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Happy 34th Birthday, Ninomiya Kazunari! ♥

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LOVE YOUR POST about your favorite TV shows but where's the one about your favorite movies? I can't find it on your blog.. by the way first time here but I'll definitely come back! Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for sharing your tastes with us!

Oh sorry my darling, I removed the post a few days ago but if you really want to see it, here’s a new one just for you! It took me two hours to do it so have fun, haha.

40 movies (yes I know, it’s a lot) and you’ll find the titles of each of them at the end of this post. Kisses(:

Sin City / 30 Days of Nights / Blue Valentine / The Silver Linings Playbook / Dansgerous Liaisons / The Handmaiden / La La Land / Heartbeats / Moulin Rouge / The Neon Demon / Pulp Fiction / American Beauty / The Breakfast Club / The Perks of Being a Wallflower / 500 Days of Summer / The Sixth Sense / Edward Scissorhands / Eyes Wide Shut / Ex-Machina / Her / 8 Women / Drive / The Faculty / Leon / Royal Affair / Agora / Stoker / Black Swan / Mulholland Drive / A Swedish Love Story / Love Actually / Super 8 / Love, Rosie / Kaboom / Gone Girl / Mommy / Shutter Island / Gladiator / The Grandmaster / The Life of David Gale.

What literally happens when you find a new Haikyuu! rare pair.
  • you: -walks in-
  • the already shippers: Ah, welcome to hell.
  • you: That means...
  • them: Yes, we've been here for a very, very long time. Nice of you to join us. In. Hell. Now let's start talking...
  • you: -cries- Why does this always happen?
  • them: -so into the topic of that ship-
  • you: -smoothly enters the convo- So like...
the mars signs, basically
  • mars in aries: "u know what. FUCk everything. why doesnt life just give me what i want!!! life is so SLOW and BORING and i want ADVENTURE why can't things just HAPPEN MY WAY for ONCE!!!" *someone tells them to chill* "who tf are you??? are you trying to fight me????? ok i dare you FIGHT ME"
  • mars in taurus: *bad stuff happens* "lol im fine" *more bad stuff happens* "@ life are u trying to provoke me...try harder it aint working" *the worst thing that could possibly happen happens* "OK THATS IT IM AT MY LIMIT. THAT WAS NOT NECESSARY. IM SO MAD RIGHT NOW I CANT EVEN THINK WTF WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME. anyways im actually totally chill haha let me just suppress my feelings it'll be ok :)"
  • mars in gemini: "oh, i see! you think i'm wrong. i'm truly sorry to hear that some pitiful creatures like you find my beautiful mind so complex that you can't comprehend anything i'm saying. i'm sure that, for SOME people, it is indeed a bit too complex hahah lmao (:"
  • mars in cancer: "fine, whatever. u may have said something rude but it's ok im just gonna ignore that" *later* "that fUkcin bitch...i'll show them later, trust me. i'll just wait for the right moment and destroy them when they least expect it"
  • mars in leo: "??? did u just insult me or one of my interests ??? lmao first of all, HOW DARE YOU. second of all, YOU ARE WRONG. i am so beautiful and awesome and such a great friend and THIS is how u repay me??? i'm worth so much more than this. you are disgraceful. i am disgusted"
  • mars in virgo: "i hate everything. NOTHING is going right and i am FALLING APART. honestly i don't even remember the last time something good happened in this world. why are people always annoying me? why is school always annoying me??? why is LIFE always annoying me????? can everyone just STOP"
  • mars in libra: *someone points out that they need to get their life together* "bitch...what? i'm fine...what are you talking about.....my life is 100% under control!!!" *procrastinates everything* "wtf why do i have so much work??? i am dying under all the pressure i hate everything NOTHING IS UNDER CONTROL"
  • mars in scorpio: *on the outside* "okay you know what fuck you im so over this it's over" *on the inside* "i know all ur weaknesses, honey...and trust me, you will regret it. you think i'm over this but i'm definitely not lmao watch ur back"
  • mars in sagittarius: "wtf bitch i hate u, what do you think of yourself??? how dare u disagree with me and say rude stuff to me ugh don't talk to me ever again" *after like 8 minutes max* "omfg the other day i was listening to the duck song and i was thinking about how much you'd like it i mean i bet you've already heard it but it's absolutely hilarious u should watch the video it went viral on youtube hahaha" *someone asks if they've gotten over their anger* "what anger? ...oh thAT. lmao whatever who cares about that, have you heard the duck song?"
  • mars in capricorn: "yeah i'm pretty fucking upset right now, things definitely did not go the way i expected them to. anyways that's just life. i'm over it. i'm just gonna...try and distract myself.....and pretend nothing happened...because that'll help me stop thinking about my shitty life...probably"
  • mars in aquarius: *on the outside* "i guess ur right. maybe what ur saying is the right thing to do :) :) :)" *on the inside* "...excuse me hoe.....ur wrong, i'm right. u can't tell me what to do. i'm well-aware of what i'm doing, if u think i'm gonna listen to anything u tell me to do ur 100% wrong bye"
  • mars in pisces: *accidentally offends someone, someone asks why they're mad* "honestly i'm not totally sure why i'm mad. i didn't even know i was mad until you pointed it out. i mean there are the usual reasons for being mad...people are horrible, life just generally sucks. so yeah im probably just generally mad lmao no worries"
"Why are you [gender]?"
  • Agender: a vicious gang of people who are multiple genders stole my gender
  • Bigender: eh I'm kinda a rookie in a gender gang
  • Genderfluid: well I'm really clumsy and forgetful so keeping all my genders at the same time is impossible for me haha
  • Polygender: I supervise the rookies in a gender gang
  • Pangender: I run a gender stealing gang, I want them all for myself
  • Demigirl/boy: sometimes I misplace my gender and I can't find it oops
  • Genderflux: well you see sometimes I'll microwave or refrigerate my pizza rolls--
  • Trans: when I was small some little child dropped their gender by accident and it looked just like mine but my mom insisted I was wrong and I couldn't have it but I kept it anyways

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it pisses me off that, i'm out as a lesbian, and when i mention that i find an actor or celebrity attractive they are like "uh weren't you a lesbian?"??????? so they can find all the actresses and girls hot and say shit like "i would go gay for them" and me, a gay, can't even mention a Man because it means I am not a lesbian?

tbh me too straight girls talk all day long about the celebrity women they are in love with but the moment you say something like “chris evans is hot” suddenly ur Not A Real Lesbian because you have eyes when like???? okay cynthia u said my ass looks hot in these jeans a month ago ur obviously a Fake Straight

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hey! your animations are AWESOME! I had a question if you don't mind answering! ^w^ what animation program do you recommend to beginners? are there any free ones to start out with? [i can't seem to find anything so I thought, why not ask you ;w;]

Thank you ^^!

hmm i know of a few which are also free, but i guess you should try them out and see which one works best for you :)!

There would be Krita 3.0, Pencil 2D, OpenToonz(which is … hard to use <<;;; but free) and maybe try the Toon Boom or Clip Studio Paint trial.

Though for every program you should get around looking for tutorials haha, some are rather easy if you have a quick technical understanding of things. But to fully use each, you wont come around the fact of researching :)!

Naming our cat “kanaya” seemed like a great idea until I realized we would have to tell people her name

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hi! your doodled on character posters r so cute!! do you have a tutorial on how to make those lil doodles? i've tried but i can't seem to find a tutorial on how to animate the doodles

Aww thank you so much sweety, I’m glad that you like them ! Well it’s actually pretty easy to make them but I remember that I didn’t found a tutorial either when I started to make these doodle things. So I’ll just try to explain it under the cut :) I’m not that good at explaining tho sorry haha 

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Hana! It's funny lol last night I was talking my close friend, who lives in Las Vegas, and we actually managed to pinpoint what mall Jungkook was at that day lol since I saved that photo and sent it to her, and I jokingly said, "Why does that look like the mall you and i went to back in 2014?" and she said that it's probably because it is and you can't go wrong with the Fashion (it's one of the popular malls there lol) It's so weird seeing them in the spots that I was at a couple years ago haha.

Jungkook was searching for you ;) You have a new stalker, kim ;) A very cute one. He even traveled through a 14 hours flight to find you lmao

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can you give me the list of songs from the playlist pretty please? i can't find them now because the names are not complete. i love your music taste!

haha sure and thank you so much, it’s just mostly khiphop or krappers mixed with bangtan and a few other boy groups here and there so I imagine I don’t need to include bts? but if you go to my music tag you’ll find a lot of songs I listen to but are not included here

  1. Outro (어때) - DEAN
  2. Bad Vibes Only - Dok2 feat DEAN
  3. Body Lotion - SLEEP feat. Bang Yong Guk
  4. Same Boy - Crucial Star
  5. Forrest Gump - Paloalto
  6. Traveler - Louie 
  7. Between us - Babylon deat. Dok2
  8. Dust - Crush
  9. Do You - RM
  10. 농담 (Joke) - RM
  11. 1 VERSE - Jhope
  12. The 7th Sense - NCT U
  13. Trap - Henry feat. Kyuhyun & Taemin
  14. Me You - San E
  15. I Am You, You Are Me - Zico
  16. 품행제로 (Zero For Conduct) - Bastarz
  17. Bonnie & Clyde - DEAN
  18. 곤두세워 - 태리,킥솔,Dino.T
  19. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Crucial Star
  20. Lonely Animals (외로운 동물) - Mad Clown & San E
  21. Sour Grapes (못먹는 감) - Mad Clown & San E
  22. 외로움은 손바닥 안에  - Mad Clown
  23. You Too (너도)  - Loco feat. Cha Cha Malone
  24. Better Man - Bumkey feat. Tablo
  25. 너의 몸에 벤 - Ven feat. Beenzino
  26. Toy - Block B
  27. Woo Ah - Crush
  28. The Truth Is - Jay Park
  29. In This Bitch - Jay Park
  30. Think - Reddy feat. Jay Park
  31. You Know - Jay Park
  32. All I Wanna Do - Jay Park
  33. 호구 - Giriboy
  34. 성인 (Adult) - Giriboy
  35. D (Half Moon) - DEAN
  36. Pour Up - DEAN feat. Zico
  37. What2Do - DEAN
  38. I’m Not Sorry -  DEAN
  39. Foreign ~Korean~ - DEAN
  40. 일주일(247) - Junggigo feat. Zion.T , Crush , DEAN
  41. It’s Pretty - GIriboy
  42. Just Right - Got7
  43. Boys and Girls - Zico feat. Babylon

there is actually more songs I wanted to add but they are not available on youtube so I can’t add them to my playlist but they are still amazing songs

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Bts reaction to you being someone who moves a lot in their sleep. Like you can't help it, you'll turn over and turn back to hug them or something haha. Thank you. :) (If you don't do all bts members at once, then Namjoon, Jungkook and Suga please)

this is honestly me xD I tend to wrap my legs around things 

BTS Reaction When You Move a Lot In Your Sleep 

He would be peacefully sleeping until he felt something hike up on his leg. He jolted for a second before turning around to find you in a deep sleep. He would wrap his arms around you and give you a kiss on the forehead, “If you wanted to cuddle to sleep, why didn’t you just say so?”

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He would think it was cute that you moved in your sleep. At least, until you slapped him awake with your hand… several times 
Then he would give you a small talk, “As much as I love you Y/N, you gotta stop waking me up at 2 in the morning”

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Once you wrapped your arms around him and basically bear hugged him, he would just be a little ball of squish and would continuously smile at you while stroking back pieces of your hair 

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*Is in too deep of a sleep to notice*

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Taehyung would be like Jimin but maybe even happier. He would cuddle you back tightly, not realizing that he woke you up in the process 
“Huh? Tae? What?” 
“ShHSHhhHHhshHSHhh just go back to sleep Jagi” 

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He would get scared when he felt something snake up his back and it would send shivers down his spine, until he remembered that you were in bed with him. Then he would face you and smile at how cute you were before falling asleep again 

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There’s two ways this could go: 
Cuddly Jungkook: He hugs you back and tells you he loves you 
Sleep Jungkook: *Is Suga*

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Hope that’s okay! 
~Admin Luna


Salvaged from the murky black depths of my external hard drive, this is an old festival lot I built several years ago with the intention of uploading but never got around to it. I love the autumn version by far the best. :D

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Sorry Timehex again ^^' haha..., the team reactions when they find Rip and Jonah asleep together on the couch maybe ? (I can't help it, so sorry)


  • Sara immediately covers her mouth to muffle the scream of pure joy, looks around to see if anyone else is SEEING THIS ADORABLE GAYNESS, and then whips out her phone to take pictures. She isn’t even sure what she’s going to DO with the pictures, but preserving this moment is important.
  • Mick’s reaction pretty much amounts to “Well now where the hell am I supposed to sit?” and then give them shit about it later.
  • Len just smirks, because his queerdar was spot on and he loves being right, and then turns the lights down so they can sleep better. If he’s feeling really generous he might grab the afghan the gang keeps on the back of the couch and throw it over them.
  • Kendra DEFINITELY gets them a blanket, and maybe gives Rip’s shoulder a little pat, because she’s glad he finally has something that doesn’t suck going on.
    • (Sara, later, upon hearing this: “Well I mean hopefully BOTH of them suck, if you know what I’m-”
  • Jax and Ray just came back to grab some stuff they left in the common area, but upon seeing the snuggly couple they immediately turned into giant goobers and started trying way too hard to whisper and be stealthy, which is actually just really loud. They thought they were doing really well until a groggy Jonah started talking and scared the shit out of them.
    • “You’d both better get your noisy selves out of here, because I’m not going to be happy if you wake Rip up.”
    • “Oh, god, I am so sorry -” “We didn’t mean to, we were just -”
    • “Get.”
  • Martin walks in, realizes what he’s stumbled in on. “Ah. Good for you, Captain.” And then he turns around and walks right back out, never to mention it again.