but i can see why she does what she does

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: It’s been twenty one years since the Yu Yu Hakusho manga ended and twenty since the anime was finished. It’s been ten years since the dub aired. Where is my re-make? Does this anime not deserve the respect of being re-animated for the fandom’s viewing pleasure? Is there a petition I can sign? Why does Cars deserve a third movie but Yu Yu Hakusho continues to be ignored? Who cares about Salior Moon; I want to see Yuusuke with pants up to his neck in a current style. I want to see Hiei’s hair sticking up over the edge of panels in glowly, thin-lined animation. Where are my panels showing Kurama's stomach wounds in a format other than jpeg? I want Kazuma's cheek bones in high definition. How do I make this happen? How do I
ML Headcanons...

I’m still sick, so I just sleep and dream up headcannons…

  • MariChat scenario where Chat comes to visit after Mari has ONCE AGAIN stolen Adrien’s phone
  • Enchanted AU where the roles are thus: 
    • Adrien = Giselle (cause OMG he is such a flippin’ princess and I wanna see him sing a bunch of vermin to help him clean XD)
      • (although at the same time I see the appeal of Mari playing this role too, because cutting curtains into super cute outfits omfg)
    • Nino = Prince Edward (because fight me, that’s why)
    • Plagg = Pip (for obvious sass reasons)
    • Nathaniel = Nathaniel (LOLZ)
    • Chloe = Narissa (Don’t get me wrong, I believe in her redemption, but she would make the PERFECT Narissa so deal with it)
    • Marinette = Robert (because I see her being practical and rocking that “WTF Why are yousinging in the middle of the park?!” attitude)
    • Alya = Nancy (Because, again, FIGHT ME… also, that scene at the end where she throws away her phone… you don’t understand how much I NEED that)
    • Tikki = Morgan (because OMG CUTE!!! Plus, who else is gonna convince Mari to take a deranged man in a poofy gown standing on a billboard in the rain back to their apartment?!)
  • Ladrien or the OT4 engaged in a prank war (like, can you imagine omfg XD)
  • Chat/Adrien being harassed by a squirrel for no explainable reason (like, the little critter is just always there throwing nuts on him and tearing holes in his bag, etc)
  • Alya screaming incessantly the first week after she gets her miraculous everytime she sees any of the OT4 (they are all very worried)
    • Like, literally, Mari arrives to class late and Alya just screams wordlessly, scaring everyone
    • Alya goes over to Nino’s to hang out with him and Adrien and just shrieking like a banshee when she walks into the room
    • She never offers an explanation and pretends nothing has happened each time
    • Inside she is dying
  • Nino after he gets the turtle miraculous being easily unbalanced when pushed
    • Like, Chloe knocks into him and he falls on his back on the ground
    • And, for the life of him, no matter what he does he CAN. NOT. GET. UP.
    • Adrien is so confused as to why Nino is flailing around like an overturned roach
  • Marinette going to take Adrien some schoolwork he missed while he was out sick, except once she gets inside she gets lost and sees Gabriel turn into Hawkmoth
    • Cue freaking out and Ladybug kidnapping Adrien
  • MariChat truth or dare game, Mari dares him to do a pole dance using his baton
    • He does it
    • He is exceedingly good at it
    • Mari stuffs his belt with monopoly money
    • Life is good.

…as you can see, I have been on a lot of medication.

I may do some of these… but first I must get better… and find a job…

I am a tired turtle…

Eastwatch | You only know you love him when you let him go

I’ll be damned if that quote doesn’t accurately fit this situation! I mean, really, to see Daenerys behaving like this lovesick teenage girl is truly something else, one of those things I never knew I needed until now 😂💖

Up till now, the focus has mainly been Jon’s attraction to her, and how they’re starting to mutually trust each other. And now, it shifts to Dany and just exactly how much she’s fallen for him without even realizing it! (I’m a sucker for ‘I didn’t think I was in love but I am’ stories apparently)

Their first scene here is the iconic ‘Jon touches Drogon and is overwhelmed with emotion’, and he’s so not alone! I was nearly in tears at this scene, and that’s majorly because of the score.

Honestly, there couldn’t have been a better theme for these star-crossed lovers. The melody is so.. hauntingly beautiful, there’s no other way to describe it. It is simultaneously romantic and sweet, and yet tragically sad, and that’s such a good portrayal of their (or anyone’s for that matter) relationship in GoT. Because there are no happy endings. That fact is so engrained in me (yet another side effect of the travesty that was the 💔 Red Wedding 💔), that nothing is ever going to end well for anyone, especially not for my favorite characters, that I can never get over it.

And I know I overthink a lot, but every time I hear their theme track, I remember all the tragic things that have happened in GoT over the years, everything that the people I love so much have gone through, and it just makes me root for Jonerys even more. It is precisely because I know how relationships work in this universe that I want happiness so badly for my precious babies. They’ve suffered enough, Jon has literally died man. Don’t they at least deserve to have happiness together? (See what I did there? Together 💖🤣)

Aaaand the parallels just keep coming and coming. 

What was important about this scene, what was ‘Jonerys’ about it, is the effect it has on Dany. 

She is used to people cowering in fear in front of her dragons, but when she looks down and sees Jon not only standing his ground, but also petting (petting!) Drogon, she’s instantly intrigued. Not only is Jon honest, noble, sincere and all the thousands of qualities she’s already discovered, but he’s fearless. And more than that, Drogon letting Jon touch him is definitely a big deal for her, because no one apart from her (and Tyrion, let’s never forget that 😎) has gotten so close to her dragons. And now she sees that her fiercest son is accepting Jon’s touch, and this is definitely one of the pivotal moments for her. Because where she had already begun to admire, respect and trust him, now she is attracted to him, and the way she’s looking at him like:


What I personally found interesting about this was a) Bronn is not alone in the ‘takes braveness to another level’ category. Imagine Drogon coming towards you and not jumping off the cliff like?

And b) his trust factor is too high. I mean man, he took the words ‘don’t judge a daughter by the sins of her father’ too much to heart if you ask me. Like imagine the level of trust he has in Dany now. All the countless times he’s heard the story about the Mad King burning his grandfather, the ringing warnings he’s received by nearly every Northerner against Targaryens, and yet a dragon is nearly inches from his face and he doesn’t even flick a glance towards Dany. This scene just gave off such strong ‘trust’ vibes from Jon that I just can’t. And yes, I know that everybody knows Dany wouldn’t kill Jon like that duh! But this was a man who has been specifically been told to be wary of the Targaryens and their propensity to burning stuff and he goes right up and pets the dragon. Respect!

My favorite Jonerys moment though was this:

#married! 😂

I’ve ranted quite a lot about it already, but this scene was the cutest because the way Jon realizes he’s messed up and then does a total 180° like ’Of course they’re beautiful!! What else could they possibly be!!!’ and then throws in the ’gorgeous beasts’ for good measure 😂👏🏻, like ’please don’t be mad wifey.’ Two seconds ago, he was inches from a dragon’s face, and here he goes all ’ohhhh shit.’ By far their cutest moment! 😂💖 

P. S. I read like actual posts along the lines of how Jon is so scared of her, he’s not able to speak his mind. All he’s concentrating on doing is telling her what she wants to hear to get back safely to the North (and Sansa?), and that she’s such a tyrant, and Jon hates her so much and you get the picture. All I want to say is, if that’s what you took away from this scene… 🤐 Of course, if all the above was true, then you can guess what Jon would have said when she told him about having fewer enemies. Something like ‘I’m glad to hear that, your Grace.’ But what does he do instead? Not only remain deliberately silent when she tells him that, but he bluntly tells her he’s not sure what he feels. Sooo.. If he is trying to tell her what she wants to hear to get back to Sansa 🙄, someone should tell him this is not what she wants to hear dude.

And this again! 😍💖 

Why does Jon have to do this to me! Every time I see him looking at her when she’s not, I just… 

What I also found really moving here was how hard he’s trying to not fall for her, the way he makes himself look away, like forcing himself to remember - 'There’s no time for that.’ 

They’re at war, he can’t allow himself to stray from his mission, he needs to focus only on defeating the damned Night King, and of course, it’s classic Jon. Duty before desire always. *sigh*   #preciousnoblepuppy 

And then we get Jealous!Jon 😂

He’s so cute when he’s grumpy/suspicious 

(the memes on this scene were hilarious! Jealous!Jon and Teenage!Dany are the best!) 

And of course, the jealousy continues in this scene:

Why do I say that? Not just because I’m a huge Jonerys shipper, but also Jon was so reluctant about addressing the whole Wight Mission before Ser Jorah volunteers, and the moment he does, there’s this look: 

And then all of a sudden, his reluctance flies outta the window and he’s all macho and in charge and who’s the boss? Me’s the boss, like look! 

Of course, that’s not the only reason he’s going, he knows he needs to get the wight if he’s to get Dany + Cersei’s help, but that definitely gives him the suicidal edge here, like damned if I’m going to sit here watching Dany worry about someone else, I’m the hero here. 

And then finally we get Dany realizing that she doesn’t want him to go, not him, not on a suicide mission.

She’s worried enough about Jorah going, but him! And I think it surprises her too, the moment she realizes that she not only respects, admires and trusts this man, but she has feelings for him. Like damn! After Daario, she had believed that she’s incapable of that attachment, that bond and here she’s just forged one with a stranger? 

And may I just add, their eye conversation is out of the world? Literally everyone can see you’ll guys?

Then the goodbye scene where Jon so blatantly fishes for compliments, my boy Jon is continuously upping his game man:

Imagine realizing you’ve fallen in love with someone who may never come back…

Thieve's Neglect

The Thief class is widely uncommon and many see it as a bad class to have.

I think a lot more people are Thieves, but don’t think they are.

Everyone paints Rogues as the good one, all because of how their distribution works.
Thieves don’t steal out of greed. They take their aspect because they can use it better than others. They know how to use it effectively.

Thieves are opportunistic and self assured.
They see the reality of the situation and take it upon themselves to absorb their aspect so they can fix the problem.

Let’s take a look at Vriska.
Vriska is a pretty bad person, but why does she do what she does?
She has been trained her whole life, through FLARP( Spidermom’s demands) and through Mindfang.
From day one she learned to take every chance she had, to pull the rug out from others, and to do what has to be done.
This is where she develops issues with her classpect.

She is stuck feeding into her own ability on such a loop that she fails to recognize the ability of others.

The problem of the Thief is not that they take for themselves.
It’s that they take too much, not realizing that others can share it.

Vriska wants to be the hero because she thinks she is the most capable and therefore deserves the most spotlight.
Because of her ability to take Light she thinks she is the end all be all.

Now let’s take a look at Meenah.
Why exactly did she do what she did?

Well, to start she is the Heiress.
Except… she’s not.
Instead of being given the growth and life she deserves she is confined to essentially babysitting her planet.

The game starts and nobody really works with her. She is trying to take progress and change so she can lead, but it’s just not working.
She pushes them too far, antagonizing them in an attempt to rile them up.
But it just doesn’t work. She tries to take and take, but it’s not going her way.
The only reason she did this was because she thought it was the only possible way to get things going and to actually win the session.

That’s when the session ends.
Everyone stands on the platform and Meenah decides that while they might not have had a chance to prosper in their session, she’ll be damned if she’ll let everyone get erased.
She gives them the chance to grow.
How does she give them the chance?
By taking their lives.

MEENAH: thing is nobody ever has the guts to off anybody
MEENAH: let alone themshellves
MEENAH: so i blew us all the fuck up

She knew nobody else was capable of it, so she took their lives herself.

This leads back to the point of the Thief class.
The Thief takes their aspect because they are good with it. They handle it much better than everyone else.
Their slogan is basically: I got this, just let me have this one moment to handle it myself.

But that’s their issue. Too many moments where they want to go at it alone, where they think people can’t handle what they do.

The main issue of Thief is knowing when to take and when to hold off and give others a chance.

They aren’t self centered and narcissistic by nature, that’s just the pitfall that our two Thieves fell into.

Thieves get a bad rap because our two Thieves aren’t exactly paragons, but they do genuinely try their best at achieving the greater good.

A Thief steals because they can take it. They can shoulder the burden and use it for good.

They are strong when others are weak.

They just need to learn how to share a little and let everyone have their piece.

I think a lot of people could be Thieves, but don’t really understand what a good Thief would actually be like

anonymous asked:

Has anyone ever thought that maybe Sarah knows her books are problematic in some ways but keeps them that way bc it shows that the world isn't how we want it to be and even though the book could be written to make life equal and perfect but it isn't because it's not that kind of story and that's not how the world is and Sarah knows that so she leaves it problematic and frustrating to show that this is what life is like face world or not?

Listen. You seem nice, but I’m getting ready to go off. I’m sorry if this seems aggressive, but it’s going to get serious and no fucks given (ok I do give fucks bc I do love all of you). My short answer is no.

I don’t care why Sarah wrote her books the way she did. It doesn’t make it any less racist or homophobic. That’s also a short answer. Her intention doesn’t matter because at the end of the day it’s racist and homophobic. And why write it when you can just… not?

And who is she educating? Who is she telling racism and homophobia exists? Let’s for a second just think her fandom is 100% white and 100% straight… which it’s not, but let’s imagine for a second.

Sarah J Maas, a white woman, is writing about racism and homophobia, to teach her white and straight readers? What is she teaching? What does she know about it? She obviously doesn’t even know it’s bad if she sits down and thinks “yo let me write this”. And she obviously doesn’t know it’s racist or homophobic if she decides to keep it.

When I open a book I don’t want another white author to give me their take on racism (or homophobia, but I’m questioning so I don’t want to speak for the lgbt community) Honey. I live with racism every day. I wake up in a racist world and I go to sleep in one and it’s exhausting. Do you think I want to read about one? I know racism exists. You don’t need to prove it.

But imagine being able to write your own world and it doesn’t have to relate to the “””real””” world, but then you say to yourself ‘Mhm, yes, let me make this world racist and homophobic’ ???

Maybe she should show a world WITHOUT racism and homophobia if she wants to “””””teach””””” someone. News flash - I know, it’s hard to grasp and honestly it’s not your fault or mine but - a world without racism and homophobia wouldn’t cause us all to go up in flames. Just… write everyone as equal? 

We were born in a racist and homophobic world and we’ll die in one. One day I hope that changes. Why would we write about a racist and homophobic world when we can give someone as escape route to get away from the struggles they face every day if only just for a few hundred pages? 

I think I know. You don’t care. Here’s where it gets harsh: SJM doesn’t care about her readers of color or the lgbt+ community. If she did she wouldnt write the way she does. Tokenism /=/ rep. Short answer: they get killed off and/or are mostly stereotypes and they’re only there for the “diversity” stamp.

It’s hard to grasp that, but as I said before: SJM is white and straight. What in the world is she going to teach me about racism? What views does she have? It doesn’t affect her at all?? There’s no reason for her to even address the topic and I can assure you I’m not asking her to.

Writing characters of color or lgbt characters does not mean you have to include racism and homophobia. WE ARE NOT OUR PREJUDICES.

I’m asking her not to kill off her women of color. Why? Because I see it enough. Every show, every book, every movie there’s a token woman of color. I get attached because finally, finally I have representation and then… bam. Dead. Boom. Deceased. Totally for the plot, of course. If you need a woman (or man) of color to die to further your plot that honestly says a lot about your plot. But whose fault is that? It’s not the character’s fault they’re dead. That’s all on the writer.

I’m asking her not to use the slutty bisexual trope. It really is NOT THAT HARD to write a bisexual character and not make them sex-crazed. She did it twice. Aedion and Helion. And I’ve seen the argument “if I lived in a world full of beautiful males and females I would sleep with them all too” ?? That doesn’t excuse anything?? Also… why write a world were f/f and m/m relationships aren’t accepted when you can… easily not have homophobia exist?? Why??

These are just the big things. But don’t you think we want to read about characters who haven’t struggled like us? Who are black, latinx, asian, biracial, gay, bisexual, pansexual, demisexual, asexual, non-binary, but havent struggled? Haven’t suffered from racism and homophobia? I’m not asking to read about their struggle. I’m asking for them to be treated just like every other (white and straight) character but still be a character of color and part of the lgbt community.

Guys. Remember when I said you can help so much by just listening and giving us a voice? Give us the microphone. Sit in the crowd and listen. Yes, you can ask questions, but no you can not make excuses for racism and homophobia. Just as I said before, if you’re white or straight (and I’m not attacking anyone, just stating a point), you don’t experience racism or homophobia and you can’t tell us or teach us anything we don’t know.

You also don’t see things. You MAY not see the racism. You MAY not see the homophobia. Ask questions but also be ready to receive the answers. And be an ally instead of pushing us down. 

I’m so sorry to the anon if thought this was aggressive. But at the end of the day racism and homophobia is not a “””opinion””” it’s a fact. 

Save Yourself

Summary: Jaime Lannister had been a good friend of you since you were just a child only did you start crushing on him a while ago. Now you made it your mission to save him from Cersei. But that would only work if he wants to save himself, too.

Words: 1562

Pairing: Jaime Lannister x Reader

Originally posted by dreamsaddictedfangirl

Warnings: mentions of Lannister incest, small spoilers of 07x04, I kind of altered the timelines a little (which you probably won’t notice in this one yet)

A/N: So this is my first ever Game of Thrones fanfiction and I still have to warm up to the trope so don’t expect the best of me yet. I feel like this could have the potential for a second part, would that be something you want? Please leave some feedback! Also if you want to be tagged in eventual future GoT stuff, let me know!
AO3  Part Two  Part Three

Living in King’s Landing had never been easy for you or anyone here. At least not with the Kings and Queens you had. And with Cersei on the throne? You believed you were all doomed. Especially Jaime because he was just too blind to realize.

It was no secret that you had been close to the Lannister brothers, Jaime and Tyrion since you were a child. You used to play a lot because their father was good friends with your father. Cersei though, she was a whole different thing. She always envied you whenever you would just spend the slightest time with Jaime. You were surprised she didn’t find a reason to behead you or make you leave King’s Landing.

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ok so i checked out what was going on and tbh i dont rly want to get into drama and i dont rly follow any, but i can see why ppl are upset

thank you for explaining everything to me!

Mr. Wolf

Summary: Could you write a Reader x Derek Hale where the reader finds an injured wolf (who is Derek stuck in wolf form because he is too injured to shift back) and she takes care of him? Maybe like Derek she’s his mate and is nervous about how she’ll react when he shifts back and she finds out what he is and that she’s his mate? Thanks xo

Characters: Reader, Derek Hale, Sebastian(Jinxy)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: 1895

Request: Anon

AN: This is really looooong. I’m surprised I wrote something this long… Hope this is kinda what you wanted. 

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Jealous! au - Wonho

Thank you for your request! I hope I didn’t completely ruin it lol. Enjoy reading :)

Originally posted by changkyuh

(also sorry this gif has nothing to do with the story line I just liked it lol)

  • okay so u and wonho instantly become friends on your first day of your anatomy class
  • You took this class cuz you’re hoping to maybe go in the medical field, while wonho just wants to know any other muscle he can jack up
  • Jk even tho he is hot he is really just interested in the body but he would never tell u that lame answer lol
  • On the first day, y'all just awkwardly sit next to each other since every other spot is taken
  • You feel slightly intimidated cuz u feel like u probs look like trash compared to the god sitting next to you
  • (I promise I ain’t thirsty lmao)
  • Cuz ur teacher walks in and he’s hot af too so of course one side of u is like shit do I need to find another college that isn’t full of hot people but the other side is like ;);)););) I’m ready
  • And as you’re thinking about this wonho just kinda taps your shoulder and asks, “do you need paper or something?”
  • And so ofc ur like “huh?” Until you look around and see other people on their laptops taking notes cuz the teacher already started lol
  • And that’s when ur cheeks start flushing red cuz now this guy thinks ur probs dumb and u just kinda wanna disappear
  • But you kindly just turn to him and laugh and say, “no sorry I was just thinking” as you pull out your laptop
  • And he just whispers back, “I’m gonna bet it was about how hot the teacher is.” 
  • You can’t even deny it anymore ur just like “bingo”
  • So this makes wonho chuckle and after your class has ended he stays close to you
  • “So what are your plans for the day?”
  • So of course you’re like why is this weird guy following me around after he caught me admiring our teacher..?
  • But you just reply and say, “a class after this and then I’m free. Why?”
  • “Cuz we should go do something.”
  • And this is how you and wonho become close he literally just clings onto you and you accept it lol
  • Like I said instant best friends
  • But as the semester goes on, wonho is suddenly feeling bothered by their teacher even tho it’s what brought you two together
  • But he sees the extra glances directed towards you, he sees the way the teacher compliments you, and when you go up and ask a question, he definitely sees the way the teacher grazes your arm in a more than friendly manner
  • And honestly it bothers him
  • You both made other friends in that class, so whenever he sees it happen, he starts ranting to Minhyuk about it
  • “That’s my Y/N. who does that guy think he is to act like that towards her!?”
  • “He’s the teacher, that’s who he is. He can do whatever he wants.”
  • So this earns Minhyuk a glare and he just sighs and sadly asks, “but why does it have to be her? Does she not even notice what he’s doing?”
  • This is when Minhyuk looks up and notices that you’re still smiling at the teacher as he’s flirting with you
  • So he’s just like “uhh I think she notices… if you’re that jealous you might wanna say something”
  • And wonho can’t even deny that he’s jealous cuz he knows he can feel it
  • The only thing he’s not sure of is whether or not his jealousy is just friendly or whether he feels more strongly about you
  • So at the end of the class, the teacher kinda pulls you aside and ofc wonho is waiting for you
  • So he kinda overhears the teacher basically asking you out and then all he hears is you shyly chuckle and before he can storm out you’re right there walking with him
  • You’re both just kinda quiet, you because a teacher asking you out is so surreal, and wonho cuz he’s jealous and mad af
  • After a couple moments of walking wonho finally loses it and just states, “you know, I think he’s kinda messed up.”
  • So ofc u ask, “what do you mean?”
  • This is when he starts ranting and u almost regret asking lol
  • “He first of all preys after young college girls and uses his looks to get them cuz even I know, who could say no to that?”
  • “But….wonho….I -”
  • “I should’ve known at first that he was going to be like this. He was always taking secretive glances towards you.”
  • “But wonho listen I wasn’t-”
  • “I couldn’t handle the way he touched your arm the way a normal teacher wouldn’t and idk it just made me so mad to see someone go after you like that.”
  • This is when you have to grab his face and just say, “wonho shut up for a minute. I wasn’t going to go on a date with him.”
  • As it dawns on wonho, you slowly let go of his face and he just kinda stutters out, “so…you…said…no?”
  • “Bingo”
  • And he just exhales out in relief and now it’s his turn to grab your face and kiss you so passionately you’re like where tf did this come from
  • You’re enjoying it of course but still wtf
  • As he pulls apart from you he’s kinda shocked of himself just like you are
  • But he doesn’t regret it one bit. He just asks, “you wanna go on a date?” As he’s biting his lip like the total nervous hot guy in love that he is
  • “Do I get a choice”
  • “No” is all he says as wraps his arms around you and makes you two walk like that all the way to your date
dana watches lucifer (2x15)
  • i miss candy already
  • “smoke and mirrors” lmaoooooo
  • i want candy back
  • “get your brother to stop drinking” um good luck with that
  • also why DOES lucifer drink so much he can’t actually get drunk 
  • “my light-bringer” i may have a love-hate relationship with charlotte but at least we agree on how great lucifer is
  • “NOPE right back to the whiskey plan” good decision making
  • lmaoooo amenadiel just goes AT it
  • i like how no matter how long linda’s known she’s still shocked and curious
  • feeling or…. trying to avoid feeling…. i wonder what this is ABOUt
  • “emotions chop chop” honestly i relate so hard
  • “are you okay” “what did you do with my roommate she would never ask about my feelings” I LOVE THEM
  • i love maze so much
  • “i can’t deal with human emotions on an empty stomach it makes me nauseous” i like how chloe STILL somehow doesn’t know about them
  • “crime-solving divorcees”
  • “oh making a joke you don’t like we’ll be back to normal in no time”
  • ellla talk forensics to me
  • “lucifer’s projecting his personal issues onto the case. back to normal” I DETECT FLIRTING
  • “lot of darkness…” “really” I LOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP SO MUCH HOLY CRAP
  • i bet everyone on this show goes to therapy
  • is that their school??? jesus i went to preschool in the ymca
  • “detective this school is weird and this case is boring” lucifer has the same attention span as me
  • AHHHAHHAHAH that was me trying to sing the theme song btw
  • “i feel therefore i am” nice
  • “she can’t undie can she whereas i need immediate assistance”
  • chloe is so good at manipulation i love her
  • did he just pick up a your feelings and you book
  • aw gay dads i love this show
  • look we know its not them its only the first third of the episode
  • nice to see lux is still going wrong
  • “why do you sexy detectives look so disturbingly familiar” does lucifer not know what strippers are
  • “a foursome isn’t an emotion mum” i’m laughing he would know 
  • “i need to have a child” how does lucifer even come to these conclusinos
  • “admirably devious” 
  • is her hair shorter?? cute
  • “said i’d drive you to school i never specified which one” 
  • he just called her a creature
  • “who? oh the child, sure, probably” 
  • what he has a class for turning emotions into weapons
  • chloe and dan as a team? no
  • who IS this crazy guy
  • he is so funny
  • lmaooo total 180
  • “sounded like a child was crying” omG
  • i definitely know this actress
  • “for a progressive school its rather ageist
  • NO
  • chloe’s smile i’m shook
  • OH
  • WOW
  • “uh i’ve solved the case”
  • poor chloe that really hurt her 
  • chloe honestly only deserves all the love and happiness in the world
  • this shot is really pretty with the sun and stuff just noticed that
  • i know she called trixie babe but in my mind it was lucifer ok
  • whooooaaa did that actually hrut him
  • of course it’s his mom
  • lucifer actually loves his car so much
  • “she does still hide chocolate cake under the bed though” that’s adorable when i have a kid i want them to BE trixie decker
  • ohhh boy
  • i love this like rich pta drama its so funny
  • i like that woman idk why
  • chloe looks so pretty
  • i love maze/trixie friendships so so sos osso much
  • aw maze looks sad
  • “two mommies?” “oh hell yeah”
  • chloe looks so uncomfortable 
  • maze calling chloe “my girl” is my aesthetic
  • “she’s a homicide detective, she’s got a gun and everything” maze bragging about chloe is the BEST
  • i love how married they look
  • y’all know i love deckerstar but jesus christ i love chlaze
  • “reminds me of home”
  • i love amenadiel
  • omg
  • no i don’t want amenadiel and lucifer to fight i love them too much
  • maze is the prettiest person i have ever seen
  • maze is so good at stuff i love her herherhe hrkehkla
  • oh of course its that nice woman 
  • oh lucifer
  • he always walks right into danger
  • is he really that gullible
  • “let’s get that over with so we can get to what’s important, me”
  • watch maze come to the rescue i would be so happy
  • “challenge ur feelings into something other than bullets”
  • jesus what’s going ON
  • i love when chloe talks people down
  • lucifer this isn’t ABOUT you right now
  • “listening to feelings, not my thing, right honey?”
  • “wait, i’m a father? that’s awesome”
  • trixie pls open up 
  • chloe calling trixie monkey is my aesthetic
  • honeslty we got aesthetics flying all around this ep
  • this ep is so soft and i love it
  • of course linda was right she’s a GODDESS
  • is he gonna talk about chloe pls
  • oh this is better
  • i love deckerstar but the character development i mean
  • “not the anger… the pain.” look every time lucifer is in pain, i grieve the whole next week. i see what ur doing linda but consider how I will feel
  • “the only way to get over that pain is to go through it” that’s good advice it;s like the line “if ur going through hell keep going”
  • the tears in his eyes
  • “trust me that’s it it’s all i’ve got” i hate this
  • look we kno there’s some sort of time constraint 
  • how do you conceal that much light
  • is this for real? god? pulling that card now? i’m game
  • this episode was Soft and i loved it
As time goes on, Taylor Swift gets more and more annoying. Here's my reasons why:

She’s totally fake. Everything she does is so carefully thought out and calculated to benefit her. I can see right through it. She will donate a shitton of money to chairty and do nice things for fans, but it really is all part of promoting her image, which is the nice, victimized girl next door. There may be some authenticity to what she does, but in the end it’s all to make herself look better. Also, I know she hasn’t dated as many men as people have said, but it doesn’t take much intelligence to see that whatever guy she’s with won’t last long. When the relationship ends, she then can’t stop going on about how shitty the guy wasto her and now she’s the victim again. If they were so shitty, then why was she going out with them in the first place? Also, she just makes a big deal about the relationships she’s in in general. Yeah she’s super famous, but it is totally possible to keep the relationship on the down low. If her actions were truly genuine, then she would find a way to make it work.

She will do anything to get attention. This includes, but not limited to, dating men for a publicity stunt, all of a sudden becoming a feminist, and manipulating people by acting as the victim. We have already covered her dating issue, but now she’s all feminist. I understand that feminism is a legit issue for some people, but its interesting how it has totally blown up and now Taylor decides to hop on the bandwagon. Once again, it’s to get more people to like her. There was an interview not to long ago where she was saying how the media is sexist for saying that she can’t write songs about past experiences but they don’t do it for men, and that they say that she will write a song about you. SHE CREATED THAT IMAGE HERSELF BY ALWAYS MAKING IT OBVIOUS WHO THE SONG WAS ABOUT AND INTENTIONALLY EMBARRASING THEM. If the media was truly sexist, then she wouldn’t nearly be as successful, sold as many albums, and won as many awards because she’s a woman. That literally has nothing to do with anything. This is her pretending to be the victim and saying, “Poor me, I’ve been wronged. Please love me.” If she was truly the nice, victimized, girl next door, then there would be no way she would be this successful. No, you gotta be extremely strong-willed and have the strength to fight for what you want. This is all just an act and millions upon millions of people have fallen for it.

She spends a lot of time writing about haters for someone who claims to ignore them all the time. It’s like she dwells on it, writes the song, releases it, then people will feel bad for hating her, and all of a sudden, everyone will love her. This is her just playing the victim again and it’s so childish. What other person/artist/celebrity does this?!

I’ve been seeing a lot of people say things like, “I used to hate Taylor Swift because of how the media portrayed her, but now I love her!” I call BS. The media is now saying that it’s cool to like Taylor Swift, therefore, people are liking her.When recently, it was cool to not like her. This is all part of her marketing strategy. She wants to be a trend whether its cool for people to like her or not like her because that means she’s getting attention. Y'all need to get a brain, or start using yours if you already have one, and form your own damn opionons. Stop letting the media/society influence what you like or dislike.

I also hear, “She must be super talented because of all the awards she’s won.” No. Awards are just fancy commercials for record labels and the music industry. It’s a game/politics and if the artist plays along and campaigns, then they drastically increase their chances of winning. That’s why the same people win year after year after year. And that is exactly what Taylor Swift does.

She’s a sell out and so unoriginal. She went from creating her own music/sound (to an extent), to making music that sounds like everything else out on the mainstream market. She also uses trite and outdated phrases: “Haters gonna hate hate hate.” Wow Taylor, how original and clever. Not.
Maybe she was truly being herself and authentic at the beginning of her career, but that’s gone now. Now she’s a commercialized product that makes money.

I will say that Taylor is an extremely smart, savvy, business woman. She knows how to market her image well and it shows.

Becca x MC

Hey all, I thought I’d do a short little fic about the post drama after this weeks episode. Becca’s perspective. I suck with titles but this is what I sorta imagine going through Becca’s head. Feedback pls pls pls 🤘🏻


Her words didn’t hit me fully until she actually walked away. She can’t be with someone that acts like this. Well, what did she expect, I’m Becca.

You have to shape up, work on being kinder and more giving. Why does she care so much about trying to change me?

We’re not even together. No one has tried to change me before. Does she see potential in me that I can’t see myself?

Does she love me? If she does, and this is why she wants to change me and help me grow. Have I not ever been loved before?

All these thoughts are running through my head as I run after her, chasing her back to our house.

She’s not allowed to leave me.


I get to the front door just as it’s being slammed in my face. How childish. I couldn’t roll my eyes any harder if I tried.

As I finally fish my key out of my bag to open the door, I shout out at the top of my lungs. “You’re being ridiculous by the way!”

At this point I don’t really care who can hear me shout. My roommates are her friends and they expect it from me. I even wonder what stories she’s told them about me over the last year or so.

I slam the door as hard as I can behind me, making a point. I can’t believe she made me chase after her in 6 inch heels.

Absolutely breathless I finally make my way to her room and let myself in without knocking. (Obviously)

“Get out!” She screamed at me.

“No.” I replied, blank expression.

Now she’s walking over to me, fists balled at her sides.

With our faces inches apart, she explodes once more, “I said, get out!”

God she’s so dramatic.

“Keep screaming, I don’t care. I’m not going to leave you.” I replied. Again, blank expression.

This is when she breaks down, tears have formed in her eyes and she’s starting to sob. I don’t know what it is but I can feel something in my chest. It hurts. All I want to do is to wrap her up in my arms and tell her it’s going to be okay, to stop crying. But I’ve been immobilised, I can’t speak or move.

“You have a hold over me.” She sobbed, her breaths jagged.


And in this moment, It’s like everything had changed. I want to be better for her. I’m willing to put her feelings before my own. I don’t know why she cares so deeply for me after everything I’ve done but I know I can’t ruin it now.

I want to deserve her.

jbk50 replied to your post: I don’t know how you can say that Ross has nothing…

“Ross neglects her” has now become gospel,but, when you ask for examples, the sound of crickets is deafening.

I understand people wanting to ‘excuse’ what Demelza does. People love Demelza and don’t want to see her in a morally dubious position unless there’s some clear motivation for it. I get it. I adore Demelza to pieces, as you all know. I am a staunch Demelza fan and can and do defend her against all accusations - or, if not defend her, then at least explain her POV and the complex reason why she does or says the things she does.

HOWEVER she does do a morally dubious thing, she has sex with Hugh, and it’s important to me that people recognise that, at least in the books, she does not do it because of some neglect or emotional disconnect from Ross.

This is the conversation she and Ross have in The Four Swans which, to me, shows this up very clearly - they haven’t reached this point in the show yet, it should fit into 3.08, and I badly want them to include it in some form, but I’m sure they won’t. It’s after a visit to Lord Falmouth, where Ross is once again offered a nomination for MP, to stand against George - :

In the bedroom that night she had a sharp reaction from these level-headed instincts and sat on the edge of the bed pulling off her stockings with a sudden feeling of depression. It was rare for her, and Ross soon noticed it.
‘Feeling sick, love?’ he asked.
‘You were a thought liberal with your port. It’s long since you drank it for Dutch courage.’
‘It was not for Dutch courage.’
‘No. I think I know.’
‘Do you?’
‘Well, tell me.’
‘I can’t.’
He sat on the bed beside her and put his arm round her shoulder. She leaned her head against him.
‘Oh, Ross, I’m so sad!’
‘For him?’
‘Well, I wish I were two people.’
‘Tell me.’
‘One, your loving wife, that I always wish to be and always shall be. And mother. Content, content, content … But for a day …’
There was a long silence.
‘For a day you’d like to be his lover.’
‘No. Not that. But I’d like to be another person, not Demelza Poldark, but someone new, who could respond to him and make him happy, just for a day … Someone who could laugh with him, talk with him, flirt with him maybe, go off with him, ride, swim, talk, without feeling I was being disloyal to the man I really and truly and absolutely love.’
‘And d’you think he’d be satisfied with that?’
She moved her head. ‘I don’t know. I suppose not.’
‘I suppose not neither. Are you sure you would?’
‘Oh, yes!’

The candle had a thief in it, and the smoke it was sending up was as dark as from a mine chimney. But neither moved to snuff it.
Ross said: ‘It is not a unique occurrence.’
‘What’s not?’
‘What you feel. How you feel. It occurs in life. Especially among those who have loved early and have loved long.’
‘Why among those?’
‘Because others have supped at different tables first. And some others do not consider that loyalty and love must always go together. And then—’
‘But I do not want to be disloyal! I do not want to love elsewhere! That’s not it at all. I want to give another man some sort of happiness – some of my happiness perhaps – and I cannot – and it hurts …’
‘Peace, my love. It hurts me too.’
‘Does it, Ross? I’m that sorry.’
‘Well, it’s the first time I have ever seen you look at another man the way you look at me.’
She burst into tears.
He said no more for a while, content that she was beside him and that he was sharing her mind and emotion.

(bolded by me for emphasis)

"Cassian deserves better than Nesta" 😡😡😡

Any time I see “Cassian deserves better than Nesta” my blood boils. Straight silvery fire rage in my eyes. Who the hell is anyone to say who people deserve? Do you know these people? Do you know everything they as individuals and a couple have been through? Let me answer that. No you don’t because Sarah hasn’t told us yet. Nesta Archeron is a complex character. There are layers to her and despite her hard exterior this is a girl who was constantly facing her fears throughout these books, ACOTAR- Tries to go over the wall to save her sister. ACOMAF- Agrees to hold meeting in her house that could get her killed. ACOWAR- Tells her story to a group of people who she was raised to hate that doesn’t give a shit about humans in hopes of convincing them to save 1,000s of lives. Then offers herself as a distraction/sacrifice fighting Hybern to buy her sister time to stop the cauldron and the war.

So someone please tell me why Cassian doesn’t deserve a woman who would face her fears at every turn to defend those she loves and cares about. Does he not deserve someone who defends him verbally and physically against his enemies? Does he not deserve someone who waits up to see if he’s okay? Does he not deserve someone who pays so much attention to everything about him that she can tell when he’s hurt? Does he not deserve someone who would rather die than live a life without him?

I’ve been doodling a lot of my @spicerpuffs fanchild, but I haven’t actually had the time to sit down and do anything good with her until now. I wanted to draw her in the reaper high uniform, and the costume she uses when she does hero stuff (she takes after her mom). I also drew a younger version of her first learning about her superpowers. Also I don’t think I mentioned her name in the first drawing I did of her? It’s Bianca. 

fic: Here We Are, Shut Out of Paradise

Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~5800
Characters: Steve/Natasha, the ensemble
Summary: She’d be more impressed by the fact that he hasn’t left any kind of virtual footprint anywhere if it wasn’t making it so damn hard to find him.

A/N: When a year goes by and you realize you never wrote a post-Civil War fic like you’d planned.


“I can't… I’m not saying—” Natasha cuts herself off, takes another sip. She knows what to say, she just doesn’t want to say it. She does, anyway. “I can’t get them out of there.”

Laura just looks at her. Doesn’t even blink. “Yes you can,” she says, but Natasha knows what she really means: Yes you will.

“Not on my own. That place is a fortress, Laura, and there are so many eyes on it. I can't—” She shakes her head. “I’m not exactly an innocent party, either.”

“Neither is a certain super soldier.” There’s something almost nonchalant about her tone and it vaguely reminds her of Nick. He’d know what to do. He would’ve gotten them out of there by now. “You both have experience with this kind of thing. If anyone can make it happen, it’s you two.”

Natasha feels something tug at her chest. “We’re not exactly on speaking terms,” she says, even though something flickers into her mind – a quick flash of rubble and smoke and the brightest blue eyes she’s ever seen, staring back at her, shining in relief and gratitude and… and— “And I’ve already tried looking for him. He’s dropped completely off the grid.”

“You’ll find him.”

Read on: [ ffnet ] [ ao3 ]

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Your Past. My Present. Our Future Part 10

Beginning: Your Past. My Present. Our Future Part 1

Warning: Cussing. Slight Violence 

Your Past. My Present. Our Future Part 10

Chapter 19

“What’s wrong Rick? You’re lookin kinda..” Negan said, leaning in close with a smirk on his face. “Nervous.” Rick didn’t say a word as Negan stared him down. “Was it something I fucken said? Or is it because..” He looked at the building Ally was at and back to him. “My future wifey isn’t fucken here to speak on your behalf?”

“Why would she speak for us?” Rick said, trying to get his nervous under control.

“Come on Rick.” Negan said, taking a step back. “You didn’t fucken think I wouldn’t find out that your redneck friend there” He pointed at Daryl. “Challenge my baby girl to a fucken shooting contest. And if he fucken won, she had to speak on your guys behalf and get me to say yes. Speaking of that shit.” He walked over to Daryl and lean in close as he glared down at him. “You really didn’t fucken think you could beat my baby girl, now did ya?” 

“Better get out of my face.” Daryl said, glaring back at Negan.

“Man, you got some fucken balls on you.” Negan said, looking over back at Rick. “Unlike someone else I know.” He stepped back as he looked over at Simon. “Simon, would you fucken please.”

“Yeah boss.” Simon said stepping forward and turning to the group. “Please, kneel.” They looked at each other and back to him. “The women can stand, but you guys, take a knee would you. You too kid.” Giving Carl a quick glance. “It’s part of our rules, just in case someone.” He looked at Daryl. “Get’s a touchy.”

“Alright.” Rick said, nodding his head.

Rick looked at the others, nodding his head to them. They nodded back and kneel down, including Sasha, Michonne, Maggie, Rosita, and Tara. Simon took his place back with the rest of the Saviors as Negan stepped forward again. 

“You know something ladies?” Negan said, smiling as he walked a front of them. “I really fucken respect you for standing by your men. Will, kneel with your men. Though I’m sure.” He looked over at Rick. “You don’t fucken deserve it.” 

“You don’t know that.” Daryl said, making Negan turn back to him. 

“Are you going to keep letting your fucken boyfriend speak for you Rick?” Negan said, looking back at Rick. “Or are you too much of a fucken pussy to speak for yourself?”

“He’s right, you don’t know what I deserve. What any of us deserve.” Rick said, as he sat up more straight. “You don’t know what kind of people we are. But that’s why we’re here, so you can hear us out. So you can find out what kind of people we are. So you can see, we deserve to join you and this court.”

“Is that fucken right?” Negan said, walking over to Rick.

“It is.” Rick said, keeping a straight face.

“I’ll tell you something Rick the prick, my mind is already fucken made up.” Negan said, making Rick frowned. “I’ll still let you fucken talk pal, but I already know what my decisions is fucken going to be.” He lean close. “No matter what you fucken say, it’s going to be a big fat fucken no.”

Maybe Ally could change your mind.” Rick said.

“Yeah about that.” Negan said, smirking at Rick. “Ally is the only person in this  world that can make me change my fucken mind. Don’t know how she fucken does it, but she does. Which is a big problem for me, but not in this fucken case you see. The problem here is, she’s a bit fucken tied up right now with bat shit crazy Macbeth. So she might not be fucken here when it’s time to pass judgement on you guys. Which is a fucken problem for you guys, since she’s not here to tell me why I should say yes and you let you guys joining our fucked up family. You know what that fucken means Rick the prick of Alexandria?” Rick just looked at him. “It means this pal.” He lean in close and whisper. “Your fucked.”

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Her smile! :)

I’m so happy for her. I’m so proud! She deserves it so much! She’s so talented and does such a hard work. She’s not just a pretty face/body… she does it with her soul and her heart. She uses her mind. I’m here for her. She does it with passion. No matter what… I’m here for her! I like a bunch of other artists, but no one is like Camila to me. I don’t think I can explain how she makes my heart happy for her. Even when we can’t see the love because is invisible, we can feel it…and I feel all her love for what she does and all the love she has inside her. That’s why I’m so happy… she exhale love to me. I feel it from here! There are few people who have the power to exhale love, she is one of them and one of my favorites. Thanks, Mila. @waakeme-up

Here’s the thing i honestly never cared about NH. Why? Because they never had a lot of moments even though Hinata did a lot of things for him in her own way like all people who helped him and yes i can agree that NH was rushed. I honestly didn’t cared who Naruto ends up marrying with. But here’s one thing. I really didn’t wanted him to marry Sakura. Why is that? Here are the reasons:
Naruto wanted friends when he was a kid and what did sakura do? pushed him away
Everytime he wants to try to win her heart she push him away which shows that there can only be friendship/teammate
No matter what Naruto does for her she only sees him as a friend.
Almost everyone knew even Sakura that Naruto had feelings even their senseis

NS Fans: But Naruto always loved Sakura since they were kids
Me:Yes he did but the real question is: Does Sakura loved him a romantic way? Or better yet does she love him more than Sasuke?

NS Fans: But Kushina told Naruto to marry someone like her
Me: Yes she did say that. But she didn’t said anything about marrying a girl who is already in love with a boy and puts Naruto in the friend zone.

NS Fans: Naruto is stupid for giving up his childhood crush for a girl he really didn’t had any interaction
Me: Lmfao nah Sakura is the stupid one for choosing a guy that showed her no love instead of falling for a guy that has been trying to win her. Seriously his love for sakura was obvious even by their teachers and yet she never showed any romantic feelings for him

Mean Queens Ch.16 (Group Fic) - NymphCAMP

Nymph’s A/N: the fuckening part 118272. enjoy babes xoxo

pooreCOOMP’s A/N: it just keeps getting worse holy shit

**fair warning don’t be offended at things that are offensive plz and thank you - the views of the Mean Queens are not our own**

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