but i can't get enough of it

Lazarus Rising ∞ 04X01

Just because is Wednesday. I made another vintage Cas edit, this is  the first head-tilting lip-liking combo that Cas made to Dean. It’s at its mayor level possible of enjoyment on tumblr.

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i have a very short list of exclusives, and an even shorter list for ship-exclusive characters. but, that being said– lefou will be ship exclusive with @roseruin‘s prince adam. i will continue shipping with other characters but any adams/beasts encountered from here on will not be shipped with jacques.

we’ve worked a lot on their relationship and have an ever-growing list of aus– plus the ledamn ship isn’t that common, so i doubt this will be a problem

i will still ship with other male characters, though


The Dregs: *break multiple laws, threaten people, blow things up, cause murder and mayhem like the Chaotic Neutrals they are*