but i can't find the link to the video

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Mimi, a lil while ago i saw a cut from an eatjin video where jungkook is eating noodles but the noodles got cut out and it just looks like jungkook is being extremely nsfw but i forgot to like it and i can't find it :( can you help me?

Here is the gif (link to the post HERE) and you can find the video HERE


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Oh boi this looks so wrong …

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What video are you talking about where they got all shy about domestic stuff? I can't think of what interview you're talking about. Can you link it or explain it more? TIA!

I can’t find the interview for some reason but here’s a gif of that moment.

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What happened to your YouTube channel?? I can't find any of your videos on there

they’re all still there they’re just set as unlisted meaning you can only view them if you have the link to the video u want to watch

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ok this has been bothering me. u know that audio clip in some crack videos that goes something like "why do we go into battle as 5 individual lions, get our asses handed to us and then form voltron? why don't we start by forming voltron?" i can't find where it came from and it's annoying the HECK out of me, do u happen to know?

aaaahhh i’m so sorry anon, I actually have no idea. I have never heard of it, even?? do any of my followers know?

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Hi ! I saw that you have translated the servamp ovas . If not all , most of them . But I can't find your videos. So is it possible for you to upload the links to your videos or something like that . Also sorry for the grammar .

Hello! If you go on my blog you will see “Masterlist” on the left side. That’s where I put the translations for comics or character profiles so that I can have quick access to them in case I need to do modifications.
The masterlist will take you here https://servamp-translations.tumblr.com/
Please take note that the list cannot viewed on the mobile app! You can only view them on the PC. Also, another thing that does not display on the mobile app is the format I made for character profiles, so please if you want to see something fully, you need to be on the PC.

I’m gonna put the links for the OVAs here again and all the videos except for the first one (which was uploaded directly on Tumblr) can only be viewed on the PC because I upload them via Google Drive and they might not display on mobile.

Sleepy Life of Servamp 1

Sleepy Life of Servamp 2

Sleepy Life of Servamp 3

All the world’s a stage


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hey i was hoping you (or your followers) could help me find a performance (or performanceS)? it's during d&w promotions and they're outside sitting on steps in front of a crowd and they performed let me know and war of hormone and danger (maybe?? i just remember lmk and woh but danger was one of their title songs for that album so) so yeah? i tried looking on youtube but i can't find it or figure out the listing (??) it was on like melon or something

This was actually from I NEED U era and it was for 소풍. Here’s the link: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3wwg95_150604-피크닉-라이브-소풍-방탄소년단-by플로라_tv

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Hello!! While watching the dance practice from the BTS festa 2017 I noticed that the clothing the boys are wearing is really really similar to what they wore in the dance practice for baepsae from last year (I can't include a link but you can find it pretty easily). Do you thinkt the videos were filmed on the same day and this was published later or is it just odd coincidence? Thank you!!

Hiii ^^ Yes you are right. The dance practices not only of Baepsae but many were filmed on the same day. And that made me recall all the memories as I shared on this post HERE

Dance practices ENG SUB links that were ALL filmed the same day:  

  • I like it part 2 HERE
  • Baepsae HERE
  • Jk & JM Adult Ceremony HERE
  • RM & Jin Dance Stage HERE
  • V rapsCypher pt 3 HERE
  • BTS’ Vocal Duet ‘SOPE-ME’  HERE

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So you know that time when Jimin turned around to touch Yoongis face but then he hesitated and pulled back, I've only seen gifs of it but I can't find the actual video. I saw a gif set with a link once but the video had been removed, do you know where I can find the actual video clip of it?

150505 The Show Warm-Up Time: BTS !!

[also look @ jimin bumping yoongi just after 03:37]

1Punch Mwave Meet and Greet

First, I’d like to thank the person that subbed the entire thing, bless u. And next some interesting things you learn

  • Jaewon is good at soccer (pls show us)
  • Jaewon is a spender, Punch is a saver lol
  • One doesn’t seem to live with his parents (he says he’s no longer with his mom & wanted to give her a cd but hasn’t gotten to, what a nice son man) 
  • Punch is the better artist out of the two 
  • One claims to draw inspiration from Basquait (please look it up and compare, we got a prodigy on our hands)
  • It seems One thinks he’s not that great at dancing
  • One definitely does not like acting cute 
  • Jaewon’s English skills (at least English reading/pronunciation) are A+ (even sammy thinks so)
  • According to Punch, eating chicken and pizza makes you handsome 
  • Punch also says Jaewon replies with short answers on Kakao (his style is “brusque” lol) 
  • And most importantly, Onehae is real

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Can you tell me where do you read the manga of oushitsu kyoushi Heine?or we have to buy it because i can't find chapters after 6 chapter

Hey anon! For the Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine manga, you can read it (for free) at Madokami and I believe BakaBT as well (however, I personally use Madokami only).

Please refer to this post here where I answered another anon on the same question. Accessing these two websites aren’t exactly simple and require you to register an account. The post I linked you to should give you the instructions on how to make a Madokami account.

However, in case you find yourself struggling to make this account, as many people seem to struggle with, I’ve make a two part video tutorial on this: Part 1 | Part 2 .

If you find yourself with some trouble even then, feel free to ask me on the particulars of the instructions and perhaps I may be able to rectify your case.

If by some off chance, you reaaally are not able to make an account, I can perhaps send you the files that I have downloaded already. However, I highly recommend you to make your account because it’s worth it and makes all our lives easier.

Hope this helped.