but i came back 4 u

Retro Chic [Super Smash Bros Comic Dub]
Retro Chic [Super Smash Bros Comic Dub]

I need to get back to playing fire emblem again soon, Fire Emblem Heroes just came out so i should play that soon
Thanks again to @finalsmashcomic for drawing and letting me dub this comic, its been a while since i last voiced marth, had to rerecord because the first recording didnt sound too good 7u7



Well, I was there. And it was the best day of my life. I was in the pit, and the photos belong to me. I was THAT close- in the rail. I came from Turkey for this show and I wanted them to know it, however; signs and banners were prohibited. That’s why I wrote “CAME FROM TURKEY 4 U” to the back of my tshirt so I would pass the security without any problem. As soon as they got on stage, I took off my tshirt (don’t worry guys i had another one inside) held it. One lame ass security came and took it away from me, saying it’s not allowed. He put it on a speaker or something like that, I could see. The first three songs, I couldn’t stop crying. Duff looked at me and smiled at me- which only made me cry more. The whole concert was like a dream: how Axl moved and sang, how Duff smiled at me and the awesome solos and licks Slash played. I was crying so hard that the sound of me sobbing was being heard between the transition of the songs. They played Paradise City, and it was all over. But not yet for me. Because when they were about to greet, I saw a security guy looking at my tshirt and I shouted at him, saying I was from Turkey and it was my shirt. He gave it to me, and I held it up. At that moment, Axl and then Slash saw it and they pointed me, smiling. I could see how happy was Axl, he really was. I made him happy. His eyes were shining and they were so beautiful. Slash pointed me and threw his pick, which someone else caught. I wanted to share this awesome experience with you guys, because I had dreamed of this since I was 12 (I am 17 now). My biggest dream came true. So can yours. I just want you to know that dreams can come true as long as you keep dreaming. Never give up on your dreams; try to achieve the things you want in life. Dream on! Dream on until your dreams come true. Just like mine did.


doodles from the genosonic-centric regular uni-student au that me and @cirvihi talked about a lil while back :3c

instead of tattoos, sonic likes to wear purple eyeliner; most of the time winged but on bad days he just forgoes it :0

I JUST,,, i came up w the idea of genos still being the cause of sonic having his hair short but i still feel like im thinking too lowly of genos otl i still think he can be a lil shit but would he go that low bc he doesnt know how to deal w romantic emotions like a 4 year old

u can click through the pics to see the captions i added :3c


Today I came back from a nice lunch with Mike to find a box of *B E A U T I F U L* advance copies of the fourth and final The Legend of Korra: Art of the Animated Series book from Dark Horse. I am thrilled with how it turned out and can’t wait for people to be able to get these in just a few weeks. For me, it is like having a nice family photo album that gives me the warm fuzzies. Thanks to everyone whose incredible work is showcased within. 

I did the cover with help from Lauren Montgomery, Melissa King, and William Nanqing Niu. It’s taken me a while to warm up to spot gloss treatments, but I actually asked for it on this cover, and I’m really happy with how it came out. I hope you all enjoy it too! (Plush Naga not included, although those are available from Dark Horse too.)

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You asked if riverdale was any good and if u were missing out on a genuine betty/juggie story line and the answer to that is YESSSSSS. 10/10 would def recommend. Everyone i know and their moms and their brothers are watching this show. At first i had no intention of becoming this invested in the show but then came ep 4 and I was blown away. Welcome back to hell (I mean the fandom xD)

This is the best “welcome back to the fandom” message I’ve ever received. 

(and is it super petty that I’m reluctant to check out ‘Riverdale’ because I’m afraid that the network isn’t going to let Betty/Jughead be endgame??)

if you sent me an ask

1. I probably got it.
2. I have probably not deleted it.
3. I might have lost my muse for that particular prompt
4. I’m sorry.
5. I am really sorry.
6. I’m bad at my job.
7. I came here to shitpost I didn’t think ppl would actually interact with me.
8. I might get back to it at some point!! Be aware that might be a month and if you forgot that is honestly not your fault so don’t worry.
9. If you don’t have the muse for that prompt either don’t worry about dropping it, just let me know.
10. Seriously, if u want to drop something, please don’t feel like you have to avoid me like I’m that guy you didn’t like in high school in the aisle of a supermarket. Just. Tell. Me. I get it. Life is happening. You only have time for so much shitposting roleplaying. I will understand. Just be upfront.
11. I don’t have an eleventh point, I just want u to know I love u ok goodbye

i love that it’s becoming the hip cool thing on tumblr to hate ed cause divide is doing really well

y’all Too Edgy 4 U peeps who hate it when people are successful are super transparent. like literally last week before the album came out the whole website was hype and now i’m seeing people who were like “thank god ed’s coming back the world can be right again” are like “um why is ed sheeran successful he’s narcissistic and nasty!”

calm down. you aren’t better than anyone cause you aren’t a sheep who likes the successful person. you’re just annoying.

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not to be a sinner but they probably already stopped crying theyre onto ~presents~ now

i take it this is about celebrating phil hitting 4 mill

get back where you came from u demon

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xiuhan + 4 :3

THANK U BABE this got long lmao i have no chill

4. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?” 

When Minseok came back home that day, he immediately fell face first on the couch, a groan leaving his mouth as his roommate, Luhan, laughed at him. Today had been shit. He’d been yelled at by his boss before realizing the mistake hadn’t been his, had thrown away several files he had been working on because of that one mistake and had had to re do them all over again. Following that he had gone out for lunch later than usual and his favorite sandwich was out of stock. Then he came back to work feeling less that satisfied, dropped his nearly full coffee on himself, and finally, when he left at 6pm, the weather was fucking oppressing, too warm to be comfortable and the cherry on top was the rain. Minseok turned his face to his roommate, who he knew had been on his day off.

“Don’t laugh at my misery, Han,” he whined. “I know you didn’t even get half of a butt cheek out today. Asshole.”

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SEVENTEEN ‘Love&Letter’ Album Tracklist (minus team songs)

1. 엄지척 (Chuck)

  • “You knocked on my heart and came to me. You are my guest.”

2. 예쁘다 (Pretty U)

  • “I want to pick and gather all the pretty words for you.”

3. 이놈의 인기 (Still Lonely)

  • “It’s every day that I’m soaked in popularity. But my heart is about to wither.”

4. 유행가 (Hit Song)

  • “I hope this song will accompany all your feelings.”

5. Say Yes

  • “Even if I keep singing this melody. There is no response.”

6. 떠내려가 (Drift Away)

  • “Wishing that the past will come back is nothing but a dream.”

7. 사랑쪽지 (Love Letter)

  • “I will hold you tightly and never let go. I will always be by your side.”

hhhh u kno i really thought everything was over but as soon as i came back from school turns out half my room flooded again but this time got ALL of my sheet music not just a lil bit like last time (so like, rn, 50-80 pages?) which i need to salvage and ive already gone thru 4 towels and it hasnt even started to dry up im gon cry noah fence but i actually wanna die again

So I went on a soul-searching mission. It was 1997, and I decided to visit Hong Kong because this historical moment was happening, with the island being handed back to China. I made the mistake of going to Japan first, where I spent all of my money. By the time I got to Hong Kong I was broke. I was in this bar having a drink, depressed that I’d have to go straight back to the U.S., and this guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to be in a TV commercial. I asked how much, and they told me $4,000. And because I wanted to keep traveling, I took the money and did the ad. Well, this director, Yonfan, saw my commercial, and he called me in for an interview, and by the end of the conversation, he asked me to play the lead in his next film. I said to him, “Are you crazy? I don’t act, and I can’t even speak Cantonese!”

That same week, I ran into Jackie Chan at a party, and within a few minutes of talking, he told me he wanted to be my manager. “What, are you serious?” My mind was blown. I went from drinking in a bar to starring in a feature film and having the biggest star in Asia as my manager.

—  Daniel Wu (via Slate)
My immortal hobbit

Hi my name is Thorin Oakenshield and I have a shield made from an oak branch (that’s how I got my name) and long dark hair that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Durin the Deathless (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to the great craftsman Narvi but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a dwarf but I am taller than 4′ . I have rough worn skin. I’m also a smith, but I should live in a mountain called Erebor in the West where I should rule since I came of age (I’m 194). I’m a king (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly blue. I love the Iron Hills and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a blue tunic with silver inserts in it and a chainmail, a fur coat and black boots. I was wearing my kingly braids and clasps. I was walking towards the Shire. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of elves stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Takeaways from last night:

1) Holy fuck where did that team come from
2) If you didn’t notice our offense evolve when Abby and KO came on you weren’t paying attention
3) Everyone complaining about the PKs and that the U.S. got lucky is forgetting about KO’s goal and you should be quiet
4) I’m highly suspicious of Jill Ellis now. Apparently she has half an idea in her head about how to play
5) We can collectively talk shit about Abby all day because she’s old and slow but she started the build up that got KO her goal
6) Our back line is on FIRE
7) Our back line has been on FIRE since June 6th
8) JJ is a beast and far too precious for this world
9) Morgan Brian. That is all
10) One month ago we were praying we’d make it to the knockout stages. Sunday we play for the Cup. This team is outstanding.

some soft zimbits 4 u

I saw this post w/ something about Jack waking up w/ Bits and I just had to, it’s too soft and pure and most likely the cheesiest sapfest I’ve ever written, so 

The first time Jack saw Eric wake up in his apartment in Providence he almost forgot to breathe.  Sunlight came in through the blinds of his bedroom window and cast stripes onto the skin on Bittle’s back.  The light shone through his honey-colored hair, some strands glimmering like gold.  His face looked so soft, so relaxed, Jack felt an extreme urge to reach for it.  Bitty’s feet peeked out through the bottom of his sheets, and Jack couldn’t help but notice how well his sunkissed skin contrasted admirably with the white fabric.  The three moles on Eric’s arm reminded Jack of a constellation.  Eric looked beautiful.  Jack had an itch to grab his camera, on the desk beside his dresser.  He restrained himself.  

“Bits,”  he whispered, his voice low and thick.  

Eric stirred, his sheets moving with the motion of his body.  His legs kicked a little, and he turned over to look at Jack.  He squinted as the sun shone onto his face, highlighting the texture in his big, chocolate eyes.  He quickly closed them.  “Hmm?”

Jack’s breath hitched in his throat.  Eric’s voice sounded so soft and smooth, and Jack couldn’t believe how lucky he was.  “Nothing.”  He responded, eyes closing as Bittle leaned in closer to his chest.  He felt his light breaths on his neck, and it made his hair stand on end.  He reached his arm around the small of Eric’s back and pulled him closer.  He sighed.  He canceled his plans to go on his morning run as he felt the both of them drift off to sleep with their bodies flesh with one another; together.  

@ bethesda i would like a dlc, please, that brings up the fact that kellog’s frosted flakes-ass voice came out of nick valentine’s mouth. u can’t put in some shit like that and never bring it up again….but also don’t do anything bad to nick he doesn’t deserve it…..