but i can still take a shitty selfie

things about snow bc i did one for giselle so she gets one too

  • tall cutie !!! 5″10 !!! holy shit !!! 
  • used to be really skinny bc her step mom would feed her like the BARE MINIMUM amongst other shitty things
  • she like finally made enough money to move out on her own god bless  . lil string bean . ptsd tho thats… thats a thing 
  • #thick now that she actually can control her own life. she got the booty. she got the Thighs nd a cute belly shes so soFT 
  • still lowkey flat chested and very disappointed about that 
  • she hates taking selfies bc she has a chub face and shes like “NO I HAVE A DOUBLE CHIN I”LL STAND BACK HERE ND U TAKE THE PIC”
  • the purest bean. never held hands with a girl. doesnt care about boys
  • srsly boys hit on her and shes like ‘please don’t’ and they never take the hint and she ends up somehow on dates and very sad but with free food so its sorta ok 
  • dresses !! skirts !!! she never !! wears !! pants . ever. maybe shorts. but never pants. cant tame her 
  • sings liek a fuckin angel