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away from the sun

soulmate au 

pairing: taehyung | reader
genre: fluff and soft angst
word count: 20.409
warnings: none
author’s note: this story involved a whole lot of research involving many topics (read on if you want to find out hehe). I tried to represent them in the best way I could, but there are probably a few inaccuracies, so I apologize in advance for that. anyway, this is just another long plot with a bit of cheese on the side. please enjoy :) 

Once every five years, when the June solstice arrives and graces the sky with the midnight sun, a comet dashes by.

It is more than just a blinking light that moves at an unhinged speed. According to what you’ve heard, it looks like it stills in the middle of the vastness of space, and its tail flickers and shimmies in long tendrils of vibrant colors full of meaning — a subtle force that speaks to the humans who look up to the stars and set their eyes on the glowing meteorite, unique but just as intense for every single gaze. It speaks of soulmates and fate, of heavy truths and indelible bonds.

Each person sees a different pool of colors. You’ve heard more than a thousand stories, of people who saw the colors of the fireplace and others who were seized by the soothing hues of woodland during dawn. You’ve read about colors that go from the red blush of a beach beneath the sunset to the ivory traces of a wintry hill covered in thick snow. The colors do not give them the name of their soulmates, but once they find their other half, they will see those rich tones reflected in their lover’s eyes.

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What literally happens when you find a new Haikyuu! rare pair.
  • you: -walks in-
  • the already shippers: Ah, welcome to hell.
  • you: That means...
  • them: Yes, we've been here for a very, very long time. Nice of you to join us. In. Hell. Now let's start talking...
  • you: -cries- Why does this always happen?
  • them: -so into the topic of that ship-
  • you: -smoothly enters the convo- So like...

Salvaged from the murky black depths of my external hard drive, this is an old festival lot I built several years ago with the intention of uploading but never got around to it. I love the autumn version by far the best. :D

Missing Parts - The Stanley Mobile: A Reverse Portal AU

((This is the second installment to buskets AU. I guess this really is gonna turn into a series! Hope everyone enjoys! Link to Part One))

“Hey, Poindexter. Where’s my car keys?”

“Mm- what?” Stanford Pines cracked his eyes open and stared up at the fuzzy outline in front of him. He squinted and blindly reached for his glasses, finding them perched atop his head after a few seconds of searching. He brought them down, revealing the now clear image of his brother. Stanley was leaning over him with a scowl, one hand on the table and a displeased leer marking his visage.

When all Stanford did was blink at him, Stanley sighed, rolled his eyes, and demanded again, “Where are my car keys? To the Stanley Mobile? I saw it out back. Where’s the keys?”

“Oh.” Stanford frowned, rubbing the side of his head. He looked around, realizing with a small pang that he hadn’t fallen asleep in his bed last night. He was in the kitchen, slouched at the table, having used his journal as a pillow for the night. There was even a bit of drool on the worn pages. He uselessly tried to wipe off the stain, asking in a mumble, “What do you need the keys for?”

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Things I Want To See In The Descendants Sequel:

-Jaylos (of course)
-more stuff that are from book canon
-the Villains trying to find a way to get to Auradon
-the Villains being really evil and true to their characters in the book (not that I’m complaining, i mean like the actors portrayed them really well…)
-I kind of want to see more of the Isle
-more VK’s in Auradon and probably some AK’s turning bad
-Jaylos (did i mention that?)
-Anthony Tremaine (I NEED him to be in the sequel)
-the rotten four bonding with their Auradonian counterparts
-more Chad, Audrey, Lonnie, Doug and Jane
-more really awesome songs and dance numbers
-Aladdin, Eugene and Jay just because I think they could really bond
-Carlos standing up more to Cruella (I just really need this to happen)
-JAYLOS (I’m so sorry this is the last time I promise)
-Jordan, Freddie, Ally and Harriet Hook please
-Ben dealing with problems of being King

Me: [brutalizes characters, tortures them, kills their loved ones in front of them, mentally and physically breaks them, keeps them from finding peace] lol they’re fine it isn’t like I killed them

Another writer: [does the exact same thing to their characters]


@thatdiabolicalfeminist replied to your post: @mgellan replied to your photo : …

i’m always amazed at how ORGANIZED it is, my place never looks that tidy!!

Omg sweetie no that is absolutely a lie of omission I promise you it never looks like that daily XD. The trick is I just only take photos of it when it’s cleaned up! haha.

I mean I don’t touch the things on the shelves too much (you should see the dust…) but I promise it’s usually covered in drifts and piles of clothes, and stays that way for months at a time since I only go in there to get dressed. The only reason it ever gets picked up at all is because of people coming to visit and wanting to see it >////<;; I promise I am a terrible housekeeper (putting things away just to take them back out again seems illogical and spoon-wasting to me? XD).

Though of course now I’m sleeping in there again I guess I’m going to have to learn to clean a little better! XD Don’t want any half-asleep tripping hazards.