but i can't guarantee on doing more


deleted scene from x men first class



what you gon do now charl

ouchwinwin  asked:

drinking game: watch an interview of jeffrey and take a shot every time he says 'uhh' or licks his lips. guaranteed to get you even more wasted than you ask ready are 👌 (don't forget to drink water 💕)

but seriously LMFAO I died when I read this message, lowkey trying to indirecly kill me over here LOL

If anyone knows friends who do sound design and may be interested in doing one for a 5min animated film hmu.

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#hot pizza man in a tree

  • Delivery fee is doubled when driver has to kill more than 5 walkers to ensure pizza is delivered
  • Pizza is not guaranteed hot
  • Cheese is not guaranteed safe
  • Do not offer us your first born
  • Or your last
  • The following payments are accepted: weapons, ammo, fresh food, clean water, medicine, batteries, generators,
  • If our best delivery man, Glenn, is hurt in any way you will pay for the pizza with your life

Welp, I did more.

I have this problem where every time I pick up my tablet I spend way longer than I intend to on anything that’s digital. It’s a bit of a jump from quick, shitty pencil doodles to this, but I was feeling kinda shitty about my drawing before I did this and it made me feel better.

Really wanted to leave out those extra silver mandibles, since he already has a mouth and so their purpose is questionable, but I realized that they balance out with the silver on his feet. Plus they tie this creative liberty-filled piece back to the actual set.

All in all, it feels kinda weird to have one of my only Bionicle art pieces be a Barraki of all things, but maybe now that I know I can sorta fudge biomechanical parts I’ll try more notable characters.

Fanart train has no brakes.