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The Last Pie

content: After a very shitty week Dean just wants to enjoy some delicious pie, but fate has got a different plan.

word count: 2,216

Dean sighs in relief when he enters his favorite bakery.

It’s Friday night, just about ten minutes before closing time, and he’s more than happy that he arrived on time. Considering his very shitty week – a broken-down computer system, clients bitching at him colorfully because of an error other people made beforehand, two busted tires within three days  and the constant headache that was driving him insane utterly slowly and quite cruelly – he never thought luck could be on his side again.

The shop is empty beside the nice cashier Chloe –  a single mom who never once loses her smile despite the daily stress of managing three hyperactive kids, her full-time job and a frustrating ex-husband – and a single customer in front of him, already standing at the counter and looking intently at the display.

Dean plasters a grin on his face – ‘cause that’s what Chloe deserves after all – and tries to suppress all the fucking shit that’s boiling inside of him for a few minutes and instead enjoys the sight of that delicious apple pie behind the glass, waving him hello.

There is nothing better than a great slice of apple pie to heal his painful and itchy wounds.

Dean can feel his features softening a bit and his muscles protest, too used to scowling for the last few days to remember how a decent human being should function.

His stomach, however, recalls quite vividly the taste of some delicious pastry because it starts to growl instantly, demanding to taste the sweet texture without further notice. Dean catches himself whispering to it quietly to wait just a short while and he would have felt outright stupid if he’d have some energy left to do so.

“The apple pie, please,” the guy in front of him says to Chloe.

His voice is surprisingly deep, as if he likes to gargle some stones in his free time, and Dean feels a shiver running through his body although he actually assumed his libido would have died two days ago when Slimy Bernie offered him a 'fun time’ in the closet out of the blue as if they’ve done this before at some point.

“Coming right up,” Chloe answers cheerfully (and she sounds actually sincere – Dean’s got no idea how she manages that without going crazy) before she grabs the pie and starts to pack it into a box. “You’re lucky, it’s the last one for today.”

Dean just shuffles on his feet and begins to wonder whether there would be huge traffic back home or if he’d be lucky once –


The last apple pie?

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What a weirdly 4th wall breaking message little Carla, but she has a good point. Gravity Falls is ending so we’ll need fan projects to satisfy our need for twin children based mystery cartoons! 

For the uninitiated, Glass Shard Beach Adventures is an anamatic short series I have currently in the works. For the first one storyboards are done, voice actors chosen and now it just needs them to record, to be timed out and made beautiful. This little video is about how i’m expecting it to look, tho I personally will not be doing any voice acting in the real deal. My goal is to have it out before the year is out but for that I will need some help with arts, and there’s a number of different roles. Contact me at glassshardbeach@gmail.com

If you want to help out as a line artist you do have to be able to draw on model from the storyboards and character references! Shoot me an email with ‘line artist’ in the subject and an example or two of your stuff, i’ll send you back a story board sketch to do lines for as a final test. You will need adobe flash, and we’ll be sharing via dropbox.

Can’t do characters? Maybe you’d wanna do backgrounds? You’ll need to be able to draw within the style i’m going for but for the most part just need to make something that looks good, doesn’t need to be complex either. Email me with ‘backgrounds’ in the subject with a few examples of what you can do, if you don’t think you have anything to show in the style we’re doing i can send you a sketch to try and finish. All BG will be full color digital art, i’m useing photoshop but other art programs (like photoshop’s free cousin GIMP) can work.

Can’t do background either? In fact you can’t draw at all! Don’t worry, you can help with the very important job of filling in colors! All you need is adobe flash and basic spacial reasoning skills! I’ll give anybody a shot because really, anybody can do this! Send an email with colorist in the subject. You would be given the lines for a scene and the first frame colored in, a reference sheet too if there’s extra colors coming in later that you’ll need. You go through each picture and pain bucket fill the pre-selected colors in their appropriate places. Not going to lie, this is very time consuming and annoying a job, which is why If i can i’d like to get a small army of people for it, everybody does a little bit so it’s not so much work! And it’s a HUGE help! You’ll have to wait for lines to get done but trust me, i’ll need you.

What about storyboards? Since that is what has taken me forever so far. Well they’re about done for the first short tho i may want help with them next time to speed up the process. This is one i’ll be rather picky with since storyboarding is kinda my deal, but you can send an email with sample storyboards or comics if you may want to help out with them in the future and i can make a little board test mayhapse?

I’ll explain in greater detail how this is all going down through email if your interested, again, it’s glassshardbeach@gmail.com. Anybody who contributes will get their names in the credits with an awesome exaggeration of their job as a their title. This is just a fan project, i’m not anticipating making anything off of this, but if I do then things will be split up among the team!

If you’re feeling hype but can’t help directly you can spread the project around to help get attention! All you guys have been great, and I appreciate the little following we got so far!