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Fanfiction - To Build a Bridge (College AU)


To Build a Bridge

Claire surreptitiously watched Jamie, his eyes guarded – surrounded by deep dark circles born from sleepless nights –, as he pretended to read a large book, written in Latin. She moved uncomfortably on the picnic towel, battling the urge to say something. Tired of the confinement of the library and wishing to speak to him alone – but not really knowing how to introduce the subject – she had proposed for them to study outside and enjoy the sunny day, laying on the grass of the nearby park.

She gulped and opened her mouth to speak, words dying inside her throat like decaying flowers, too weak and soulless to thrive.

“What?” Jamie whispered, his eyes still fixed on the book – they hadn’t moved an inch for the past minutes, his mind absorbed in replaying the events of the last few days.  

“You should talk to him.” Claire blurted out, finally closing her own book with a slapping noise. “You should go to John.”

“I should not!” He furrowed his brows, silently admonishing her to stay away from the topic. She blatantly ignored him.

“You should!” She insisted, nervously trapping a curl behind her ear. “You’re hurting and the only way to solve it is to say what’s on your mind!”

“I already did!” Jamie hissed, almost projecting the paperback to the nearby pond, where ducks splashed and played, hiding their faces bellow dark waters. “Loud and clear. I remember my fists were involved.”

“That wasn’t talking.” Claire pointed, grasping for patience. “You were angry – maybe rightfully so. But John is your friend and you can’t have peace until you settle things with him.”

Was.” He growled, tilting his head to look away from her pressing eyes. “He was my friend – and it seems that friendship was verra one-sided. John had other plans – like sticking his filthy tongue inside my mouth.”

“You’re being unreasonable.” She said heatedly, sliding to be within his eyesight. “John has feelings for you, Jamie. He is in love with you.” Jamie winced, but Claire pressed on. “Is it easier for you to pretend it was just a whim? A physical thing? To act like there wasn’t something much deeper there?”

“Claire.” He gave her a serious and warning look. “Ye’re out of line. This has nothing to do with ye.”

“Am I?” She asked, her voice softer. “I’ve held your soul between my own two hands, James Fraser. I have given you my body to bring you back, to keep you here – with me. I wear the ring you offered me and vowed to entwine my life with yours, for as long as we may live. I thought I was carrying your child – I still carry them all with me, the children you may one day give me. I have kissed you, loved you and fought you every day since you told me you’d have me. So don’t talk to me about a bloody line!” Claire finished in a broken voice. “There is no line between us. One soul, one heart – even when it hurts the most.”

They were silent for a moment – Jamie’s eyes moist and troubled, Claire almost panting from the effort of excavating such words, deep truths hidden in the vault of her chest. Eventually he sought her hand – and she allowed him to find her. Right there. Always within reach.

“What can I tell him, mo nighean donn?” He asked in a hoarse voice. “What words may I use to take us back in time? What may I tell him that wouldna sound heartless, diminishing to his feelings?”

“You’ll find the words.” She promised him, lightly caressing his temple, admiring the way the light caught in his eyelashes. “You always do.”

I don’t love ye.” Jamie whispered. “Such few words. And yet entire worlds are crumbling, visions of a life never to exist disappearing like sand in an hourglass. I’m sae angry still, mo ghraidh. It simmers and coils inside me like a fire snake ready to pounce.” He leaned over and rested his forehead against hers. “I fear I’d be crueller than needed if I went to him in such spirits.”

“You need to tell him what you told me.” Claire kissed the corner of his lips, slightly chapped from the sun exposure. “How afraid you were for us. How heartbroken over the idea of losing his friendship. And just how much it costed you to hurt him.”

“I never asked for any of it.” He sighed, tugging her closer to hug her body with his powerful arms, hiding the pain in his words inside the mass of her hair.

“No.” She whispered against the warm skin on his neck. “But only you can make it right.”


Jamie walked in long steps, his hands plunged inside his pockets, his head slightly bent against the dusk’s strong wind. Claire had texted him, asking him to meet her near the track and field. He didn’t like to be so close to the rugby stadium, knowing the team would be training at that time. After the fallout with John, both players had been punished and suspended from the team, until they had put on an agreeable display of contrition. The coach’s screams still echoed inside his ears – the wrath of losing both of his best players because of their hot-headedness had been phenomenal.

A tall and lean figure became apparent in the periphery of his visual field, equally busy battling the unpleasant weather.

“What are ye doing here?” Jamie snapped, biting the inside of his cheek. John Grey looked distraught and positively mortified to be unexpectedly face to face with the captain.

“Claire asked me to meet her here.” He said haltingly, his usually fair cheeks flushed with crimson. “Said she needed my help with an assignment.”

“Did she now?” Jamie said between teeth, half irritated, half amused. “I think I ken exactly what assignment she needed help with.”

“Oh.” John looked around nervously. “Do you mean - did she plan for us to meet, then?”

“Aye.” Jamie sighed and shook his head in disbelief. “Claire is a healer – not just what she does, but who she is deep down. She is trying her hardest to fix us.”

Jamiesorry,” He grimaced, remembering the brutal way Jamie had demanded for him never to address him in such manner again. “I want you to know that I am sorry and I –“

“Don’t.” Jamie interrupted him, his jaw tense. “Maybe someday I’ll be able to talk about it – to really listen to whatever you have to say – but not now. Not yet, anyway.”

“Alright.” The blonde young man looked utterly broken, forcing a good-humoured smile into his lips. “At least you didn’t punch me this time around, so I call it an improvement. I should be on my way, then.”

They glared at each other – almost hearing the distant echoes of their former selves, laughing and pushing each other in that exact same place, just days before. Jamie finally looked away and slowly walked, the rugby field coming within sight. When he talked, be didn’t look at Grey, but his voice softened.

“Michael really needs to pass the ball to Glen, if that play is going anywhere at all.” He waited, as a surprised John gathered himself enough to mumble an agreement. “Watch Glen now. He is about to get tackled and doesna have a clue about it.”

“That pass should have been longer.” Grey analysed a bit later, as they sat on the grass watching the practice, a respectful distance separating them. “Christ Gavin, move that shoulder son!”

It was a pale comparison with what they used to have – the complicity, the easiness - but it was a truce. A kind of hesitant companionship, every movement and word calculated. It was a start, nonetheless – a fragile bridge they might cross, ignoring the haunting canyon bellow, to find common ground. A safe haven.

“I should go.” John said, as night fell around them. “I have an essay to finish. I – it was good seeing you, Jamie.”

“I’m sorry I hurt ye, John.” Jamie rushed through the words, his voice almost lost in the howling wind. “Not that I punched ye – just that ye were hurt. But I wasna ready for any of it and I let my fear get the best of me.”

“I blindsided you.” He twiddled his thumbs. “I just wish you could forget it all, to be honest.”

“Well, I canna do that.” Jamie got up and brushed his jeans, getting rid of wet green leaves. “I still respect ye too much to forget what ye feel, John. But maybe there is a way forward, if we are given enough time and us being willing.”


Claire was waiting close to his dorm, an expectant smile written on her lips. Jamie strode to meet her – his eyes and the lines of his face burning with a fierceness that almost frightened her. She half-expected him to yell at her - and maybe she deserved it for meddling.

When he finally reached her, his arms crushed her against his body, and she relaxed feeling the waves of relief pouring from him.

“Thank ye, mo nighean donn.” Jamie whispered against her mouth, as the tip of his tongue slowly caressed her bottom lip. “For being not only my heart, but also my conscience.”

“Did you find a bridge, then?” She leaned against his body, melting with the hard slopes of him.

“Aye. My lass, my love.” He whispered almost breathless, right before he kissed her deeply. “Ye are the bridge.”

'It’s dance or die': The ballet dancer forbidden to perform by Islamic State
Facing death threats, Ahmad Joudeh risked everything to keep his dream of dancing alive. Now the Palestinian dances for the Dutch National Ballet
By Renate van der Zee

Half a year ago, ballet dancer Ahmad Joudeh was giving dance lessons to orphaned children in war-torn Damascus. Now he has made his debut at the Dutch National Ballet and is studying at the ballet academy in Amsterdam. “It took me a month to fully realise I really am in Amsterdam, and I still can’t believe my luck,” Joudeh says.

For years, as the war raged around him and his family, Joudeh - a stateless Palestinian in Syria - had tried to make ends meet by teaching, and had received death threats from Islamic State. When the summons to do three years of military service arrived, the 26-year-old began to believe that this was going to be the end of the dream that he had cradled from childhood.

But his life changed radically in August 2016 when a Dutch TV journalist made a documentary about him. In front of the camera Joudeh danced on the rubble that once was the Palestinian refugee camp Yarmouk, where he had grown up. “I did it for the souls of my five family members who were killed there,’’ he says.

Soon afterwards he was filmed dancing in the ancient Roman theatre of Palmyra - the site, just a few months earlier, of mass executions by Isis. “Dancing in the Palmyra theatre was my way to fight Isis. It was my way to tell them: you can kill people, but you can’t keep me from dancing. It was a dangerous thing to do, we couldn’t stay there longer than one hour, and it was 50C (122F) in the sun. But I did it because I knew I would never have the chance again. And I was right. Isis have destroyed the theatre now. I cried for two days when I heard the news.”

When the documentary was aired on Dutch television, it attracted the attention of Ted Brandsen, the artistic director of the Dutch National Ballet. He decided on the spot to set up a fund called Dance for Peace to enable Joudeh to come to the Netherlands to dance and study.

Joudeh not only struggled to survive as a dancer during the Syrian war: he also fought a tough, private war to realise his dream. “My father forbid me to dance,” he says. “Because in our culture, to be a ballet dancer is the worst thing your son can choose to do for a living. He said it was a shame for the family and wanted me to study English or medicine. But I said no, this is my life. I went to dance class secretly. When he found out, he beat me with a wooden stick. He used to beat me really hard. Once he hurt my leg so badly, I couldn’t dance for days. But I never gave in. I said to him: it’s dance or die.”

He had these very words tattooed on his neck after he received death threats by Isis. “I will never give up dancing,” he says. “I am prepared to fight all my life for the feeling that dancing gives me. It’s a feeling of freedom. Being a Palestinian refugee, born in a camp, I always felt inferior to other people. But when I dance, I feel like a king.’’

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Can you please tell me how a planet with two suns would work? I honestly have no idea if they'll collide into each other, or how they'd function.

Yes they can work without colliding! The easiest way in which they work is by having the stars (the major carriers of mass) to be orbiting each other. Then there’s the planet, further away, minding it’s own business, orbiting the two starts like if they were only one.

(A, B: stars, ABb: planet)

External image

Here’s actual footage (?) from Tatooine:


Prompt: Fear/Black
Soft warning: A little violent, but not too much and not for long.

“Kagome! Where the hell are you going?” Inuyasha yelled after her, staring at her pale legs trudge through the dirt as she stomped forward.

Kagome turned around angrily—her hair fluttering with her movements, her face shaded by the mass of trees protecting her sides. The brilliant sun shone behind her in the clearing where the well was several steps away.

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Prompt: sex on the beach ;)

I got this prompt and loved it. Then I thought how impossible it would be. Then I thought nothing’s impossible just improbable. So here is the first in a few short one shots about Shamy conquering their fears together. If you have any you would like to see, don’t be afraid to message me. Don’t sleep and I love to write.

“Come on Sheldon we promised that we would at least try.” Amy says holding Sheldon’s hand as they stand on the beach.

“You promised. You are the are the one who came up with this insane idea.” He says gripping her hand tightly staring into the crashing waves.

After their game of never have I ever at the cabin Amy realized how little of the world they had experienced. They were both crippled with fears. If they could start facing some of their fears together they may be able to move forward together.

“Just one foot Sheldon that is it.” Amy says equally nervous by the daunting mass that was the ocean. “We will do it together. I mean if Leonard and Penny can have sex in the ocean we can dip one foot in.”

“They had coitus in the ocean?” He asks incredulously looking at her as she shakes her head.

Sheldon doesn’t think he can do it. He thinks Amy should claim it has a victory that he was standing next to her in swim trunks and a t shirt. He does think Amy looks cute in her swimsuit, even if her showing so much skin in public worries him. They had done the research come at the right time of day. The tide was low, the beach was almost empty, and one toe in would not kill him.

“Penny has done it in the ocean more than once.” Amy tells him.

“Leonard only once?” He jokes gripping her hand tightly.

“Why you want to break his record?” She asks teasing him and he rolls his eyes. If he can barely step a toe in. How could he romance her at the same time? “I understand your sarcasm, good job!” She amends grinning at him.

“If I get a toe in I will be doing good.” He tells her turning back to the ocean which is turning black with the setting sun.

“Come on then, one toe and then we are done.” She tells him tugging him towards the giant mass he has successfully avoided for 36 years. Amy had that effect one him, somehow she washed away all his fear. With her by his side he could face anything.

“Okay let’s do this.” He says with more bravado than he feels. Together they walk towards the oceans line.

“One… Two… Three…” Amy counts down as the put their toes into the surf. “ Not so bad.” She says as the waves wash over their feet.

“No it’s almost pleasant.” He muses as the water pulls back then washes over his feet again. ‘Let’s go further.” He says bravely and they wade until they are almost waist deep in water.

“We did it we are in the ocean!” Amy says excited looking at him. He looks down at her and smiles.

“I don’t know what I was so afraid of this isn’t so…” He starts as a wave crashes over their heads soaking them completely.

“Ahh!” Amy squealed wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Clinging to him like a monkey.

“Are you okay?” He asks wrapping his arms around her waist to hold her in place. His dark hair is plastered to his forehead. His dark eyelashes spikes around his ocean blue eyes. The white undershirt he was wearing is soaked and clinging to him almost transparent. Revealing the muscles in his shoulders and chest. Overcome with lust for him Amy kisses him deeply then pulls away.

“Sorry, I don’t know what got into me.” She whispers staring into his eyes.

Still not untangling herself from his arms. He makes no move to let her go instead he moves his hands to her bottom and gives her a gentle squeeze. Then he kisses her back gently opening her mouth with his tongue. Amy wraps her legs around him tighter pushing her hands up the back of his shirt to feel the muscles of his back. He tips her head back kissing the tender skin of her neck making her moan. Amy can feel him hard between her legs. She rubs against him to gain friction as another wave washes over them and he presses against her hard. Instead of running away like she thought he would he lets them drift further into the water. Deep enough to where their lower halves are obscured. Yet he can still stand in the water.

“I thought you would have had your fill of adventure by now.” Amy says kissing him him again then nuzzling in his ear.

“Of adventure? Yes…of you no.” He says kissing her and pressing himself against her.

“Oh?” She asks surprised. “You want to right here?”

“If they can do it we can.” He says kissing her neck as her hand slides lower under the water. Gripping him through his swim trunks and massaging him. Then she takes him out of his trunks and rubs him against her apex through her suit before moving the suit to the side and guiding him inside her.

The feeling of weightlessness strikes them both. From the angle be is holding her he feels deeper than ever before. He keeps his hands on her bottom, moving her up and down and keeping her swimsuit in place. Amy keeps her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. Afraid if she lets go she will be adrift in a sea of bliss. Amy looks into his eyes and the look of lust and live in them sends her body into overload.

“I love you so much.” She sighs kissing him as he thrusts deeper inside of her.

“I know.” He tells her kissing her back. Tipping her head back and pressing his lips to her ear. “I love you, too. You are my everything, I know as long as you’re here there is nothing to be afraid of.”

“You are safe with me.” She agrees kissing his neck, enjoying the salty taste of his skin as he thrusts harder into her making her gasp.

“Always.” He murmurs and she comes undone. Coming around him as the waves break around their waists.

Later after they come out of the water they sit on the beach looking at the stars that have appeared in the sky. Amy leans her head against his shoulder and grips his hand.

“It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” Amy marvels looking up at the swirling constellations.

“I beg to differ.” Sheldon says staring down at her pressing his lips to the top of her head. Amy smiles contentedly up at him.

“So ocean is crossed off, what fear should we conquer next?” She asks.

“I have quite a list of them, it could be rather daunting.” He sighs.

“Well we do it together and it won’t seem that bad.”

“That’s what I’m counting on.”he tells her kissing her on the head on head one last time before getting up and leading her back to the car.

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Best and worst fics you've read

aw man dude that’s really subjective and relative. I don’t really have a “best” as there’s a lot of fics I’ve read that make my heart swoon because of shippy stuff or because the writing is just VERY good and in contrast there are fics I can’t bear to read because it’s poorly written on a technical level or its on “crack” levels of shit writing.

But I do have a few good recommendations from stuff I’ve read over the years that come to mind every now and again:

Don’t let the sun catch you crying an old mlp twilight x luna fic I adored; I think it got finished on fimfiction but i’m too lazy to check.

sacrificial symptoms a REALLY good mass effect fanfic with some nice rarepair love for tali and legion

annnnnnnnnd Water under the bridge which IMO is in the top 3 best fan-created things in the Zootopia fanbase if not the best Zootopia fanfic.

as you can tell, I’m a sucker for romance.

Shepard’s not sure when, but at some point during the night an army of krogan must have taken up residence within her skull. Judging by the reverberations throughout it, she thinks they must be redecorating with sledgehammers. It’s the only explanation she can think of for feeling this wasted.

Well, that and the excessive quantity of Ryncol she downed the night before. An amount which might not have impressed a krogan, but damn well would have killed any other human. And most other sentient life. Getting completely hammered after docking at Nos Astra had seemed like a good idea at the time. The crew (and Shepard) had earned some much needed down time.

However, maybe next time she’s challenged to a drinking contest by a krogan warlord, she’ll have to remember to: Just. Say. No.

Lids draped over her eyes like lead curtains, she tries to blink away the pain, only to get an eyeful of what she assumes must be the brightest bulb ever made. Why it’s above her bed, she has no idea. But she’s shot people for lesser offenses, and she’s not above doing that now. Except that would require moving, and she’s not sure she can accomplish that with any sort of grace at the moment. She rolls over with a groan, tucking herself into the warm body by her side. “Ugh…put out that light before I kill something, will ya?”

A low pitched laugh greets her, the smooth dual-toned quality that she normally loves just makes her head hurt more. “Pretty sure that’s the sun, Shepard.”

It takes some effort, but she manages a half-assed thwack of her palm against his chest. The action jars him, and consequently her, and she immediately regrets it. “I gave you an order, Vakarian. Hop to it.”

“Mmm.” One of his hands comes up to meet hers against his chest. Warm talons wrapping around her digits with a squeeze as she feels him tilt his head downwards to nuzzle the hair by her ear; warm breath skating across the lobe when he speaks. “Tell you what, I’ll get right on blotting out the sun just as soon as I can move again. Deal?”

She heaves a sigh, and burrows against him some more. The arm of his that she was using as a makeshift pillow slides down her bare back before coming to a stop upon her hip as it squeezes her closer. The pounding in her head eases a fraction. “Fine. I’ll let your insubordination slide just this once. But don’t make a habit of it.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it, Commander.”