but i can't c':

  • Me, after Boruto Movie: I think he's a brat I'm not going to watch the anime.
  • Me on April 5th: Oh what the hell 20 minutes won't kill me. I have Naruto withdrawals anyway. Besides Boruto is still a brat there is no way I'll follow it.
  • Me while watching the first five seconds of the anime: DID. THEY. JUST. KILL. OFF . NARUTO.
  • Me: The hell I'm watching this now.
  • *rocks back and forth contemplates all the time and childhood spent watching naruto grow up*
  • five seconds later: I need to know what happens!
  • Me after finishing it: You know what that wasn't that bad. I'm actually starting to like the brat. Still like Naruto better.
  • Conclusion I'm Hooked.

anonymous asked:

I'm really sad you took down that video of you singing!!! Have you ever covered a song or are you going to?

There’s one song in particular I’m planning to cover but I need to wait until I have my own space to record it, and it’s going to take a while considering I’ll have to record it three times as three different people so I’ll also have to wait until I have enough free time to get it done.

I don’t quite get the Fate series; if you’re going to throw all these historical and mythical figures together in a battle royale - already a solid enough premise - why take that extra step of making the characters genderswapped cyborg wizard catgirls with RPG classes? Once you make the character something completely different, isn’t that historical name just a meaningless title?

Also why does everyone look like the female King Arthur