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I feel like some people will probably think I am being oversensitive about this but it is something that is a personal hot button issue for me when celebs glamorize smoking as it is actually a really bad and unhealthy habit. Seeing Louis do that so purposefully and openly in his promotional photos really rubs me the wrong way and turns me off. I'm sure he is going for some sort of edgy cool thing but I find it in extremely poor taste. I can't support that message that smoking is cool

Hey don’t preface your words like that :( it’s okay to feel that way! I feel like people sometimes forget how harmful smoking actually is and romanticize it because it looks Aesthetic, but you’re right it does promote a bad habit and it’s not spreading a good message. That being said, we don’t really know if that picture was taken as a staged thing or if he happened to be taking a smoke break and his photographer took a snap. But ahhhh smoking has always been such a tricky media thing because there are so many commercials that tell you to quit but celebrities glorify it sometimes and it’s just?? What do they want the public to do??? You’re definitely not alone in this though! So many people don’t approve of smoking and I definitely want Louis to quit because it’s so unhealthy, but it’s unfortunately not something I can make him do. Yes, as a celebrity he should be more careful with what he’s seen doing but at the same time he’s human too and we shouldn’t penalize him for something he’s not alone in doing. But if you’re uncomfortable with him smoking, put yourself first! If being his fan makes you uncomfortable you shouldn’t have to stay. 

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Hey, so this is possibly a shot in the dark, but do you know of any fics where Derek howls during sex? (I can't find a howling tag, and I don't know what else it would come under). Please and thank you!

i can’t find anything where he howls but I can direct you to our loud sex tag?

All The Neighbors Know Your Name by DivinusQualia (1/1 | 1,396 | PG13)

When Stiles’ neighbor, an 80 year old woman watering her flowers, winks at Derek and greets him by name, Derek is not very happy. Stiles is hesitant to explain, but eventually, he has to tell why the neighbors know his partner’s name.

you’re toxic, i’m indestructible by TheFeels1504 (1/1 | 1,158 | NC17)

no description available 

Cat Got Your Tongue? by accol (1/1 | 697 | NC17)

Scott has a voyeuristic pet cat. Derek takes Stiles’ mind off it.