but i assure you that they are not (:

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I'm sorry if this sounds rude bc it might but I assure you that is not my intent. Could you drop a kicverse hc or two in these trying times? (Not a roast about your update schedule lol but I feel like every time is now a trying time)

sometimes when city traffic is really bad, victor will helicopter to his destination. he has only had to resort to this twice. the first time was during new york fashion week 2015, and he was running late for marc jacobs’ ready-to-wear collection for the spring. the thai bistro he and chris were lunching at had a wait on the curry masala, and the curry masala was the whole reason they were eating there in the first place, so, okay fine, brenda, was that your name? the waitress flushes and nods yes, and fine, brenda, we’ll wait

and then suddenly it was 1:48pm and they were on the other side of the island and why does marc hold a show at 2pm, anyway? ridiculous. annoying. victor calls the fifth contact listed on his ‘favorites’ list. 

“there’s a helipad five blocks away from you, sir.” 

in these shoes?

“er… we’ll… we’ll clear out the top floor of the parking structure across the street from you, sir.” 

the next person victor calls is mila, who calls marc, who texts his PA jonathan, who radios the dj and instructs her to keep playing, don’t ask for how long, just—just keep playing and so she does, until victor and chris walk through the door fifteen minutes later, strolling like they’ve got all the time in the world. 

which, when you’re victor nikiforov and christophe giacometti, you do.

Time to get mad sappy, emotional and personal. I can honestly say that this Pride weekend has been one of the most cleansing, uplifting ones I have experienced. If you’re close with me, you’ll know that I went through a highly destructive, abusive relationship in the prior year that left me devastated. When your partner locks you away and verbally abuses you, it assures the demons in your head.

I’m not an outwardly extroverted person. I get in my own head and and let my own toxic thoughts get in my way of shining. There’s always that voice doubting myself, that I’m not handsome enough, likeable enough, nice enough, etc.

This Pride I was surrounded and welcomed by so many loving people and I appreciate it so much. This whole weekend I’ve met so many people, made tons of new friends, and I’m so glad I came back out of my shell.

Happy Pride, and thanks for letting me rant. :)

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Why is Yixing your bias?

Oh man where do I like…even start. I feel like, when I was first getting into Exo, they had Peak energy and very loud personalities, and I’m a sleepy person so I liked how Yixing was more easygoing and kind. And the guy is so talented, he always caught my eye on stage. And Yixing is so different now, but I like him better honestly. He’s more assertive and risk taking and just generally admirable. There’s literally nothing he’ll shy away from, he’ll act, he’ll write a book, he’ll rap, he’ll literally compose and produce an entire album for himself and he’ll try his absolute hardest in everything and succeed. I mean-goals? And he gets so much hate but you wouldn’t even know, like at all, because he’s self-assured. Basically I look at Yixing and I want to be better for myself. Also he’s MEGA handsome.

I am upon the point of departure my sweet Friend and Sister_ a moment only remains for me to repeat the tender assurances of my unalterable love_ the ardent and incessant vows I offer to heaven for your preservation and happiness_ and the cruel regret I feel at quitting France without having the happiness of passing a moment with you, except in imagination_ Devoted to the Service of my Country I submit to this sacrifice_ I love you the more for your patriotism which animates you when you speak of America_ in my separation from you, it is a consolation that I am serving our common mother_ & that our friendship cannot be affected by time place or circumstance_ I can’t express to you my surprise at your application to our Minister Plenipotentiary for a passport to go to England_ I hope that our dear friends my Uncle and Aunt will reconsider the matter and that your project will not take place_ it will have a very ill effect both in france and America_ in a public point of view_ and I do not conceive any good that can arise from it to our dear and respectable father_

I entreat you to present all the expressions of tender friendship to them in my name, & accept all the wishes that a heart sincerely attached to you can form_ give my love to Polly_ Adieu_

John Laurens.


John Laurens to his sister Martha Laurens, in a letter dated May 29, 1781

Martha was working to have their father freed from his imprisonment in the Tower of London, and she even wrote to Benjamin Franklin and John Adams about this subject.  However, I do not know the exact details of Martha’s “project” mentioned here.

Romantic Gestures - Doyoung

Taeil  -  Johnny  -  Taeyong  -  Yuta  -  Doyoung  -  Ten  -  Jaehyun  -  WinWin  -  Mark  -  Haechan

A/N: I never call him Dongyoung, I wonder if I ever will haha
- Admin Finn

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  • nitpicking things you do because he wants to teach you the right way so in the future you can independently do things correctly
  • asking about your family a lot because he cares about the people you care about
  • his hand coming down upon the top of your thigh when sitting and he thinks of something to tell you
  • listening intently and assuring you it was all right to vent to him
  • texting you about updates in weather so you remember to bring the ugly umbrella he bought you months ago with you when you go out to meet your parents 
  • trying not to smother you because he knows it irks you
  • telling you to rely on him; he wants to take care of you
  • apologizing after his sharp tongue lashes out at you
  • trying to convince you to let him do your makeup, because he’s a ‘lipstick prince’
  • sheltering you more than he should because he cares about you a lot
  • acting as a mom even when he’s irritated with you or you tell him not to
  • instead of surprising you with gifts he’s a sneak and when the two of you are out together and you stop to inspect a pair of jeans he’s pulling out his wallet; that way he knows you like the ‘gift’
  • couple shit
  • babying and clinging to you when he’s overly affectionate
  • doing ‘girly’ things together;
    spreading mud masks upon each other’s faces as the two of you giggle, him trying to paint your nails, etc… he just likes the close contact and feels it’s a bonding experience
  • bragging about you
  • always encouraging you to be the bigger person and be your best self
  • always watching out for you, both figuratively and literally

modern christian theology is like we got all our moral standards from a bad game of telephone and it sucks

jesus was a radical leader who led a radical movement and i can assure you the guy ain’t happy to hear about all the shit going on rn supposedly in his name because we’re meant to be called to do radical things

do you think jesus “i was a stranger and you did not let me in” christ would support any sort of travel ban? do you think jesus “do unto others” christ would endorse any sort of isms in any capacity? do you think jesus “blessed are the poor” christ would support the institution of government constantly shitting all over the middle and lower class? do you think jesus “love thy neighbor” christ would approve of your “all lives matter!!” bullshit? bc if so i must’ve read the wrong damn book

or to quote my favorite bumper sticker, “get real, like jesus would ever own a gun and vote republican”

Primrose - Jongdae | Part 3

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Genre: Angst | AU!Vampire/Soulmate Chen, AU!Vampire/Soulmate Reader|

Pairing: chenXreader

Word Count: 4k

Summary: You’re on the run from your vampire soulmate who accidentally turned you. While you intended to get your freedom by running away, it is short lived because the longer you’re away from him the more your body deteriorates as you slowly die - just as the same happens to him. Finally, after two years, he finds you and you struggle to keep your resolve because he is in love with you and even if you don’t want to be, you’re in love with him.

Notes: !!This chapter is picking up from the last and still set three years ago from the first chapter in this series!!

One | Two | Three

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Bts reaction where you find him over-bromancing with another member and get lowkey jealous?

Thank you everyone for all the asks, we will get to them as soon as possible <3

Seokjin: Seokjin would assure you that he loves only you. He would tease you for being jealous, but would coddle you for being so cute. He likes the fact that you got jealous over him.

“I only see him as a brother!”

Yoongi: Yoongi would brush over the fact that you accused him of “flirting” with another member. He would continue to tell you you’re over thinking it.

“Babe, calm down.” “You really think I could love anyone other than you?”

Hoseok: Shocked by your accusations, Hoseok would begin to brighten the atmosphere. He would start to dramatically fake cry and fling himself all over you.

“Jagiya, nooooooooo!” “You make me soo0o0OO0o sad” “I love you too much to flirt with them!!!”

Namjoon: Bringing up the conversation in your nightly deep discussions, Namjoon quietly listens to your concerns. Knowing that sometimes he plays into the ships for the fans, Namjoon would feel incredibly guilty.

“I’m so sorry baby, I had no idea you felt this way. It won’t be a problem anymore y/n.”

Jimin: Jimin would get shy. He wasn’t aware that he was very touchy-feely with his bandmates. He would apologize, and try to refrain himself from clinging onto them too much. However, Jimin is a natural cuddlebug, so this only lasts for a week.

“I’m sorry” “Although I cuddle with them, I still think of you…”

Taehyung: Taehyung would be surprised that you got jealous over touching the other members. He’s so used to being with them, that he hardly notices how much he touches them. Tae’s heart would break when he finds out you are feeling left out.

“Please jagiya, don’t think that way.” “I will never ever forget about you, I promise.”

Jungkook: Watching online TaeKook ship videos, you start to question whether they are exposing a truth. When you confront him, Jungkook would be seriously taken aback. He had no idea they seemed so close. Jungkook would assess how well he’s been taking care of you for these thoughts to evolve.

“What do you mean, you are my one and only.” “He’s like a brother to me. You don’t have to worry.”

-Sinner <3



I always tell him not to give me expensive things since I’m such a low maintenance slash simple person. I appreciate simple things such as dinner dates or just by giving me a whole day with full of hugs and kisses ( I prefer it more  though ) but then he said he just want to give me something that I can use. last year he gave me a pair of shoes and a jar with 365 thoughts and a letter for my birthday (2017) It is definitely a time capsule letter which I hate because I just don’t like the thought of you have to wait for that specific time to read something. of course main reason is no assurance if the relationship will run safe and smooth all the time. second is I just don’t want to jinx it hehe. anyways. can we get any cuter? with all these instax photographs. 

BY THE WAY is any of you knows where I can purchase a cheap instax films? or at least in a reasonable price  and a scrap book ( preferably like an album that has plastic covers each page so that the instax itself will not be tampered else it will cause damage on the photographs I would want to preserve it well and let my grand kids go through pages of  it pa haha )    on where I can put all this cute instax memories? thanks In advance! 

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Dating Daveed headcanons? (sexytimes included maybe) 😊

just did smutty ones here!

  • he’s always touching you
    • manifests itself in a bunch of different ways: an arm around your shoulders, around your waist, a hand on your back, holding your hand, resting your knees against each other when you’re sitting, etc
  • always trying to get you to freestyle
  • he does get jealous but you nip that shit in the bud
  • rafa and you get close af, constantly roasting daveed
  • “my best friend and the woman i love, i feel betrayed” “always so dramatic, diggs”
  • tickle wars
  • piggyback rides
  • constantly stealing his oakland shirts
    • he acts mad for a second when he can’t find them but honestly he thinks they look better on you
  • you get a little threatened by the women he hangs out with sometimes, because they’re all so gorgeous and talented and nice
  • he immediately assures you that he’s in love with you, only you
  • what a sweetheart
Decisions, Part 2

Thank you so so so much to everyone who liked and commented and reblogged Part 1 of this story! I’m afraid things might still be a bit painful before they get better, but rest assured, I am a writer who loves happy endings. It just might take a while to get there. 

Book: The Royal Romance

Pairing: Drake x MC

Louisa pads barefoot down the darkened hall of the palace. She likes it late at night when the castle is quiet and peaceful. She can be alone with her thoughts for a while and she’s free to just be Louisa Tennant and not Lady Louisa. There’s no posturing, no one to impress. As she walks along, her feet sinking into the plush rug, she lets her fingers trail over the tapestries hanging in the hall. This place is so beautiful, but it many ways it feels like a museum. It’s a wonderful place to visit and admire, but she’s not sure it could ever feel like a home. 

As she reaches the top of the grand staircase, Louisa stops as she spots someone near the large wooden door at the castle’s entryway. A lone figure with a large bag slung over their shoulder. Their hand is on the door handle and it’s clear they’re about to leave the castle. Just as she’s wondering who it is, they turn, as if taking one last look behind them, and she sees that it’s Drake. Gasping, Louisa calls out, “Drake!”

Sprinting down the staircase, Louisa stops just in front of Drake and breathlessly asks “Where are you going?”

“Tennant, go back upstairs,” he says quietly. He stares at the floor and won’t meet her gaze. Louisa’s stomach drops, scared of what he’s not saying. She grips his forearm, tugging gently and forcing him to turn to her. His expression is flat and he still won’t look her in the eye.

“Where are you going, Drake?” she repeats, suddenly afraid of his answer.

“I can’t stay here right now, Louisa. That’s all you need to know.”

“All I need to know? Drake, I thought we were…friends,” she says confused. “I thought we meant more to each other than this? Leaving in the middle of the night without so much as a goodbye? That’s kind of a dick move,” she tries to joke, but Drake doesn’t respond at all. 

“It doesn’t matter what you thought,” Drake says as he shifts the bag on his shoulder, still refusing to look at her, “It doesn’t matter what we’ve been to each other. None of that matters now.”

“Doesn’t matter?”, Louisa whispers harshly, suddenly angry at him. His words cut into her heart like a knife. “How can you say that? And would you please look at me!”

Drake finally meets her gaze and Louisa is stunned by the lack of emotion in his face. She doesn’t understand what’s happening.

“I say it because it’s true, Tennant. It doesn’t matter anymore. Because tomorrow…” Drake takes a deep breath, “Liam is going to ask you to marry him. So that’s that.”

She stares at him, made speechless by his news.

“He’s what?” she finally manages to squeaks out.

“Yeah,” Drake says with a humorless laugh, “he’s going to ask you to be his queen. So I’m going to do the right thing and get out here. I might be back sometime, but I might not.”

Louisa searches Drake’s face, hoping to see some of the affection he’s shown her in the past, but its clear that the walls around his heart, the ones that had come down so very slowly over the last weeks, are firmly back in place. Louisa feels something akin to grief as she realizes he’s shutting her out.

“So, all of this,” she says tremulously, waving her hands in the space between them, “meant nothing to you?”

Finally, there’s a blaze of emotion in Drake’s eyes and his voice is full of heat and passion when he replies, “It meant everything, Louisa, everything. That’s why I’m leaving. Trust me, it’s better this way.”

“Better?” she says sputters in disbelief, “Better how, Drake? It’s better to doom Liam and I to a loveless marriage because you think you get to decide what’s best for everyone?”

“It’s not loveless! He loves you, Louisa, and I know you care for him.” Drake’s words are an accusation and Louisa feels her anger return in a hot flush. 

“But I don’t love him, Drake!” she explodes, “And tell me what’s worse…telling him about whatever the hell this is between us and hurting him now or me marrying him while I’m in love with his best friend?”

Drake’s jaw clenches at her words and he shifts his gaze away from her once again. Louisa honestly can’t tell if he’s even noticed that she just told him she loves him. He stays silent, staring off over her shoulder.

Recklessly, she grabs Drake’s face in her hands and pulls him into a kiss. He doesn’t react at first, standing rigid and unresponsive in front her. She grips him tighter and kisses him harder, fusing her lips to his desperately. Finally, she hears a thump as Drake’s bag hits the ground and then feels Drake’s hands come up along her back, holding her close enough to eliminate any space between them. Drake kisses her back hotly and Louisa whimpers at the intensity of his bruising kiss. She tangles her fingers in his hair as Drake’s hands move along the curves of her body. Slowly, they break apart, gasping, breathing in each other’s breaths. 

“You shouldn’t have done that. We shouldn’t have done that,” Drake pants out.

“Why not?” Louisa breathes. Her head is reeling from that kiss. It was unlike anything she’d ever experienced. All she wants is to kiss him again and again forever, but then Drake speaks again and he drops his hands from her body.

“I have to go, Louisa,” he says hoarsely. “I’m sorry. Liam is like a brother to me and I can’t…I won’t do this to him.”

Louisa bites her lip to keep from crying out, heartbroken by his response.

“If you can’t stay, Drake,” she whispers tearfully, “then just go.”

Louisa turns and begins walking back upstairs. She can feel Drake staring at her as if his eyes are burning into her. And with each step she takes she prays that he’ll call out to her or run after her and pull her into his arms once again, tell her he loves her too, but he doesn’t and by the time she reaches the top of the stairs she hears the castle doors close behind him. 

Hand cupped over her mouth to stifle her sobs, Louisa makes her way back to her room without looking back.

She told Drake how she feels, what she wants, and apparently Drake has decided what he wants too. Or rather, she thinks to herself, what he doesn’t want.


we went to the beach yesterday, me and lily and lily’s friend thane, who is the first person i’ve met in so long that i could describe as soft-spoken. funny and self-assured in a way that makes you want to shut up for just one second, jesus, liz to hear what he has to say. even when the water is unbearably cold and the wind whips sand into your face, it’s a particular privilege to take a sweating, heaving, rumbling A train to the ocean and eat an empanada and then clamber back up the station stairs to go home.


something destroyed my little fire escape pepper plant while i was out. just last week, the first pale green pepper had appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, a miracle of nature and the montage of weeks of popping through the open window to water the row of terra cotta pots. “it’s our first pepper,” we told each other, laughing, “we made it together”. i’m not embarrassed to tell you that i loved this pepper, and i loved this plant, and i was so sad to find it ruined that i had to take my sandy self to get a new one right away.

which is how i found myself on the way to home depot, looking at the pop-song-pink sunset and thinking about domesticity. about whether the me who had to touch every stream in iceland, who flushed pink every time she thought about kissing another girl, who was just getting started - later than usual, which i think is a facet of bein’ a gay, you get started so late that it feels like you’ve missed out - would be horrified to find me wrists-deep in a bag of potting soil on a saturday night in the greatest city in the world.

but that is the particular combination of love and fear, i think. now i have something to protect, something strange and so good. something that mike pence hates. why wouldn’t i turn inward? why wouldn’t i build a tiny fort and fill it with pepper plants and lamplight? why wouldn’t i retreat, get a little stronger, get ready to take on the whole goddamn world one more time?

Relieving the Pressure

Hannibal has a “pattern” of having relationships with violent patients, according to Bedelia. Will is the one who not only breaks this pattern but completely upends it. Hannibal has to adopt various strategies in order to get close to people, let them “see” him and keep them in his life. 

Bedelia: You have to maintain boundaries Hannibal.

Hannibal: When the pressures of my personal and professional relationships with Will grow too great, I assure you I’ll find a way to relieve them.

Hannibal “relieves the pressure” of those who he becomes personal with by neutralizing them. They can “see” him only if there is some other factor that prevents them from exposing who he is to the authorities. He does this by various methods and always by sharing in some kind of murder with the person. If all of these strategies fail, then he will kill the person before they can expose him. There is a definite pattern of how he does this even though it involves different situations and different people. 

With Bedelia we don’t get much of a description about how Hannibal carried out his strategy of keeping her in his life while letting her “see” him. We don’t know how long they had known each other or how close they were before he deployed his strategy. What we do know is that he sent a violent patient to her and when she killed him in “self defense” he helped her to cover up her crime. They were bound together through that and Hannibal took advantage of that. When Bedelia said she wanted to retire, Hannibal was her only patient who refused to stop therapy with her. That’s both because Bedelia refused a more friendly or informal relationship with him and also because of the amount of work he put into being able to have any kind of relationship with her. However, Bedelia only saw “enough” of him, not everything. At the point when she saw more of who he really was Hannibal immediately took lethal action. He went to her home in his murder suit ready to kill her. She only escaped because she had already run away before he showed up at her home. And in the end, he is eating her with Will.

With how quickly Hannibal moved to establish a connection with Will and Abigail, we can assume that Hannibal probably moved at probably a similar rate with Bedelia. He realizes who can “see” or understand him pretty much right away and starts a strategy to establish the connection. With Bedelia it was with a violent secret. With Abigail it was the same thing. He knew that Abigail helped her Father kill the girls and he also helped her to cover up her murder of Nick Boyle and Abigail knew that he called her Father. Like Bedelia, she didn’t “see” all of him and once she hit that point of no return, Hannibal again initiated violent action against her. This time, because of the relationship he wanted with Will, he faked her death instead of killing her. But he still cut off her ear and isolated her from public life and does kill her in the end.

Will started out very much like the others, but because of the special nature of their relationship the pattern is broken pretty quickly. Will was also a very fast connection. Like with Bedelia and Abigail they are bound together by a violent action. However, unlike Bedelia and Abigail, the murder was ruled as legitimate self defense and didn’t have to be kept secret or covered up. Hannibal still used this to establish that trust with Will. Will admitted that he liked killing Hobbs, something he would not admit to anyone else. But Hannibal didn’t show much of himself to Will until he brought Will into the secret that Abigail and he already shared. We can see that at the moment Will says that he knows about Nick Boyle, Hannibal briefly contemplates lethal action by touching his scalpel. But he doesn’t do it.

Originally posted by existingcharactersdiehorribly

When Will “sees” him more fully Hannibal still doesn’t take any lethal action against him. In a definite break of pattern Hannibal lets Will take the lethal action. Will tries to shoot Hannibal and he also sends Matthew Brown after him. And he also has a gun and a knife that he uses against Hannibal unsuccessfully. Then there is the ultimate ending when Will takes Hannibal over the cliff (however that action is interpreted; symbolically or literally). Initially it seemed Hannibal did want to neutralize Will and succeeded to some extent by framing him. Will knew who Hannibal was but because he was framed, nobody believed him. And when Chilton was framed instead of Will, Hannibal felt safe enough to let Will out of prison. When the authorities were getting too close again, and Will says that what they are doing isn’t “sustainable”, he doesn’t decide to protect himself by neutralizing Jack or Will. Instead he decides to end his life in Baltimore and he just wants Will to run away with him. In the end, Hannibal chose not to neutralize Will, certainly not with lethal action as he did and does with Abigail and Bedelia. 

Hannibal decides to neutralize himself

He gives himself up to the authorities, he relieves the pressure, so that Will can decide when he wants to see him again or not. By completely reversing the pattern, and their roles, Hannibal adopted a new strategy to try to make sure that someday Will might be in his life again. Though we don’t know exactly what their relationship looks like after this new strategy, we know it was successful. Hannibal has Will in his life in the end. 

What I find so interesting about this pattern break and role reversal is that Hannibal didn’t need to do it. Will essentially neutralized himself in Digestivo before Hannibal did. He said he would not chase after Hannibal anymore and since Will is really the only person who could catch Hannibal, he could have run away again and been fairly secure in his new life. I think this speaks to the fact that Hannibal never wanted to truly neutralize Will. What he wanted was for Will to be in his life permanently. And as we see with the previous examples, neutralizing a person is never permanent unless it ends with Hannibal killing them. With Will it becomes permanent by Will “killing” Hannibal. 

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I just read Heaven's Got A Plan For You and I LOVE IT SO MUCHHHH!!! I've read a few black paladin lance but I really love yours the most???? Will you continue it? Sorry if I'm pressuring you but I rly need to noe ><

omg thank you so much for reading!!! i AM gonna continue it, i promise. it’s just hard to write because i have a shit attention span and can’t focus for very long on taking a story and putting into words and shit, but i can assure you it’s gonna be continued. it just takes time, and i procrastinate or sometimes don’t have the motivation but it’ll still be continued. 

i guess this fic is gonna last a pretty long time because i have like 32 chapters planned out for it lmfao 😂

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Sorry for spamming Admin Pro but may I request a senario where the Saniwa just returned from a quick trip but is Jet-Lagged. He/She is acting like normal and assures the boys that they are fine but they see they are quite wobbly on their feet or tilting their body into one side when walking/working in the Citadel. How would Yagen, Mikazuki, Sayo, and Horikawa handle their stubborn master who refuses to go to lie down?

Sh you should know by now you’re always welcome to spam my ask box. Everyone is, I really don’t mind spam in the slightest ✨

• Oh no you don’t. Yagen is incredibly strict and doesn’t give the Saniwa an option. He makes their bed rest mandatory and rallies free swords for guard duty to make sure they don’t sneak away and get rest.

• It makes him worry a little but he trusts the Saniwa to know their own limits. He’ll encourage them to rest early and not push themselves but also can’t help but admire their stubbornness. He’s too lenient.

• The little guy worries what to do since seeing the Saniwa not at their best makes him unhappy. When he works up the nerve to just ask the Saniwa to go to bed there’s no way they can turn him down.

• It doesn’t matter how stubborn you are Horikawa is the most patient man alive. He will repeat his “suggestion” for the Saniwa to rest with this cheery smile on his face that gets steadily more unnerving the more the Saniwa tries to resist. He eventually gets his way.