but i can get a different one in about two or three weeks

Updated Queue

Alright boos! Here’s your midweek update! I have a few points I’d like to address to my boos!

One: It’s about a THREE WEEK wait!!! I’m trying to get them up faster but don’t lose faith in me!!! :)

Two: Did my Trouba/Clune anon want two different imagines or one combining the two?

Three: To my plus size Auston anon: I am plus size too and so I’m not judging… AT ALL!! I love you for you! (And we can do more than dream boo!) 

And finally: To my Elias Lindholm anon: Your English is fine I totally understood it!

Without further ado, your upcoming queue!

Today- Artemi Panarin- smut

            JJ Piccinich- celebrate winning the Memorial Cup

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On Thursday, we had several different foster related people visit- adoption worker, GAL and licensing worker.

I’m still replaying some of the things the adoption worker said and eluded to on the visit.

One he said I may not be the only adoptive resource. But that contradicts what was said two weeks ago by the agency during the case review meeting.

Adoption worker also questioned my ability to hold down my job and parent. At one point he said, “I don’t know if you have enough help. I mean you need self care to go out to dinner and get drinks.” He even made an offhand remark about single moms can’t do everything.

He spent 60% of his visit projecting his own trials of adoption through foster care onto me.

Three days later and something about that visit is still unsettling me. Is it just the anxiety of the uncertainty or could if be my spidey sense is tingling?

okay i’ve never done this before but i’m struggling and rita suggested i reach out here so here we are.

i’m torn between three very different fic ideas, and i wanted to ask what YOU guys prefer i do first, so i can get an idea of what’s more exciting. it might encourage me to think one way or the other.

@cuethetommo asked me about 50 years ago to think about writing an amnesia fic, and now that i don’t have anything else that i need to immediately write, i’ve been stuck on this idea. for weeks. i have two ideas for this one, and they go into two different directions. if anyone is interested in hearing about that, i’ll go into it. but for now, it’s just an amnesia au.

third idea is based off a movie that’s horribly cliche and pretty cheesy but i would go to war for it anyway. “life as we know it.” essentially enemies to lover, and pretty angsty. again, if you’re interested in hearing more about that, i can explain the plot better if you haven’t ever seen the movie.



My first ever tattoo. I didn’t want it, I needed it.
It is exactly one year ago today I was fired from my best job ever. I had grown the company so much that I was awarded huge bonus and being relocated to corporate HQ in Phoenix. Then two weeks before the big move I was unceremoniously canned. It was like a jolt of lightning. Came out of absolutely nowhere. In the last twelve months I’ve had three different jobs, my wife left me, and I wanted to die, but still I persist. Move forward, always forward. Some days have been better than others. Dark thoughts and times when I didn’t get out of bed for 36 hours except to drink water and pee. Still I persist. This tattoo means everything to me. It means live in the moment. Don’t worry about the past, what she’s doing right now, where she is, who she’s with. None of that matters. I can only control me and the moment I’m in so be all there. Be Present. 🎁


I just wanted to let you guys know that we took an accidental hiatus from posting anything… whoops!! One week suddenly became two, then three, and then I went to NYC to see Cam 😍 and Jess went to England to check out AM’s roots in High Green ☕️🇬🇧… and here we are, leaving you thirsty. FOR A WHOLE MONTH. OMG. We’ve been working on a few different imagines, and I’m nearly finished with the next chapter of Dracula Teeth, (I’m just waiting for my lovely lady’s advice/approval/killer editing skills). But first I need her home safe and sound ❤️❤️❤️.

We definitely don’t feel pressured at all to post, but sometimes life just gets in the way! I hope you guys understand that! We didn’t forget about you, we promise. I’m also going to put together that master list this weekend for easier access on mobile (I hate that I can’t search for the fics well, either).

I’ve also noticed we’ve gained a couple new followers in the past month and that’s super exciting!! Thank you!! We’re happy you’re here!!

I’m going to post a little something tonight in an hour or so; something short, sweet, and satisfying if you’ve been missing Alex’s face lately like we have.

Lauren xx

p.s. How do you guys feel about some Cam fics?? I’m super into it, and I’m probably going to post them soon ❤️

11/11/11 tag! (fuckin finally)

So a long long time ago I was tagged by @ismill for some reason (and this was back in August oh lord) and I am just now getting around to it! Shows how bad of a procrastinator I am. Whelp, what can ya do?

Here are 11 facts about me!

1. I have lived in one place my entire life. The farthest I’ve ever been away from home was when I took a three hour plane trip to NYC and spent a week there. (I’m going back in a year!!)
2. I have two sisters, two cats, two dogs, two chickens of multiple different breeds, and two parents. Two is probably my lucky number.
3. My music taste is very extensive and spreads across multiple genres. My recent additions are traditional Celtic music, modern psychedelic punk, and Beyoncé!
4. My extended family is very (very) large. I’m pretty sure I have a great-great-uncle and many distant cousins whom I have never met.
5. I once sketched out a prototype for a hoverboard and designed an experiment on magnetism in the middle of church.
6. Recently I have gotten very invested in the voltron fandom. I also leapt headfirst back into the PJO fandom. Both good decisions.
7. My English teacher says I’m very good at fiction writing but it’s literally just because I read so much good fanfic.
8. I started drinking tea lately and it was a great choice I love tea.
9. I am literally the most forgetful person ever.
10. I have played piano for 6 years and I play percussion in my school band. I also know a little ukulele.
11. OH YEAH once I jumped off of a telephone pole.

Questions (not in the order @ismill wrote them but whatever):

- If you could live forever, would you? I’m one of the people who wouldn’t want to live forever if given the chance. People I love would die and I would be very sad.
- Would you rather be able to master any sport, or any language? I’m taking German next school year and I heard lots of people fail that class so I’m gonna say language.
- Favourite fictional character? WAY TOO MANY. Damn. If I had to choose I would say Nico di Angelo or Mercutio from Romeo & Juliet because I’m literal Shakespeare garbage.
- Do you want to go to college? If so, what do you want to major in? I wanna go to college and major in either Aerospace Technology or Creative Writing. I know they’re completely different fields but I am very indecisive lmao
- Favourite type of tea? Throat Coat tea from Traditional Medicinals with loottts of honey.
- Favourite part of each season?
Winter-hmmm…warm hot chocolate and fireplaces and cozy books and sweaters.
Spring-flowers and sunshine and bees and rain and my birthday!
Summer-NO SCHOOL!!! Also sunshine and flower crowns and sandy beaches and no bedtimes and warm rain.
Fall-easy. Pumpkin spice and sweaters and pie and fuzzy socks and leaves and cute skirts and the color orange
- If someone offered you a trip into space, would you take it? Yess!! That’s why I wanna be an aerospace technician because !! space!!!!
- Favourite board game? Either the Game of Life or Operation. I know, so boring.
- Have you ever traveled outside your native country? Nope! Though one of my sisters (who is a missionary pastor, so she works in different countries to help the poor) promised she would take me to Russia or Brazil or Haiti or Uganda when I graduate.
- Do you like airplane flights? Yes! Makes me feel close to space and to the aliens and to the moon (who is my mother and I love her).

I dunno if that’s all of them, but I’m on mobile so I can’t really check.

My questions:
- Favourite book?
- Are you a coffee or tea person?
- Pie or cake?
- Current favourite band/artist?
- Rain or shine?
- How do you feel about aliens? Are they real?
- Do you play any musical instruments?
- Are you allergic to anything? If so, what are you allergic to?
- What is the most crazy/adventurous thing you have ever done?
- Do you have any pets?
- What do you think is your best trait?

I tag @andexpectations and @pitch-bitch-snow-hoe and @dipperx (hi Victoria this is destiestiel wassup bruh) and anyone else who wants to because that’s cool.


nobody in the general public actually cares about this story. no one. so why is it getting so much coverage? why is the daily mail wasting so much money paying for photos most people are likely just going to skim over before moving onto something more interesting (like, say, an actual famous person [b can hope and dream all she wants but she’s not famous by any stretch of the imagination]) 

aside from doing it to keep us all engaged and constantly on high alert, i’m thinking maybe it’s also because they want to have a whole array of pictures in different outfits at different locations for when they do the denial so that they can really pack on the sympathy and make it look like louis was so involved and so devastated.

by fudging the dates we lose track of the timeline too. this looks like two weeks worth of pictures not three days. entertainment and news outlets will have a nice variety of pictures to choose from as well when they start crafting their paternity denial articles to really sell the ‘poor sad deceived louis’ angle.

i swear the old white men that come into my work are getting worse every time. in the last two weeks i’ve got this: 

me: hi, what can i get for you?
old man: you.

me: *picking up a 20kg bag of feed for a customer* 
old man: i could watch you do that all day *ACTUALLY WINKS*

me: *not smiling as the old man stands really close to me* 
old man: you should smile more darling 

these are three different customers that probably share about seven teeth between them and if they say one more thing that makes me uncomfortable i’m going to decline them service and key freaking cars.


I’ll write a more in depth review later. I have a lot to say about the race/experience. Running nearly 80 miles over a long weekend has given me a lot of time to think. And confront the limits of what I can or can’t do.

You know the hardest part…getting up at 3:40 Saturday. It got easier the subsequent days because I was so tired that falling asleep at 9:00 was no problem. Even then I slept in the guest room Saturday and Sunday night because Friday night Andie kept me up late. Which late when you wake up before 4am is relative. Last year I got up at 4:05 once a week and 4:30 most other days. There’s a big different between 3:40 and any time after 4. Trust me.

The part that hurts the most…is not my legs. It’s three spots of chafing. One along my bra line that’s about 5 inches long. One two inch by one inch spot under my right arm. And a third spot, of which we’ll never speak.But it makes me want to cry.

So yeah that’s the two most interesting lessons learned.

Also 8 peanut butter sandwiches in three days is my limit.

But I won for best combined time. By over an hour I believe. Not to bad for some training runs.