but i can't draw to save my life


Based on Widow and Doomfist’s interactions with Hanzo… I swear to god it was funnier in my head.

Jesse is so proud he inserted y’all in Hanzo’s vocabulary.

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Please papa SEGA, let Sonic have more than 2 pairs of slick kicks.

Kacchan, I’m here!

My first colored bnha fanart and it’s Bakudeku/Katsudeku! >3<

I haven’t done a colored piece recently but I do like the result. 

Hope to draw more soon, both FT (yes I haven’t forgot) and BNHA, hopefully more finished and colored pieces too >w<

Sorry to rain on your parade :’D

More Pro-Football!AU
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Michael: Oh, man! There’s a lot of worlds in the OASIS, and there’s so many places we like to go–but this one in particular I like a lot! There’s this forest with a lot of pretty trees and a creek running through it, and a field of flowers! I really like going there and taking a nap with Jer, or just going there to talk. The setting of that particular planet makes it so it’s always autumn, and sunset. Pretty cool.