but i can still take a shitty selfie

pksan-d  asked:

Is there anyway you can get the selfies the protag takes at the airport and at the beach?

“extending on that, is there any file of the image in higher quality. Not tilted to the side“

The images are just tilted to the side, there isn’t a version where it isn’t like that, but I think you can still see the pictures good! Here!

I have actually posted these already but for some reason this shitty website fucking screwed with the post so heres a repost!

Edit: The post is back! But I’ll keep this one up anyways, just in case.

Brisnova Saturday is over, and soon I can take this cosplay off… @@

All in all it’s fairly comfortable tbh, I just worried about the pleather accents and the sequins catching on things.

Didn’t manage to catch up with all the people I wanted to today but there’s still tomorrow at least!

Pls excuse shitty night time train photo, I forgot to take selfies until really late.