but i can't be so shy

most people who hate cats 

  • have only met other people’s cats, who may be shy or aggressive around people they dont know. they have genuinely never met a cat that cares about them
  • have no idea about cat body language, so when a cat is giving off signals saying “leave me alone” “stop touching me” “im annoyed” they keep giving it attention and end up getting swatted or bitten
  • have never met a cat in their life and just go off the stereotype that cats are jerks

carrie fisher isn’t just princess leia. carrie fisher isn’t just an actress we all admire from a famous series of movies made a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. carrie fisher isn’t just another name on the list of shitty things 2016 has done to people i admire.

carrie fisher is a woman who struggled with addiction and mental illness and never sugar coated it - she spoke honestly, openly, about every ugly truth, and made me so much less ashamed of the things i struggle with in my daily life.

carrie fisher is a woman who fought back against body shaming and misogyny, against agesim, who looked at critics and said “yes, i am a woman who has aged, and had children, and struggled with depression and addiction and my body has changed, so you can just shut the fuck up and deal with it”, and it was absolutely beautiful.

carrie fisher is a woman who was placed in the role of “princess” but didn’t conform to the typical hollywood idea of what a princess should be. she’s loud, brash, crass, and unapologetic for being so.

she’s an idol and an inspiration and she’s a woman who saved my life many times just by being who she was and never shying away from it or feeling the need to say sorry. carrie fisher is so much and more and i cannot begin to stomach the thought of 2016 taking her away from me, from her family, from the rest of the world and those of us who love her so dearly.

i love you, space momma. we all do. keep fighting the good fight.


What’s been going on in this house isn’t just some affair. No. No, it isn’t.

I feel like all I talk about is you to my friends. But I can’t help it, people just like to talk about the things that make them happy. And you just so happen to make me extremely happy. So, of course, I love talking about you but I would love it more if you and I talked.

“As soon as someone tells me: ‘You’re rather sexy,’ I wish I could disappear. If somebody says: 'You were voted the world’s sexiest man,’ I have no idea what that means. How do I respond? 'Thank you’ is the best you can do. George Clooney is the world’s sexiest man, anyway.“

Shy babies adults ;//A//;

“Man, fuck off.”

Another fanart piece based on a scene from the fanfic Scheherazade by @mori-hoe . This story is honestly one of my most favourite things in this fandom; thank you so much for sharing your wonderful writing with us Shy!!<3 (I gave Josuke a borrowed hoodie, I imagine his jacket was… pretty dirty at this point!)

  • Otabek: Yuri, davai!
  • Yurio: 👍
  • Viktor and Yuuri: Yurio, davai! Ganba!
  • (later, when Yurio is alone with Otabek)
  • Yurio: bro thank you for cheer for me u r awesome and did you saw that?*sobs* they were cheering for me, katsudon and vodka were cheering for me*sobs more* i'm so emotional i can't*starts crying*

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i can't decide between 1. “Good morning” kiss, 14. Kiss on the neck, or 17. Shy kiss. So your choice? And the pairing? OBVIOUS :D

Today was the day.

Dean was… he was going to do it. For sure, this time. Definitely. Absolutely.

Now, as a matter of fact. Right now. This very moment. This moment was his moment and he’d never been more ready.

If only his heart would stop beating quite so frantically. And his palms would stop sweating. And if his mouth wasn’t so dry… but other than that, he was totally ready.

It was time.

He walked out of the kitchen, attempting to be as casual as possible. In his hands he held two full mugs of coffee, one a garish orange and the other a dark blue. His usual mug… and Cas’s.

He walked over to the kitchen table where Cas and Sam were in their usual chairs. Sam had his typical breakfast of oatmeal and some piece of fruit (today, an apple), and Cas was eating a spinach and cheese omelette. It was a fairly standard morning in the bunker, as these things went.

Something inside Dean relaxed a little at the sight. Everything would be fine, he assured himself silently. He wasn’t ruining their typical calm breakfast just… adding to it.

He took a deep breath and moved to Cas’s side.

“Got your coffee,” Dean said, setting the mug in front of Cas. Cas smiled up at him and, breaking from their usual pattern, painfully aware of Sam sitting across the table, Dean set his now-empty hand on Cas’s shoulder and kissed him.

This wasn’t exactly new, this thing between them. Stolen kisses in the dark of night. Whispered promises and held hands only when there was no one around to see. Moments stolen when the moon would keep their secret, only for them to creep back to their own beds before the sun could find them.

This wasn’t new, but it had been their secret. One they’d both gotten tired of keeping.

Dean pulled back, but he let his touch linger. Cas smiled at him, soft and proud.

“Thank you, Dean,” Cas said, reaching for his coffee. Dean grinned and then forced himself to look up.

Sam was staring at them, exactly as planned, eyes wide and mouth open. Dean waited, his hand going tense on Cas’s shoulder.

Sam’s jaw worked. He started to say something, cut himself off, and started to say something else, but the words never made it past his throat.

“Problem, Sam?” Cas asked calmly, sipping coffee. Dean swallowed. He squeezed Cas’s shoulder in silent thanks. Sam looked at Cas, then back at Dean.

“I- no, of course not but… how long?” Sam asked.

“Since my resurrection,” Cas replied. Sam sat back in his chair.

“Huh,” he said. Dean couldn’t take it anymore.

“Look, if you’ve got a problem with me and-” Dean started. Sam looked at him, eyes even wider, expression bordering on appalled.

“Is that why you took so long to tell me?” Sam asked.

“It was a concern, yes,” Cas said. He lifted his hand to Dean’s and gently enfolded it. Sam shook his head.

“Honestly?” Sam said, sounding slightly petulant. “I think I’m kinda miffed with myself because I didn’t see this coming. In hindsight… you two were kind of obvious.”

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Paperhat? Maybe some "kissing"? (as far as it's possible with that bag lol) Would you also do more suggestive/nsfw stuff or is that not your thing? (totally fine if it isn't!) I love the idea of a more dominant Dr. Flug, so maybe he is the one going for a kiss ... but still in a kinda shy way? Is that even possible??? Shy dom??? ahaha idk I should just shut up maybe;;; sry

This might not really be what you wanted. My only excuse is that the pure lil’ person, that I am, doesn’t know how to draw kisses.

Sorrey! *cries*