but i burst into tears


If ever there’s a tomorrow when we’re not together, there’s something you must remember. 

victor wonders why he hardly catches yuuri’s wandering, sparkling eyes anymore—did he find all the answers he was looking for? and he asks yuuri about it one day, and yuuri just blushes and tells him that whenever he’s looking for an answer, he stares at victor or stares at their wedding rings, and that’s all it takes for victor to burst into tears


It was so strange. It was so emotional seeing Noma’s performance in a way that I had not anticipated at all. She walked in the room and I just spontaneously burst into tears. I had played that character so intensely up until that point, that to know Hermione was going to be okay — I know it sounds crazy — but to know everything turned out all right and everything in the world was okay, that there was someone else carrying her on and carrying her forward … it was just such a relief.  


watch out world i made another video…. this one’s of my fav part…
spoilers for the eleventh hour


Basically i’m on V’s route 5th day and both of them tell me that they love ice-cream and i just- i jusst- burst into tears because how precious they are…
Saeran tells me he like ice-cream but i can’t let anyone knows about it
And Seven tells me he likes to share his with someone precious, someone that important to him and by no mean it’s Saeran ;;-;;
i jusst want to hug them and buy them a bunch of ice-cream these poor boys


unforgotten kindness