but i can walk around again! success!


Your head nodded and slipped off your hand, which was propping up your chin, and snapped you awake. You blinked several times in quick succession, bringing yourself out of the sleepy fog. You caught Dean looking at you and his lips flashed a small amused smile for a brief moment.

“You okay?” he asked.

You straightened up. “Yeah. Fine. I’m good.”

He smiled again. “You don’t have to stay awake. Why don’t you go catch a few z’s in the Impala? I can wait here for Sam on my own.”

“No, I’m okay,” you said, waving him off, clearing your throat. “I just need to walk around for a minute or something.” You stood up from the bench and made a small circle in the thick grass nearby, prodding at a pretty fallen leaf with your boot. You reached down and picked it up, smiling at the perfect symmetry and the rich green color. You twirled the stem between your fingers and when you looked up Dean was watching you with a glow in his eyes. You felt suddenly warm beneath his gaze. “What?” you asked, aware that your cheeks were probably coloring.

He shook his head, his lips still curved in a smile that was all too rare. “Nothing,” he said. The deep gravel in his voice sent you reeling. 

You licked your lips nervously and bit the bottom one, still absently twirling the leaf in your fingers. The air between you was tense and Dean seemed to be on the edge of saying something more, but he instead only continued to peer at you with an expression that was making you dizzy. 

He wanted to tell you that you amazed him–that he didn’t know how you could live this life and still notice all the little things, like a pretty leaf on the ground. And he wanted to tell you how when you lit up with happiness at those little things, it lit him up too.

“A Soul for a Soul: a new hope”

Arrow Season 5 spec fic

Word count: 1414

gif source

Rating: Teen

Summary: Based on the new info released for episode 5x16, this fic involves what Helix may ask Felicity to do, and why she’s willing to do it. It also involves who I think may be responsible for leaking the cover up of Malone’s death, and it’s not who most think.

A Soul for a Soul: a new hope

“How did we get here?”

His words are loud and abrasive…meant to intimidate her, but the vacuumed silence that follows is so much more deafening.

She can hear his feet shuffle against the floor, perhaps taking a step closer. She doesn’t know. Her eyes have been closed for a while now, blocking the outside world. She’s not ready to open them and see the look of disdain on his face. By now the rest of the team has filled him in on what she did to stop the impeachment hearings, to clear his name.

The answer to his question is simple, but one she’s not sure he’s ready or willing to hear.

A deflated sigh breaks the silence before he asks her again, this time more softly, his voice desperate and laced with confusion.

“Felicity…how did we get here?”

Now that question is different. She’s not sure if she could ever fit the pieces back together and make sense of how things had unraveled so much. Their story is a complicated one.

Another minute passes before she turns her head, her cheek rubbing against the starchy fabric. She opens her eyes and the world is sideways. She sees him several feet away, his hands clinging to the metal bars separating the two of them.

She’s surprised to see fear and concern in his eyes…and sadness. But no disgust or loathing.

Sitting up slowly from the cot, she adjusts her glasses on her nose. Her following joke falls flat.

“Well, you know me. I binge watched every season of ‘Orange is the New Black’. Thought hey, let’s see what all the fuss is about.”

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Seventeen as oddly specific family members:

S.coups: The dad that gets really upset and emotional (like with tears and everything) when the family doesn’t cooperate and only complain during a family vacation. The dad who cooks and maintains the garden. (Was the only one that cried when the oldest daughter left for college that’s near the house )

“I’m not mad, just disappointed” *takes off his goddamn shoe*

Jeonghan: The mom that would call your name from downstairs, you’d call back, and she wouldn’t answer, so you have to go down and ask all frustrated like: “WHAT.” But she was actually calling your other sibling.

“I drink to forget, but I always remember”

Joshua: The ‘hip’ uncle that always has money to pass around,obviously having a midlife crisis, and loves to embarrass his wife while awkwardly serenading her during karaoke. preferably with a early 2000s hit like ‘Toxic’ by Brittany Spears. Bonus points if it has rap (that no. He does not know)

*crawling on table dramatically reaching for his spouse* “your toxic tongue slipping under”

Jun: That one little cousin who’s awkward as hell at first, but as you get to know them you learn that they’re a wild child that also favors you

“Wanna play imaginary power rangers with us?” (that game’s lit BTW)

Hoshi: Uncle that yells during sports games or any time tbh and is a lot of the times the life of the party. The only one who is still traveling around the world not completely settled down like everyone else with their damn 60 children

*drunk*  “jokes on you guys, I get to see the world! You guys just have a home! children! Someone to love…a place to always go back to…. HAHAHAha” *intense crying*

Wonwoo: Older Brother who was once a childish weirdo, that then went through a teenage emo phase, BUT is now slowly forming into a new him that is more mature, nicer, and a GROWN UP weirdo…

*attempts a really stupid prank that failed* -me: obviously not amused- “Look at your face I GOT YOU HAHAHA, bitch you just got PRANKED” (<- this happened when he was  in elementary AND college -_-)

Woozi: That old ass dog that just strolls around the party as everyone pets him. Doesn’t mind it until he chooses to mind. He’s super cute and people make a sad pouty “awww” whenever they look at him (lol cause he’s old af, days are numbered bud) but deep down in his dog mind he’s prob. thinking:

“Oh Patricia; still not married huh? oh well… I’m not judging…” *judges*

Dk: Loud ass mother fukn cousin who is on crack 25/8; but then you dont see each other for a couple years and it’s weird, but then you warm up again and YUP. He’s still loud as hell (and you love it)

“BET I can eat this whole tub of ice cream!” -me: I’m not betting you th- *stuffs face* “I can’t believe you’re making me do this :D”

Mingyu: The successful, surprisingly young uncle in the food business who walks around wearing nice things, and looks like he could buy the world, but he and the whole family knows that he’s actual trash and breaks everything; still apologizes to the animals he cooks (it’s what makes him quirky)

*Walks into the party-host’s newly designed home* *Picks up vase* “ Wow where’d you ge- *drops it* *  NO ONE is surprised* “I-I can pay for that…”

The8: The somewhat violent cousin who is in between the “toddler and kid” phase and still looks small, but can form full savage sentences. His mom just put him in karate and he just loves using your lifeless body to showcase his ‘skills’ (but you love him anyway b/c he can play rough without crying like a lil bitch)

* doesn’t cry if you punch him, but cries if you tickle him for too long*

Seungkwan: The aunt who always tries to get your antisocial ass involved in the partay she’s always like “tell the kids how to play the game, sing for us (I’ll give you $5~), or eat EaT EAT.”, Gossips with your mother who was her childhood friend

“Ohhh you’ve changed so much! (from 3 days ago…) So sexy!!”

Vernon:The family friend’s child you grew up with (in which both your moms practically arranged a wedding for already*-_-), but they had a glo up (hot). They look different, have a new taste in music, and SEEM more mature, but act the exact same (stupid and childish. they act stupid and childish.), but you still dont know how to act around them because you’re a naturally awkward bean and they’re ppreeettyyy

*is literally 18* “ so are you gonna play power rangers with us (*cough* with actual 6-10 year olds)  or not?”

Dino: That one chill ass baby that like never cries for some reason. everyone loves him because he doesn’t cry and just seems kinda confused most of the time. Only reacts to certain songs being played. He’d crawl to the dog and feed him some good shit from the table.

*all the aunts pinching his cheeks till they turn red* Chan: *not crying but left with a confused/dIsGuSteD facial expression*

dirty mouth, pt. two

author’s note: i have no words for this bye. you can read part one here. (still working on requests, i just wanted to finish this first!)

warning: smut

“Are you ready?”

“Ready,” Roman calls from the bedroom.

He’s currently spread out on their bed, wearing nothing but his boxers, waiting for her to come out of the bathroom. After their successful attempt to spice things up in the bedroom last week – which resulted in Roman being more dominate – they decided to try it again but switch the roles around. This time, she would be dominate.

She isn’t sure how dominate she can be, but she’s willing to give it a shot – and when she walks out of the bathroom (wearing a new lingerie set, complete with a strappy, cage-like bra), Roman’s jaw drops as his eyes rake over her with desire. 

And she realizes just how much power she has.

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Winds Of Change

He didn’t usually do things like this, but his case was urgent. After a very brief debate with himself he decided to do it anyway.
Waving his hand in the air to catch the attention of his colleague, hoping to not have to call out her name across the auditorium.
Thankfully he was successful and they began walking to meet each other.
Last minute wasn’t really his thing but he was in a spot. He had a meeting and a class scheduled at the same time. He’d rather risk upsetting thirty students than Jack Crawford. Again.
“Will, hi. Haven’t seen you around a lot lately.” Dr Alana Bloom spoke as they drew nearer.
“I know. I haven’t been here as much. Jack has had me in the field more and more lately. It actually what I wanted to speak to you about…” His words hurried and running together.
“How can I help?” She queried, a curious expression on her face.
“I have a class in ten and a meeting in five. Can you cover class for me? I have all my notes.” He added hopefully.
Holding out a hand, without even the smallest putout remark, even though her eyes said more than she did. “Of course I will. Jack needn’t make a hobby of this.”
“You tell him that.” Placing his organized notes and USB drive in her waiting hand. “Thank you so much. I have to leave.”
“Go, Will. You know how Alphas can be when they’re kept waiting.”
“Don’t I though?” Calling back as he’d already begun to walk away.
Knocking as he entered Jack’s office, looking over the paperwork he held in his hand, a missing sheet from his notes. Hopefully he’d be back before Alana needed them.
“Jack, I know I’m late. I apologize~.” His words trailing off as he breaths in the scent of two very different Alphas, looking up finally as his mouth dries out.
The man, no Alpha, sitting across from Jack is not someone his eyes recognize, but his heart seems to know as it speeds a little as he takes a step closer.
Jack stands when the other man does and begins introductions. “Professor Will Graham, this is Doctor Hannibal Lecter.”
He doesn’t know if Jack had continued talking or not as his world narrowed down to the slightly taller man.
“Alpha…” The word falls, unbidden from his lips
A wry smile twists the man’s mouth, after a pregnant pause, he speaks. “Omega.”
“Goddamnit!” Jack shouts and punches the pegboard behind him. “Of course it had to be the two of you. Nothing is ever easy with you, is it, Will?”
Will and Hannibal don’t hear a word that the Agent is saying.

A few tips on how to be successful!

1. Don’t give up. You can do it. I promise. Even if somethings goes not the way you planned you can always turn it around again. It’s always worth trying to the very end.

2. Take care of yourself!!! This is the most important one. Your health is very valid. If you’re feeling bad you won’t go far. How to take care:

  • drink water
  • sleep the proper amount of hours
  • treat yourself
  • eat healthy
  • take breaks
  • try to exercise or at least have a 30 minute walk every day

3. Relax. You aren’t a robot. You need breaks and need to chill for a while. It will freshen your mind and keep you motivated. Ideas what to do on a break:

  • watch an episode of netflix (I do not recomend this on breaks between study sessions it will totally distract you and take a lot of time!!!)
  • take a shower (or bath) it will give you energy (cold shower = energy, warm shower = relaxation)
  • make a snack and eat it on your break or while studying
  • listen to music (I recomend faster song so it will keep you alive and won’t make you fall asleep)
  • a 10-15 minute nap (but you really have to have discipline to wake up, not like me lol)

4. Failure is okay. Failure is a teacher not a judge (someone here said it and this is so important!!). It shows you what you need to improve and what to change. It matters that you draw conclusions.

5. Love yourself. Your body and soul is your home and anywhere feels as good as home. If you don’t feel good with yourself you won’t be able to focus on anything else and be successful.

6. Organize. Working in a mess and not having things sorted out is really hard. Recomendation: bullet journal! It helps keeping everything in one place. All your meetings, to-do lists in one place. 

7. Drink water!!!!!!! This is honestly so important. If you are not hydrated enough you will feel sleepy, bad, have a headache and depressed. It won’t let you focus on anything or stay motivated.

8. Avoid procrastination! It’s a serious time-killer. If you can do it now - do it. Tomorrow you won’t want to do it five time more. If you do it now you will be glad you did it, promise.

9. Have fun. Studying is your choise but if you will keep it boring [notes, studying, exams, notes, studying, exams etc.] you’ll lose the sense of studying and motivation. Make it more fun. Put some funny drawings in your notes, treat yourself, make your notes look colorful and exciting! You can also check out some studyblrs for motivation (this helps me a lot). If you need a break, take it. Don’t put too much on your shoulders.

10. Set yourself a few goals. Not too much and take small steps, not everything at once. If you complete a goal you will feel satisfied. Also this is very motivating.

So this is my first masterpost!! I hope this will help someone just as much as it helps me. This is also a little reminder for me to take my own advise which I forget sometimes. So good luck on your way to success, stay positive and believe in yourself - this is the main key!

Julia xx

Jared Leto Imagine 4 (part 1)

Imagine meeting Jared Leto through your older brother Josh.
Josh is an excellent photographer, and Jared shows up on one of Josh’s exhibits, and is fascinated by Josh’s art. Jared wants one of Josh’s photographs to appear on the next cover of 30 Seconds to Mars album. 


It’s Thursday evening. Your older brother Josh and you’re getting ready for his big exhibit. He’s a rising star in photography and this is his 5th exhibit, but the first one that’s going to be presented to the larger audience, since numerous reporters are coming.

You two have always been very close, and nothing like the usual siblings who’fight and pick on each other a lot. Sure Josh knew to tease you every once in a while, but it was always cute, and you could never get mad at him. He was always very protective of you and every boy you’ve dated had to meet Josh if you felt it could be a serious relationship. He always knew to estimate whether people were good or not, and you always trusted his opinion.

The same goes for his art. You were always the first person he’d show his photos to, and if you thought they were worth showing, you were always right, and they ended up being extremely popular with the audience. This was probably the case because you were in love with the photography as well, but you decided to pursue another one of our dreams and become a well recognized make-up artist. 

Your dream came true and you’ve worked on a couple of movies and TV shows. Your carrier is definitely on a rise. Josh and you’ve moved from home, and are currently living alone in a condo in LA, while your parents are living a couple of miles from you in LA as well.

“Y/N, are you ready?”, Josh knocks on your bedroom door nervously.

“I’m almost done. Give me 5 more minutes”

“I can’t believe you’re gonna make me be late on my own exhibit!”, Josh answers angrily.

“Don’t worry J, will be there on time”, you tr  to calm him down.

“Fine! But if I’m late you’re grounded for a month”

“Hahahah, very funny Josh. You’re forgetting I’m not 12 anymore. I’m 25, and you don’t get to ground me big bro.”, you start chuckling.

“But you can still push my buttons just as you could when you were 12”, he stands in front of your bedroom door walking back and forth.

You get out of your room wearing a navy lace cocktail dress with sleeves and a pair of navy velvet pumps. Your long hair is slightly curled so you have vintage loosen up curls sleek on side. He’s amazed by the way you look.

“But you certainly look much more beautiful than when you were twelve. Sis, you look gorgeous.”, he’s so proud to have such a beautiful sister.

“Thank you, you look very handsome as well. Shall we?”

“Yes please.”

“Are mom and dad meeting us there?”

“Yeah, mom said they may be a little late she couldn’t find anything to wear for tonight.”, Josh says and rolls his eyes.

“Oh my God, that woman must’ve bought more clothes than I could ever imagine in my life and she’s still complaining”, you say with disbelief.

“You’re the one to tell her. You have an entire room just for your wardrobe.”, Josh says and starts laughing.

“Well, I guess I am my mother’s daughter”, you start laughing and sit in the car with Josh.

You two drive away to the gallery.

As you arrive, you notice a large crowd in front of the gallery. Wow, the word spread out quite a lot. You all enter inside and Josh’s PR announces him and opens the exhibit. After Josh said his thanks, the people start looking around and you notice they’re all amazed by your brother’s work. You could not be more proud of him.

“Congratulations, J. The exhibit looks fascinating. You’re really the master of the craft”, you say and kiss him on the cheek.

“Thank you, Y/N. It means the world to me when you compliment it.”, he hugs you and squeezes you tight.

“Well son, you’ve finally made a breakthrough, didn’t you”, your father says.

“I always knew my little Josh would make his dreams come true”, your mom says and squeezes Josh’s cheek.

“Thank you mom, thank you dad. But please let’s not exaggerate with gestures. I’m not 12 anymore ”

You start chuckling, since you’ve remembered the talk you two had before you left for the exhibit.

“Yeah mom, dad, Josh’s a big boy and we should all treat him like that.”, you say as if you were talking to a little child, squeezing his cheek and talking in a funny voice.

You all start laughing.

“OK seriously, people are looking and coming to talk to me”, Josh straightens up his back and puts on a mild smile.

You start looking around to see if there’s someone you might know. Wow, it’s such a big crowd, there’re a lot of young people, but also a large number of people that’re your parents age. As you look through the crown, you spot Andrew - one of Josh’s closest friends. He’s coming towards you with a guy but you can’t see who it is, because of all the people blocking your view.

“Hey Josh, Andrew’s here.”

“Finally, I almost didn’t think he’d make it”

Andrew approaches, and you spot Jared Leto standing next to him. Wow, is it possible that Andrew knows Jared? You were always admiring his work, both his movies and his music. You never thought this would be the way you’d get the chance to meet him.

“Hey man, congrats. The exhibit’s so successful. You did a great job, the pics are fascinating.”

“Thanks man, I’m glad you like it”

“I loved it. And since I knew you’ll do great job, I brought someone who’s a huge admirer of photography. Josh this is Jared, Jared Josh.”,

“Hi, nice to meet you.”, Josh is so surprised. “What did you think about the exhibit?”

“Well, I have to say I’m impressed.”, Jared answers while glancing at you. You stay there and smile to him. At this moment, Andrew realizes he didn’t introduce you to Jared.

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wgm with jin

this fluffball i cant

  • you’re waiting for him in a bookstore.
  • he’s on his way in the car with his manager and he’s sooo nervous and super smiley at the same time.
  • he keeps bothering his manager about how he should approach you and his manager was like, “just smile and you’re gonna be fine.”
  • he’s like “THAT DOESN’T HELP ME AT ALL.”
  • when he finally gets there, he has to find you in the book store. you actually had an envelope for him right at the door of the store with all the clues for him to use in order to find you.
  • after getting lost three times, he finally found you in the travel section of the store and o m g he was so shy and so happy he found you but also really embarrassed at how long it took him. he apologized profusely.
  • after being together for a while, he’s still super smiley around you. especially when you do anything cute.
  • one time he caught you humming to i need u while you were chopping carrots and he literally had to cover his face with a pillow because he thought it was so adorable.
  • he loves matching clothes with you.
  • when he took you to the amusement park, he dragged you into the gift shop just so you guys can buy matching headbands and shirts.
  • he’s really shy about skinship but won’t hesitate holding your hand.
  • likes to feed you.
  • he also likes to share his food with you (ice cream, chocolate, anything really)
  • at your wedding photo shoot, he couldn’t stop staring at you because of how beautiful you looked. HE GOT SUPER SHY AND COULDN’T EVEN LOOK INTO YOUR EYES FOR A REALLY LONG TIME BECAUSE HE THOUGHT YOU LOOKED SO GORGEOUS. it took FOREVER to get through each shot because of how nervous he got around you TT-TT JIN STOP!!!
  • he bought matching bracelets and was really happy when you wore it the next time you guys saw each other.
  • he introduces you to bts proudly and doesn’t really mind if they get near you. he’s actually kind of oblivious about it.
  • he gets teased but he’s like “yeah okay whatever. you’re not married, i am so i win.”
  • he goes all out of your anniversary. he takes you to jeju and you go around the whole island, sightseeing and eating all in your couple attire. he boasts to the people you meet on the streets that you guys are married and happy. you guys end the day with a dinner he cooked outside of the place you’re staying so you guys can watch fireworks. and after the fireworks, he asks you to dance with him and it was sO ROMANTIC SEOKJIN BBY MY HEART.
  • but then time went by really fast and it was your time to leave the show.
  • he’s really glum about it but he takes this opportunity to do as many thing he didn’t get to do with you before.
  • he takes you to a mud flat and you guys play around and try to catch octopus which he is surprisingly good at. after that, you race on the mud flat with him ending up slipping and landing face flat. when you guys get cleaned up, you eat the octopus you guys caught and spend the rest of the day walking around a nearby market.
  • he gives you a present, and it was a necklace with a small infinity pendant on it because he “wants to be with you forever whether we’re only friends or more than that” TT-TT AW SHUCKS I GOT FEELS.
  • in the interview at the end, he wishes you good health and success in your work. he hopes that your paths can cross again and that you won’t ever forget him. he thanks you for being the best spouse ever even if it was only pretend because it didn’t seem like pretend at all. he learned a lot from you and thanks you for putting up with him TT^TT

more wgm scenarios

I never really pictured myself being this happy.

chocofreak13 submitted:

My family life has always been shit. I’ll keep that part short but suffice to say for the majority of my childhood my father was an abusive drunken bastard, and even after the state forced him to clean up, he was STILL an abusive bastard. (and before anyone asks, NO it was not sexual. just lots of emotional (and a couple moments of physical) abuse. as my mum put it, there would be nights when he wouldn’t be satisfied till he made her cry.)

Unfortunately, mostly due to this (and partially due to a family history, plus a lot of other really icky stuff that went on too, like funerals), i developed severe depression. if i had to estimate, based off symptoms i’ve had it since at least 5, and during the period of my life when shit got really heavy, no one really helped (the shrink i was forced to go to in late elementary and early middle actually made me feel WORSE). i suppose everyone else was dealing with their own issues, too. but i had just learned to keep everything inside. that was around the time i started wanting to kill myself.

fast forward to high school. i had a “boyfriend” over the internet in middle school, but i never met him in person and after awhile he just disappeared (something about going to prison?? i haven’t a clue). i met a guy (let’s call him Z) who at first i hated, but we ended up becoming friends. he stole my first kiss. i’d spend the next 8 years chasing after him. i dated other people, but all i really wanted was to be with Z. i had figured out i was bi by this point, but i could never really match up to him (or some of my other friends) in their sheer horny-ness; i realize now that they may have just been oversexed compared to the norm. (not bad, but just a bad comparison for someone trying to figure out “normal”.)

this guy treated me like garbage through the early parts. after awhile he got his life together and started to treat me more like a person, but he still had this frustrating-as-fuck superiority complex and treated me like a little kid, despite us only being a few days apart in age. i look back now and realize i was the mature one; he was likely just making fun of me since i wasn’t as interested in boning as he was.

after awhile i gave up on even talking to Z. after a couple extremely shitty relationships with other people i got fed up with relationships, dating, and just emotional connections in general and said “fuck it” to ever finding someone. those 4 years were some sense of psychic healing, but i never really felt right since i had never gotten any closure. still, though, it felt better, freer to be single than the “dating” i had done. i could be me without worrying about the baggage.

around this time one of my friends (met online, then met in person, she’s a doll) introduced me to the concept of asexuality. i had already figured out i was Bi a few years back (thanks to SVU, that wasn’t weird at all), but never had a word to describe that i had less of an interest in sweaty coitus than most people my age. as soon as i heard the term Greysexual it clicked: this is me.

at the end of the 4 year mark or so i was in a Dungeons and Dragons group with my sister, brother-in-law, and a few friends. we were in need of a 6th player and, having nothing better to do on Sundays, Steve joined the group. he suffers with Gynophobia, so when we first met, we couldn’t even shake hands–he’d instantly recoil in fear. this was especially hard to deal with since the first thought that went through my head was “Oh no, he’s hooot!!” (read in Squidward’s voice, for those that get the reference). Steve was funny, innovative, interested in the same things that i was, and was attractive to boot. over time we begun to relax around one another; he was a friend and that was all. however, one night he followed me out of the apartment in an effort to test a theory–he wasn’t afraid of me anymore! with that one handshake 12-year-old me came LEEROY JENKINSing to the surface of my psyche. i think i must have been beet red by the time i reached my car that night.

i initially asked my friends online for advice, but not knowing what else to do, i did what any inner-12-year-old would: next week at the end of the night, i shoved a note in his face and ran away.

next week i had been busy with an Anime Yard Sale, but after reaching the apartment for game, i was telling everyone about what amazing scores i had found there, and decided to go down to my car to get them so i could show everyone. i asked my friend to come help, but Steve volunteered. Walking down the path to the parking lot, he mentioned he had read the note.

Me: “Let me guess….no?”
Steve: “Actually, yes!”

that one little exchange, followed by him wrapping his arm around my shoulders has kicked off what has been the happiest relationship of my life. we’re close to a year in (shattering both our previous records), and i can say with confidence that i can’t picture being with anyone else, ever again. i don’t even have to worry about sex drive–he’s Grey too!!

It’s not really right to credit another with personal success, but if it weren’t for Steve i’d be in a much darker place right now. he’s given me the clarity and focus to see beyond my garbage pit of a situation into something worthwhile. i’ve never actually looked forward to the future before, and now i do.

i’m sorry this was so long (i didn’t want to leave out any of the cringe or the adorkable). but if nothing else, maybe someone can take away from this that there is light at the end of the tunnel for you. my dad’s still abusive and shitty, and i’m still depressed, but it doesn’t phase me nearly as much now that i have such a grounding, positive influence in my life. there are other positive things now, sure, but Steve can make me smile without even doing anything. i really cherish that.

and for anyone wondering, i did get a little closure with Z; we’ve begun talking again off and on and i’m working towards eventually being his friend again.



Princess Woodly - Companion AU (with some updates)

(based on @basementfestival​‘s post with some additions and modifications)

Description: Human Female

Location: Diamond City, Fallon’s Basement

Associated Quest: Begin Again (personal quest)

Romance: Yes

Perk: Royal Treatment

Background: The Commonwealth’s first real fashion designer, she calls herself. Native to Diamond City’s upper stands, Princess lived a privileged life until the death of her parents and some very unfortunate business moves left her capless and the laughing stock of the rich and influential folks of the settlement. While she seems spoilt, naive and self-centered at first, Princess is kind, a bit too idealistic, and ready to share the latest gossips and her seemingly endless supplies of clothes and armor pieces with the Sole Survivor if they decide to recruit her.

(the rest is under read more for length. seriously. it’s long.)

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This is a tad later than I had intended to post this but happy birthday @dangan-noya! You are such a precious friend to me and I am so happy to have you in my life <3 

Title: Morning Run
Summary: Lucy’s move to Magnolia has been pretty uneventful, but she likes to explore. She runs every morning, seeing all the shops and bumping into people. (Nalu modern AU - amazing, I never write these :))) )

It started on a chilly April morning, when the sun had just broke free of the horizon, and when dewdrops remained faithfully on the edges of each little leaf.

Lucy laced up her sneakers, then zipped up her fleece sweater. Pulling on her ponytail to tighten in, she left her apartment and locked it. Walking down the stairs, she waved at the doorman before heading outside.

She turned right, then started jogging on her usual path. Being new to Magnolia, it had been fun to explore by getting some exercise. There were so many buildings in each block. Just on her street, there were banks, supermarkets, restaurants, department stores and electronic stores. She liked to pass each, reciting their names as she made her way down the street.

As she was passing a little bar, she bumped into a man with bright pink hair. “Sorry!” she told him, quickly.

He smiled. “No, that was my fault. Sorry,” he replied, before he moved to run again. Lucy kept going down her path, passing her favorite store on the block, a petite book store with beautiful awnings, and kept going forward.

Reaching her typical turning point, she made a loop around the block and started heading back towards her house. She exhaled, rubbing her hands together to keep them warm. She kept jogging, her gaze reaching forward down the street.

As she reached the front of her apartment building, she bumped into someone again. “Oh, I’m really sorry.”

“You again?” She noticed it was actually the man from before, watching him chuckle. “I hope you’re not following me.”

She managed an awkward laugh at the unnecessary, though not bad-spirited joke. “Ah, no. This is my apartment building though.”

He nodded. “Oh, it’s mine too. Well, I’ll see you later weirdo.”

She scoffed as he went inside, crossing her arms. “I am not a weirdo,” she called after him. He didn’t turn around, but he did raise his hand to wave at her. She shook her head, managing a smile and proceeding inside.

Lucy glanced at herself in the mirror as usual, fixing a high ponytail as she walked outside her bathroom. She stretched her arms up, then left her apartment.

It had been two weeks since she met the man with shocking pink hair - Natsu Dragneel. They often bumped into each other while running, and he never failed to call her a weirdo, while she never failed to tell him off for it.

She took the stairs down, humming lightly, then walked into the lobby of her apartment building. She noticed Natsu leaning against the wall besides the door, his hands in his pockets.

“Waiting for someone?” she asked, approaching him.

“Ah, yeah. I was waiting for you, actually.” he responded, flashing a smile at her.

She blinked, and her heart paused for a moment. “Oh,” she blurted, finding herself smiling just a little too widely.

“Wanna run together? Since we usually end up bumping into each other anyway,” he offered, rubbing a hand against the back of his neck.

“Sure,” she agreed, shrugging. “Why don’t you show me your route?”

He nodded, flashing another grin. He opened the door for her, and turned to the left. She followed him, then met his pacing to run side-by-side with him.

They passed a few buildings, all of which seemed to be apartment buildings, before he turned. Lucy followed along, glancing around to appreciate the pretty awnings and store fronts along the street.

She saw a woman sitting in a coffee shop with a book in her hand, sipping at her coffee. The woman looked up and met Lucy’s eye, smiling. Lucy smiled back. The woman seemed to giggle slightly.

“So how long have you lived here?” Natsu asked. She turned back to look at him. 

“About a month now I think? You?”

“Most of my life, actually. I’ve lived in this apartment for a few years now.”

“Oh, that’s really nice!”

“Yeah, it’s also convenient for me because my studio is down the street.”

“You’re an artist?”


Lucy noticed a splash of red paint on the collar of his jacket. “Oh, I can tell,” she laughed. “You have paint on your jacket.”

He looked down, making a face at the stain. He reddened slightly, but laughed along with her. “What about you?”


“What do you do?”

“I’m an author,” Lucy responded.

“Nice! Write anything good?”

“I hope so,” she chuckled.

The rest of their run was rather quiet, but comfortable. Lucy’s pulse raced and her face felt warm, but she was confident that was from the pace they were running at. He was a bit faster than her, after all.

Lucy noticed they were approaching their apartment building again, as the awnings and stores began to look familiar. With a giggle, she realized this had been where the two of them had originally bumped into each other.

“Something funny?” he questioned.

“Nope, nothing at all.”

When they reached the building, they slowed down. Lucy’s breathing was just slightly fast, matching her original running pace. Natsu didn’t even seem like he exerted an ounce of energy, to her disdain.

“Thank you for inviting me,” Lucy said. “It was fun.”

He nodded, running his hand through his hair with a slight smile. “Want to run again tomorrow?” he asked.

“Sure, and we can go on my route,” she replied, smile widening just a touch.

“Awesome!” he said. He waved brightly and turned to the stairs.

Lucy went to grab her mail from the front desk, flipping through the letters quickly as she turned to head upstairs. She saw Natsu coming towards her, so she tilted he head in confusion.

“I, uh, forgot to ask,” Natsu stammered, looking slightly embarrassed. “Want to go out sometime? I know a bunch of nice restaurants and bars around here. Um, not that I want to get you drunk, I meant to, you know…hang out.”

Lucy giggled, her face warming up again. “I’d like that,” she agreed, surprising herself and evidently Natsu. Internally, she knew that she really did want to go out with him, she had for a while.

“Cool!” he blurted, grinning. “We can talk about details tomorrow?’

“Sure, Natsu.”

“See you later, weirdo.”

She huffed. “I am not a weirdo, dork.”

He laughed, waving as he walked away. Lucy grinned slightly, humming as she walked back upstairs.

A week later, after one very, very successful date, Lucy and Natsu found themselves running together again. Lucy glanced into the coffee shop she had noticed before, seeing the same woman sitting inside. The woman met Lucy’s gaze, and grinned knowingly. She winked at Lucy, and Lucy blushed.

She turned to Natsu, who she would’ve never imagined getting close to just a week or two before.

He grinned back at her, nudging her with his shoulder.

She smiled, then looked forward as she ran.

Hope you liked, and happy, happy birthday again!!! May all your birthday wishes come true!!!


Michael Imagine

Hey guys! I decided to take a break from smut and just write some michael fluff. I worked pretty hard on this and I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve been super busy with show choir and volleyball. Love you all! Enjoy! P.s. Thus isn’t originally what I planned it to be but I hope you still like it! (:

“Babe I’m home” I heard a voice from the front of our apartment.
“I’m in here.” I meekly said.
“What?” Michael asked.
“On the couch.” I yelled a little louder cringing at another wave of cramps. I sighed in relief as it passed, reaching across the table to grab my tea. As I set it down, Michael walked through the doorway looking confused.
“Are you sick?” He asked, his brow furrowed, trying to figure out why his girlfriend was laying on the couch covered in blankets, tea in hand, with the TV on. I cleared my throat.
“Umm no. Just period again…” I trailed off. He knew mine was awful, every girls worst nightmare. I got the nausea, migraines, mood swings, extreme cramps, and heavy flow.
He nodded and I reached out my arms, waiting for a hug. He hesitantly wrapped one arm around my neck and I clung onto him. I was confused, usually he was very physically affectionate and snugly, but he seemed distant. A little hurt, I pulled away quickly going back to my position on the couch. Closing my eyes, I hoped sleep would take me away from the pain in my lower abdomen, but it wouldn’t.
“Are you okay?” I asked him.
“What do you mean why wouldn’t I be? You can’t just assume just because I don’t wanna hug you that I’m not okay. I’m fine. I’m just not feeling the cuddles today jesus (Y/N)…..” He had an edge to his voice that only came our when he was really pissed and I was hesitant to answer. Being a teenage girl, I turned away from him dramatically and pouted.
“God you’re overreacting. I liked you because you weren’t like all the other girls but you are JUST like them. Fucking dramatic.”
“Fuck you Michael.” I said, whipping around to meet his eyes.
“Oh I wish. But you never do anymore.”
“It’s because I feel so fucking alone. You’re gone all the time. I can’t have sex with a stranger you bastard.” I turned back around, feeling tears prick my eyes. I couldn’t let him see me cry, he’d know that he’d won. Burying my face into blanket I tried to slow my breathing and contain the boiling anger inside of me. A wave of painful cramps caused me to flinch and I whimpered. I heard him scoff and walk back up the stairs. And that’s when I lost it. I couldn’t lose him. I loved him too much. But lately he’d been so involved with work, and hell I was proud of him, but I felt alone somedays. As the tears streamed down my face, I tried to cry silently, but sobs racked my body. I didn’t even fully know why I was crying so hard, my raging hormones made me so moody. Pictures of Michael walking out the door, bags packed flashed through my mind and a fresh set of tears rolled down my cheeks. He deserved somebody so much better than me. He was too good for me. I took my phone and dialed my best friends number. She answered on the second ring.
“Babe? Are you crying?” She asked, sounding concerned.
“I can’t stay here. Pick me up I’m at our–his apartment. Come soon please.” I sniffled.
“On the way darling. Just try and calm down. Want to tell me what happened? What changed?” I took a deep breath before answering.
“I don’t deserve him. He doesn’t even love me anymore, and that’s understandable. I was crazy to think that it could last forever, sooner or later he’d find someone better.” Another year rolled down my cheek as I spoke the truth for the first time.
“That son of a bitch cheated on you?” She screamed.
“No no no. He’s too good for that. He’s better than that. But I-I cant stay. I need to let him have his space. Okay co-come get me please. My keys are upstairs and he can’t know that I’m leaving.” I sobbed into the phone.
“I’m leaving right now babe.” She answered softly.
“No you aren’t.” Michaels voice startled me and I turned around, wiping my cheeks. “Tell her not to come yet.” He continued. Call her later. I sobbed, realizing that he was gonna yell at me and let me pack my things before she came. I put my phone to my ear again.
“Don’t leave yet babe I’ll call you when you can leave. Okay? Bye. I love you.” I said, my voice breaking.
“I’ll just go upstairs and pack my things….” I started walking before he stopped me.
“No you won’t.”
“Michael. This isn’t working and we both know it. I’m so proud of your success and everything, but I need someone who has time for me. I’m sorry.”
“You’re breaking this up?” He asked, his voice quivering.
“I don’t know–I think that–yes.” I answered looking at the ground and walking past him.
“Tell me that you don’t love me and you can leave. Just say it and I’ll let you leave. Say I mean nothing to you and you can walk away. Say it.” He begged.
“I don’t—I can’t….” I whispered.
“Then stay. Babe. I know I’ve been a jerk, so caught up in work and with the boys, but I need you.” I shook my head.
“No you don’t. You think you do, but you don’t. I promise you’ll be okay. You might even be better, you’d be surprised.” I answered, sounding unsure.
“No. You can’t leave me. Please don’t leave.” He sounded desperate. “I’m sorry for everything. I didn’t mean what I said about you earlier. I need you so badly. I can’t wake up without you. You’re my everything , don’t leave.” I love you so so so much babe. Please don’t go.“ His eyes filled with tears, his voice wavering. I closed my eyes tightly and tried to decide what to do.
"I can’t.” I collapsed on the stairs, hugging my knees to my chest, sobbing. I needed him too, but I was holding him down. I needed to let him go. I felt his arms wrap around me and I cried harder. He picked me up, cradling me to him and carrying me to the couch. He sat down, with me on his lap and I turned around to straddle him. My arm snaked around his neck, my face buried into his chest, my other hand covering my face. He squeezed me tightly, pulling me closer. He stroked my hair as I sobbed.
“Babe. Shhhhh. Shhhh. It’s okay. It’s okay. Shhh. ” His fingers ran down my hair and unto my back. He snaked a hand under my shirt and stroked his thumb over my skin.
“Why exactly are you crying?” He asked quietly.
“I don’t know.” I sobbed. “I can’t stop I can’t.” I was shaking so badly, my body convulsing against his chest.
“Yes you can. Shhh. Try and breathe a little. Just breathe. Baby you’re so cold.” He whispered, pulling a blanket over me and wrapping both arms around my body. I continued to sob until his cold hand went under my hair and pressed onto my neck. He pressed two fingers unto the sweaty side of my neck. He tapped them there rhythmically and hummed along.
My sobs quieted, my breathing slowed, and his humming stopped.
“I can feel your heartbeat.” He whispered, putting his fingers onto my neck vein. “I need it. I need your heartbeat.” He said, his voice vibrating into his chest. I looked up at him, and he wiped a tear away with his thumb, kissing my forehead gently. “You’re still so beautiful.” He smiled, pressing another kiss to my lips. “I love you.” I whispered against his mouth.
“And I love you gorgeous.” He whispered, pulling me into a lying down position so I was under him on the couch. He pressed another kiss to my lips, lingering there for a while. I moved my lips against his, pouring out everything to him. “I need you here with me.” He said, breaking the kiss momentarily.
“Then I’ll stay.” I said back, pulling him back down for another kiss. It started getting heated, my hands going under his shirt, running up and down his torso. He smirked into the kiss, his tongue running over my lip. His hands started to pull down my sweatpants before I shook my head.
“Remember?” I asked.
“Oh right.” He answered. “In that case….” He sat us back up, getting the remote and turning on Netflix. He gently picked me up, setting me on the ground between his legs. He picked a movie and placed his hands on my tummy.
“Mmmmmm you’re warm.” I said, snuggling farther into him. I put his hands slightly under my waistband to where my cramps were and he just stroked my skin, soothing me. I leaned my head back into his chest and stole a kiss,causing him to chuckle.
“Love you.” I said.
“And I love you princess. Forever and always.”

I hope you enjoyed it! I love feedback, so just message me what you thought of it! My requests are always open! (: thankssss for staying with me!

#76: kisses on your cheek.

Mark: He throws an arm around you casually as you both continue walking down the sidewalk. He smiles as he looks around, and then looks down at you: so concentrated on the game you were playing on your phone. He pulls you in closer to him so he can kiss you hard on the cheek. “Hey!” you say, trying to squirm out of the grip of his arm with no success. “I lost a life,” you say sadly, but all he does is chuckle at you and then kisses you again on the same cheek, waiting until he finally saw your smile. 

Jr: He’s been waiting to see you all day, so when you finally come over he’s beyond excited. “Y/N!” he says, opening the door for you. You hold out your arms for a usual hug, but instead, he takes your face into his hands and pulls you in for a big, slobbery smooch on your cheek. You push him away instantly, laughing as you wipe the slobber off your face. “Jinyoung!” you whine jokingly, pushing him away. But all he does is laugh and holds his arms out for the hug you wanted in the beginning (but he might sneak another kiss in there, too).  

JB: He’s always late to meet you at the table to eat, but you understood how busy he was. “I’m here!” he says, coming into kitchen. You stood over a pot, putting a fair amount of food into each plate. “Mmmm,” he says looking at it, “This is why when it’s my turn to make dinner I’m always embarrassed,” he says laughing, and then puts his hands on your waist as he gives you a light peck on the cheek. “Thanks for dinner,” he says and smiles into your ear before giving you another kiss. 

Jackson: He comes back from the bathroom and plops himself down on the couch next to you, ready to start the movie, but for some reason you’re completely consumed by the previews. “Y/N?” he says. He waves a hand in front of your face and you barely even flinch. “Oh my gosh,” he says and groans. He looks ar you, so interested in something as simple as previews, and he can’t help but chuckle a bit and lean over to give you a kiss on the cheek. “I’m gonna make some popcorn,” he says, laughing.

BamBam: “I’m sorry Y/N,” he says, still giggling to himself, “I didn’t mean any of that.” “Yes you did,” you joke, kicking him off the couch and laughing. “Hey!” he says, popping up and then jumping on top of you. “I - said - I was - sorry!” he manages to get out while trying to wrestle with you at the same time. “Stop!” you say, giggling and trying to push him off, but you’re no match for him as he finally gets a clear view of what he wanted to do next – he plants a big fat kiss onto your cheek. “MWAHHH!” he says, and then jumps off you, skipping towards the kitchen.

Youngjae: “Long day,” Youngjae says tiredly as he hops into bed next to you. “Mmm,” he says as he reaches for a cuddle from you. You lean the back of your head right onto his chest and close your eyes, tired yourself. “Good night,” you whisper in the dark, “Love you.” He adjusts his position and whispers back, “Love you too.” And right before he falls to sleep, he leans over to give you a soft kiss on your cheek, even though you’re already falling asleep… he mostly just wanted to have the feeling of your soft cheek on his lips.

Yugyeom: “I’m home!” you call, trudging through the front door. You head towards the kitchen, where Yugyeom was watching some TV. “Hey, babe,” he says, switching it off and getting up to greet you. “How was your day?” he asks and moves a strand of hair away from your face. “Tiring,” you reply, “But I got some of your favourite food.” He looks at you, a little surprised that even on a bad day that you were still thinking about him. “Y/N,” he says, thankful. But he decides to tell you he’s thankful by a quick peck to your cheek, then taking the food out of your hands and trying not to giggle as he sits down at the table.  

KBTBB Fanfiction: Ota Kisaki - Painted Gray 1.1

Chapter One

Megumi Nohara (MC)

“O-Ota … I’m p-pregnant.” I softly announce.

“You’re … What!?” my famous boyfriend asks.

Ota’s jaw drops in shock and the sound of a wooden paintbrush hitting against the polished, marble floor echoes in the large room.

Unlike the sun shining outside, the room suddenly feels emptier and darker. As if everything around me was slowly being painted gray.

I feel a stinging pain against my cheek as Ota furiously slapped his hand against it.

“You know that I’ve never really wanted kids! Did you think about your modeling career before getting pregnant with my kid!? What about the birth control! I thought you were taking birth control!” Ota yells angrily.

“B-but … Last time I checked, it took two people to make a child.” I spoke quietly with my hand against my stinging, red cheek.

Ota grumbles before picking up his paintbrush again.

“Good thing we were never married. Don’t ask me for child support. You should be able to raise the child alone with your model’s salary, anyways.” he furiously seethes before resuming his painting.

“I … Ota–” I began, but he wouldn’t even look at my face.

I clenched my fists and bit my lower lip, trying to suppress the tears that threatened to fall.

I had always been the weak type. Constantly needing my prince in shining armor to come to my rescue. Why couldn’t I just be strong for once?

Please, Ota …

“Why aren’t you leaving yet? Pack your things and go already.” he finally said with a monotone voice.

That was it. There was nothing keeping us together anymore.

The tears I had been holding in started to drip down my cheeks.

With a sad smile, I whispered weakly, “I’m not packing. My clothes, toothbrush, cups, bowls, you can keep them all. Because right now, it’s time for me to start fresh again. Those items that are now all part of my past … they’ve all been painted gray. Items like those will only bring me down.”

I walked over to him and bowed.

“Thanks … For taking care of me the past two years.” I said quietly before turning around and heading for the door.

“W-wait, Megumi! Can’t you just abort–” Ota nervously faltered, but I quickly cut him off.

“Live a good and successful life, Mr. Kisaki.” I said as I returned to the formal speech I used to use when we first met.

Outside of the grand building, I took a few steps back and looked up.

The second to very top floor, the penthouse … Where the two of us made so many memories together.

All I had to do now was turn around, walk away and forget about him.

Easy, right?

Not when I was going to be carrying his child every step of the way.

imagine steve bringing bucky to xaviers school for the gifted because xavier wants to hear about the scarlet witch and quicksilver. and bucky walks in on some mutants kind of taunting and making fun of a new students “kind of lame” gift. 

bucky gets them to leave and he starts talking to them and they are a little upset, so bucky gets them talking about their gift. 

“It really is lame.”

“Try me. Tell me what it is.”

*sigh* “I can change the color of stuff and sometimes the texture… I know… really lame right? That’s not gonna be any help if the centennials find us.”

Bucky just quirks an eyebrow.

“Color and texture you say? Is it permanent?”

They nod. “Yeah, it really sucks when I accidently change the color of like a couch or something. It’s even harder to change back.”

Bucky nods. “Could I get you to change the color and texture of something for me??”

They shrug. “Sure. What?”

Bucky takes off his jacket and motions to his arm. “This. Can you make it look like this?”

Half an hour later theres a knock at prof. xaviers office door.

“Come in.”

and bucky walks in with a mutant on his shoulders twirling them around gleefully.

“You have the most talented kids here, Professor.”

“Thank you, Mr. Barnes… may I ask… oh… congratulations young changeling, on your first successful limb conversion.”

It takes a couple of seconds for it to click for Steve and then he’s on his feet and Bucky is putting the kid down and showing Steve. 

“They match Steve! I’ve got a matching set again!”

And the kid rushes to professor xavier and begs to be allowed to help children and adults with prosthetics, because it was so cool to do and super helpful.

Teardrops through the wall

Imagine person A sitting in their bedroom crying over something, trying to be quiet but person B hears anyway and slowly enters the room to see them on their bed with their arms around their knees and their head resting on their knees. Person B walks over to them and wrapping their arms around Person A. 

Remember that prompt? Well, I did a thing here. Hope you like it! x



He likes the silence. He’s glad of these short moments when he doesn’t have to communicate with anymore. It’s been a few months since he has come to England, although he has a terrible problem with the language. It’s sometimes hard to talk to Linda or her daughter, Rae. He can hardly make a whole sentence without any mistakes. 

Keep reading