but i can't color boys

One half of my recent collaboration with @lucidiux: HicCsTRIDDD

She did the lineart and I did the coloring. I hope you enjoy it!


Kuro: “We won’t kill Tsubaki. This time, what we’ll try for is communication.”
Mahiru: “Aaah!”
Kuro: “It’s annoying though…”
Mahiru: “That part’s unnecessary!”

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“It’s Lance. Voltron paladin, blah blah.. You’ve heard all this before. Things.. don’t look all that great for me." 

From one of my favorite Voltron fanfics by Remember_Me called What a Healing Pod Can’t Repair

A lil gift for @jun-c talking about Agent Kallus joining the rebels ;v; <33! (One can dream). Kinda gave him a Flynn Rider vibe…lol. But i think a nice blue shade would fit him perfectly!

Head cannon: Zeb gives him his “dogtag” for good luck and a lil kiss every time they go on missions..honestly i doubt Zeb has any but shhh..it’s okay. -3-

You draw my weird furry boy, I draw yours. That’s the deal, right? 

Sorry it’s kinda cruddy I lost motivation like halfway through. Also, I kinda made a guess about the colours of mouse Rocko.

I DIDN’T REALIZE I ENTERED THIS DEAL BUT YOOOO THERE WE BE!!! Risking my life to make one of the worst jokes in the world :’)

gift for mochitea on insta of her adorable Protogen, Honey!!

anonymous asked:

Can you draw your OC? :)

Hi! I’ve never show here my oc, only one time on my Insta story xD I don’t have time to draw her now but i have already some drawings that I’ve done when I created her and I’ve never posted them bc I’m too shy >////< 

So… Say hi to Athena(e)❤️ She was supposed to be Natsu and Zeref’s grandmother from a strange AU i was projecting a really long time ago lol 

I’ll try to draw her more and don’t drop this AU :,D