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Word Count: 4,329. **SMUT INCLUDED

“This show is so fooked up.”

You smirk, rubbing your thumb against the back of Harry’s hand. He continues to watch the T.V. in front of him with incredulous eyes and furrowed brows.

“I mean, it’s a series of teenagers making some terrible decisions and self-inflicting pain.”

“Yeah, well, I think that’s the entire premise of Skins isn’t it.” You lazily respond, adjusting your head position to fit atop his shoulder. “At least they’ve got each other, like we’ve got each other.”

Effy Stonem continues to fuck her life up on screen whilst morning cuddles also cease to be stopped. You sigh with contentment bursting through the window along with the sun. For the first time in days does the massive star decide to make an appearance in London. You and your boyfriend fancied yourselves a gaze at the sunrise earlier today before arriving back to the flat to catch a random episode of Skins.

“I should probably start getting ready.” He voices and you groan, latching onto him further.

“Mhh, no. Not yet.” You mumble into his sweatshirt and he chuckles.

“Alright, after this episode. But if I’m late, I am pointing my finger at you.”

The episode finishes minutes later, causing both of you to sigh. In a little under an hour, Harry would have to leave for an audition with the producers of a new Christopher Nolan film, Dunkirk.

The proposal of the role had come upon him after being introduced to a few members of the crew and being told of the new project. Harry, having had some interest in starring in at least one film, jumped on the idea after working the logistics out. You of course, (being very supportive of his endeavours and not wanting him to be bored during the hiatus), gave him all the love whilst even going through a handful of lines with him.

“I could always use a bit of help in the shower.” He intones, staring down at your half clothed body, legs exposed to the open air after just being in his shirt. You look up at his smugly, this boy is relentless.

With a smirk, the two of you head up to the bathroom for a bit of fun.

Under the steaming shower head, Harry finds himself basking in the glory of your beauty. He has never not found you intriguingly breathtaking just as you are.

You mirror his views but with his own body instead, finding your lip being bitten down on whilst glancing at his physique. Time seems to have slowed down as you both admire each other’s wet bodies with the bright bathroom lights casting down.

He runs a hand down from your shoulder all the way to your inner thighs, caressing the soft area. You are pushed back against the shower wall, water rapidly cascading down on the two of you.

His nimble fingers ghost over the skin of your folds as a way to tease your slit. You gasp involuntarily at the sensation, his thumb soon pressing over your clit.

Your eyes shut in please as he begins to work you with his fingers, slow and steady but increasing with speed. For balance, your hands clamp down to his biceps, which have beefed up quite nicely after working out for the both of you.

Harry grins devilishly as you struggle to keep your eyes open from pleasure. His fingers are to be felt deep inside you, with the rings pressing against your clit with pleasure. You make a plea for him to stop out of sensitivity.

“I-I want to come with you, Haz…” You choke out as his two fingers move in and out of you. Another moan is let out before you slowly move your hands down to where he needs you.

He complies to your request, removing his touch for the moment and taking in yours. You brush over the tip of his cock gently then move down to the shaft, pumping it gently.

A groan escapes his lips whilst having to set a hand down on the shower wall to keep steady. Your free hand moves down to play with balls for a bit, electing profanities amongst your own name. You rub tenderly up and down, gliding a thumb over the tip every once in awhile.

Soon, the both of you decide that enough teasing has been done.

He leans in closer, whispering a “Ready, my love” before tracing up your thighs and lifting yourself onto him. Aligned, he drives himself up you with gasps. Seconds pass to allow you to adjust whilst he suppresses a moan, reaching over to touch your breast.

The warm water mixed with your colliding bodies makes for a steamy shower room. He thrusts hastily, eager to get you to an orgasm but wanting the moment to last.

In the few seconds that your eyes are blinking, you catch the vibrancy of his tattoos. They light up in the shower every time.

His hands move down to your bum for support, giving a firm squeeze as he continues to pound into you. You moan loudly at the speed, begging for him.

“Mhh, Harry…”  You choke out, clawing at his back.

“Y/N, fuck…” He groans into the crook of your neck whilst roughly ramming into your body. Shower sex always varies from love making to hardcore fucking. This might be a mix really.

His right hand moves down to your clit to rub furiously. Your hands twist knots in his hair but he doesn’t mind one bit.

“God, yes!” Harry shouts as you nibble at his sweet spot under his ear as he thrusts into you with his name leaving your mouth, echoing off the bathroom walls. The sound of skin slapping along with water pelting the ground fills the room.

Harry’s plump lips connect to yours and you soon come undone with him deep inside you.

He then pulls out and follows you into ecstasy not too far afterwards, shouting for your name to be echoed throughout the room.

Heavy breaths fill the room along with the shower water still running. Your grasp on him remains as you both stand to try and steady yourselves. He leans down to kiss your shoulder before pressing against your lips.

You smile as he pulls away, eyes full of love and life.


“I’ll see you in a couple hours, yeah? Hopefully it doesn’t take too long…” You give Harry a send off after whispering words of encouragement into his ear. He smiles to you gratefully though you know underneath that he is bubbling over.

“If it were up to me I’d give you the role straightaway. You wink. His lips purse whilst staring at the ground.

You apply a chaste kiss to him before meeting his eyes sincerely. “They’ll love you, there’s no reason for them not to. I can’t see anyone else reading as “Tommy” better than you, Haz.”

“If you’re meant for the role, then you will get it, yeah? Things will go your way if you’re supposed to have it. Just as long as you work hard, play hard and be kind, just like you’re always saying.” You hug him tightly as he sighs, nodding.

With another tight hug and steaming kisses for reassurance, Harry exits the house with heavy footsteps, trying to keep a light mind. You are left with a couple minutes of free time before heading into Central London for lunch with a friend.

The sun participates in an all day affair with the capital city as you make your way down the street and into the restaurant. Your friend waits inside patiently, grinning once she spots you.

“Y/N!” You wrap your arms around her in embrace. Inside, you are sure to have a window seat in order to enjoy the outdoors more.

The two of you get caught up after not having seen each other in a couple of weeks, which is practically an eternity in best friend time.

“You know,” You spark up as your lips leave the refreshing drink in front. “you still owe me a hundred pounds from that one bet.”

“What bet?” She eyes you quizzically. You set the glass down before smirking.

“On the day I met Harry, you bet me a hundred pounds that it was him outside, and, well, look at us now.”

Your friend wears an incredulous visage as you giggle, placing her own drink back on the table.

“That was literally almost three years ago and you’re asking me for that now? Isn’t there some sort of statute of limitations on shit like that because I am not paying you, oh my god Y/N-”

“I’m joking!” You cut in, squirming in your seat from laughter. She throws you a dirty look as she returns to her food. “I’m only joking, don’t even worry, I just wanted to see if you remembered.”

Before she can reply, the screams of a small baby fills your ears, causing you to jolt your head at the source.

You don’t recognise the family at first, but once they register into your brain, a grin can’t help but be sprawled across your face.

“I know them, they’re Harry’s cousins!” You inform your friend who looks to them eagerly.

“That’s their baby, Rosie. She’s adorable. I met her during New Years.”

You watch as the baby giggles from her carrier, her mother Annie going over to tickle her gently. The topic of children has been broached within several conversations with Harry, but it had been agreed upon to hopefully have some after marriage. Though you can’t be stopped from embracing them as they come by, and neither can he.

“Go over and say Hi, I’ve got one last bite anyways.” Your friend nods over and you smile gratefully.

Annie and Matty Selley wave over to you. beaming, as you stride over. Matty, who stands for a hug, greets you happily. Annie tends to a bit of spit-up on her daughter’s chin before mirroring her husband’s actions.

“Y/N! Matty and I thought you and Harry were in LA.” She rejoices and you shake your head. “No, we got back a few days ago. I’ve got some work I wanted to focus on here and Harry’s got… well, you know.”

Rosie cooes once seeing you, studying your face and trying to recall where she’s seen you before. You share a bit of baby talk, allowing her hand to clamp around your finger.

“Oh look at you, Rosie Selley! Most gorgeous baby I’ve ever seen, I love your summer dress!”

Annie chuckles, “Say thank you, auntie Y/N. It’s the one you bought for me.”

Rosie pulls your finger closer to suck on, causing Annie to tug a bottle of milk out from the baby bag.

“I think she’s hungry, it is lunch time. Do you want to…?”

You blink at the offer for a moment, cheeks squishing up into a smile. You nod, positioning yourself to feed her.

“So what are you guys doing for the rest of the day?” You question once the little girl is tucked safely in your arms, bottle in her own.

“Oh, ugh. We were supposed to this festival but our sitter cancelled last minute and both our parents aren’t as close as we’d like for convenience so I think it’s just home for us today.” She seems a bit disappointed and suddenly you come up with what seems like your best idea yet.

“I can take care of Rosie today, if you’d like.” The two parents exchange looks. “H and I were really just planning on having a day in after he comes home so it’d be nice to have her ‘round.”

Annie bites her lip, seeming to have a mental conversation with Matty before nodding.

“I-uh, that’d be fantastic actually, I mean, the only reason we didn’t ask is because we thought you both were still in the states and now seeing you here, we just didn’t want to force it upon you and even though we do want to be with Rosie, we were looking forward to this for months and-”

“Don’t even worry about it, Annie!” You laugh. “Honestly, I was going to call and ask whether or not she could spend a day with us soon. Really, it works out perfectly, so you two have your day out together. You still can be a couple, you know.”

Matty chuckles, pushing his hair back awkwardly. “It’s sort of odd how it all sort of just, came together last minute? We don’t have much of Rosie’s stuff with us like her toys and stuff…”

“I can pick some of it up at your flat after this before you guys go.” They look to you gratefully, having faced disappointment just this morning from their usual sitter.

“You’re a lifesaver, Y/N. We definitely owe you for this.”

You shrug it off. “Don’t even bother, this little one is enough for me.”


Harry hums Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac on his way home. His keys jingle whilst unlocking the front door, carefully checking to see if you are inside.

Upon entering, he frowns at noticing you have not come back from your outing but decides to change into more comfortable house clothing; basketball shorts and a random shirt.

The audition went great, at least that’s what he left the place feeling based on his reading’s. He went over one of his favourite scenes, yours as well. Mr. Nolan, or “Chris” as he preferred to be called, found Harry “refreshing” amongst the hundreds of other actors he went through when trying to find the right fit.

Harry of course, being a fresh face to the film industry and not quite having much prior training to acting, took the compliment to heart. Inside the casting room, his nerves were eased just a bit.

Callbacks would of course have to happen, along with a second and possibly third audition with a screen test would be pushed before he would find out if the role of Tommy was for him. But he couldn’t help feeling accomplished, another one of his dreams might be coming true, one that he didn’t even realise was there until a little while ago.

Though throughout the entire process, your words resounded in his mind in order to keep himself calm. You are always the one to bring him back down and make him feel like himself again.

In the upstairs bathroom, Harry hears you entering from down below just as he got up there.

“Hi sweet’eart!” He calls out. “I’m just changing but I’ll be right there.” You shout back something he can’t really understand but decides to question it further later. He ruffles with his hair before going over to splash water over his face.

You set Rosie’s travel bag and carrier on top of the coffee table before unfastening her, getting ready to hold her steady. She murmurs a bit of noise as you coo, pecking her forehead gently.

At eight months old, she bounces eagerly on your lap with giggles leaving the premises of her lips. She gurgles random sounds whilst you scrunch your face, electing more laughs.

Harry, who has just finished yanking his lengthy legs out of impossibly skinny jeans. You always teased him about having such a “model physique” and that he should be on the runways for fashion week.

After tugging on the shorts he laid out on the bed, his eyes scan over the edge to realise that you have set out some lingerie, and one’s he’s never seen before at that.

With a smirk, he palms the material curiously. The lace is limber against his fingertips and he can’t help but let his imagination run wild at the thought of seeing you with them on when the time comes.

The excursion from earlier this morning still rocks every crevice of his brain. If he doesn’t stop now, he would grow a semi just from thinking of the love bites he left all over you.

With the lingerie in his grasp, Harry heads downstairs to prod you on the ensemble.

A smug expression is upon his countenance as he rubs the fabric of the bra whilst heading down the stairs.

“Darling, I really like this. Are you planning on wearing it tonight because fook, I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep myself-”

After seeing a young Rosie Selley in your arms, Harry’s eyes widen greatly, almost dropping the bra.

“Rosie!” Your head snaps to meet his bulging eyes, yours falling down to your clothing in his hands.

“Annie and Matty needed someone to watch over her today and I offered our services.” You quickly explain as he sets your bra down, going over to take the baby into his hands.

“Hello!” He greets her and she happily giggles at her Uncle Harry. Pressing a kiss to her soft cheeks, his nose nuzzles just for a second.

“We’ve got you for an entire day I see, are you ready?” She does nothing but clap in response, delighted to see him.


“She really likes you.” Harry remarks, eyes lit up with pride. Your gaze does not leave Rosie, who copies your smile.

“I don’t think your cousin would’ve trusted us with her if she doesn’t.” You reply. “Yeah, Rosie? Are you happy here?”

The baby crumples her nose, causing both you and Harry to laugh. He makes his way to your side, setting a bottle of water on top of the coffee table in front. You press a kiss to her nose before handing her over to him gently.

“Thank you.” You sigh, opening the water. He grunts a “Welcome” in response, attention on his niece.

The babysitting services you had offered to Harry’s cousin on New Year’s Eve had finally been taken up today.

Harry being Harry, he adored children, especially Rosie. He was at their house as soon as he could be after finding out that Annie had given birth. It had been a while since he was around babies, so to have another in the family delighted him like nothing else.

Rosie on the other hand, also admired him greatly. Her eyes illuminated every time she saw him. With your phone in hand, you snap a photo of Harry holding her, both parties engaging in a stare-down but with loving eyes.

Everything feels right; you, him and a baby.

“So,” You settle in after putting your phone away. Rosie’s eyes begin to droop down whilst he sets her down onto the blanket between the two of you. “what were you saying earlier about my bra?”

Your boyfriend’s eyes bulge out again as you laugh, his cheeks burning vermillion. His hands reach to cover over his face in embarrassment.

“I was changing when I saw your… clothing set out on the bed and i-it got me thinking about what we did this morning-” You clutch your stomach whilst he continues to pout in shame.

“So you got a hard-on and came down here?”

“I thought you were alone!” Rosie stirs, reminding the two of you that she is still there. You try your best to suppress giggles as Harry shakes his head, vision landing on the lingerie.

“If I’m honest Y/N, I really can’t wait to see you with it on…”

“Later tonight, my love.” You pat him softly whilst the baby drifts off to sleep. “But just so you know, I’m never letting that go.” Harry only groans, shoving his hands over his face again.

With a random show on the telly, the pair of you find yourselves joining Rosy in sleep.


It must’ve only been twenty minutes into a nap when Rosie wails from between the two of you. She squirms and wiggles around in the blanket, mouth emitting loud screams. You jolt awake along with Harry, not expecting the sudden cries.

“D’ya think she’s hungry?” You shake your head.

“I just fed her half an hour ago.”

“Maybe she needs to be changed?” He leans down to get a whiff of her diaper which is cleaner than ever.

Looks are exchanged as Harry pick her up, tenderly patting her back and bobbing up and down in an attempt to get her to stop. She continues to cry relentlessly and you sigh whilst googling reasons a baby might cry.

“Okay, erm, maybe she wants to be swaddled?”

“She was just in a little burrito when she went to sleep!” You speak before cooing at her.

“Erm… she’s not feeling warm or anything right?” Harry’s hand brushes over her body, reporting back that she is feeling relatively normal. Any removal of clothing would be too cold, adding anymore on would be hot.

Rosie’s wails do not stop, causing you to become slightly distressed.


Your boyfriend blinks at you oddly whilst bouncing sideways, holding Rosie close.

“I-I mean like, some babies like flashing lights and moving cars, stuff like that right? Soothes them? Well maybe we could take her for a car ride, that seems to calm babies down sometimes.”

He looks to the little girl, whose face is scrunched from excessive screaming. A kiss to her forehead and the two of you decide to pack up for a journey around town.

“Where should we go?” His voice is raspy as the car pulls out and into the street.

“I guess just ‘round the park a few times and maybe around Camden if we need to but not too far, they’re going to pick her up in like forty five minutes so we need to be back and have her ready by then.”

You latch a finger around her hands, allowing her to play with it as she fidgets, still very restless. Harry’s heart hurts as he hears her crying, wanting to do anything to make Rosie feel better. But it also melts just a bit as he sees you acting motherly to her, whispering sweet things in a nurturing voice to calm her. His thoughts of starting a family with you are igniting themselves once again.

On occasion, his eyes float into the rearview mirror to check on the two of you, a smile coming along to see that you’ve managed to quiet Rosie down. All that is left is for her to sleep again.

His grip on the steering wheel tightens as he imagines the process of having a family with you. The day you come to be pregnant is one for the books, that much he knows for sure. A baby girl with you, something so close yet so far away. He would do anything to make it happen.

Whilst turning a corner, you share a look with him, one full of contentment. For a moment, it feels as though you three are your own little family driving around. Harry can only dream for now, but hopes someday soon that it would be his own daughter with his wife in the backseat, trying to get everyone to a peaceful sleep.


“How’d your thingy today go, by the way?”

Harry’s brows lift up at the recollection. He almost forgot that he even had an audition once he saw his niece.

“Great, actually. Incredible, maybe, yeah. I think they liked me, but you know, they aren’t allowed to say much.”

“I told you, you’re the best Tommy they’re ever going to get for the film.” You nod, going under the duvet with him.

After a moment of silence, you receive a text from Annie.

Her to You

“Again, thank you so so much for taking care of Rosie today!! You guys seem to do amazing with her, if today was a test, I really think you both would have passed. Makes Matty and I excited for when you two finally have your own ;)

“That baby is so beautiful.” You think out loud, curling into his chest after showing him the text. “I mean like, I think we’ve both been around some really fussy babies but other than you know, her wanting to have a bit more stimulation, she was amazing.”

He nods, still in a daze.

“It makes me excited for when we finally get ‘round to doing it.” He smiles at your words, having thought about it billions of times before.

“Can you believe someday we’re going to have one of her?” You shift your head to meet his gaze.

“Like, a wiggling little bundle of joy in our arms, and she’ll be all ours.” His lips move to lay a kiss to the top of your head. You pet his chest gently, glancing into space as if the future would be shown right there.

“Our own little Rosie.” His voice is sentimental but eyes full of hope. “She’ll be as lovely as her mother.”

You chortle. “And as wonderful as her father.”

Memories from today flood his mind as he again thinks of how for a while, you three were a little family. He longs for the day he will be able to hold the baby made by you both. To be able to share his music with them, teach them football and how to write a song, show them his world and be part of theirs. He thinks of how he would take them to the exact spot he met you, and of all the other stories he would tell. Harry cannot seem to think of a time when he did not want to be the best father in the world, with you by his side as their mother.

It’s always been you he’s wanted to have as the mother of his children. It’s always been you who he’d want to be able to have as his wife, helping to raise the three children he dreams of having.

All that is certain for him is that with every dandelion, every shooting star, every 11:11, every possible way he can pray; a family with you is all he has ever wanted.

I SAW PANIC! AT THE DISCO LAST SUNDAY!! :) They’re all I’ve been listening to and it’s making me miss the concert even more. I’ve got videos that I was going to post but I never got around to doing so :(

Anyways, I also start school next week (fuck me in the throat ugh) so unfortunately updates might be slower than anyone would like, but I will try my best to keep the usual one imagine a week type process, I even have a Professor Styles lined up in case you’re interested ;)

Dunkirk Harry will also be written further on, I just had to include it in here somewhere in honor of that trailer, oh my god. It’s literally such a tease but I’m already so proud of and happy for Harry for being part of it, OUR LITTLE BABY IS IN A HIT FILM ALREADY !!

Just yesterday he had a higher pitched voice with bushy hair and wore converse with blazers n saggy jeans. I cannot believe how much time has passed. Feel free to chat with me on the pain lol

Love to you if you’re reading this,

Iz xx

Say My Name (A Smutty Harry One Shot)

Say My Name (Harry Styles One Shot)

Contains mature content.

This is my longest one shot to date! (Sorry if you have to scroll past this on mobile!) This is also the smuttiest thing I’ve written. Seriously, an NC-17 rating seems too innocent for this one.

Inspired by one of my favorites, Girls Love Beyonce by Drake. Listen to it - it’s amazing.

Word count: 5187

Keep reading

Holmes Chapel

Oh how she rocks / in Keds and tube socks.

Harry would watch you walk down the hall. He couldn’t believe how beautiful you looked. Everyone else thought you dressed in a strange fashion. But he would love every part of your style. You loved your Keds more than anything and had several pairs in different colors and patterns. You didn’t care about the way it looked with socks and you’d wear them all day and everywhere. “You’re drooling lad,” Liam would murmur to Harry. You were looking over your assignment sheet as you walked dodging people playing soccer in the hall, opening lockers and so forth. “She’s amazing,” Harry would sigh dreamily. “Do you even know her?” Louis would ask. He’d shrug. “Do I need to? I can tell she’s amazing.” “How?” Liam would snicker. “She’s beautiful,” he’d sigh. “You think?” Louis would ask. “She’s very pretty and cute…but I don’t know lad…” “Well you’re biased, because you’re in love with your girlfriend,” Liam would remind Louis. “If Harry thinks she’s beautiful, then she’s beautiful,” Liam would shrug. “Hey, babe,” Louis would grab you by the arm and Harry almost keeled over. Today you paired your ever present Keds and tube socks with a white T-shirt beneath denim overalls that fell just to mid-thigh. “Yeah?” You’d ask him pushing the strap of your messenger bag higher on your shoulder. “Harry’s failing Bio, could you help him?” He’d ask. Harry wanted to die. You’d look to Harry. YOU KNEW WHO HE WAS?! "I’d be happy to help,“ you’d smile at him and take a step toward him in front of Louis. "Where would you like to meet?” You’d ask. “Uh…” he’d sigh. “Um…the main entrance? I can drive you home,” he’d offer. “Great!” You’d smile. “Um…my parents…long story short, I have a cell phone,” you’d grab a scrap piece of paper out of your bag. “Here’s the number,” you’d hand it to Harry, your hand touching his. His skin burning at the feeling. “If you can’t find me, I’m probably in the library, but feel free to call,” you’d say sweetly. You were secretly thrilled that Harry needed your help because his eyes were so green and his skin looked so soft. “Why would she like me?” Harry would ask sinking to the floor as you’d walk away. “I don’t know Harry,” Liam would roll his eyes. “She won’t though if you keep acting like a girl,” he’d say dragging him off the floor to get to class.

There you were standing in the lobby beside the window waiting for Harry. He’d arrive a few minutes later and he’d be carrying two books and a notebook with him, a pencil in his pocket. “Hey,” he’d smile gently at you. “Can I take your bag for you?” He’d ask. You’d smile shyly. “Um…yeah,” you’d nod. “If you don’t mind and really want to,” you’d say pulling it off your shoulder. “I do,” he’d smile softly taking it from you and pulling it over his shoulder. He’d open the door for you to his car, placing your bag in the back. He’d start his car and the new Dave Matthew’s album was playing from the speakers. He’d turn it down significantly and he’d blush shyly at you. “Sorry,” he’d say softly. “It’s a good album,” you’d smile at him. He’d gape. Oh God, he was going to fall in love with you right here in his car listening to “Crash Into Me.” After telling him where you lived, you’d hum to the music as he drove across town. He’d stop to get coffee and he’d smile gently at you as you’d tried to pay. “Please, you’re helping me. I need a lot of it,” he’d say as he handed you your drink. You’d sip it and smile gently at him. “At least take some gas money,” you’d say placing two dollars in the cup holder. “It’s silly for you to have to drive me across the entire town.” He’d drive you to the moon if that’s where you lived. He’d do anything to spend time with you. “Thanks,” he’d sigh gratefully.

At your house, you kicked off your shoes and socks and you told Harry he could leave his on or off, you didn’t really mind. He’d slide his shoes off and sit beside you on the couch where you set up your books and paper to help him with bio. “Can I get you a snack?” You’d ask. “I’m good thank–” “I baked cookies last night,” you’d smile. He’d smile. “Well, I can’t say no to cookies,” he’d say knowingly. You’d gather a plate in the kitchen while your phone rang. “Your cell is ringing,” Harry would call to you. “You can answer, just hit the green button,” you’d call back. He’d grab it. “He–” “You are not with Harry Styles right now,” the girl shouted on the phone at the other end. “Did you kiss him yet? Oh my God, I bet he’s heavenly. I hate you,” she’d groan. “Does he smell good? Oh God you’re so lucky. How do you always get to be with your crush…ugh…” she’d groan. Harry would quickly hang up before you got back in the room. “Who was it?” You’d ask. “Uh…your friend. She just said call you back,” he’d shrug. You’d nod and then turn your phone off so it wouldn’t ring. “My mom and dad work late so sometimes I have to get my brother off the bus, but he’s going to a friend’s house today,” you’d explain. “They got me a phone in case something happens when I take him to soccer or something.” Harry would nod, still shocked by the news he was your crush. After studying for a while, Harry was a bit exhausted, but happy that he actually knew the material. “Why do you know all this?” He’d ask. “My parents are doctors,” you’d shrug. “If I need help, I just ask them,” you’d explain. “Do you wanna stay for dinner? I can make pizza and salad…my brother is sleeping over and my parents won’t be home until midnight.” “Yeah,” he’d nod. “I’d like that,” he’d sigh softly. “Can I call my mom?” He’d ask. “Yeah, sure,” she’d nod. “Here,” you’d hand him the home phone. “I’m just gonna call my friend back real quick and make sure it wasn’t an emergency,” you’d smile at him. He’d nod and you’d step into the kitchen. “Why’d you hang up on me?” She’d ask. “I didn’t?” You’d tell her. “Harry, answered for me. He said you said just to call you back.” “Harry answered your phone?!” She’d ask her voice bridging hysteria. “Yeah, I went to get a snack and he was closest, why?” “Oh my God, I’m so sorry…I…I said something about you having a crush on him,” she’d say in shock. Your jaw dropped. “Oh my God,” you’d blush and cover your mouth. “You’re lying.” “I’m not! I’m so sorry!” You’d groan and sink to the floor and bang your head on the back of the cabinet. You’d hang up with your friend and Harry would enter the room. “Uh…are you okay?” He’d ask helping you stand. You’d blush furiously. “I’m sorry about my friend,” you’d say shyly tears stinging your eyes in embarrassment. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” He’d ask worriedly. “She–ugh, I’m so sorry,” you’d shake your head staring toward the floor. “Why are you sorry?” He’d ask. “Because she told you that I have a crush on you,” you’d mumble. “Was that a lie?” He’d ask curiously. You wouldn’t answer. He’d cup your cheeks and brush his thumbs over your few tears. “I’ve been in love with you for two years, sweetheart. I’m thrilled you have a crush on me.” You’d blush furiously. “Why would you like me?” You’d ask. “Oh God, you don’t even know how much you rock,” he’d mumble and pull you to him tightly. “Would you like to go out sometime?” he’d ask and kiss the top of your head. He smelt like a bit of heaven. “Yeah, I would love that,” you’d murmur into his shirt. “Can you wear this outfit again?” He’d ask. “Why?” You’d smirk. “You look beautiful in it, especially with the keds and socks.” “You’ll have to tell my friend you like this look…she thinks I look like a toddler,” you’d tell him. He’d laugh and kiss your forehead. “Thanks for the help, sweetheart,” he’d whisper. “Can I help with dinner?” He’d ask. You’d nod, smiling brightly and he’d kiss your cheek because he got the girl that rocked Keds and tube socks.