too 500 a day (that practically guaranteed binging in my case). Also green tea is your new bff🍵


I hope this helps darling💕💕

Three Good Things: Day 7

1. Left yesterday with only 8 on the list, had 13 coming in this morning. That’s not the good part. The good part is we discharged like 5 of them. So crossing my fingers we have a manageable list again in the morning.

2. I have my first med student! Thank god they gave them to us the second week and not the first. She didn’t really get to do much today but I’m excited to help make her first ever rotation a good one. Although what the hell am I supposed to teach someone who just took Step 1 two weeks ago?? Guarantee she knows more than me. 

3. All three of us roomies had a nice yoga session today after dinner and a walk. So glad I’m able to live with my best friends one last time before I head off next year. 

13-screaming-cats  asked:

For your longer posts would it be possible to make a tl;dr at the end? I love reading them and learning more but my disability makes it hard to concentrate and read all of it but I really want to learn about all the things you write and become more informed! If you can't that's okay, you write about some really intricate stuff that would be hard to sum up but thank you reading all this regardless of if you can or can't, and thank you for taking the time to teach us all these important things!

I can totally do that, although sometimes I find the tl;dr ends up being kinda lengthy itself! Are there specific posts that don’t have one right now where it would be useful? 

I guarantee I may forget on some posts, so if they need them it is totally appropriate to poke me and ask me to add one. 

(And I’ll definitely put them at the end, because if the summary is first and the rest is under a cut stuff is much less likely to get read. I like the compromise of having one for folk who need it but still making sure the detail is on your dash). 

umm did no one else know that as a parselmouth i can only communicate with other slytherins, so can someone tell the professor that i’m sorry, but the honour of my ancestor is more important to me than doing the assigned homework

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As much as I want to see some Destiel fluff on episode 6 or whenever, I also would love to see some angst. I want Dean to have a speech and tell Cas that he should think first before doing things and to be more careful and then end it with "I can't/won't lose you again. Not this time." then he'll start to become an overprotective husband throughout the season. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

AAAHHHH! Yeah, I mean, I put like zero stock in speculation, but I can pretty much guarantee there will be angst. After all these years, they’re just not gonna have anything go easy all of a sudden and turn all sunshine and rainbows, you know? :P

It would be AWESOME if this led to these guys all using actual words to communicate with one another, but I’m gonna assume this is gonna happen in bits and pieces over the course of the rest of the season, the same way it always has.

but oh gosh, this lil angst face is adorable  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

thinker-of-tenderthoughts  asked:

Hey Britta! As someone who just experienced their first grueling campus tour today and is slowly realizing that they find little interest in any field except for writing (for television/film) I am so stressed out! I wish I was interested in something more practical but I can't imagine myself doing anything else. Should I take the leap and try to pursue writing? Or should I go the reliable route and major in something that I'm not interested in but will guarantee a job? Any advice? xx

Aw, hey, it’s okay! You’re gonna be okay. This is an exciting time for you!

The first thing I’ll say is that writing is definitely a real job. One of the really satisfying things I learned when I moved to LA is just how NORMAL a lot of working screenwriters are. They’re not all geniuses, or sons-of-other-screenwriters, or sprinkled with magic fairy dust (although there’s some of those), there’s just a lot of normal people who had an interest in writing and kept at it and worked hard until they got to be working screenwriters. So this is definitely possible. I’m not that special, and I’m doing it.

But it IS tough. It takes a lot of work and some luck, and it’s not for everyone. And not everyone who wants to be a screenwriter will be able to, because there’s just not enough jobs to go around, sadly. It would be irresponsible of me not to admit that.

But you have a lot of time before you have to worry about that! For now, I think you should just open up your mind, and study everything you want to study. Definitely take screenwriting classes, and start to learn your craft. That’s so much fun! You can screw up as much as you want in screenwriting classes, because you’re still finding your voice. Take risks, write in different genres, get outside your bubble, learn what kind of stories you like.

But also take other classes, too! Take a playwriting class, because writing plays is a weird and different muscle, and it’s fun to flex that. Take English classes that make you read a lot of books to see how stories worked fifty, a hundred, three hundred years ago. Interested in writing sci fi movies? Take an astronomy class. Interested in body horror? Take an anatomy class. Take sociology classes to learn about subcultures (I took a Deviant Behavior class that I still think about all the time). Take psychology classes to learn how our brains work and why people behave the way they do. Take poli sci classes and write a political thriller or a fascist dystopian action flick or the next Dave. Take French classes and watch Claire Denis movies.

Take a bunch of stuff and let your mind open up and learn about everything humans are and do because that’s what movies are about and you can’t write movies unless you understand the world.

Have fun! Learn some stuff! And don’t worry about your future too much right now. You’ll figure it out.

//kicks door down


things i’ve noticed: my beta readers all tell me that i use things like chuckle too much during dialogue

things i just realized about that: smiling/laughing/chuckling is my coping mechanism to any awkward situation (which is…pretty much any social situation) and that’s probably why i do it. oops

I don’t post enough rough sketches and there’s probably a reason why tbh but here have this sketch of a Princess Pacifica I did for a mabifica/billdip au I’m not gonna do anything with but also can’t stop obsessing over! :D

help me this au won’t leave me alone wtf

The difference between Trump and Clinton is that if Clinton had been elected, Trump supporters wouldn’t be fearing for their lives, their safety, their family and friends, their rights, their home. They would be angry, sure, but there’s no direct threat to them. I wouldn’t go to their inbox and spew racial and gendered slurs at them just because they disagreed.
But Trump was elected, and I have received so much hate for being afraid, I feel weak and sick and vulnerable and threatened. I genuinely do not feel safe. I can guarantee you if Clinton had won Trump supporters would not be feeling this.
So that’s the difference. That’s why this is more than just having different opinions. This isn’t about having a small disagreement. What’s so hard to understand about that?

Facebook dressage forums
  • Beginner training-level rider: hey here's a video I would love critique but I am happy with how we're doing 😊
  • Person 1: you should do lateral work see how your horse is stepping I'd recommend starting on half pass and work your way towards piaffe pirouettes
  • Person 2: I can't believe how people ride these days doesn't she notice how the horse's head isn't perfectly situated at all times go ride bitless and see how well you are then
  • Person 3: So glad to see more people doing REAL riding instead of that western voodoo
  • Y'all: We turned away the Jewish refugees in the 30's, and look what happened! We should learn from our mistakes!
  • Me: Wow. I'm actually really glad goyish society as a whole is recognising this horrible injustice. While I do object to the usage of us and our history as a rhetorical prop in your argument, overall, I like that you seem to understand that lots of countries can be really discriminatory when it comes to their borders, and therefore how important it is for oppressed groups to have a guaranteed safe country to flee to if the need-
  • Y'all: The state of Israel is inherently evil and should be abolished.
  • Me: ...M'kay

#hot pizza man in a tree

  • Delivery fee is doubled when driver has to kill more than 5 walkers to ensure pizza is delivered
  • Pizza is not guaranteed hot
  • Cheese is not guaranteed safe
  • Do not offer us your first born
  • Or your last
  • The following payments are accepted: weapons, ammo, fresh food, clean water, medicine, batteries, generators,
  • If our best delivery man, Glenn, is hurt in any way you will pay for the pizza with your life

//I’ve been literally sitting here for the past few hours trying to think of an appropriate response to this. I tend to freeze up about these sort of topics, as I don’t want anything bad to ever happen to others, so I apologize that it’s taken me a bit to reply. Regardless, anon, I may not know who exactly you are, perhaps this is the first time you’ve spoken to me, or whatever else. 

But thank you. 

Thank you so so much. 

Everything that I’ve done here has been built upon by fans like yourself. Every comment, ask, reblog, like, opinion, shenanigans, and even the negative opinions I occasionally get have helped me to grow both as an artist and a person. Have helped Talon to grow as a.. grumpy assassin who stabby stabs everything he dislikes. …Point is, your time here is something that I’ve appreciated far more than you may think or know, you are so very very important to me, and I want you to know that.

I am so grateful to have fans like yourself, I’m so glad that I can draw things that I love and end up making someone else happy because of it, or even to inspire others  to pick up drawing again, like I’ve heard many times. It’s the best feeling in the world, to spread this joy onto other people, and I’m so glad that I was able to brighten your days. I hope to continue to do so, until the worst happens. Even then, though, perhaps we’ll meet again sometime somewhere else, yeah? 

Stay strong, friend. I may not know exactly what ails you, but keep fighting. If there is an emphasis on ‘might’ die, please, please, don’t give up fighting. I may not be there for you in person, but I promise you I will be there with you in spirit, and I wish you the absolute best in the days to come. 

Talon will be there with you too. You might not see him, but, I guarantee he’s there. For whatever comfort that may bring.

Soooo writing commissions. I’ve never really done them before but I figure why not give it a go? I’m kinda nervous about this wehhh

  • $10 per 1k words. Anything under 1k is $5 (USD).
  • I accept payment only through PayPal.
  • I’m willing to write really anything. Things that are absolutely off limits to me are underage smut/incest, but it’s possible that it won’t be limited to just those things.
  • Please don’t commission me for NSFW stuff if you aren’t 18 or older. I could get in serious trouble writing that kind of stuff for minors. Like seriously. Don’t.
  • Email me at GemoDawn@hotmail.com (same as PayPal) if you’re interested.
  • The more detailed you are with your prompt, the better I can write exactly what you want.
  • If you need examples of my writing, you can check out my AO3 or my FF

Annnnd yep that’s pretty much it.