but i bet it smells of coconut

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So, in fandom, it's generally agreed upon that the reactor uses vibranium, right? And it tastes like coconut. Do you think if you licked the shield it would taste like coconut? Like, when Steve was still in the army he used the shield as a cooking bowl and inexplicably, everything kinda tasted like coconut. They both kinda smell like coconut, Steve from constantly handling he shield and everything thinks they're sharing cologne. What the hell even is vibranium. Wth. (Tree)


No but I bet Natasha would be so confused at first. Because I mean, she’s the only one on the team who had met both of them before they’d all assembled to kick ass, so of course she’s sort of filed away their particular smells. Obviously, Tony first- it had been a mix of coffee and metal when she’d first met him, and then when she found him again at the expo, she had curiously smelt something new on him. 


Of course, she’d discarded it. New aftershave, shampoo, cologne, whatever- it didn’t matter. Smells weren’t particularly important in the world of espionage anyway.

Until she met Steve Rogers, that was.

Stepping off the plane, hair neat as anything, clothes old-fashioned and looking a little puzzled at his surroundings, he had stepped forward to shake Natasha’s hand and-


It was almost funny, how wide her eyes went. Because that wasn’t just the generic smell that came with SHIELD shampoo- it was pretty potent, tangy, and authentic.

It was also exactly the same smell she’d noticed on Tony Stark.

Which was impossible. Had to be. They’d been monitoring Steve, watching his interactions and movements in the real world to see how he had been coping, they would have noticed if Tony Goddamn Stark had-

Except they wouldn’t. Not really. That guy owned 80% of all their surveillance- if he wanted to sneak around under SHIELD’s nose, then he would damn well sneak around under SHEILD’s nose.

Holy shit.

She had to hand it to him, Stark moved in fast. And the forties boy, too? That was impressive work, if they were already at the stage where they shared goddamn cologne, it had to have been a love-at-first-sight sort of thing-

“Miss Romanov?” Rogers asked her, a little confused, looking at the hand Natasha was still clutching as she stared at him unashamedly.

“…Boy. I gotta ask Stark how he fucking does that,” she muttered, letting go of his hand and then gesturing for him to follow.

(Of course, when they actually did meet, she was, admittedly, incredibly confused. It was only months later when she realised the correlation, as Tony was refitting himself with a new core and muttering about how it felt like chewing directly on a coconut skin. She had full-on leapt into the air, pointing accusingly at his reactor and yelling about how she’d thought Steve and Tony had been hate-fucking for months because of that damned smell.

Neither of them ever let her live it down. That had been the one time they’d ever managed to successfully trick her, if unknowingly, and they didn’t intend to let her forget it.)

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Alsoooo try the Aesop parsley seed oil for removing makeup, it's amazing and works so damn well. Way better than coconut oil!!!

ooh i bet that smells amazing! but it has quite a few chemicals/alcohols in it and im trying to use more natural products!

sorry Mik but im gonna have to disagree with you on this one 😂 💖 parsley seed is actually the second last on the list of ingredients (on a four line long list! :o)! that is #falseadvertising and for $59AUD me (or my bank account lol) are not gonna support that hahah! x


Homemade Face Wash - [from your friendly neighborhood dirty hippie]

1 cup oats (NOT quick oats. Use the old fashioned rolled variety)
2 1/2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
5 tbsp water
3/8 cup coconut oil

1. Put your oats in a blender and grind them into a fine powder (so that your product is smoother - it’ll still be textured but it’s better than whole oats on your face).

2. In a mixing bowl, mix together oats, apple cider vinegar, and water.

3. Add the coconut oil. This is the trickiest part because coconut oil is solid at about 78 degrees, but above that it becomes liquid. What I did was scoop it out of the container with a spoon and force it into the measuring cups best I could, then I scooped it back out and put it in the bowl. I filled another container full of pretty hot water and then put my mixing bowl in that, just so that the bottom would be in hot water (you don’t want it all the way submerged or you’ll water your product down). Then i just mixed until it was all combined. The oil was slow at melting but it did as I mixed. I took breaks to let it melt, so that made it easier as well.

4. Put it in a container (I used a wide mouth jar).

To use:
Wet your face with water, apply the wash and massage it into your skin a bit, and rinse off. Easy as pie!

A couple of notes:
1. Because of the oil/water combo, the product separates in the container, so you’ll probably want to mix it up a bit with your fingers before you apply it. (Edit: I only had to mix it again once, the next morning after it had set up. Since then, it’s stayed mixed. I bet if it got warm it would separate again, because the oil would melt, so make sure to keep it stored in a place lower than 78 F).

2. Even tho the apple cider vinegar smells bad on its own, the final product mostly just smells like oatmeal. The oil I used was not scented at all, so if you used an oil that still smells like coconuts it would probably take on that smell. Basically you can’t smell the vinegar at all which is good because y’all definitely don’t want your faces smelling like old socks. But if you wanted to add essential oils in a certain scent, I think that would be okay. Research what types are good for your skin and which ones to avoid!!

3. The ratio for apple cider vinegar to water I used was for “normal” skin, and it was 1 to 2 parts (I started with 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar to 2 tbsp water). For sensitive skin, reduce to 1 part apple cider vinegar to 4 parts water (this will dilute it more so it won’t irritate the skin as much but still keep its effects). For oily skin, you can do 1 part apple cider vinegar to 1 part water. This means some math: for sensitive skin, add the total amount of water and apple cider vinegar, divide by 5, and then take that answer times 4. That will give you the amount of water to use. The original answer of your division problem will be the amount of apple cider vinegar. For oily skin, just add the amounts of water and apple cider vinegar and divide in half, and use that amount for each ingredient (you will be using equal parts vinegar and water). If that doesn’t make sense just ask your local math princess for assistance.

4. Make sure to try out just a little on your skin at first to make sure it wont react badly. If it’s fine, go ahead and use it more.

If there are any questions, my ask box is always open!! I’m here to help with anything!!

happy hippie-ing :))))

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Lygerastia for DHr, please!

Modern AU Draco x Hermione - Lygerastia; the condition of one who is only amorous when the lights are out.

flickering, flickering

Pansy had adamantly strewn twinkling fairy lights wherever she could for her little get-together, because they looked pretty and midsummer night’s dream-esque and god damn it, Draco, it’s my party and it’s just like Pansy, really, to curate her life for the hashtag aesthetic. You’d think she’d stick around to admire the effect but she’s nowhere to be found, (although considering the subject, one wouldn’t be hard-pressed to assume that she’s with Saint Potter, checking off another box from the Rice Purity Test). 

Draco couldn’t really grumble, though, because regardless of all the red Solo cups littering her carpeting and the distinct smell of vomit wafting from her flat’s small kitchen, Granger is sitting red-faced and wonderful bathed in peach lighting. She looks warm and carefree and electric, and while Blaise had snorted derisively (a happy drunk, how surprising), Draco finds it strangely endearing, as if anything is possible in this space, with this version of her. 

She probably hates him now, after, would probably say something particularly scathing if she could feel her tongue. But head thrown back, hair everywhere and long throat bared, Hermione Granger doesn’t look mad, instead looks as if the shadows their figures cast are the most arresting things she’s ever seen, light play and the watered-down basic version of them.

And Draco feels gut-punched and oh, isn’t it just unfair? Three feet away from this meticulously threadbare couch, he could reach out a hand and feel her heart through the underside of her jaw, but he isn’t allowed to anymore. And he won’t take advantage of her, happy drunk and all, because Lucius may have been distant but he’d been around enough to drill the whole no means no thing in. So Draco stays there, stares at her, and thinks, “This couch would smell like coconut and vanilla for days, but my pillows don’t smell like you anymore.”

She looks at him then, face half-shadowed, and she sticks her tongue out. The laugh that she yanks from his chest is equal parts freeing and painful, and it only rises in volume when she feigns a scowl. “You know, Malfoy, you still owe me twenty bucks from when I bet you’d break my heart.” 

And the quirk of his mouth small, he thinks you could have my trust fund, babe, if only because you’d have to take me with it. (If Blaise were here, and thank God he’s not, he’d snort derisively, sappy drunk, how unbecoming). The lights twinkle around them. 

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      I bet he’s soaked in that “body oil”. I bet that’s why he smells like hot crap. I bet it makes him taste funny, too. ‘Prolly gross, ‘prolly like tainted meat or some kinda bloody candle. Unless it’s like’a marinade.. coconut or spike-apple marinade on a real tender cut. All that fancy city-boy food’s gotta do somethin’ for the flavor, too. 

I bet I could get good, deep bite outta that thigh without anybody noticin’. 

Inappropriate Thoughts | accepting

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so I have this thing where I imagine harry wears some kind of lip gloss or chapstick and when louis goes to drink out of harry's cups and mugs he smells harrys lip gloss and closes his eyes and just kind of feels at home

I bet so many scents remind him of harry, curls or his smell, that’s a real thing he said.

- coconuts, from a much needed vacation, where their days were spent laying out in the sun and kissing lazily in a hammock

- fresh baked bread, from the first time harry showed off his baking skills and louis grabbed him and picked him up and squeezed his bum to make a badly timed ‘these are the best buns in town though’ pun

- antiseptic, from the first time louis got tattooed and harry hugged him hard and whispered 'I love you’s’ into his hair because they knew it was just the beginning of their journey

- bananas, because harry lives to torture louis with them on and off the stage

- fresh laundry, because no matter where they are, it always makes louis think of just the two of them being at home, having those private moments to themselves where they stay in bed for hours because they can, make dinner at midnight and eat it wrapped up sheets and not much else, cozying up with a fire and watching mindless tv and playing with those curls louis lives for while harry snoozes in his lap.

Basically, louis could relate pretty much anything back to harry because harry is his baby.

Zico says he hasn’t cut his hair because he doesn’t know what style he wants to do when Block B makes a comeback. At this point I’m 99% sure he lying. He likes his hair long. He enjoys it long. I bet he does cute styles with it like french braiding, pigtails, and a bun. Looks at girls for new ideas stealing coordi noonas’ booby pins and hair elastics. I bet he has a cute bow microfiber shower headband for when he washes his face so his hair doesn’t get in the way. When being sassy he shakes his head back and forth to add more drama. When he bored he wraps his hair around his finger. He now stands in the shampoo and conditioner aisle when he at the store smelling bottles and contemplating because with this hair you now have to smell like some type of flower/fruit smoothie/coconut/goddess that just came out of the rain forest. Zico nugget you like your hair long. You like buying $20+ shampoos and conditioners. You’re only lying to yourself went you say it’s for comeback.

Out Of The Cold (Part 4 - Final)

A/N: You. Guys. I just… I never know the words to say to thank you guys for your comments and your tags. You make me smile so hard and I am beyond grateful for y’all. Here’s the final part and I hope it lives up to your expectations! Thanks for always being so wonderful! xx 

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She wasn’t a mirage. She was real and she was standing in front of him looking more beautiful than he’s ever seen her. Her hair was up in a mess of curls and it flowed effortlessly down to rest on her bare shoulders. Her skin looked like porcelain against the soft lavender of her dress which streamed down her body as easily as water from a faucet and he wanted to reach out and run his fingers along it. 

“Hiya, Finny,” she quietly greeted him. She was holding something in her hands and Finn couldn’t quite make out what it was. It looked like nothing more than a crumpled piece of paper but she couldn’t take her eyes off it, absentmindedly rubbing her thumb across the material. He could tell her hands were shaking and she was gently rocking herself from her heels to the balls of her feet and back again. The silence was killing him but he was too scared to break it. He was afraid he’d say the wrong thing and she would go running again.

“Uh,” he started, trying to find a way to meet her eyes. “Do ya wanna come in?” She finally looked up but not to him. She looked right past him and into the room. Finn could tell she’d previously been crying because her eyes were glassy, her nose was red, and he could tell that her make-up had definitely been applied more than once. 

“Yeah,” she whispered, sliding past him into the room. She looked around, calculating the best place to sit and decided on the chair that was just vacated by Chop. Finn sat on the bed, giving her enough space to make her feel comfortable. She looked so… Small. Like a young child that was so unsure of where she was. Finn had never seen her like this before. Her energy was usually enough to fill a football stadium and her smile could light even the darkest room. Now she looked fragile and cracked, like the tiniest vibration would send her into millions of tiny, ragged pieces all over the carpet, unable to be picked up.  

He needed to say something but he didn’t know where to start. Everything got so fucked up and he didn’t know how to start fixing it. He realized now that she had every reason in the world to be angry with him. He did want her to drop everything and be with him, that was his intention of going to Billy Goats that night. He was going to ask her to be with him; to leave Zack and whatever it was they “had” for him. He’d been holding it in for four years, how did he think she would just drop everything and be with him? How did he not see how selfish that was? How did he not think of any of the repercussions? He needed to fix this. He had to fix this. 

“Rae -”

“You -” 

“No, no,” Finn held up his hands in surrender. “You first. Please, tell me how I can fix this.” His voice was pleading and his throat was on fire. He could feel the hot acid from his stomach working its way up his esophagus and he felt like he could throw up at any second. 

“You,” she swallowed a lump in her throat and shook her head, almost as if she couldn’t believe the words that were about to come out of her mouth. She was still looking at what she was holding and it was then that Finn realized what it was.

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i bet that baby tim always smells really really good, like baby shampoo or like ~fresh baby coconut and white tea~

and everyone always passes him around and sniffs his hair and sighs happily and is like HOLD ON I GOTTA GET A HIT *run up to whoever’s holding tim and snnffffffff* ahh yeah that’s the stuff

whereas baby damian smells like the blood of his enemies no jk he probably smells just like dick because he spends so much time sleeping on him and being carried by him

i want dick to hold damian and be like AUGH his head smells so good you guys gotta come smell his head and everyone’s like *sniff* hmm he just smells like you, dick…. (i.e. like cereal milk probably)