but i can sympathize

jus some tea: if you were eating a real, good, authentic nyc/northern nj pizza you wouldnt need to put pineapple on it..i can sympathize w the rest of u living literally anywhere else bc ur standard pizza is inedible anyway so throwing some pineapple on it might not be the worst choice. but my stance is firm and you wont find me putting pineapple on any pizza i eat bc i understand & appreciate my pizza privilege. 

I’m really struggling to finish Iron Fist, I’m trying because I want to understand what will happen in Defenders and interested in seeing every second of Claire’s screen time and also Colleen won my heart, she is much more a protagonist of this show (and more interesting) than Danny imo.

But I keep struggling with Danny. All cultural appropriation aside, which is already bad, I can’t sympathize with Danny. He is a boy who lost his family and still I feel nothing for him and this is so weird for me because my emotions can be easily manipulated by most films/shows. I just find his character so unpleasant, invasive and pretentious and still so bland. I have no idea if it was intentional for him to be so childish and uncomfortable to watch or if it was a problem with the direction or writing or acting. I’m not sure, I just know I can barely tolerate seeing his face on screen and ugh I’m a second away from quitting

I don’t want to shit in something others may be enjoying, just curious to know if I’m the only one having such a hard time connecting and tolerating his character


Top 10 Supergirl Characters (as voted by my followers)

#3: Maggie Sawyer

Growing up a non-white, non-straight girl, in Blue Springs, Nebraska, I might as well have been from Mars. I was an outcast and I felt like it. Our alien neighbors, they’re no different. Most of them are hardworking immigrants, or refugees just trying to get by. They have to hide who they are in order to survive. I can sympathize with that.

Regarding all the drama surrounding ME:A...


I get it. Your upset. I can sympathize. Honestly, I can. Bioware could have made every character bisexual, they did that it Dragon Age 2! But that’s a little unrealistic?

Like out of all the people that came to andromeda PLUS what’s left of the Angaras, some of the people you get on your squad/crew/whatever aren’t interested in your gender?

Like, Sara Ryder player here, hit on Gil and he was like “umm no thx” ouch that sucked, lemme try another! Lexi “no thx” oh well shucks, that only stings a lot.

I understand that when it comes to m!ryder’s wanting a male love interest, there’s not much to choose from, and that honestly sucks. You have every right to be upset. You can’t be your true self in a game that is like an extension of you.

But straight up harassing developers and voice actors or anyone that has come in contact with the game is not right! They pour their hearts and souls into this game for you, add little things that you like FOR YOU, and you throw it right back at them. “THIS GAME SUCKS BECAUSE I CANT BANG THE SQUID CAT!” That’s not even what the game is about! It’s just an added bonus, an after thought. You can go through this entire game series without screwing a single person!

TL;DR:: I’m not bashing people for wanting representation. I’d want that too. I’m not saying you don’t have the right to be upset. By all means, do. All I’m trying to get at is respect. Respect for the company, for the people working in that company, for the game that is pretty much their baby! Stop the harassment. If a dev gets touchy about it, wouldn’t you if you were jabbed endlessly about it?

Enjoy the game for the story, the lore, the adventure! Romance is great, but I value the friendships I develop. I fall in love with the characters. These are my friends, my family.

I hope you can see it that way too.

Enjoy Andromeda!

(Editx2: sieve-owl made a lot of good points in their replies. I suggest people read them as well)


DCTV Ladies Appreciation Week || day 7: Favorite Quote || Supergirl

“Most of them are hard working immigrants or refugees just trying to get by, and they have to hide who they are in order to survive. I can sympathize with that.”

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I can sympathize with all the kids whose job prospects are being ruined by their helicopter parents. However, your parents meddling makes hiring managers worry they'll meddle in your daily work. "Mom won't let me use her car" & "My kid can't come in for their shift because they're grounded" HAVE happened. If you can't get your parents to understand that they are the problem, we'll hire someone who can. We ARE sorry about it, but we can't have your parents causing problems for the business.

In 2015, an African American president legalized same sex marriages across America. In 2016 a white male with sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, racist etc. tendencies has been elected the president of the United States of America. I can understand and sympathize that Americans craved change, someone with a raw attitude who does not feed them political BS. But at what cost? Obama made leaps towards equality and I will be sincerely heartbroken if this man takes America back a couple strides with his outdated attitude towards those of minority. Stay together, America, because you will move mountains as a unit but create a war amongst yourselves if you remain divided.

the salt, as requested

(disclaimer: if you follow me and like/support/identify with/have a shrine in your basement to kent parson, i honestly don’t care. you do you. in the grand scheme of things, it seriously matters like…not at all. these are just my own feelings, and i’ll put them under a cut so pro-kp followers don’t have to read them.)

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“I can understand their thought but I cannot sympathize with them. I understand why you cry, why you get angry, or laugh, but I cannot do that myself. I can’t claim to understand how human minds work yet…but I’d like for that to change.”
“I’d like it if you would talk with me more, Elias. Then we would have dinner, and keep talking till late at night.”
“Is there anything else you would like to do?”
“If there is, then we could do that, and then we can do it all over again tomorrow. What do you think?”
“When we go home, do you want to have some tea?”

hello followers/mutuals/friends! after about 8 months of having this blog i have finally come to terms that i am not interested in tumblr and/or dan and phil as much. i am also at a very rough spot mentally, so as of right now i will be taking a semi hiatus, but i will try to reblog the occasional gif and keep you guys updated. i will still be answering any messages/talking with my friends so don’t worry about that! :-)) i hope you guys can sympathize and understand. i love you all!!
- emma 💓

to an extent, i can sympathize with managers as people with their own issues. they aren’t necessarily rich (although they’re richer than me) and they are cracking down on workers not out of hatred but out of their own anxiety; out of their own inability to find freedom, much like icarus, as they move up the corporate ladder toward the molten logic of capital and the total independence they hope it will provide, only to burn the wax in their wings and fall back into the machinery. many of them do not find comfort in controlling the workers, but only do so out of the completely understandable fear of being forced to become one and lose the “freedom” of operating as an executioner rather than the executed.

the life of the worker is miserable, and many managers live their miserable lives to avoid another. it does not necessarily justify their actions, but it does explain their insistence that everything must be done faster, must be done cleaner, must be done better. they are still forced to submit to capital, but as its lackeys. they are the ones that befriend the bully to avoid being bullied themselves, and it is a form of self-defense that can be rationalized, even if we argue that it only contributes to the problem.

everyone is trapped by capital, and to say this isn’t to suggest that we all suffer under the same amount of weight, only that the weight we all carry comes from the same source. we stand in relation with each other, and even the puppet master is known to get caught in the strings. it’s important that we keep this in mind.