but i bet it smells of coconut

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Hc #3 hobi's bed probably smells like vanilla lotion, like i highkey think that hobi would be the member with the nicest natural body scent so like on early sunday mornings his kids will flock to his and his partner's bed and cuddle up to him

this is really cute n i agree so much bihh like omg you don’t understand, i really do think besides jungkook hobi is di best smelling n smells really nice ya know??? i bet his shampoo game is on point, smelling like sweets or coconuts or some shit bitch IM living

Zico says he hasn’t cut his hair because he doesn’t know what style he wants to do when Block B makes a comeback. At this point I’m 99% sure he lying. He likes his hair long. He enjoys it long. I bet he does cute styles with it like french braiding, pigtails, and a bun. Looks at girls for new ideas stealing coordi noonas’ booby pins and hair elastics. I bet he has a cute bow microfiber shower headband for when he washes his face so his hair doesn’t get in the way. When being sassy he shakes his head back and forth to add more drama. When he bored he wraps his hair around his finger. He now stands in the shampoo and conditioner aisle when he at the store smelling bottles and contemplating because with this hair you now have to smell like some type of flower/fruit smoothie/coconut/goddess that just came out of the rain forest. Zico nugget you like your hair long. You like buying $20+ shampoos and conditioners. You’re only lying to yourself went you say it’s for comeback.