but i can't find anything when i don't tag

cathcer1984  asked:

Hey, so this is possibly a shot in the dark, but do you know of any fics where Derek howls during sex? (I can't find a howling tag, and I don't know what else it would come under). Please and thank you!

i can’t find anything where he howls but I can direct you to our loud sex tag?

All The Neighbors Know Your Name by DivinusQualia (1/1 | 1,396 | PG13)

When Stiles’ neighbor, an 80 year old woman watering her flowers, winks at Derek and greets him by name, Derek is not very happy. Stiles is hesitant to explain, but eventually, he has to tell why the neighbors know his partner’s name.

you’re toxic, i’m indestructible by TheFeels1504 (1/1 | 1,158 | NC17)

no description available 

Cat Got Your Tongue? by accol (1/1 | 697 | NC17)

Scott has a voyeuristic pet cat. Derek takes Stiles’ mind off it.