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real life advice for incoming high school freshmen

•don’t be scared. it’s not really that different from middle school. there’s gonna be stuff u don’t understand, but every other freshman is in the same position. chill.
•do ur goddamn homework. ppl think it’s cool to hang with friends and just not do their shit. don’t do that.
•don’t let ur friends get in the way of ur academics. you’ll probably lose touch with most of them when u graduate, but those grades affect ur future. don’t throw that away.
•don’t use after school activities as an excuse to not get shit done. if u can’t balance extracurriculars with ur classes, ur classes come first. sorry.
•don’t date seniors. just don’t. they’re gonna graduate and ur gonna be super upset. besides, if no one in their grade or the grade below them wants to date them something is wrong. don’t fuck w that.
•if u find the answers to ur homework online (which is super easy; google the title of the worksheet and it’s probably online somewhere. also there’s calculators for everything lmao) FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET THE ANSWERS. don’t just copy it. cheating on ur homework isn’t gonna help u on ur tests.
•don’t be afraid to ask for help holy shit. if u don’t understand the topic, go to ur teacher and ask for help. if ur teacher sucks, there’s probably some tutoring thing in your school done by students. nobody is gonna fucking judge u for wanting help.
•if u do something stupid, no one is gonna remember. if u wear an ugly outfit, no one is gonna care. everyone is paying attention to themselves. if someone in the hallway is like “omg ew look at her hair” they’re not gonna recognize u if you have a class together next semester.
•missing a day won’t kill you. I take a mental health day each semester. if u have an appointment coming up, tell ur teachers in advance so u can get the work before u miss school, not after. you don’t want two days of homework to do in one night.
•don’t act like you know more than you do.
•ur gonna do stupid things.
•no one is gonna care.
•the end.

you know what? i got a fucking bone to pick with you dumb hoes. yeah, i’m talking to the sebaciel shippers.

and i’m crosstagging because you guys demand that people don’t crosstag but you cant go through any other ship tag or even the main tag without finding your gross pedophile bullshit soooo here’s to stupid fujoshi hypocrites.

my best friend got an anon yesterday asking how they can enjoy kuroshitsuji when so much of sebaciel is in it.

👏 so here’s the thing, sweetheart. let’s really talk because i don’t think it’s really hit you guys yet.

yana toboso is a 30 year old woman and black butler has really blown the fuck up both in japan and in the united states. lets sum it up. all the rights to the anime series is bank. funimation dubbing the shit in the long run is bank. merchandise is bank. cds, dvds, ect. etc.


and you guys are NO EXCEPTION. so yeah you can really go off about how sebaciel is canon but is it really though? like are you guys not realizing it?

YANA DOESN’T CARE FOR SEBACIEL. she has said it it before! they have no affection for each other whatsoever! sebastian hates ciel and sees him as food! YOU GUYS ARE A WALKING CASH COW. AND ITS FUNNY!!! its hilarious actually that you guys think she actually supports that shit. although it shouldnt be enabled, your dumb asses really GO for it!

yaoi fans are kind of the grossest thing in the whole world to me. yeah i said it. i like gay ships, i like straight ships, but you cannot pay me enough money to spend more than 30 seconds around a yaoi fan.

why? because you guys are disgusting. you guys don’t give a Fuck about gay people unless they’re anime and fucking. BUT ITS NOT ENOUGH THAT YOU FETISHIZE GAY PEOPLE…

you gotta go fetishize minors? you gotta go and fetishize the bond that a minor has with his caretaker/dependent? you are a new kind of disgusting and you really can’t tell me otherwise.

Not! To! Mention! just how MISOGYNISTIC you guys are!!! i mean wow!!! meyrin? a phenomenal character who does not deserve half the shit yall say. beast? a phenomenal character who you hoes trash on every day for something that Sebastian Bitch Ass did. the nun? I DONT EVEN FUCKING KNOW THAT BITCH AND I LOVE HER. lizzie? a guardian fucking angel and i’m GLAD she gets “in the way of sebaciel” like Ha fucking Ha tough titties.

personally! i’m of the opinion that none of you would ship sebaciel if they were girls because of just how hellbent you bitches are fetishizing gay men, especially if its that problematic, fujoshi culture is cursed.

but Anyway. lemme tell you… you guys sure do love to pull out the canon/not canon card a LOT!!! like its almost ridiculous! haven’t you heard? your ship goes against everything that IS canon! but since all you guys care about is sebastian getting some 13 year old Child Minor Kid tail, you dont focus too much on the rest of story while others have to tiptoe through your landmine field of yaoi bullshit to actually get some of the story.

yana toboso puts her heart and soul into the manga and the anime. she works her ass off and along the way she figured out a good business tactic to keep you simple minded thots interested. and you guys pretend like you love her work SOOOO MUCH and you literally eat her butt and shower her with compliments but you can’t be bothered to actually read into the other themes of her work. why? Entitlement.

which is really my whole point on why i wrote this. i’m gonna type this out in caps so you can really read what i’m saying and maybe it’ll get into your whack ass heads.


tdlr; the fandom doesn’t belong to sebaciel shippers, it’s not only for or about you guys. and you guys are the worst thing about kuroshitsuji.
your fetish shouldn’t ride over how people feel about a real life trauma. 😊

“There are basically two routes to success. Either be focussed on the process and not the final product… or be 6ft 4, buff and from Texas and have everything handed to you.”

As someone who was literally at Asylum 18, this anti-Misha stuff is absolutely pathetic. People are sending death threats to both Misha and his family because of a joke. And I’ll say that again, JOKE. That Misha made at his final panel about Jared.

Seriously, we all laughed and so did Misha after he said it. There was no malicious intent to what he said, and it’s just stupid that this has become a thing at all because friends say this sorta shit about each other, that’s called being friends.

So yeah, I have already unfollowed a few people after various pathetic use of tags regarding their quite frankly disgusting views on Misha, and all I can say is this.

At this very same con, this man:
•Stated about how the best lesson to teach the world is that helping others is far more rewarding than helping yourself.
•Reassured a Muslim girl that the Supernatural fandom would always be there for her.
•Reassured a Trans!Boy who was scared about travelling to the US that he would be safe enough to go to California on an exchange scheme for university.
•And just generally was a beautiful human being that showed so much love and attention to everyone over the weekend.

So please, can we just end this because it’s just sad really. This man is a championship of kindness around the world, and thanks to some individuals who shouldn’t consider themselves a part of this fandom, he is being attacked. Shower Misha with love on his social medias to block out the hate, he deserves it :)


I think it’s important not to get drowned out by hate. 

If you feel bummed out or attacked because of all the hate and read this, I wish you a good day and implore you to stay positive, even if it’s hard to stay positive in the face of negativity, it’s the only thing we can do to actually change anything.

Be positive to shippers, be positive to antis, be positive to any and everybody, even if you feel they don’t deserve it. (By which I don’t mean you have to accept stupid shit people pull and stop taking part in discussions and arguments, just don’t go out of your way to be a dick, because other people are being dicks.)

Positivity is the only thing that can beat negativity.

Love is the only thing that can beat hate.

Let hateful people tire themselves out by proving that you will not succumb to them.

Fill the tag with positivity and content as much as you can, so other people will see your stuff on there instead of hate.

Peace out.

yes-mclennon  asked:

hello marco! love your blog a lot! i don't want to hurt you or anything, but I was looking at that quote you posted about Paul that sometimes say 'we' instead of 'I' and I read a couple of blogs saying that you stole that quote from another blog? is it true? I love your blog and it hurts me to read some blogs saying bad things about you, that's all, answer privately if you want!

hello honey! don’ worry, I’ll answer publicly, so that everyone, included these blogs will read my answer.

I know who you’re talking about, these blogs love to spend their time talking shit about me, quite..everyday? Other people send me messages now and then saying that these blogs write bad stuff about me, saying that I write fake facts, and blocking them wasn’t enough. Now, I even steal quotes from other blogs. I didn’t know about it, you made me notice that they wrote this:

and this:

At first I didn’t want to answer cause it’s like showing them something and I hate it. I never replied in the past, and I believe these people should be ignored, cause they just want to get attention, that’s it, they don’t care about mclennon. They just like to throw shit. It’s their hobby. So, since I’ve been accused to ‘steal’ quotes, I’m going to show you where I took this quote from, just to let these people know that YES, I buy books!! Even if you prefer to believe I don’t. I don’t even get why it sounds so strange to you?

This is my kindle, and as you can see there’s the Mark Lewisohn book “The Beatles: Tune In”. (i don’t even know why i’m doing this it’s so ridiculous lmao)

Do you see it?? I BOUGHT IT!! WOWOWWW

and look at this^ up on the last part of the books, in the notes.

Let’s get it closer, it’s the quote I posted!

My main interest here, on Tumblr, is to share what I read with other people who have the same interests I have, not to be the envious dick who throw shit at other blogs just because I can’t share anything interesting with them.

I suggest these people to spend their time wisely, like actually buying these books, or maybe why not, having fun on this website? Grow up? 

Thanks for letting me know about it honey, but this is the first and last time that I’ll reply. And you know why? Cause I don’t want to waste my precious time with stupid people who like to spend their time writing on their blogs and tags how fake I am and how I like to steal stuff from other blogs, cause that’s the best thing they can do on this website. I’m too busy having fun with lovely and interesting mclennon fans talking and discussing about John and Paul.

Unofficial Anthology of Why All of Sasusaku’s New Theories Are Hilariously Idiotic

Sasusaku has always been the most hilarious fandom in Naruto. They have said some truly stupid shit, tried to defend things with said stupidity, and liked this ship on superficial and/or incorrect basis at best.

However, I think, in my two years in the fandom, this has by far been the day when the most ridiculously awful and hilariously sad theories have ever popped out of the Sasusaku fandom. So hilarious that I couldn’t just laugh and move along like usual. It has to be brought to light so that perhaps SS (who, despite this post being properly tagged, will stalk the anti tag and see it) can read it from an outsiders persepctive (as in, someone who doesn’t ship NS/SK), and read how stupid they sound so they can stop making bigger laughing stocks of themselves than they already are. 

These are the most popular and passed around theories I’ve come across

1) Sasuke doesn’t know he has a daughter. 

If you want to argue that Sasuke doesn’t know he has a daughter, fine. But it only makes things more abysmal for Sakura. As, you see, Sasuke couldn’t give enough fucks about Sakura to come see or have any contact with her in over a decade. Further keeping line with him, for the entire manga, treating her like an afterthought at best. It heavily implies that her love not only does not get through to him, but that its not reciprocated nearly as strongly. It also cements Sakura’s pathetic status, because she let Sasuke hit it and quit it, and she is content to be a single mother clinging to her scraps of attention she will always crave in between being made to feel like shit since, consistently, the day she was put on Team 7 with him. 

2) Sasuke is off looking for a cure for Sarada’s eyes! Sakura is healing her eyes in secret because of her sharingan!

Sasuke somehow passed down blurry vision to Salad is canonically impossible, as his swagged out implanted Itachi eyes prevented blindness. Not to mention (I really shouldn’t have to mention) that blurry vision is not something you can genetically pass down as this was due to  something he has done to his body for spamming Mangekyou Sharingan, not a genetic trait for naturally blurry vision/predisposal to blindness (its like the equivalent of saying your kid will have lung cancer because you used to smoke). Also, trying to argue that Salad’s glasses aren’t normal glasses but special ones that prevent her sharingan from activating cause she’s just so OP stronk for some reason that she activated Mangekyou Sharingan as a baby, because, as they seem to be forgetting, base/three tomoe sharingan does not deteriorate vision. Mangekyou Sharingan does.

More than any of that though, apparently Sasuke could not search for a cure without ignoring his family for twelve years and not meeting his daughter for her entire life. 

3) Sakura is fainting because she’s pregnant!

If she is, then that makes the situation even worse with the implications! It’s one thing to not have seen the father of your child in twelve years, but its another to be fucking the father of your child in secret and being completely okay with him leaving and not even meeting your twelve year old kid for the first time . Or coming pack to get some pussy and ignoring the child you left her with. And will probably go on to ignore the kid you knocked her up with. It only makes Sakura look more desperate, horribly pathetic, and a selfish mother completely lacking in integrity. For Sasuke, it only makes him look like a complete and utter asshole beyond repair. 

4) It’s all a genjutsu! That’s why it was translated one way as “Crimson Moon”! They’re caught in Infinite Tsukiyomi.

…So, what you’re saying is that Madara succeeded, and all of this is a dream. Salad does not actually exist, neither do Bolt, Himawari, Shikadai, Chouchou, or Inojin. None of the things in 699 or 700 ever actually happened. This is not only the way Kishi wanted to end his manga, but he also wants to completely go back and rewrite the ending of his series in a mini series?

Also, remember when you mocked Narusaku for this? Called it desperate, sad, pathetic, and delusional? Yeah…

5) Sasuke wiped Sakura and Salad’s memories to protect them!

 I don’t even know where to start with this. First of all, since when does Sasuke possess the power to erase people’s memories? Secondly, this doesn’t match up at all with the basic shit that was said in the chapter. Salad talks about never having met her father. She knows her father. She is aware of him. Sakura talks of knowing Sasuke. She is aware of him. If Sasuke wanted to erase their memories of him to protect them, why does he only erase the happy memories they, allegedly, have? Why not erase his existence from their memories altogether, if that was his super tragic plan? Also, Sakura seems to remember enough to want to fabricate a happy photo of them together over a picture of Taka, because she doesn’t have any. If she didn’t possess the full awareness of Sasuke not being with her for twelve years and all it’s blunt sadness, she just wouldn’t have bothered. 

Also, this makes no sense on a story structure level. What enemies exist that are so OP stronk that they can defeat the OP powerlevel stronk abilities of Naruto and Sasuke? Or all the K11 who still seem to be powerful? Its not a secret that Salad is an Uchiha, so its not a matter of them hiding her heritage. Considering that there is only one other Uchiha alive, its unanimous that she is Sasuke Uchiha’s daughter, and everyone knows this as well. For fucks sake, Sakura sees no problem in plastering Uchiha paraphenilia all over their house. She and Salad are basically living in an advertisement, yet nothing has happened to them, so “being targeted by Sasuke’s enemies” and Sasuke wanting to protect them from this is blatantly incorrect.  

6) Sasuke is on a super important mission!

Sakura has expressed she has no idea what Sasuke is doing. Given her almost  embarrassed reaction at being questioned about Sasuke, it is made apparent that if she could actually tell her daughter that Sasuke was on a mission and that’s why he isn’t around, she would, rather than have to embarrassedly  admit all this unsureness. Also, Sasuke has been gone on a redemption journey. He has never lived in the Village. He is doing his own thing. 

7) Sasuke was probably around until she was about two or three, then left, and Sarada just can’t remember!

Salad- “I never got to meet him at all. He left when I was a baby.” is one translation. “As far back as I can possibly remember, I have never once met my father.” is another.

Sakura- “Erm, well, your dad was never in the village much when he was younger…” is one translation “Back then your Dad spent so much time away from the village! Just like now, I suppose…”. is another.

So, sure, if you want to cling to things that aren’t really there or meant to be taken away from the narrative, go for it, there’s a tiny window there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t erase the fact that Salad has no recollection of ever meeting her father, they have no relationship, and he has not been to see either of them in 10-11 years, according to this theory.

8) Salad can’t be Karin’s kid! She has Sakura’s eye shape and looks nothing like her!

There is no sense or point in debating this and making long ass “eye shape analysis” posts any longer. The acknowledgment that Salad looks like Karin is made within canon. It was the entire basis for the ending conflict that arose in the chapter. Its what will be pushing the conflict in the future, that Salad looks like this other mystery woman in this picture she always thought was of her mother and Sasuke, but was fabricated. Salad looks like Karin. Whether or not she is Karin’s daughter is irrelevant to the argument.  

9) This is all a red herring! Just like Narusaku!

Doesn’t matter. The damage done is irreversible. Sakura is confirmed to be a doormat. Sakura may not have even married Sasuke. Sakura has no photos of Sasuke, and has to photoshop herself onto a photo of Sasuke with Taka and another woman. Sakura hasn’t seen or heard from Sasuke in 12-13 years. Sakura is still angty and miserable.Salad does not know her father. Sasuke has been wandering around on his redemption journey for 12 straight years.The dynamic between Sasuke and Sakura has not grown or changed from when they were 12. Salad finds fault in her mother for letting Sasuke do whatever he wants, even completely neglecting their child, while Sakura just wants to deflect. Sakura is miserably pathetic. Sasuke still makes her feel like shit and she allows him to make their child feel like shit because she is so used to being treated as an afterthought and being happy with his scraps of attention (or nothing, as seems to be the case now) that she is surprised when Salad has more dignity and self respect than her to question this. 

All of this has been cemented. 

Sasusaku, for all their arrogance, for all their mocking of others, ignored the content of 700 (like they always did with the manga in general) and created a perfect SS happy family with pussy whipped Sasuke, feisty Sakura, and doting father to his Uchiha princess, convinced themselves of this, and were ultimately devastated when Kishi blew a cannon through their bubble. Now, in the largest effort at damage control I’ve seen from them so far, they are scrambling to come up with something to salvage this. Trying to be “positive” about the situation and the flaws their ship has always possessed somehow blindsiding them for still being there despite no implication it was ever any different (as well as these same flaws never having bothered them before). Playing the victim and/or lashing out at everyone who is laughing at their fandom, Sakura, and Sasusaku (which is practically the entire Naruto fandom at this point) with the only thing they can ,maybe (because Kishi has done worse), confidently say in their ship’s defense- Salad is not Karin’s child. They cannot combat anything else. Its a trainwreck in slow motion. 

My only hope that Sasusaku gets out of this is to learn how to take your massive L quietly, and perhaps develop better taste in general and actual standards, so liking something like Sasusaku won’t occur in the future.  

If anyone has any new lulzy SS entertainment to add to these theories, let me know so I can add them!


ok listen up assholes

a good idea is that if you hate a movie you don’t reblog a gifset of that movie. and if you do reblog it, you don’t add your stupid ass hate in the tags. someone spent time making something to share with other people who love that thing, and you’re being rude and childish where they can see it. stop it. 

a lot of time on the exclusionist side is completely wasted on Baiting people into STUPID fucking arguments that are absolutely pointless and just annoying as hell. like i make some joke posts too but theyre just. jokes and not tagged or otherwise designed to be used as bait so i can pretend im some big fucking activist by arguing with some fuckin 14 year olds 

like i know you guys like to flex your internet fight muscles? and youre running out of things to do since pretty much everything has already been argued, but frankly its getting really annoying that so many of you waste your time doing shit like “aphobic character of the day!” “babadook is an exclusionist” etc etc in ways that are just meant to bait drama

God these shipping wars in the GOT fandom are so embarrassing imho. Why y'all so childish?? You can disagree and debate and lay out your evidence to your heart’s content but when y'all start intentionally tagging anti tags with pro material and get like

“xyz antis are stupid and delusional and deserve to rot in hell” and “honey, sweaty =) your ship is garbage and so are you”

like HOLY SHIT fam!! Dial it back!!!! Chill!!! It’s just a show!! Fictional!

At any rate people shipping different things has never been a problem before for fuck’s sake nobody - on either side - should be getting anonymous hate for saying “meh, I sort of don’t fancy that ship. I like this one instead” literally why is that a novelty concept

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27! As a taunt. 😬

Part 2 of this: https://vivianwisteria.tumblr.com/post/161849141767/31-in-awe-the-first-time-you-realized-it 

“I feel like I need another weekend after the weekend spent with them”, he groans, taking a long swig of his beer. Shirayuki hums from where she’s tucked at his side, her own bottle of beer pressed against her cheek in a pitiful effort to cool her skin. They’re settled on the sofa, watching a movie - it’s too hot to do anything else. All the windows are wide open, letting the sound of cicadas’ loud screeching in, but the air still feels heavily humid. He knows that when it’ll finally rain, it’ll pour.

“I really liked them,” she murmurs.

They loved you, he almost says, but instead he groans.

“You like everyone and everything.” He can’t contain a fond smile when her brows furrow in protest.

“No I don’t.”

He makes a show of rolling his eyes extravagantly at her. “Sure. Name one thing you really, really dislike.”

She blinks up at him, not expecting the challenge.

“Well, I can’t stand this stupid movie.” She slurs, chin pointing at the TV screen. Obi eyes the half-drunk bottle in her hand - being a lightweight is no fun. He notices half-removed tag of her bottle curiously – she’s been fiddling with it non-stop all evening. It’s not like her to be this fidgety.

“Of all things to hate, miss. Isn’t it a Tanbarunian movie?” He laughs. “At least you can keep up with the dialect. I can’t understand shit.”

She glares up at him skeptically. “You understand me.”

“I don’t think you realize how un-Tanbarunian you sound. It comes out only when you’re angry.”

She lets out an unconvinced sound deep from her throat and pointedly resumes watching the movie.

It’s a rom-com, by the looks of it, and Obi understands the dialogue better than he made it seem. Right now It’s one of those cliché scenes: the lead actress is running down the street, soaked under the rain, with the bastard who broke her heart at her heels.

 Of course he’s going to catch up with her, apologize with sexy earnest expression on his face and then the scene will cut to them boning in a hotel room, he thinks bitterly as he rolls his eyes. It’s what happens in movies. Or rather, it’s what happens to moderately lucky, normal people – a ruthless voice in his head offers helpfully – fight, make-up, make-out, the golden formula of romance. Whereas his own romantic life is caught up in the vicious circle of being greeted by the sight of barely-dressed Shirayuki cooking breakfast in the kitchen first thing in the morning, then sharing the meal with her, because why, they’re best friends slash roomies of course, and finally  jerking off in his room guiltily, because the morning boner keeps making a come-back as early afternoon boner and he can’t afford walking all day perpetually hard - he has things to do. 

Oh, and then envying rom-com couples.

You lied to me, you piece of shit! The woman yells on TV, flinging her arms at the man who’s trying to calm her down in front of a bus stop, neither seeming to mind a group of on-lookers gawking at them.

“She’s saying he lied to her.” Shirayuki murmurs and lets out a small sigh. For a second he considers telling her there’s no need to translate, that he understands the conversation alright, but that means her breath won’t be fanning his collarbone.

I’m too good for you! A worthless stray cat like you doesn’t deserve me! The woman keeps yelling.

He stiffens, hoping that she won’t deem it necessary to translate the last sentence, that she’ll assume he understood it just fine. She’s really known him long enough to know that he has been called “worthless stray cat” in every language on the continent. After all, she was with him the other day when a couple of skinheads referred to him with the same exact words in a supermarket.

When she speaks her voice hasn’t changed from the monotone, bored pitch.

“She’s saying she’s too good for him, because no other woman’s make-up remains that intact under all the rain.”

With a long swig of beer he tries to muffle a snigger and the surge of affection that threatens to overwhelm him. With his free hand he squeezes her against him in silent gratitude. Her eyes remain fixed on the screen, but he feels her fingers running over his knuckles reassuringly. He shivers.

The female character has finally stopped yelling. But when the man grabs her by the shoulders in an attempt to hug her, more yelling ensues, causing the roommates on the sofa to groan in synch.

Fuck you! She shoves him away.

He laughs. “You don’t need to translate that to me, miss. It’s universal.”

She gulps down the beer, saying nothing.

“Is it?”

“Isn’t it?”

“What do you think she said?” She asks, her tone suspiciously casual.

He scowls. Where is she going with this?

“She told him to, er, go get stuffed?” Since he’s known her, he’s only heard her swear twice – the first time when she accidentally overwatered her potted  basilicum and then when a heavy blizzard prevented her from driving to a conference last winter.

Shirayuki shakes her head, an odd smile lightening up her features. She pulls herself off his shoulder, pulling herself up till they’re at the same eye-level. Involuntarily he leans back a little, because the sight of her smiling lips so close to his is making his heart drum in his ears.

“She said I love you.” She stresses the words with exaggerated singsong voice, a sardonic eyebrow rising at him.

From the TV they can hear what sounds like relieved sobbing and gentle, apologetic cooing, the scene having reached culmination; but neither of them is watching the screen anymore.

“What?”  He finally manages.

She blinks slowly, face carefully innocent. “What?”

anonymous asked:

iftheresnolove tumblr com/post/159890185795/hello-youre-a-journalist-that-means-you She's so far up Harries ass. Missing the point again & really exaggerating H's reach among the GP (get out of the fandom bubble!) while ignoring others (Jaden, Matt, Troye) who actually have articles written about breaking gender norms & supporting the LGBQT community. H wore a pink shirt & painted his nails once/twice & his press from the album cover was still centered all on Haylor not gender norms, not a peep

from another anon:

The author of that “Harry Styles is the most revolutionary artist of our times” piece or whatever the fuck the point of her ramblings were, just responded to criticism by essentially telling people to go fuck themselves and that is just one of the many things annoying about the Larries: people call them out on their behaviour and they immediately go into defense mode or tell people that they’re the problem and Larries are the victims.


yeah I mean… what do you expect. like. look through @thelarrative​‘s worshippedlove tag, this is just who she is. (it’s her original blog name, you can verify by copying and pasting the old urls and changing worshippedlove to iftheresnolove. Except she’s deleted a bunch of old posts where she got caught out saying particularly stupid and wrong shit, how charming and surprising…) Pretending to be super authoritative while spitting utter bullshit is her thing. She’s manipulative and a liar and a stalker. Her presentation and analysis of information is invariably wildly dishonest. 

There’s so much bullshit in this “response” - the continued erasure of all the artists who have done way more than Harry and  taken bigger risks (the way she acts as if Harry’s - subjective - level of fame increases his risk instead of decreases it!!!!!), the continued fixation on fashion alone, the whole thing CONTINUES to be a fucked up disaster. She’s still just arguing that glam rock was popular and b/c more androgynous fashion was widespread, what Harry’s doing now is a bigger deal than what ANYONE at the time was doing. Removing ALL other context and just repeating “but glam rock was popular” AS IF THAT WAS MEANINGFUL AT ALL????

Also I just… one little thing that’s driving me fucking nuts is her saying “wheeeeennnnnn did I use the word ‘brave’???” and then going on to say “I called it ‘important’, ‘a statement’, ‘risky’ and ‘commendable’. None of those adjectives are even CLOSE to ‘brave’.” Um. If someone does something risky and commendable, that’s like… that’s bravery? Like ok great you didn’t use the word bravery, that doesn’t mean you didn’t call Harry brave? Because you said he did something risky and you were proud of him for it? Like…???? 

It annoys me because this is what arguing with Larries is like. You call them out on the actual meaning, actual implication, and actual result of the things they say, and they’re like “well I didn’t STRAIGHT UP tell people to harass Briana!! I just said she was a demon from hell who should know no peace but it’s not MY fault if people harassed her!!”

But anyway, apart from her weird attempt to deny the meaning of what she said, WHAT HARRY DID CONTINUES NOT TO BE PARTICULARLY RISKY. JUST. SORRY. BUT NO. He’s already super successful, super established and well known, with a huge fanbase to fall back on. He’s rich, white, and as far as the public knows, is straight. He’s not doing anything particularly daring at all, nothing particularly extreme or challenging. It’s great that he’s willing to portray a more “feminine” image, it’s still a good thing, I’m not denying that. And I’m not saying it’s the path of least resistance, but it’s still just not risky, or groundbreaking, or anything.

The nice thing is that thanks to @lemmekisslou actually being able to respond to her crap, the debunk of emmie’s appalling post seems to be reaching at least close to as many people as the disastrous original.


@deadlyfangedartist  i ditched my old style and one of the first things i drew was this gay(ish) comic for you bc i love you hhhhh

its mostly experimental, im mostly trying to work on hands, noses, eyes, stupid shit like that

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angelofgrace96  asked:

Say five things that make you happy and then send this to the first ten people in your activity!

(I got another thingy like this today, so I’ll just combine the two, ahah.)

[[Once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers. (Non- negotiable positivity is cool) 🌈🌈 ]]

Thank y’all both so much, @coffee-queen448 and @angelofgrace96 for tagging me! I’ll see if I can come up with five things ^^;

1️⃣  I do really dumb shit, like accidentally bitch-slap walls, which make for funny stories to tell as icebreakers. (I fractured my thumb and got a nurse’s number)

2️⃣  I say really dumb shit which most people seem to think is funny; for example, “No, it’s not a new one, this is the same stupid thing I did” when my shift leader saw my hand; now black-and-blue, after seeing it the day before with two bleeding nails.

3️⃣  I’m not afraid to laugh at myself for doing dumb shit

4️⃣  While I may do dumb shit, I am not a dumb shit, and I have a pretty damn solid College gpa

5️⃣  I managed to get ‘dumb shit’ into all of these points. Which is one of the many weird and dumb little goals I set for myself to keep tedious, or (in this case) daunting tasks entertaining and seemingly more manageable.

As for tagging, take a mix of people I love and people in my activity, how ‘bout that? … Who am I kidding, I love all y’all <3

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“No, you won’t do that!” Dean warns, glaring daggers at Cas.

“But she wants to be with us,” Castiel answers calmly. “She just told me.”

“Bullshit. Cats can’t speak!”

“Dean!” Castiel gives him a reprimanding look, like he’s forgetting that Cas is an angel and understands animals too.

“If you bring that cat to the bunker… then you-you –”  Dean stutters, not knowing how to threaten Castiel.

“Then what?” a soft smile is tagging at Cas’ lips.

“Then you and this stupid thing will sleep in the basement!” Dean huffs, satisfied with his threat. 

Castiel considers Dean’s words. Then grabs the kitten and walks towards the shop’s door. 

“I don’t need to sleep but I suppose I could watch over her while she does.” 

“Wait. What? Hey, Cas!” Dean looks at his angel boyfriend bewildered, not believing what he’s just heard. 


Castiel, the little bastard just keeps chuckling and petting the kitten, while walking towards the Impala.  He can still hear Dean’s grumbling while he pays for the kitten. 

I am completely and utterly disgusted

Warning: Ranting and Language

I’ve been reading around and I’ve seen all the posts about BTS Twitter and shit and I can’t help but say I’m honest to god disgusted by some of the people in this fandom

As much as I love talking to other fans of BTS, I do understand when other fandoms say some of the things we say is too much.
To be completely honest, I’m saddened by some of the people in this fandom and how they hate on other fandoms just because they think we’re “better”

Seriously, how stupid can you get?

The boys are human too

The thought of this “13 Year old” Girl masturbating and tagging BTS in their post is beyond disgusting.
Now, don’t think of this as a time to hate on EVERY Young ARMY’s in this fandom, they didn’t do anything wrong.

But we seriously need to get our shit together because this fandom is falling apart
We’re supposed to be a family, supportive of everyone, but right now, this family is tearing at the seams.

They’re just trying to upset the fandoms even more
Don’t comment on their page
It isn’t worth it to fight.

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— ONE insecurity

  • my appearance lol

—— TWO fears

  • never being loved
  • never amounting to anything (this is too deep for me wtf)

—— THREE turn-ons

  • lip bites
  • when ppl run their hands through their hair
  • ???

FOUR life goals

  • getting a cool job doing research somewhere
  • living in a cool apartment w a bf or gf and lots of pets
  • improving my art n writing skills
  • uh not dying

FIVE things i like

  • doing stupid shit w my friends
  • when ur laughing with ppl and no one can speak bc youre all laughing too hard
  • weeb shit, bonus: bonding with people over weeb shit
  • hugs!!
  • warm blankets when its super freezing

—————— SIX weaknesses

  • well yk depression
  • im always too loud and annoying when i get excited
  • taking even minor criticism rlly harshly n personally n treating every minor mistake as a failure :’)
  • i read too much into things n overthink a ton
  • im nearly an adult and im still fully terrified of like. just fuckin speaking to people
  • i dwell too much on the past n like random things i said or did that probably no one remembers

——————— SEVEN things i love

  • paranormal stuff n weird medical crap
  • cats n dogs!! both are good n i will fight on this
  • collecting things like keychains!
  • pastel aesthetics
  • cute stationery
  • my friends’ laughs
  • naps

———————— tag EIGHT people

@minazukii @gayvvolf @garmetar @chiefdlanor @dalcynn @pandoms 

u dont have to do it if u don’t want to !!!

im Back On My Shit! again and tempted to just….. remake or delete or something because i fuckin…want to have a better life than i do right now but the only way i can think to change anything is to do these stupid things like .Cutting myself off from all interaction with people here! or moving to an entirely new state into a house with an abuser! or never going back to my therapist ever again!

you are not defined by the innumerable times in which your lips tremble and your hands shake. you are not at your peak when your breath is cold and your stomach is in knots on the bedroom floor.

you are not just words on a paper; text-space-text-space. in the same way, you are not footprints on a shore; ebb and flow cannot conceal your history.

the fury of the storms that you have seen run permanent and wild just beneath your epidermis and flowers can sprout just like scabs can heal.

your soul is not an anchor you sink into people. your soul is the lyrics to your favourite song, it is every time you looked at someone and fell nothing but love. your soul is undemanding and forgiving.

your bones are not wind chimes, they do not rattle in the low breeze and your blood is not water, it is ink and it can stain.

you have the ricochet of planets in your ribcage to overpower the scars on your skin. billions of atoms stick to your core and you are the entropy, holding it all together; your lungs are working to breath in the entire universe.

the words you speak are not a commitment that your body coughs out. your words can spin webs and put children to sleep. you whisper stardust and scream cataclysms.

you are a miracle of impermanence with an erratic heartbeat and there is no star told prediction that can contain your body. your fingers tell ancient tales and your heart, it speaks volumes.

—  eight things i need to tell myself more
harry and niall discover memes
  • Louis: harry thats the stupidest thing ive ever seen
  • Harry: no lou you dont get it its like hes doing that thing so they put text ov-
  • Louis: no harry i get it its just really stupid
  • Harry: ...niall laughed
  • Louis: niall doesnt suck your dick
  • Niall: can i make a meme about you two
  • Louis: NO
  • Harry: YES
  • Harry: ...niall i think we should do something else