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Not a dumb question at all and proven since there’s more than one of ya. These are why i use silhouettes:

1) Being Lazy AF

The silhouette is my main layer that I mask colors on top of. But if I don’t have that little red line in place…

My picture looks like this:

Each color (red, blue, dark blue, etc) has its own layer. So if I have the skin as the uppermost layer and am coloring Craig’s hair in a layer below it, I don’t have to worry about staying inside the lines and messing his skin color up. So there’s a little trick on how to be lazy and smack colors down fast. B’)

2) Character Design

One thing I’ve learned from character designing is that it’s important to have a distinguishable silhouette - if you take a cartoon and you can still recognize who’s who in the silhouette, youre on your way to a good design!

These two have pretty similar body types but they still can be told apart from each other with identifiers. Craig’s got slimmer legs, both have different shoes, Tweek’s hair, Craig’s hat, etc.

Even a style as simple as south park has this: 

Even though they show no features or colors, you still know that it’s Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny from the shapes used in their silhouettes.

so when making their outfits and stuff for the au, I want them to all be distinguishable from each other so the silhouettes are sort of a self-check to myself that even in a dark room, I’ll be able to know whether I’m looking at Craig or Stan or etc. I’ll probably do a silhouette lineup after I finish the whole survivor group to further illustrate this (and just for funsies for myself)

Not My Type (Beverly Marsh/Reader)

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(A/N: I cannot write today this is not good. Still I wanted to do this asap bc I’m gay as hell. Sorry it’s repetitive and bad goodnight.)

Request: “for a beverly x reader: how about the losers got to the arcade and they see the reader all the boys each take turns trying to talk and flirt with her only to be shot down. after all the boys have been shot down, richie makes a joke that bev will be the only only successful at talking to her. while he was saying this no one realized that she was coming towards them. she interupts him by slinging her arm around bev’s shoulder because her and bev have been dating secretly for a couple months.”

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Could I request the RFA+V&Saeran reacting to having a very quiet/reserved/shy significant other?

Didn’t proof read so there will be some mistakes sorry but i’ll fix it tomorrow // alsoooo i’m playing collar x malice and ohhh i’ve only finished one route but ohhh it’s pretty good and the art is really pretty and the voice acting is great and yee it’s good so far heh (ofc i went with the dorky hotheaded hopeless romantic idiot bc heh that’s probably my type tbh ahhh enomoto was so cute hehe :3 )

Yoosung :

  • he likes it because he can be pretty awkward around girls but he always has a lot of things to say so he doesn’t mind that his s/o is quiet, he even finds his s/o’s shyness endearing when they blush but he’ll still try to help them and make sure they don’t end up too reserved, to a point where they’d be shutting themselves out from the world - then he’d do everything he can to make them go  outside and see people
  • he’d always go with them though, especially if they didn’t like being alone in crowds or outside, he’d always hold their hand and take this as an opportunity to get in touch with the real world; Yoosung used to shut himself from reality and take refuge in the virtual world of video games so he knows how easy it can be to become too reserved to communicate with the people around you
  • if his s/o liked video games, they’d play together online so they can make some friends on there, just like he did; because it can be easier to let go of your shyness when you’re talking to people online rather than face to face

Zen :

  • regardless of his s/o’s personality, he’d think they are the cutest thing ever but if they were embarrassed at his compliments then he’d find them even more adorable
  • he’s not shy or quiet or reserved at all, if anything he’s the opposite of that, but he’s always careful to not make them uncomfortable with how different his personality and behavior are; and as much as he wants to show his s/o off because they’re the most amazing human being on this planet to him, he’d refrain from doing it if it madethem uncomfortable
  • he’d be worried of how his career would affect them though, he’d constantly worry that his lifestyle might put too much pressure on them and he’d always make sure to 
  • talk to them about anything that might bother them; he’s good with words and he knows how to coax his s/o out of their shell so even if they’re reserved, he’ll still
  • try his best to know what’s on their mind
  • gets super protective of them too, especially since they tend to not say anything when something or someone hurts them, they’re too shy to stand up to themselves and Zen
  • will make sure to always stand up for them and protect them from any harmful words or rumors

Jaehee :

  • she’s not very outgoing but it’s not necessarily out of shyness, she actually likes talking to people once she opens up her own coffee shop, she wants to make people happy; she knows what it’s like to be alone without anyone to talk to and she doesn’t want other people to feel like that. That being said, she would feel the same way towards her s/o if they were quiet and shy, she’d understand it might be hard for them to make friends or have people noticing them and would do her best to help them.
  • she’d always respect their silence though, she wouldn’t pry and when she goes too far while trying to coax her s/o out of her shell, she immediately apologizes and leaves them with some time by themselves.
  • Jaehee enjoys the quiet moments they spend together though, before she used to dread them a bit because they made her feel the weight of her loneliness but now, just sitting next to each other, both doing their own things in silence; it’s comfortable to her because she knows it’s a sign of trust if her s/o allows her to be by their side when they are relaxing by themselves, away from other people - Jaehee knows she’s not like other people to her s/o and that alone makes her happy.

Jumin :

  • he’s used to dealing with people who are reserved since he’s been V’s friend for so long that he’s able to read someone’s feelings and thoughts, even when they’re well hidden so he doesn’t mind that his s/o’s like that, he feels uncomfortable around people who are loud and who talk too much; he thinks there’s great wisdom in someone who doesn’t waste their time talking about things that don’t matter
  • the fact that his s/o is shy and quiet but still allows him to be so close to them is something he’s very proud of and he never takes that for granted, he knows it’s not easy for them sometimes but to know they still want him by their side means a lot to him and he never forgets to thank them for giving him a place in their life
  • he’s very protective though, he’s always surrounded by journalists, paparazzis, important business contacts and he knows his s/o will have to deal with those people if they are together; that always worries him and he goes to great lengths to make things easier for them and he tries to keep them safe from these crowds of people
  • he thinks their shyness is really cute though and sometimes he can’t help himself but to tease them and enjoy their flustered reactions

707 :

  • they’d be the opposite of him so of course he’d always have to tease them, he thinks it’s too entertaining and funny to see their reactions; their personality tends to make his sadistic side appear very often but if the teasing made them uncomfortable, he’d tone it down but it’d still be there
  • if they’re his s/o then it means they weren’t put off by his weird and eccentric behavior, and it’s also very likely that it’s actually what drew them to him; they’d probably find themselves comfortable with his personality because it completed what their own personality lacked, an opposites attract kind of thing
  • as someone who’s used to keeping a lot of things to himself, he’d respect that his s/o is reserved and keeps their thoughts to themselves but he’d still be able to realize when the things they keep hidden are taking a toll on them, he’s observant and he knows, from being in their shoes, what to do and what to say to persuade them to let it all out

V :

  • he’s fairly quiet and reserved too so he wouldn’t have any problems with it, but he tends to worry too much so he’d often ask and make sure his s/o was okay and that their silence wasn’t concealing unhappiness; other than that he’s fine with letting them have their own personal space, he knows it’s important to have some time with yourself and your own thoughts
  • that being said, he’s someone who thinks a lot and reflects on life very often and if his s/o was the same, he’d be happy to exchange thoughts and he’d be intrigued to hear how they view the world, those conversations would be very dear to him and they’d feel special, as it would take someone he trusts completely to be able to let them see what’s  on his mind
  • he wouldn’t mind that they’re shy either, he’d make sure they see him and the RFA as a family and people they can rely on, he would be worried that his s/o’s shyness was making their life too hard sometimes and if they agreed to it, he’d encourage them to find a hobby in any form of art, as he thought it would be a good way to express themselves without necessarily having to talk to people

Saeran :

  • he understands them and he sees his younger self in them too, which makes him very protective of his s/o; he knows how cruel the world can be to people who appear as weak because of their looks or personality and he would do his best to protect them from anyone and anything that could hurt them
  • he’d be as gentle as possible with them though, he’d be worried about hurting them in any way and it would take some time and some effort from both parties for him to not be as afraid of being with them
  • he’d be happy that someone understands him on that aspect though, that it takes a while to warm up to someone and trust them and that being quiet doesn’t mean you’re boring or uninteresting; he’d feel like he can be himself without fearing being misunderstood or feeling like he has to compete with someone else and having to be someone he’s not
About Time

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“Just stop!”

I sat up from my bed in Archie’s house with a confused look on my face. I walked over to the open window that faces Betty’s room.

“(Y/N) I’m not saying this to be a jerk, I’m saying it because I’m your friend.” I hear Betty say.

“Betts, I get it. Nothing good can come of me telling him though! He is like a very protective older brother, just in a hot way.” (Y/N) says, sagging down to Betty’s bed with her hands over her face.

“I understand you have a major thing for him now but it still doesn’t change the fact that he needs to know. What Veronica did was out of line.” Betty said putting her hand on (Y/N)’s shoulder.

By this point I’m so confused. I pull out my phone and start typing.

From Jughead to Betty: Hey, is everything okay?

I send the text and go back to watching the girls from the window. To be honest, I kind of felt like a creep. Watching two girls right from a window. Shaking my head, I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket.

Betty: No, not really. She has something she needs to tell someone but she’s scared. Maybe you can talk to her?

I chuckle as I shake my head and type out my reply.

From Jughead to Betty: Why would she listen to me?

I was asking an honest question.

Betty: You know damned well why. You two are best friends, Jug. Plus I know how you feel about her.

I scoffed and then sighed. She was right. Me and (Y/N) has been best friends for 3 years and 2 and half of those 3 years I had been in love with her. Of course she still, to this day, has no idea. I shake my head and get up, throwing my boots and jacket on and head out to find (Y/N).

There was only three places she would go. The first was straight home. She wouldn’t be there if she’s upset though, her parents would grill her about what’s wrong. The second was Pop’s. No, she wouldn’t be there. She didn’t have her tablet to write. I smile as I head to the third place. Her safe space.

As I approach (Y/N)’s favorite rock at Sweetwater River, I see her. She has her head in her hands and her shoulders are shaking. She’s crying. What the fuck did Veronica do? I walk over and sit down next to her, putting an arm around her and pulling her close. She looks up shocked, then just shakes her head and rests it on my shoulder.

“How did you know I was here?” She asks me. I look at her and scoff.

“We have only been friends for three years. I think I know you by now.” I say, smiling down at her. She gives me a small smile.

“So what’s wrong, (Y/N)? You don’t come out here unless you’ve got some big decision to make or unless you are really upset.” I ask her, running my hand up and down her back.

“Well, it’s kind of both actually. Veronica gave me an ultimatum earlier. Either I tell this guy I like I have feelings for him, or she’s going to tell Cheryl who it is and she will tell him.” She says, fresh tears now rolling down her face.

I look at her confused and scrunch my eyebrows together. “Well then just tell him. Any guy would be lucky to have you.”

“I can’t tell him, Jug. It’ll ruin everything.” She says, wiping the tears away.

“How would it ruin everything? Maybe he likes you back. You could have your happily ever after. The (Y/N) I know wouldn’t chicken out like this. Now you can either take a chance and get your happily ever after, or you can sit out here and then regret not taking a chance.” I stand up and pull her up with me. 

Suddenly our eyes lock. I look at her trying to figure out what on Earth is going on in her head, when all of a sudden I feel her lips on mine. Shocked, I stand there for a second before finally wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her closer. Just as the kiss starts to get passionate, she pulls away. She smirks at me.

“I don’t know how you haven’t caught on in the last three years, but it’s you, Jug. I like you. I have for a really long time now. So I’m taking a chance. Is there any possibility for us?” She asks looking up at me. I can see the fear in her eyes. Fear of rejection. I smile down at her and pull her up to kiss her again. Our lips lock and I smile against her lips.

“(Y/N), I can’t believe you made me wait three years to do this.” I say just before kissing her and wrapping my arms around her. 

Thoughts on Ryan Everett Wood’s “Michael in the Bathroom”

I finally sat down and gave some of the Exit82 audio a listen (I don’t still have it on Google Drive, but I could try to upload my copy to it if someone wants), specifically “Michael in the Bathroom.”  My thoughts.

-People were right about Ryan sounding like George.  I guess it’s the voice type needed for the part.

-Okay but Ryan’s voice is SO GOOD???  Like I wish I could sing like that?

-Something about his version felt more emotional.  He yells the “No” on “No, you can’t come in!” instead of singing it.  It felt wilder, more desperate, more like he was really coming apart at the seams.

-The thing I keep thinking about is the lyric “And there’s no denying, I’m just–” because while on the cast recording George finishes the lyric and than you hear a tiny sob, Ryan’s “just” dissolves into a sob.  He’s so overcome he can’t even finish the line.  IT HURTS.

-The “knock knock knock” bit seemed to go faster and more frantic.  Very Sondheim-esque.  I loved it!

-After the short breakdown after “just”, when Ryan got to “at a party” his voice was so quiet and sad and full of tears and I just wanted to hug him.  His Michael is my son now.

-I think his voice was actually shaking at some points?  WHY DO YOU MAKE ME SUFFER RYAN WHY.  HIS VERSION MADE ME SAD AGAIN.

-It wasn’t better than George’s original version, but it’s just as good and I love the ways he made it his own!  Now I just want them to do a duet version.

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prhalloweenbash2k17: - I showed up to this haunted house alone because I thought I wouldn’t be scared but now I am and I might be holding your hand

A|N: Combined this with another similar anon prompt I received about ‘invading each other’s personal space whilst at a haunted house’ so here you go!
Bellamy’s never been the type to scare easily, really, so working at the community center’s haunted house seems to be an ideal gig. It’s entertaining, if anything, and plus he gets paid to watch Murphy stumble around with an arrow through his eye. As far as jobs go, it’s probably as good as it can get.

Still, sometimes, he does get his fair share of… eccentric customers.

“Ma’am,” he tries, biting at the inside of his cheek to keep from bursting into laughter. “I’m going to have to ask you to get up from the floor, now.”

The glare he receives in return would be impressive, if the girl in question would actually get up from her half-crouch against the ground. “I can’t,” she hisses, jabbing frantically at something above head. “I don’t want it to see me.”


She makes a helpless gesture with her hands, cringing away when Monty gives a theatrical sounding groan, rattling at the bars of his cell. “If I can’t see them, they can’t see me,” she mutters under her breath, rubbing at her face impatiently. “It’s— plain and simple logic, okay? I’ll just stay here, and it’ll be fine.

“Right,” he says, fighting back a smile. It’s all kinds of ridiculous, but he has to say that it’s been the most entertaining part of his day so far. “So,” he says, nonchalant, “I take it you’re just going to stay here until we close up for the day?”

“Sounds about right, yeah.”

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Yaaaaahoooooo!! /o/ Could you write some fluffy ~ Romantic ~ and maybe a little nsfw HC for my baby Todoroki -with a female s/o-? Please! ;; I'm almost killing for new things about him and I loved the way that you understand him!!! Thank you so much and good work, love ;)

Ahhh thank you! I really enjoy writing him so its good to know that I write him well!! 

Relationship HCs:

  • super dense when it comes to romance, like he doesn’t understand someone likes him and he’s the type of guy who still doesn’t understand even after a confession
  • Like, he’ll have a crush but if they confess to him he’ll think its too good, like why??? So he’ll just assume they meant they enjoyed being friends with him
  • BUT that doesn’t mean he is still like that after, like he can already read his s/o pretty well before they get together but now he understands them better and he understands why they act a certain way around him when they didn’t use to act like that (like get flustered around him and such) 
  • One of the sweetest guys ever, an absolute gentleman 
  • Will take a while to initiate the first kiss, unless his s/o already kissed him first then he’ll shower them with kisses (usually in private)
  • Likes to give s/o gifts, usually small things that reminded him of them and he’ll make sure to tell them how it reminded him
  • Accidental romantic, like he’ll blurt out really sweet compliments out of no where, he doesn’t even think about it, they just happen
  • LOVES cuddling with s/o (cuddle HCs here)
  • Likes to hold hands, both in public and in private, especially when they’re walking home together
  • Just loves being around his s/o, doesn’t matter if they’re just sitting around, he just loves having them with him

Now for some nsfw (under the cut!)

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Broken Not Shattered (Teen Dad AU Jaehyun/ Brother AU Mark) PT2

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Can i request a part two to the broken not shattered jaehyun and mark au?? I wanna cry reading it😢 so good!!!

Part 1

“What?” Mark asked Jaehyun unsure he heard the elder boy right “I have a date” Jaehyun repeats “her name is-” “I don’t give a rats ass what her name is” Mark hissed “you have to worry about you daughter not banging the first girl that throws herself at you” Mark told him. It’s only been 3 months and Mark and Jaehyun were still on edge with one another “I still need to live-” Mark’s grip soon took hold of Jaehyun’s collar shoving him hard into the metal locker “should have thought of that before you killed my sister” he told “you’re still on that. I didn’t kill her if anything it was Camari-” a harsh punch connected with his face as his nose started gushing blood and Mark was quickly grabbed by his friends “you’re dead you hear me! Dead! You’re nothing but trash who ruined my family” Mark yelled as a scene had been caused and once more Jaehyun was an asshole.

He was being a parent for you but he was having a hard time still being what he was, a teen. He didn’t want late nights every night with his daughter, she was needy and vulnerable. Not that she could really help it, she was only 4 months old, moving between houses once a week. 4 days with grandma,grandpa, and uncle Mark, then 3 days with daddy and his parents. Then the next week it would be the other way around. He would have to come home right after school now and take care of his daughter who wanted nothing more than be held against a super warm body.


Jaehyun sighed as he iced his nose lightly. He walked into the nursery where his mother left Camari maybe 5 minutes before he walked in. She left the moment he had entered the home to go shopping. “Hi Camari” he says softly as the little girl looked up at him and yawned “go back to sleep” he says as he reached down and rubs her belly lightly before turning on her mobile “sleep well princess” he hummed as he headed out and pulled his phone out. He scrolled through before he clicked on his dates name. ‘Sorry have to cancel I have to take care of my kid’ he sent before he headed to his room and sat his phone on his desk. He watched the feed of his daughter through the nursery camera before he pulled his homework out and began working.

He tapped his pencil on the desk, history papers weren’t his strong suit. You on the other hand could write a paper with ease. Factual yet completely bullshitted and got A’s each time. He smiled at the memories of him being actually tutored by you. How smart you were and everything. Camari let out a whine as she rolled over “Cami daddy is busy” he mumbles as he shifted the ice pack. Camari let out a loud cry as she rolled around in the crib making Jaehyun sigh and get up. “Camari, I have homework to work o-what’s wrong” he asked as he saw she had thrown up in her bed. “Camari are you alright?” he asked softly as he picked her up. She let out another cry as she clung to him “are you not feeling well? Grandma says you have diarrhea” he whispered as he checks the clock. He rushed to his room and grabbed his jacket, phone, and wallet before he headed out. He covered Camari with his jacket as he made his way to the clinic. 


He had never been to the doctors without his mother, he quickly realized he wasn’t even old enough to sign some of the forms. “Can I fill these out later?” he asked the lady at the desk as he held his daughter tightly “my daughter is sick and I want to know what is wrong. The female doctor here knows me, she’s my neighbor” he says as she looked around and took them from him as she got up. Camari let out another whine as Jaehyun nearly felt the need to cry. “Dr. Kim can see you now” she says as he nods and quickly heads back.

After a basic check up and questioning Dr. Kim offered him a light smile “she’s going to be fine” she tells him as he sighs “she has Gastroenteritis” she continues “have you taken her out anywhere public?” she asked as he thought about it “last weekend we went out to celebrate my 18th birthday” he tells her as she nods “all I can recommend is keeping her hydrated. Plenty of fluids” she explained “is she still going between, your household and the Lee’s?” she then asked as he nodded. “Explain to them then what is wrong with her. I recommend you keep her for the whole week to ensure she doesn’t pass it on” he was told. 


“How sick is she?” Mark asked his mom “a bit she should be fine next week” he was told as he sighed. Don’t worry Jaehyun’s got her. He’s been working hard to take batter care of her" his mother says. “He wanted to go out on a date-” “Mark he’s 18. You can’t expect him to want to sit around with a baby all day” his mother spoke cleaning the counter. “How can you say that. Y/N would have had to take care of Camari because he didn’t-” “Mark. Please. we love your sister but you can’t hold this over him forever. He’s trying to be better. I think you should try too” she tells him. “Mom” he says annoyed “please Mark” she says as he sighs.

“You guys can’t keep this up okay, you’re going to have to get along not because I’m telling you to. Camari needs you guys to be there for her and if it comes down to it be together” she told him. 


“You’re not going to punch me again are you?” Jaehyun asked as he was feeding Camari her afternoon bottle. “Do you understand why I’m like this?” Mark asked as his face was covered with a mask. “I knocked your sister up. Made her choose between her life or our daughter’s” he told Mark. “Don’t worry I feel it too” Jaehyun told him. “I mean I don’t blame you. I probably would act the same” he comments. “But we have to be adults here” Mark sighs. “Look I’ll stop threatening you if you stop being so bold with it all” he tells as Jaehyun nods “I’ll keep it private” he says as Mark nods his head. “She’s feeling better. She’s kept breakfast down and now lunch” Jaehyun says happily.

BTS reaction to you in their sweatshirt with short hair

Hey how’s it going? Can I request a bts reaction to seeing their s/o with a new haircut (short shoulder length) while wearing their oversized sweatshirt? Thanks :)

Sorry its so short, i didnt have a lot of time to type today



“wait, wait y/n! stay still, i want to take a picture, you just look so cute!”

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Rap Monster:

He would smile widely and squeeze your cheeks, “you look adorable!” He would be in a good mood all day, “you can take all my sweaters if you’ll look like that all the time, you look amazing”

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“So that explains where my sweater went” He giggled “You look amazing”

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*Jimin nod of approval* “You look good in my sweater but you’ll look even better with it off” He smirks

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“Stop.Being.So.Cute! Damn you y/n”

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“Let me kiss that adorable face!”

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Bae Jinyoung || Fuckboi

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Honestly have no idea what I’m gonna do since I finished the Fuckboi series yikes good job me

•Jinyoung strikes me as that type of Fuckboi that looks really cold and dates more of the rebellious girls

•Honestly He breaks even the toughest girls legit they end up in tears he’s so harsh with his breakups

•Still somehow he ends up getting girls

•rumor has it girls honestly only wanna date him because he’s hot, is an extremely good kisser and so they can brag about it

•Jinyoung only dates them so he can have someone to keep him entertained

•never actually took any of the girls feelings to consideration

•there’s also another rumor that the only reason why he gets good grades is because he flirts with the teachers

•anyways you transfer to your new school and you’re literally sat right across from Jinyoung

•He already gave off that douchebag aurora especially when he sat back and smirked at you

•You barely looked up at him as you wrote down the notes

•He notices and winks before hovering over his desk to text instead of doing the notes

•You’re not his type and he’s nowhere interested but it was a “habit” to flirt with literally every girl and capture their hearts

•your heart didn’t exactly flutter you were more put off by the way he acted

•You shook it off and went along with your day

•no doubt though if you shared a class with Jinyoung he won’t miss winking or smirking at you

•in one class you literally embarrass yourself infront of the whole class and it’s your first day so obviously it’s obviously painfully embarrassing for you

•the whole class either pretends not to notice it or ask if your okay but Bae Jinyoung is full out mocking you and laughing at you

•from that day on Jinyoung was your sworn enemy

•the next day you don’t hesitate to glare at Jinyoung as he mockingly smirks at you

•”What’s wrong sweetheart yesterday still got you upset”

•”I’m not your sweetheart”

•”We’ll see about that”

•So that’s how it all started between you both

•sitting next to or near Jinyoung suddenly became hell for you

•At first it started as light mocking with him mocking you about about small funny things you did throughout the day

•Then it went to him by placing things on your desk that either freaked you the hell out or disgusted you the hell out

• He never fails to chuckle mockingly at your response and it honestly annoys the hell out of you

•You actually had enough of his bullshit you were like “You tease the one you love” with a smug shit eating smile and that shook Jinyoung because a girl has never talked to him like that

•After he’d recover from being shook he’d probably be super annoyed with you considering your like a teacher’s pets and he hates teachers pet unless their daeh- what? And because honestly you bite back unlike most of the girls that instantly melt with his interactions

•So Baejin being the badass he was decided to bump up his douchebagness

•literally every fricken day from that day on he’ll have his arm around his new chick and nod his head in your direction and mock you about something you did

•you hated your seat more than ever since it was literally mock (y/n) till I get bored day

•his hyungs thought he was going a little too far sometimes a little is an understatement tbh… but he’s a little “bad ass” doesn’t listen to nobody

•However on one particular day you were having pretty shitty day and was not about to be mocked the fuck around by Bae Jinyoung

•”Hey look it’s I trip over air girl babe~ Think she can put a show on for us.”

•You glare at him for a warning and he only raises his eyebrows mockingly as if asking you “What?” sarcastically

•”Aww looks like miss stick up her ass doesn’t wanna perform for us?”

• “Jinyoung how about you fuck off and learn to stop picking on people and picking up desperate hoes?”


•”Listen here little miss try to be perfect how bout you loosen that little attitude of yours and maybe someone at this school will like that average looking self of yours”

•Honestly even he knows he’s went too far but is he gonna take it back nope

•The girl next to him just smirks as you stare at Jinyoung before your stare slowly became a glare as tears start to well up

•Guilt would start to well up as he saw you rush out of the room and he’d take his arm off his side hoe before slumping off his chair

•”That was a nice one babe.”

•”Shut it, and don’t call me babe hoe.”

•that’s the end of that relationship yikes

• You avoid Jinyoung the rest of the day and honestly he’d miss your presents because literally you were the only girl to get back at him and sometimes honest the both of you would have fun getting back at each other

•Were you planning on forgiving Jinyoung at all, nope

•but what the boys does the next day could make any of his ex’s heart melt

•In first period he awkwardly hands you your favorite candy with a crappy apology message and you look up at him suspiciously

•”If I accept this this am I still a goody goody.” You’d honestly only say that to make him feel even more guilty cause you’re still salty but your a forgiving person

•”N-No I’m really sorry.”

•”Apology accepted since I was wasn’t expecting one.”

•He’d at least be happy that you accept it anyways because if you hadn’t he wouldn’t know what else to do he legit looked up cute ways to apologize

•After that he kind of expects your interactions to stop, boy couldn’t even last a day so he can’t deal

•He’s way in keeping those interactions is by slightly mocking you but not the point of repeating the incident

•It was kind of obvious that Jinyoung didn’t wanna stop talking to you because when you didn’t reply to him he’d annoy the shit out of you till you paid attention to him

•You found it super cute but didn’t really understand the sudden change in personality because he’d be nice to you be still have his old ways when he was messing around with girls

• Both of you stayed mutual friends for a while till Jinyoung found himself craving for more than just that because literally every girl he was with he’d dump in the next two days because he was bored and unsatisfied with them

•But with you it was a whole nother story

•He’d genuinely enjoy your presence because you brought something to the table that none of the other girls did

•Once he did find out about his attraction to you he didn’t hide it at all

•He’s would slowly turn more affection like he would wrap an arm around your waist when he thought a guy was too close, or help you when you’re struggling with a subject

•Just one specific day you were hanging out with one of your guy friends too much and that would rile up his fuckboi side so much

•Like honestly he’d be so jealous that when he got you alone he’d back you up into your locker and look down at you, with his eyes practically burning holes into your soul

•”What’s up” You’d ask innocently while looking up at him when you actually know what was wrong

•Oh and he knew you knew what was wrong girl I know you know

•”You know I don’t like you hanging around guys too long you’re mine you got that?”

•”Since when?” You’d stay teasingly, while straightening the suite jacket part of his uniform

•”Since now.” he’d then pull you into a slightly rough, jealousy driven kiss

•Only parting when both your lungs were practically begging for air

•Smiling he’d say “I love you” before kissing you once more

Dating J-Hope(Hoseok) Would be like

im gonna die okay jhope has been my bts bias for a long ass time end my lIFE

  • so this sweetie pumpkin pie delightful sunshine baby
  • dating him is a pleasure and a gift and u better be treating him right otherwise u are one of The Worst people 
  • do you like sunshine and constantly laughing and being full of joy?
  • if so, then that’s what you’ll get by dating Resident Sunshine Jung Hoseok!
  • he’ll make u laugh every second of the day bc it’s his favorite sound
  • he would be so proud of you and everything you do like
  • having such a beautiful and loving relationship that makes everyone around you 2 simultaneously jealous and happy for you its v conflicting 
  • he tries to teach you bts dances or just how to dance in general and at first you just goof off bc you l o v e hearing that beautiful laugh of his it’s like the sun is shining my crops are growing my grades are good my skin is clear and world peace has been achieved
  • anyways he’s teaching u how to dance
  • and while u goof off a little bit you really are trying your best to learn the dance bc it makes your man so proud of you and nothing feels better then making Hobi proud of you 
  • and when he plays the music after the 30th time of doing it you think ur gonna die but then u absolutely s l a y it and as the last note fades out you fall on the floor like how does your bf do this for a living while also singing like holy sh i t 
  • but Hobi is screaming and jumping up and down and he runs over and picks you up off the floor and spins you around in a hug and gives you kisses all over your face 
  • and he puts you down and you’re both sweaty and disgusting
  • and your hair is stuck to your forehead and you’re still trying to breathe and ur 99% sure you smell like armpit rn but to Hobi you’re the most beautiful amazing person in the world bc not everyone can dance BTS’s dances bc they’re hard as shit and you haven’t had any idol training and even tho it took a while you learned it and you did it and you didn’t give up and he couldn’t be more proud of you and he feels like his heart is gonna burst out of his chest
  • and suddenly you’re pressed against the practice room mirror and you’re kissing him as if he’s your only source of air and your hands are in his hair 
  • and his hands are going up your shirt and he’s pressing hot open-mouthed kisses against your neck and i can’t breathe 
  • when the two of you have finished you’re laying on the floor just holding each other basking in your accomplishment and the fact that you’ve just banged in the practice room for the 8th time without getting caught 
  • and suddenly he just sits up and looks at you with the most serious expression ever
  • and you’re really startled bc tbh you were almost asleep but now he’s holding both your cheeks in his hands and looking at you like you’re going to disappear and he’s just drinking in your appearance as if you’re water and he’s been in the desert for the past 6 years
  • he just grabs your left hand and kisses the palm of it and
  • being totally completely dead serious he asks you if you would ever consider marrying him one day
  • and you look at him as if he’s dumb bc of course you’ll marry him
  • as if there was every any question of not marrying him 
  • sometimes he gets insecure that he’s actually annoying you and you’ll leave him for someone else like his old gf did and you have to remind him that there has never been anyone but him in your eyes and there will never be anyone but him in your heart
  • his name for you in his phone is “Moon of my life”
  • and he changes his contact name in ur phone to “my sun and stars”
  • bc he’s a nerd but u love this nerd so u dont bother to change it bc its also v true
  •  you’ll stay at the studio and watch him dance as long as he needs to be there like you could be there until 3 AM and ur sleeping on the couch there and he tells u to go home and get some proper rest and u refuse bc u don’t sleep well unless u sleep w him
  • we all know this boy is a double threat 
  • u know the type, the ones who can rap and dance
  • those r the dangerous ones bc not only can they kiss HELLA GOOD 
  • but damn those dancer hips snapping into you at the speed of light
  • sex w Hobi is so hella fun like u thought Taehyung was fun boy howdy this guy is w i l d
  • less kinky then tae but still hella up for most anything once
  • his main goal is still to see you laugh and smile and have fun even during such an intimate and loving act
  • most of the time it starts out with him tickling you and it leading to hot makeouts where his mouth moves onto that one extra sensitive spot on your neck and his hands are still gently tickling your sides but in a different way then before 
  • not like ur much better tho w the way he fucks u into the bed face first
  • he had such nice ands and such pretty lips and he knows ur weak for both and he takes every opportunity to use that against u bc he is one hell of a tease
  • literally tho no place is safe no space is sacred to him he’ll bang u anywhere like sometimes ur watching a movie and u end up watching it upside down as he pushes into you while ur half off the sofa
  • or over the kitchen table
  • or on the counter
  • or the shower
  • or the floor
  • in the practice room
  • literally he’s so versatile and loves adventure and the way he makes love is just like that
  • sometimes while ur trying to screw on the sofa or on the side of the bed someting goes wrong and u end up in a tangled heap of limbs and u both make eye contact and try to register what happened before you just start laughing s o hard!!!!
  • hobi gets v v emotional when he can’t be w you bc he’s a very physical person like his love language is definitely touch 
  • he’s s u c h a cuddle he just wants to be touching you in any way anywhere
  • he always wants you to sit on his lap no matter where you are
  • he loves spooning and it doesn’t matter if he’s the big spoon or the little spoon as long as he’s holding/being held in some way
  • he likes to wrap his arm around your shoulder or waist when ur in public but he also think’s its hella cute to link pinkie fingers
  • so many inside jokes
  • Hobi tries to be happy n positive 24/7 and it takes him a while of being with you to realize that he really can come to you no matter how he feels and you’ll still love him it doesn’t matter if he’s not feeling to sunshiny today if there’s a cloud over the sunshine it’s okay, it just means the next time theres sun you appreciate it more
  • and you slowly teach him it’s okay to be sad bc it makes being happy so much better
  • always being there for him in the rare moments he does break down and just holding him and rocking back and forth until he cries himself out and feels better bc sometimes all u gotta do is cry it out and everything is better
  • he is a l w a y s ready to talk about kids
  • he can’t wait
  • like literally if u thought taehyung was jumping the gun Hobi has already bought a 2 bedroom apartment and is secretly decorating a nursery 
  • and he brings you over to see it and he gets really shy and nervous on the ride over bc he doesn’t know how you’ll react bc he knows he’s thinking waaayyy to far ahead but he can’t help himself he loves you so much and he just wants to show you that he may be goofy and he may have a hard time being serious sometimes and he might not be the strictest father in the world but he just wants to have a chance to have a life with you 
  • bc to Hobi having a family is the ultimate goal 
  • like BTS is his family and his actual family is beautiful but having something that is entirely his own is beautiful to him
  • he just falls asleep and dreams of a little girl with your eyes and his dance skills and your smile and a little baby boy with his sunshine and his smile
  • and he just wakes up and watches you sleep for a little while and he just k n o w s
  • no matter where he goes or how far away or for how long he leaves you or if he lives far away or close by or right next door
  • hobi always knows that his forever home is with you and that will never change
  • and that two bedroom apartment is waiting to be filled with happy memories of you two, and any extras you might have along the way.

fUIkINg destroy me i cried writing this fuck hormones okay jus t end me

~Admin Hedgehog who is emotionally drained from this 

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i need some really pure head cannons now pls thanks

what a good way to start off the blog again!! now that we actually have personalities (well. it’s still a headcanon blog, so i can go off the rails a bit), this will be interesting

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jftb2003  asked:

What's your opinion on the state of the game? Patches, community, so on and so forth?

I’m still amazed at how creative Blizzard can be with their game design. Just when you think they’ve used every trick in the book, they come up with something new and cool.

The community is still going strong after almost a year and a half, which I think is a good sign because game fandoms, especially shooters, are usually flash-in-the-pan type of things that don’t last very long. I’ve met a lot of friends through Overwatch, and I think for the most part there are some pretty cool people that play.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I have a bit of a problem on which I hope you can shed some light. In my everyday life, people tend to interpret me as rather alpha. While I enjoy (and am good at) being a strong leader, I'm still a sub at heart. Most men with whom I have involved myself are either incapable of or uninterested in taking charge of me. I'm tired of being the head when I'd rather be the neck. Any advice on how to attract the type I desire?

I saw this ask on the last blog but couldn’t answer it in time. Thanks for resending.

It’s an interesting question. Your situation is so common. Men see a strong women and either rule her out as a potential partner (if they are Dominant because they think she won’t be suited to them) or are madly attracted to her (if they are submissive and looking for a mommy).

So how does the strong, independent, successful woman find a Dom to take her out of her head / away from her stress in the bedroom? I think you need to flirt submissively. A good Dom will pick up on lowered eyes, bitten lip, submissive terms used in sentences, submissive dress. The other thing you could do is find even higher alpha. If you’re the head sales person, look for a sales manager (not yours!). If you’re a state manager, find a CEO. Warning: Some of those guys might be very assertive in their day lives and want to be submissive at night, just like you. Can’t imagine how many politicians, judges, lawyers, etc, dress up as the Gimp after hours.

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How would 2p!America 2p!China 2p!Canada and 2p!Italy and 2p!France react to an S/o (they find out once they get there) that their so is getting their long hair cut because she's donating it in order for it to be a wig and that's why she grown her hair so long.

Soo I (Admin Jay) have done this before back when I was…yeah anyways. So yeah random admin fact! Let’s get this answer going! -Admin Jay (Note: 2pChina is more Westernized thanks to his time spent with 2pAmerica and his original sketch had short hair…so that’s where I pulled this from :) just wanted to toss that out there)

2p America: “Ooooh going for a short cut? What about an undercut?”
Allen would think they were doing it to be edgy at first, but once they explained that it was for a donation, he would just shrug and chuckle. If they wanna donate, go for it, but he still would want them to try for the undercut. Edgy, hot, and totally his type, even more than they already were. Bonus: if they didn’t already have one by now, he would get them a matching leather jacket…just saying…

2p China: “Oh donations? Let me do it too! I can rock short hair!”
Zhao would see his s/o getting their haircut and bounce into the seat next to them. If they are a doing a good thing, then so would he! His hair would be long enough, probably, and it grows back quick. Plus, he knows he would still look hot with short hair. He had it once, why not bring it back?

2p Canada: “Is my ponytail long enough?”
Matt would look at his s/o and blink. Did he forget they mentioned it? Was he supposed to do it too? If they explained it was for a donation he would nod before humming, but in the end he would keep his ponytail. He just likes it too much to lose it. But he would think his s/o looks good with shorter hair and would tease them about all the bobby pins laying around the house. 

2p Italy: “You didn’t ask me first? Well…at least it looks good. Some child will be very lucky to have your hair.”
Luciano wouldn’t like that they went to cut their hair without him, but he can’t complain if it is for a good cause. But that hair stylist better do an amazing job with his s/o’s hair, or else they will have to deal with him. He would miss their long hair, but if they grow it out a little bit, then he wouldn’t mind. Luciano loves to have hair to pull during…fun times, but also he would love to braid his s/o’s hair.

2p France: “So now you won’t take as long to shower…good.”
Francois wouldn’t really care too much. He would see it as they won’t take too long in the shower, and he still has hair to pull on them when they get…frisky… As long as the stylist makes it look nice, Francois wouldn’t care. He would give them a small thumbs up for doing it for a good cause. 

Krenko’s Guide to Creature Types: Antelope

Art by Ryan Pancoast

What is an Antelope (flavorfully)?

Flavorfully, Antelope is very similar to deer. You should try some. Also, they’re animals similar to deer. They’re basically deer.

What is an Antelope (mechanically)?

Small to large green or white creatures. That’s it. They’ve got no mechanical identity. The smallest is a 1/1 and the largest is a 5/4, and the only ability shared on any two is irrelevant because one of those is a functional reprint of the other. Stampeding Wildebeests and Stampeding Serow are a solid card, so I don’t mind seeing it again, but it certainly doesn’t help cement the antelope identity.

Can I make an Antelope deck?

Definitely not. There’s only 8 Antelope, no tribal support, and even the best ones are still resoundingly mediocre.

Is Antelope a good creature type?

The English language is a strong and robust language, but sometimes there are words that, no matter how useful they might be, never quite catch on. Fungible, for example, or Verisimilitude. Obviously, an Antelope cannot be a thing that is not an Antelope, but we have a word for things that are Antelopes and are also other things: Ungulate. Ungulate might not be a pretty word, but it’s the one Magic: the Gathering needs most.

What is an Ungulate? A quadrupedal, herbivorous mammal that walks around on the tips of its toes, which are usually hooves. Here’s a list of some Magic: the Gathering creature types that are Ungulates:  Horse, Donkey, Goat, Rhino, Hippo, Camel, Boar, Antelope, Ox, Elk, Auroch. Also Whale, if you want to get into the more scientific but less colloquial form of the word. (Calling a Whale an Ungulate is like calling an Ostrich a Dinosaur. You’re not incorrect, but you’re still wrong.) None of those creature types need to be their own type, and folding them all into Ungulate would improve all of them together by amassing enough to actually allow a deck for them and warrant tribal rewards being printed, albeit slowly.

But Antelope? No. Antelope is a stupid creature type for stupid creatures. There aren’t even cool, flavorful antelope to justify the type. Even if we don’t go with Ungulate, we should make them Bovids with Ox and Goat. Most Ox cards aren’t even Oxen anyway.

Hey Taylor. I just want to say thank you for partnering with such a good program for tickets. This whole time I thought it was for a general presale, but it was for something so much better! The way you can personally say how much you’re willing to spend on tickets is a huge plus for me and my family because we couldn’t afford $300 tickets, but maybe $50-$100 we can. Thank you for being considerate to many diffrent types of people. There’s still a chance that we still won’t be able to go financially because my grandma night be at the end soon and we have to go visit her over the christmas holiday, but this definitely helps. Also, the specific times that you go online for your personalised tickets is so much more less stress on us. It helps knowing that you’re not competing with all the other thousands of people trying for the same seats that you are. Because of these reasons, I might have a better chance of seeing you in Washington D.C. Thank you for taking the time to plan all of this. Love, Katelyn.

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Older Brother Hakyeon (N)

  • I really enjoyed writing the Ken one so here’s another for giraffe boy over here!
  • This boy would be the most protective brother but the protective in a parent sort of way
  • If you even mention anyone’s name tbh he’s like
  • “Who are they?” “Can they cook?” “Are they good looking?” “When do I meet them?”
  • And its like chill your tits man they’re a friend
  • And he’s chill but still slightly suspicious
  • He would never really be a threatening protective type? Like he’d just stand back and observe whoever you were in a relationship with
  • If he notices something off he’d be straight to you like “YO THEY JUST ATE WITH THEIR MOUTH OPEN O M G!”
  • Idk if yall know phineas and ferb
  • But Hakyeon is exactly like candice
  • “Y/N your S/O is making a title sequence.”
  • None of you probably got that…
  • Any who enough of annoying N
  • Let’s talk about fluffy Hakyeon!
  • The most adorable
  • He likes picking flowers right? A majority of the time he gives them to his parents but sometimes he pops over with a vase and bouquet
  • As soon as he opens the door he’s straight in and looking for a place where the flowers will get good sunlight but not too much but also in a place where you won’t forget about them
  • He eventually just gives you fake flowers because all the alive ones died
  • He nagged at you for that
  • “How are you going to look after yourself in the big scary world when you can’t even take care of a plant?”
  • “I’m going to rely on my big brother to come over and give me plants instead of food or, even better, money. Or just his love yanno that’d be nice too.”
  • A little nag fest between the two of you
  • You saying he only ever comes to give you plants, him saying him giving you plants is a test to see it you can survive. Right now you’re failing
  • Then he gives up and just hugs you to show you your point is invalid
  • He does in fact love you
  • Hakyeon wouldn’t be the clingiest person out there
  • There’s the occasional hug when he sees you, mainly it’s a little ruffle of your hair
  • If you haven’t seen each other in months due to his schedule it’d be a death squeezing hug that crushes your bones and breaks your spine
  • Could even swing you about if he really wanted to
  • He becomes clingier in front of his members
  • That’s his way of saying “this is my little sibling, all of you don’t touch.”
  • He turns into a ravenous dog when a member touches you or looks at you in a way he just can’t deal with
  • And everyone is like yo what happened to the quiet little giraffe we are used to
  • The members end up talking to you from afar and due to not wanting to be killed by Hakyeon
  • So you become one of the dudes, one of the guys, you were an extra member that stayed behind the scenes
  • Even their manager was friends with you, you knew all the names of the stylists and you loved it
  • Hakyeon saw how happy you were too and would smile to himself everytime he heard you joke around with someone
  • And as long as you were happy then so was he

↝ Stroni ↜

I, for one, appreciate filler episodes

Especially for my cartoons(Stvfoe, Steven Universe, Voltron, etc) because like. They can get pretty intense, and I’m the type of person that gets really emotionally attached to characters, so seeing them hurt or in pain really takes a lot out of me emotionally, even if it’s a really good part of the story.

So being able to get a break from that for a few episodes is great. The only time I have any problem is when they get to like. Naruto levels or Inuyasha, but even then it’s still learning more about the world and experiencing the characters. I don’t see a problem with having them. If you don’t like filler episodes you can usually skip them and won’t miss much of the plot, but I think filler episodes are great and you can fuckin fite me.

The Yang short!

So Ruby and Yang practicing before Yang heads off to Beacon.

I love Yang’s easy dodge and smirk omg.

And Ruby’s semblance basically turns her into a fricken blop of red.


Ursa looks strange, maybe it’s young? Or maybe it’s a different type of Ursa?

But Yang totally destroyed it, so I guess we’ll never know.

And “I’ve always got your back sis.”

I love them.

But, that was it. That was the short.

It was great!

I still can’t get over the song…