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The way people in the North talk about you, you’re the greatest swordsman who ever walked.


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Keith’s entire existence has No heterosexual explanation

Sobbing in the bathroom at work because I just went on twitter and wheel chair using protesters at the senate majority leader’s office are being LITERALLY DRAGGED OUT OF THEIR CHAIRS BY COPS.

That’s so utterly dehumanized and fucked up. I don’t understand how anyone could treat another human being like that.

Srsly friends if you live in a red state and you care about people living and being healthy CALL YOUR SENATORS. BLOW UP THEIR PHONE LINES

The first time Viktor hears him, he’s just come home from the grocery store. He sets the bags down and takes his coat off, perplexed at the sounds coming from the kitchen. Had he left the radio on…?

Something in him tells him to be quiet, so he slips his shoes off and tiptoes to the doorway, silently shushing a sleepy Makkachin along the way. The radio is on, turned down very low, but that’s not the voice he’s hearing.

It’s Yuuri he’s hearing.

Yuuri is washing dishes at the sink, the sleeves of his shirt rolled up to his elbows. He’s swaying back and forth in time with the music, and Viktor does a double take because that’s Yuuri? Singing? He’s never heard Yuuri sing before…

As he stands there, he realizes something.

Yuuri’s voice is lovely. It’s rich and soft, with gentle vibrato and a fairly impressive range.

He’s utterly spellbound. It’s the prettiest voice he’s ever heard in his life.

He finds himself walking closer, drawn to Yuuri as if pulled by a magnet, making sure to keep his footsteps as quiet as possible. He stands there rather dumbly for a few minutes, captivated by his Yuuri’s singing(and probably falling even more in love with him), until Yuuri turns around, spots Viktor, and shrieks like he’s seen the ghost of an ancestor, nearly dropping a plate and catching it just in time. They stare at each other, Yuuri sputtering and Viktor speechless.

“I didn’t know you could sing like that,” Viktor finally says, smiling at the pink blush that has poured into Yuuri’s cheeks.

Yuuri insists that he can’t sing, of course, but Viktor won’t have any of it. He wraps his flustered fiancé in a hug, and when he hears the grumpy muttering against his chest, it makes him smile.

From then on, Yuuri doesn’t stifle his singing around Viktor anymore.

Viktor loves hearing Yuuri sing.

lmao @ this person typing about how they don’t like female Watson bc it takes away the “lgbt representation” from sherlock holmes lmao what. i didn’t know shitty queerbaiting and making irene adler a “bisexual who really just needed to find the right man” was better lgbt representation than actual gay and trans characters


Did Syaoran just kick a stone snake in the face and break it? No wait, there are two of them. Did he just kick two stone snakes in the face and break both of them in a single kick?

It’s gotta run in the family, right? Kurogane will be so proud. 

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Well, he makes a good point. 

What is he gonna do? Use magic

Sometimes I feel like we forget that most of us can differentiate between literal children and literal adults, so when we call draft prospects “kids” we don’t mean that they’re literally kids. Like as someone who does watch junior hockey, I call them the babies/kids now and then bc they’re well…often a lot younger than NHL players. But me calling them kids offhand doesn’t mean that I’m gonna let shit slide like I can call one of them a kid and still hold them accountable as an adult when it comes to actual srs bsns