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Alright, since I have now played about 10 hours of Mass Effect: Andromeda, I guess it’s time for my impressions of the game thus far.

First off, if you, like me, have any kind of actual attachment to the original Mass Effect trilogy, you’re going to constantly be comparing Ryder to Shepard. That isn’t a terrible thing if you had maleshep with his terrible fucking voice acting, but Jennifer Hale was the queen of everything and at first I was terribly disappointed with Sara because she just… wasn’t as good.

That changed though. She absolutely grew on me, and while I still prefer Shepard, I’m starting to actually get attached to Ryder. Honestly at first I was like wtf about the Paragon/Renegade system being gone, but there’s a multitude of ways you can now develop Ryder’s personality without being boxed into one type just so you can reap the benefits of it, get trophies, or, you know, be able to save someone’s fucking life so you can keep all the squad mate’s loyalty (I am so glad I wasn’t conflicted in ME2 with what direction I wanted to go, because if either Jack or Miranda died due to that I would have ripped the fucking world apart, lol.)

Not that loyalty is a thing in this game. I don’t think >.> I know eventually your squad mates have personal missions you can complete, but I don’t think it effects life or death decisions.

At least I hope.

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Why are you settling with him? He isn’t good for you. He’s just using you.”

I sighed. “Who says I’m settling? It isn’t because I’m still seeing him means I’m settling. You think I’m the one in love in this situation? You think that just because a girl is hooking up with a guy means she’s settling? Can it be the other way around? I definitely don’t want to hear any wedding bells with him, if that’s what you mean. He’s not the type. So relax. Stop your stigma. I’m just having my cake, and eating it too.
—  cynthia go // Friends with benefits // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #27

tony “being a superhero would be outlandish and… fantastic” stark, signing little kids’ iron man helmets and iron man drawings, keeping young fans’ iron man mail on random places in the house, stepping in to save a kid dressed as iron man from an angry drone and still taking care to compliment them for their good work so as not to crush their iron man dreams, calling the avengers “earth’s mightiest heroes” and nailing their catch-phrase while Monologuing Against The Villain, remodeling his entire tower and vacant stark industries warehouses to bear the logo of said superhero team and house its members – TONY STARK, THEN MEETING A KID WHO EMBODIES, IN THE PUREST SENSE, THE VERY SAME HEROIC IDEALS THAT HE LATCHES ON TO, AND THEN DOING EVERYTHING HE CAN TO KEEP THAT FLAME ALIVE IN THAT KID

tony “i’m not the hero type… clearly,” who was deemed not to have the right personality for the avengers, who was told he was just “pretending to be a hero,” who didn’t include himself in the avengers line-up when he was bragging about the team to loki, who was accused of tearing the avengers apart – TONY STARK, WHOSE HEROIC AMBITIONS WERE CONSTANTLY QUESTIONED AND SNEERED AT BY OTHERS, DOING THE EXACT OPPOSITE TO PETER PARKER, A KID WHOSE RESPONSIBILITY IDEALS MIRROR HIS OWN

Surprise on Stage

Request: Hey!!! Can u write an imagine where y/n is also a famous singer

a/n: gonna start doing the requests in this type of format instead of writing them under the ask!! I want people to know that I’ve gotten their request and that I’m not ignoring them! So I thought this was a good way :)


Your name: submit What is this?

Seeing your face on the cover of a magazine on the streets didn’t bother you as much as it did when you first started out in the music industry.  A few years ago, you would always pick up a magazine with your picture on it, buy it right on the spot, and immediately read what the tabloids said about you.  But as you’ve grown as an artist, you’ve met certain people along the way that have changed you, for the better.

One of those people just so happened to be your boyfriend, Shawn Mendes.  The two of you had only just recently made your relationship public, but in the year that you’ve known him as a person, and as a great friend in the industry, he taught you that 98.7% of what the media writes about is fabricated.

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Lonesome (Tom Holland x Kid!Reader) Fluffy Drabble?

Originally posted by jessikaort

(( gif not mine - credit to original owner ))

(A/N): lmao I really like this idea

Summary: Tom takes Harrison out to a club but ends up not enjoying himself as much as he thought and sits alone at the bar until an unlikely eight year old comes to the rescue.

Warnings: I think I said like shit and fuck. But that’s it. This is not age gap dating


It was loud. Really, unnecessarily loud. I will never be sure as to why I thought this might have ever been a good idea, but hey, what can I do.

This bar wasn’t the most proper, but I would never bring Harrison to a slum so in it’s own way, it had a charm. Quaint and over all tidy. Still in one solid look over, you could tell it was built to withstand the constant hits that dedicated partiers were prone to give.

In my own opinion, I surely didn’t take Harrison as the partier type. So with that assumption backing my thought process, I brought him out to ‘loosen his reins’. I could say it worked, though of course I never thought it would. Yet there he was, on the floor with the second blonde of the night; leaving me to stand corrected.

Or, well, sit corrected. As I was, sitting by my lonesome on an industrial grade barstool that was bolted to the fading floorboards beneath it. My one elbow propped up on the solid bar top with my chin resting upon my palm.

I let my gaze collapse away from Harry to the counter’s surface with an inward sigh.

It would seem that filming a superhero movie really gets a grind on your exhaustion, and that would be the second thing I underestimated tonight.

“God, Tommy, what are you doing here?”

I said aloud to myself.

‘Being the DD..’

My mind’s reassurement was weak but for now, it was all I got.

“Oi, ya’ lonely loon!”

Now that, fucking scared me.

I flinched back in surprise and twisted my head nervously to the right; expecting a large drunken man wanting a brawl.

Instead, what I got was, a small kid.

At first, my breath turned into a gasp but formed its way into another sigh; this one caused by relief.

“What was that?” I asked briskly, my voice shook in a minor way.

The kid cleared their throat and said in a voice that seemed to belong to someone of their form “It was me.”

“Were ya’ scared?” they climbed up on the stool next to me. their feet dangling as they swiveled around to face me.

“Yes!” I stated in definite panic “You sounded like you wanted to cut my hands off!”

The kid responded with a hearty, kid like laugh and held out a smallish hand “(Y/n).” they smiled “Your new best friend, Tommy.”

I reached for their hand and was taken by surprise when they said my name before I could say it myself. “My name.. how’d you know it?” I pondered openly.

“I heard you talkin’ to yourself.”

“What-? Really?” I was a bit embarrassed. Because of a kid.

“No, you’re Tom Holland, you play spiderboy.” (Y/n) tilted their head and painted a grin on their face.

“O-Oh, yeah, yeah that’s tru–”

“Actually, to be honest, a little bit of both.” they looked up in thought “So don’t talk to yourself alone in a bar, it’s a bit weird.” (Y/n) whispered afterwards, leaning forward; winking.

I honestly didn’t have anything intelligent to say. They are a little shit. It’s impressive.

“How are you even in here?” I questioned when I let go of their hand. The question had an underlying tone of worry. “How old are you?”

(Y/n) pretended to count off the fingers on their small hand before looking up at me again “Well, by now, I’m eight years old.” I could tell that was true. “I’m here because I’m an alcoholic.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when I laughed “Your confidence scares me, (Y/n).”

They giggled and began to explain “My mom, a single mom, works as the bartender here.” they stopped a moment as we both looked back at the smiling bartender talking with a lady several stools down from where I was situated.

“Her boss here is a real softy and lets me hangout here until mom’s shift is over. As long as I don’t get kidnaped or killed and don’t spill the drinks.”

I nodded and laughed some more.

“So what would happen if I were to kidnap you?” I asked with a smirked

(Y/n) looked a little shook for a moment before laughing “I would cry because of your ugly face.”

And I laughed once again. “Ouch.”

“Ouch.” they repeated, a mock english accent lingering in their voice.

“You what?” I challenged and faked a hurt appearance.

“What kinda’ accent is that? Are ya’ east asian?” (Y/n) snickered.

“I’m English!” I cry. The both of us bellow with laughter.

The rest of the night played out with (Y/n) and myself talking about everything and anything. I was impressed by the eight year old’s smarts and they snickered at my jokes. I taught them a little bit of acting tips and their assured me that they would be using them in the future.

Sooner or later a hammered Harrison came upon our little duo and whined about the expense of condoms, so I took that as a cue to drive home for the night. I said my goodbyes to (Y/n) and was sad to have to walk away.

I’m sure I would find myself drinking alone again, soon; just so I could cross paths with my unlikely friend once again.




> Good morning*
> It’s 5:30 PM over here
> I want to speak in many different languages, but I can’t sorry
> How did you know it was me? I’m curious
> Jimin style? You can tell? ARMYs are amazing
> I’m an ARMY too
> I can’t tell which member it is when they write (in the chatroom)
> I am always eating well, so you don’t have to worry about that
> *send WOW sticker*
> It’s been a while since I’ve done a VLIVE
> You want me to do one?ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋI watched some of Namjoon hyungsㅋㅋ
> No I watched the entire time
> ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋNo I didn’t leave to the bathroom
> Hm
> I’m not sleepingㅋㅋ
>  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI can’t use English ㅋㅋㅋ don’t worry
> Am I that slow? (at replying he took like 5 minutes each message lol)
> I’m thankful for all the countries that support us_please translate this
> I told you I didn’t go to the bathroom ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> You all keep bringing up the bathroom ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> Okay the next time I join
> I will type quickly
> Actually no, I will type really quickly
> Anyways all our members are doing fine
> None of us are sick, we eat and sleep well, so don’t worry
> Thank you and I miss our ARMY
> I have to go get ready
> That was quick right?
> I’ll be back later bye

trans: jhope-shi

* = typed in English

Not to be That Person, but I don’t understand why people aren’t flipping out about this Ohio abortion ban yet. 

Governor Kasich is a Republican, but he is persuadable on this issue. So he’s the optimal type of politician to call and reach out to. I don’t even care if you’re an Ohioan. Call. Just. Call. Please.  (614) 466-3555. Just leave a message asking him to veto HB493 (the six week abortion ban bill). It can be as short as that. You will be doing a good thing. You will be protecting people like my sister and all my friends still living in Ohio. Please. 


Imagine: Being really sleepy, because you’ve been so stressed lately about your work, so you haven’t got any sleep. And Stefan makes you relax with massages and stories from his human life and you finally get a good night’s sleep.

“Why are you still up?” Stefan asks emerging from the bedroom. You’re typing away on your computer trying to finish a case at work, but you just can’t find a solution. In the last couple of days you’ve been so stressed and you’ve worked through so many cases. But no matter how fast you worked, the cases kept piling up. 

“I need to finish this,” you just say not taking your eyes off the screen. You imagine your eyes to be a little bloodshot, but you can’t worry about that now. 

“That’s it. I’m removing your from this chair,” Stefan says walking over and carrying you away. 

“Stefan, this is not funny!” you say trying to get free from his grip, but he is a goddamn rock. He doesn’t budge as he carries you to the bedroom. 

“You’ve been sitting by that computer for the last three days, Y/N. You need sleep,” he says looking concerned. He puts you down on the bed and you’re ready to run back to your home office, but he won’t let you. 

“Lie down,” he says and adds a please because you don’t move. Sighing you lie flat down on your stomach and Stefan rolls up your shirt as he begins to massage your back. You have to admit that it feels really good. 

“Thank you,” you say finally relaxing for the first time in a long time. Stefan doesn’t say anything but continues to massage your back. You hadn’t realised it, but it was actually two in the morning. 

“I’m tired,” you yawn feeling your lack of sleep hit you like a wall. After about 15 minutes Stefan stops and turns you around. Then he crawls under the duvet and puts his strong arms around you. He kisses your forehead and you’re so comfy and relaxed at the moment. 

“Tell me something good,” you whisper closing your eyes. Stefan thinks for a minute before beginning a story from his days as a human. 

“Damon had just gotten back from the war, but it was before Katherine came into our lives. He’d brought back some cigars and we stole one of our dad’s whiskey. Then we sat by the edge of the forrest drinking and smoking and just having a good time. He told me stories about the war and what he’d seen. He also told me about some of his conquests,” Stefan says laughing to himself. You can’t help but wonder if that is one of the last good memories he has with Damon. 

“And I told him about life at the house. There was nothing grand about it, but I felt happier than I had in a long time,” Stefan finishes the story and looks down at you. You’re already half asleep, but you manage to smile. 

“I liked that story,” you say placing a kiss on Stefan’s chest. Then you fall asleep in your boyfriend’s arms and you couldn’t be more relaxed. 


somewhatinvisible  asked:

Can't Let Go Yet Kiss please. Reminds me of the 4x09 limo kisses with the nose nuzzles. That kiss is my Kryptonite.

If you’re looking for fluffy prompts for the weekend, can you please do something with Olicity waking up on a lazy Sunday morning and Eskimo kisses please? I stared at the 4x09 limo kisses too long and am spiraling again. Please and thank you. 😘😘😘

a/n: okay but like… this is exactly what I was thinking for this prompt so… (it’s not really a goodbye kiss anymore, but still)

Can’t Let Go Yet Kiss - The type of goodbye kiss when you keep leaving quick pecks on each other’s lips, but end up pulling each other back for more, which could go on for hours if one of you don’t finally pull away.

“Good morning,” she mumbled as she moved closer to Oliver.

He wrapped his arms around her and gave her lips a gentle peck. “Morning.”

Lazy Sundays were always her favorite. They didn’t have to go anywhere or do anything. She and Oliver could just exist and relax in the sweet warmth of their bed.

He let out a sight, “Can’t stay in bed too long today,” he muttered.

What? That was not part of the plan.

“There’s a fundraiser for the children’s hospital today.”

Definitely not part of the plan.

She whined at him.

“I know,” he mumbled, “But the kids.”

It was hard to argue that, but she still wanted her lazy morning. She inched a little closer, giving him a slow, sweet kiss. His fingers moved across her back gently caressing her skin. When he pulled back from the kiss, she leaned in further, letting her nose brush against his. He gave a content sigh at the eskimo kisses. It wasn’t fair, but she knew she could always get him with the gentle touches. He reveled in the sweetness of her touch. She would never actually abuse this because she knew after so long of being tortured that he craved this kind of thing. Today it was just hard to let him go.

If she were being honest, she craved his touch almost as much as he craved hers.

He rest his forehead against hers and slowly opened his eyes. “Maybe just a few more minutes.”

She hummed her approval and gave him another soft peck on the lips. He smiled against her lips and gave her a few pecks of his own. Yeah, she could have stayed there all day. It was so easy to pull him back in for more kisses when he started to pull away. So easy for him to lean back in, brushing his nose against hers.

She didn’t know how long this went on for before he finally pulled all the way back.

“Felicity,” he said with an amused smile.

“I know,” she sighed dramatically.

“You coming with me?” he asked.

“Hmm, come with and be arm candy for the Mayor… I guess.”

He rolled his eyes at her because they both knew that no one saw her that way. She actually liked going with him to the children’s hospital, even on days when they weren’t fundraising. The kids loved Oliver and he loved them. He sat with them and read stories or played with dolls and action figures. Felicity always wanted to play with the Green Arrow and as pervy as that sounded she just really liked doing the growly voice with the toy, making the kids laugh and Oliver make faces.

The best part, though, was the fact that Oliver was just as much a hero to those kids as the Green Arrow was to the rest of the city.

She kissed him once more. “I love you.”

He kissed back and nuzzled her nose. “I love you too.”

more mini drabbles // all fics


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@sunwool submitted: OC SUNDAY HELL YEAH
So here’s my boy, Ansish. He’s half elf, and don’t like elves that much. Btw, he hates humans as well.
Ansish is kinda loser, but not the goofy comedy type, and an unlucky dud in general. I mean, he still has his hopes for better future for him and everyone and actually cares, but he is just not able to save people he cares about, he can’t even help himself sometimes. Yeaah, Ansish kinda had to become that pessimistic dud, not like he had much of a choise. One need to be strong to stay optimistic, but my boy is just a wimp.
Oh, and his name. Elves have only one name, which consists of two parts - name, and kinda surname. In Ansish, An- is name, unique and with meaning, that actually means nothing, and -sish is surname, that went to him from his elfmom. Elvish surnames is going from mothers and only mothers, so Ansish’s potential kids won’t have a -sish surname.
By the surname you can tell where they are from, it’s not based on profession or anything.
I’m kinda proud of that naming system I came up with, so here it is.
Hope you like it, mom
Love ya

i never knew i needed daddy magnus until i got daddy magnus. so imagine

  • magnus checking in on raphael every single day for about five years until raphael deadass turns to him and says “dad, I’m good, I’m a grown up, I can take care of myself” and then magnus stops hovering
    • (that’s a lie, he doesn’t, he just hovers from afar)
  • magnus letting raphael complain about camille and her attitudes even though he’s still not speaking to her/ hasn’t seen her in a century and even though talking about her hurts him, because he cares about raphael too much to not give him this type of support
  • magnus checking in on simon every other day to make sure that he’s drinking enough blood
  • magnus letting simon talk about his mother’s alcoholism and giving simon a shoulder to cry on
    • (perhaps telling simon about the times when magnus also thought alcohol was a better alternative and how he managed to overcome it)
  • magnus taking clary in after jocelyn’s death since clary’s only living relative is a mass murderer and the clave/institute see her more as a burden than an asset
  • magnus getting clary a bedroom in his apartment, sitting down with her in bed with hot chocolate so he can recount all the times he’s had to babysit her in the past, giving back some of the memories he took from her in the form of stories
  • magnus’ heart breaking whenever he sees the longing glances clary and jace give each other because he cares about clary’s happiness ridiculously and he knows she’s still far from having even a portion of it back
  • magnus’ downworlder children – and clary - getting together to give him a nice gift in his birthday and getting magnus’ eyes to fill with tears and magnus to feel like the best decision in his life, in all these centuries, was to let these kids have a home in it only for him to find out that he has a home in them too.


  • a very distressed alec  wondering what the hell he’s going to do with this many step children

I’m not a native speaker but I love shortening everything in English so much. like, it’s so fun and exciting?? I may look like an 8 year old who can’t spell but why the hell type 14 characters if I can just smash CU2MORO and still deliver. I can’t do this in my mother language so good luck wh stopping me massacreing urs m8


BJD Box Opening: MYOU Ailsa

I ordered her in stock from Junkyspot, she’s in the normal skin (which is on the yellower side), with the three part torso, small bust and with a face-up. She won’t be keeping the face-up, since she’s destined for the dyeing pot, but she came with it and was still a good price, so I didn’t mind too much. It is quite a cute face-up though. 

Her box is a sparkly beige colour and she came along with a pair of walking dead socks, a pokeball with a tiny transparent Abra, a whale eraser. She also came with a credit card type certificate that appears to be sculpt specific, a little booklet and a maintenance form? Apparently you can use it to send the doll in for maintenance? I’m not entirely sure what that means. Her bag is gorgeous and velvety, it’ll be great for taking her to meets.

Her arms are very nicely strung but her body is a little loose. Surprisingly she’s also more chunky than I was expecting. I was going to have her wear this cute dress that I got from Luts, but it doesn’t fit her. Hopefully I’ll have something she can wear.

So far, she is tentatively named Aisling 

(sorry for the lack of pictures, tumblr apparently decided that the majority of them couldn’t be uploaded no matter what I tried)

twerkyvulture  asked:

for the ask thing: Data

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang | dying from thirst and embarassment 24/7 ‘cause gosh darnit bspine is ???? hot??? why ???
best quality: a good and talented boy, i honestly can’t even articulate any particular thing i love the most lmao
worst quality: i’d love to know what functional purpose these nipples serve (i have SO many questions for dr. soong tho..)
ship them with: canonically married to geordi.. also, not a shippy-shippy thing, but i want to believe there’s still casual sex in 24th century and like 80% of enterprise-d senior staff are tapping that from time to time (please support my extra-rare pain which is ‘casual data/riker/troi’)
brotp them with: geordi, KEIKO!!
needs to stay away from: the borg
misc. thoughts: i find the concept of data’s ethical programming rather puzzling - if it doesn’t allow him to kill a person, what would be a definition of said person - wouldn’t de-activation lore (he’s a person alright) be a violation of this programming, or is there a loophole? is data allowed to kill someone who is defined as (for lack of better word) ‘bad’ by his ethical program, and how do you calculate this, or is it more of a self-defence thing? lore aside, he kills some borg, and essentially works in a military organization - wouldn’t the fact what he’s frequently put in position where his actions could cause someone’s death completely over-ride this basic programming? i mean. this makes no sense (at least to me, and if somebody out here understands the ethics involved please explain lmao). but i’m jussayin’ azimov’s android would go work on risa instead


sorry for being gone for so long. lots of stuff have been going on in my personal life that’s been keeping me from running this blog or even messaging people back. both good and bad things in my personal life (but let’s focus on the good for now)

plus, the whole anti and dark ordeal gave me really bad anxiety. i just wanted to wait for it to die down and then come back. (i’m still nervous typing this up, oops) i can only hope you guys understand and forgive me for not taking into consideration those of you who didn’t want to see that.

from now on, all anti and dark posts will be tagged with ///anti and ///dark. so you can feel free to blacklist it.

so sorry for being gone for so long, i really am. i hope you can all forgive me, especially after worrying all of you.

i’ll get back to messaging people back soon. i’m gonna try to upload some drawing requests right now.

So I’ve been really enjoying the au’s that @feynites and @selenelavellan and co. have been doing. For your consideration, here’s Marla the Wrath abomination. Probs in the reincarnation au.


The human man gave her an annoyed look, but did not stop his tirade. Marla was almost impressed by his tenacity.


He had started with his usual “who do you think you are?” and then threatened to call the police. Just like he did every time she came by to deliver a package to this estate.

She tended to tune him out around the time he got to “lazy knife-eared welfare leeches”, which was usually somewhere between her cheerfully announcing she needed his signature for his package, and him demanding she refund his delivery charge. It was old hat by now; he had some kind of medical condition that required home delivery biweekly. She’d been bringing him a package twice a month for the last 8 months.

He still hadn’t bothered to learn her name.

Or her face.

She was just another pair of ears to him, and that suited Marla just fine. She counted to 15 in her head, and snapped her gum obnoxiously again.


This time he did pause, his face screwed up like he’d tasted something sour.

“Don’t they teach you people ANY manners?!?” He demanded shrilly.

(He’s harmless) Wrath whispered. She knew that, of course, had confirmed it the first time she’d met him. His flavor of anger was bitter and petulant, but not overly concerning.

Marla just liked pissing him off.

She blew a decent sized bubble and let it pop. She made a show of getting the gum back in her mouth, and grinned.


Magister Kinios frowned impossibly deeper, and Marla got the distinct impression that Wrath was rolling it’s eyes at her. And at him. It had 5 eyes, it could do both and then some. It didn’t object though, little snacks like this were what got them through the day.

They were ahead of schedule, had another minute or so before she needed to move to the next delivery. He’d signed her log at some point during his rambling, but hadn’t given it back,  instead swinging it around and jabbing it at her face to emphasize his outraged squawking.


(We can lose the pen) she decided, and Wrath agreed. They had spares, and a job to do, and Wrath had gotten all it cared to from him.

Marla deftly snatched her logbook back from the Magister as he gestured at her with it, ignoring his spluttering as she double checked her dates and times.

(Satisfactory) said Wrath, pleased.

(It’s not a race) she reminded it.

Wrath did not respond, but she didn’t expect it to. She got the sense it was mentally shrugging. It could be prickly sometimes, and was prone to expressing itself nonverbally. Marla didn’t mind.

She turned to go and Magister Kinios practically shrieked.


“That sounds like a -you- problem, sir. Have a good day!” Marla waved placidly over her shoulder and blew another bubble as she walked out the gate, leaving the Magister to hurl insults and impotent threats at her back.

Next up was a delivery to one U. Elvhen.  Strange name, for this part of town. She’d delivered there before, of course, but nobody ever came to the gate. Just that large ugly bird. The one that would make the godawful screeching noise and try to look through her bag for treats. She’d taken to carrying a pouch of strawberries for it. Better than having it tear into a package and eat a customer’s intended delivery. Luckily for her, none of the items she’d delivered here had called for a signature. She’d leave the packages with Messere Bird, who would begrudgingly take them over the (heavily warded) gate, making disgruntled noises the whole time.

Sure enough, as she approached, the big ugly feathery lump was peering down from where it sat on top of the main gate. Marla took out her berry pouch in preparation for its customary dive bomb and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

…and apparently today it was not in the mood for snacks. Wrath noted the bird’s normal irritation at their arrival was lessened somewhat. Marla wondered idly if it was sick. It didn’t LOOK sick. Well. Anymore than usual anyway.

She stood outside the gate and looked up at the thing. It looked back down at her.


Two minutes passed. She COULD just leave the package on the step. Marla doubted anyone would try to steal it, not in this neighborhood, and not with several pounds of feathery fury watching from above.


Marla threw a strawberry at the bird.

It squawked, indignant and startled, and Wrath huffed. It didn’t care for Messere Bird. When she had asked it why, it hadn’t been able to say, exactly, except that it was ‘too strange’. Also that it’s particular flavor of teritorrial anger wasn’t very filling.

Marla didn’t mind, she wasn’t exactly normal herself.

The bird puffed itself up and made unhappy hissing noises, glaring down at her the whole while.

“Apologies Messere Bird, but you seemed to have forgotten how to greet visitors.” Marla said, amused.

It flapped its wings and looked offended, as much as a bird -could- look offended. Wrath kept to the background, eyeing the feathery thing with suspicion. It warbled at her in an unmistakably admonishing tone.

“Yes of course, my bad, I should have greeted you first. Do over?”

The bird appeared to be considering her offer. Or perhaps just the strawberries she was holding out as a peace offering. After a few seconds of disgruntled squawking, it swooped down gracefully and perched on a low branch.

“Right then, good afternoon Messere Bird, I have a delivery for you!” Marla made a show of doing a deep curtsy, and placed the plain brown package on the ground, holding the berries up towards the feathery menace.

With surprising delicacy it snatched one after another of the berries up with its wicked sharp beak. After it had eaten all of them it fluffed it’s feathers up a bit and made an a noise Marla could only describe as imperious.

“You’re welcome” she replied, because Messere Bird seemed to respond well to manners.

It cocked it’s head at her and clacked it’s beak, which she took as indication that she was free to go. Sure enough, as soon as she was an appreciable number of feet away, Messere Bird launched itself off its branch, and nabbed the package in one of its talons. It winged up over the tall gate and disappeared from view with only mild squawking. Marla shrugged and went on to her next delivery.

(We should get someone else to take this route) Wrath insisted, as it aways did whenever they had to deal with Messere Bird.

(I like this route) Marla told it, (and so do you. The snooty rich old people are easy meals.)

Wrath grumbled somewhat incoherently but couldn’t argue that.

(There’s something unsettling about that place) it said, finally, and Marla could feel her friend’s unease rippling around it.

(It’s probably the wards. You know those eccentric rich types, they’re so paranoid. It’s probably some kind of environmental charm to keep nosy kids out of the yard.)

Wrath hummed but said nothing. Marla wasn’t entirely convinced herself, but it wasn’t pressing enough to really investigate. If there was something hinky with that property or the owner well…

She’d burn that bridge when she got to it.

It’s been a week and a half and I’m just now feeling a bit less emotionally wrecked over ‘Logan’, and am finally able to string words together that don’t want to make me rip my own heart out haha (though I still can’t handle any fix-it’s yet sorry). So for my darling @lachatblanche (who I know loves this ‘verse) and @thea-polis (who is sick, and hopefully will enjoy some completely AU Xavierine goodness), here is a little follow-up to my Actors AU From Lovers to Friends and Back Again.

(It’s not really necessary to have read the previous fic to understand what’s happening here…just know that ‘First Class’ in this verse was a Merchant Ivory type movie where Charles and Erik played teachers at an all-boys school set in 1902.)

“No, no way. Not gonna happen.”

He doesn’t know what he’s done to deserve this, to have the Xavier siblings conspiring against him, sitting side by side and grinning at him from across the table. He looks from the contract in his hand, to Raven’s confident smirk, and finally at the soft smile playing across Charles’ lips…

…lips that Logan wants very desperately to taste, and would happily do so if they weren’t in a room full of other people. People who happen to be enjoying the restaurant’s quiet and romantic atmosphere, which is what Logan was doing with Charles until Raven showed up out of the blue to crash their anniversary dinner.

“You can’t be serious,” Raven says, plucking the champagne glass out of Logan’s hand and taking a long sip from it before licking her lips. “This role is perfect for you. It was written for you. It’s the long awaited sequel to an Oscar winning movie, a movie that won Charles a Best Actor Oscar, you remember don’t you? And you get to play his new love interest! All while getting a nice paycheck, and the chance to work with one of the best directors in Hollywood! Seriously, Howlett this is a no brainer. As your agent, I’m going to have to insist that you do the movie.”

Logan shakes his head, though he smiles when Charles reaches over and squeezes his hand. “Let me ask you something…is Lehnsherr in the movie?”

Raven rolls her eyes. “Well yes, of course he is! It’s a sequel to ‘First Class’, and the story is about his character’s unexpected return to the School ten years later so yeah…he kind of needs to be a part of it.”

“And he’s okay with it? He signed on, to do a movie…this movie? With Charles?” 

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anonymous asked:

jaemin's ideal type?

ok but really Jaemin would loveeee someone who’s very talkative like imagine him listening to you blabber about random things like that would be the cutest thing ever can i dieee. that boy smiles a lot and he’d surely like someone who’s good at jokes, lame or funny, he’s still gonna laugh bc he knows what his smile does to u ;))

also, he’d really like someone who is very caring and genuinely a considerate person in general bc he’s caring too and he’d love it when you become the caring type when he falls sick. ok but just imagine bringing a bowl of soup for him bc he has a cold and he look up at you and smiles bc ur so sweet :))) ok im cheesy but u know u love it bc ur reading i shud stp

i feel that he’s very organised and has his shit together basically so maybe he would want you to be the same?? in the end id like to remind ya’ll that this is just my opinion its not based upon any original facts or anything its purely my own idea of jaemins ideal thank <3