but i assure you that they are not (:

IT DISTRESSES ME TO NOTE in the Marginalia of these Journals there are Persons decrying Themselves and considering their Charms to be Lacking, if Present at all. Why level such Scorn to the only Soul who will remain Always in your Company? It is not a Matter of “If Only”, “I wish that were Me”, and “I am trying”—in the Attempt there is Success, for you Otherwise may not have attempted it; in the Wish there is a Hope, for you Know your Aim; in these Dozen If Only’s the Drive to uncover that which can at last make you Happy. Some of us may spend a Life-time in striving; I assure you I myself have yet to Arrive.

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BTS reacts to Y/N’s parents not approving of them bc they are not of the same race- but you two are determined to stay together

Jin: Jin knew that your parents would act like they did, because you had warned him multiple times, causing him to agree with you on not meeting them. However, he knew he would have to face them eventually. When it was announced that the two of you had to meet them and it was compulsory, he immediately started learning important phrases in your language so he’d be able to communicate with your parents himself, as well as impressing you. After the argument, Jin comforted you, assuring you that he’d get your parents to see the light., because either way he wanted to be with you. He’d visit them once a week to ask, bringing foods from their culture, until they eventually gave in.

“Sweetie, I saw your parents today…”


“They said it’s okay, as long as I stop bringing them food because they have too much.”

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Yoongi: You had pointed out to him on several occasions that your family was somewhat racist, but he didn’t listen and decided it would be fine. How wrong he was. Yoongi showed up and your family was clearly upset, their noses crinkled. True, he couldn’t speak their language, but had memorized a few phrases if necessary and could see from their expressions that they weren’t happy. Your parents took you out of the room and a shouting match was heard. Yoongi sighed at this and was about ready to go join them if he had to, but you stopped him. You rushed into him and hid your face in his chest in tears. Angry and frustrated, he got you to translate a message from him to them, knowing he’d be with you even if they didn’t allow it.

“Don’t worry, princess, I don’t care what they think.”

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Namjoon: He’d do his best to get on your parents good side. Luckily he already spoke some of your language, so when he met them, he managed to follow conversations, but just barely. If he didn’t know something, he’d just ask you to translate for him. He made sure that you promised to be honest on what your parents said, so when they expressed their disagreement, he simply nodded, telling them it was okay, then suggesting you both leave. He planned to come back eventually after you had done a little more sweet talking for him on how his race didn’t mean he was any different from you.

“I know you will be able to convince them.”

Originally posted by ksjknj

Hoseok: Despite his sunshine personality, he was pretty disappointed in your parents backwards opinions on different races. That didn’t stop him from trying to convince them though. To be honest, every one of the members would learn phrases to be able to speak to your parents and express their discontentment. However, when he caught a few rude and upsetting phrases, he nearly had to hold back tears. Waiting for you parents to leave, he tried his best not to breakdown. You started to hug him and comfort him, but he shook his head and pushed you away.

“Don’t worry about me, I will convince them and I refuse to give you up, sunshine.”

Originally posted by pastelyoonseok

Jimin: Like Hoseok, he’d be pretty upset by it, but wouldn’t cry. He’d meet your parents and be as polite as possible, doing his best to keep up with conversations and even singing for them in their native language to show how he respected their culture. Despite this, he managed to pick up on your parents hating on his singing, saying it had ruined the song and he had to bite his lip, hiding how upset he was by the comment. You came to comfort him and he shook his head, saying he’d be alright. After that, he kept coming back to your parent’s house, each time with a new phrase that he had learnt to express how much he loved you and that he respected your parent’s thoughts but wanted to be with you. He eventually managed to convince them.

“I convinced them, Y/N.” You ran up and took him into a hug, thanking him a thousand times.

Originally posted by itschiminie

Taehyung: To be honest, he’d also be upset as well as frustrated, but as a true actor, he’d mask his emotions and do his best to talk to your parents respectfully, ignoring any of their harsh comments. That’s not to say he wouldn’t talk behind their backs with you though,  annoyed at how stubborn they were. Yet, he didn’t give up. Taehyung did everything he could to try and convince your parents, even if it was difficult.

“I’m not giving up on them, so don’t worry.”

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Jungkook: Like the others, he’d be quite disappointed and feel hurt by how they based who should date their child on something like that. You would bite your lip every time they said something bad about him and he’d have to force a smile. That wouldn’t stop him though. He’d be determined to win them over, hoping that showing his devotion to you would show how serious he was.

“Sorry, they said a lot against you… Maybe we should give up…?”

“No way, I can convince them.”

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We made a character sheet for Landon Hintermeister! The fella with a VERY THEATRICAL PRESENCE, (and rumor has it there’s a reason for this). 

Landon’s lived alone for quite awhile, but there’s nothing scary about a good, old-fashioned mad scientist, right?

Beet Poot Ceramic Ornament
Our unofficial mascot that everyone knows, loves and perhaps fears! It's Beet Poot!

We are now in that time of year… you know the one I mean… the one.. with..stuff. YES. FESTIVE THINGS!

And what could be more festive than your very own ShiftyThrifting ornaments to hang and display? NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Take a gander at our Zazzle shop, where we have not only Beet Poot, but HORSE and TOES ready and waiting for you to click that button! Disclaimer: some designs may still be processing but I assure you I’m putting ‘em up now!

Vidal: “Aren’t you happy you decided to join us?”

Lady Lucia: “I must admit I was very curious to meet you. I have heard so many shocking stories about you.”

Vidal: But I do hope you won’t judge me based on those tales. More than half of them are lies I assure you.”

im sorry but some of the anons are… taking it far thinking im against all inspiration or anything like that. can you please take the time to read every word in my original post. PLEASE.

what is childish about me just wanting people to not mistake someone for me? without wanting the person to get attacked? come on.

i also made it clear it is NOT anyone who i havent already contacted. so i assure you- its not you. the person KNOWS because i have talked to them. im not hurting anyone else by doing this. i just want some peace, oh my god.

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OH MY SWEET JESUS ON A BICYCLE! SULTRY SOUTHERN ACCENT KEITH! IM BEGGING YOU TO WRITE SOMETHING ELABORATING ON THAT! PLEASE! I'm sorry, I'm just really really down for sultry southern Keith, but I think you might have noticed by now...

i’m assuming a scenario, and by scenario meaning i’m a hoe for keith’s southern accent as well

slight nsfw??!


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Benny & River

This was requested by @emilyymichelle! I hope you guys enjoy this! :)

Originally posted by lucifersagents

After a fight with your brothers, you drove to the forest.  You knew Benny would be there.  He was always there for you when things weren’t going well.  Benny always listened and offered as much comfort as he could.

Benny took you out on his boat and headed down the river.  It was one of the only spots where you could see the sunrise perfectly.  As he stopped the engine, he watched you lean your arms against the edge of the boat.  You were staring into the river, most likely staring at your own reflection.

“You don’t have to talk ‘bout it [Y/N],” Benny assured you.  “But if ya want to, I’m here to listen.”  Benny took the spot next to you, folding his hands together.

“Things aren’t getting any better,” you mumbled, leaning your head against the Cajun’s arm.  “I get tired of them arguing.  Then when I speak up about it, they both turn to shout at me.”

Benny put his arm around your shoulders.  “Sounds rough,” Benny spoke lowly, his hand rubbing your arm slowly.  “You’re welcome to spend the day with me, if ya want to.  Might help ya take your mind offa things.”

“That sounds like a great idea,” you said as you watched the sky in front of you.  “After we watch the sunrise, maybe we can go further down the river?”

Benny smiled and gave a slow nod.  “Sure thing Sugar Belle.”

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Lili did not break up with her ex for Cole. She did not cheat on her ex either. Cole and Lili were still only friends in June 2016. I know some blogs on here are saying otherwise but it’s simply not true. You may choose not to believe me but I assure you I’m telling the truth.

Okay, cool story. Can we move on now please?

Osomatsu San: Drawing Blood

This is probably after you’ve gotten this done and i’m sorry! but I hope you like it anyway! 

He’ll pat his s/o on the back, trying to reassure them that it’s not going to be that bad and that they won’t even feel it!  He’s a liar of course but he tries. 

He offers to go in with them and let them hold his hand the entire time, encouraging his s/o with sweet words to make them feel better. 

He assures his s/o that it won’t hurt as bad as they think it will and it’ll be over before they know it.  He’ll let them hold onto his hand if they want to. 

Completely understands where his s/o is coming from because he hates needles.  He’ll try his best to comfort them by rubbing their back right before. 

He’ll try to talk to them through it the entire time, trying to distract them from the actual process.  He makes funny faces and dances around. 

He’ll hold his s/o’s hand, talking to them the entire time about anything that comes to mind.  He’s not fond of needles either so he completely understands. 

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Companions react to Sole saying "i have to show you a picture of the most beautiful person in the world" then showing them a mirror

Cait: No one ever compliments someone without expecting something in return. Even though Cait trusts Sole, she’s hesitant to find it amusing. When Sole assures her it was just to lighten the mood, Cait’s expression softens.

“Well, it’s better than the usual pat on me arse I’d get at the cages,” Cait said. “You’re quite the charmer, aren’t ya now?” She still didn’t understand how Sole saw past her freckles and dirt, but appreciated the gesture nonetheless.

Codsworth: If Mister Handys could blush, Codsworth would be more red than a ripe tato. “You always were a cheeky one, sir/mum,” he chided. All of Codworth’s eyes blinked back at his hovering reflection. “I have managed to make this rust look good. Benefits of being the most brilliant invention to come out of General Atomics. No dirt gets past me!”

Curie: “Oh, this is a pick-up line, is it not?” Curie had read about that in a novel Sole had lent them. Sole explained they weren’t trying to “pick-up” Curie, but rather just compliment her out of the goodness of their heart. It was what friends did. That made Curie smile, and she took the mirror to show Sole their own reflection. “And this is the most brave,” she replied.

Danse: Though Danse outwardly showed discomfort, he was actually filled with admiration. Sole always knew how to make him smile, even in the midst of a mission. As his friend held up the mirror they salvaged from a pile of rubble in the city, Danse rolled his eyes and pretended to not be amused. 

“Keep your eyes on the road, soldier,” Danse seethed. “You’re distractions could get us killed out here.” Even though he seemed annoyed, Sole knew it cheered him up just as rain clouds rolled above them.

Deacon: It seemed silly, but Deacon’s own reflection still surprised him. He obviously didn’t look like his true self, which made looking in the mirror somewhat… difficult. Sole never seemed bothered with his past, which made their gesture all the more endearing. He placed his fingers on his chin and pretended to admire himself. “Can’t argue with that, boss,” he said. Deacon was so lucky to have Sole in his life.

Dogmeat: Dogmeat immediately recognized his reflection. Sole loved to hold him up to any mirror they could find and explain that he was seeing himself. Dogmeat barked appreciatively, and wagged his tail. He wasn’t sure what Sole meant, but he knew it was positive. He was a good boy.

Hancock: He was definitely high when Sole held up the mirror in his direction. Everything was… spinning? Blurry and out of focus. Sole tried to move the mirror closer to Hancock, and he uncomfortably leaned back in his chair. “Who the hell is that?” he asked lowly. Sole rolled their eyes.

MacCready: MacCready was always for some harmless flirting, but why did Sole have to hit on him in front of everyone in Sanctuary? If they had approached him anywhere else, he would have bantered back something sweet. Making Sole blush was his specialty. But since they teased him in front of other companions, he just scoffed.

“Real mature,” he huffed; slinging his gun over his shoulder. “Are we gonna head out today or are you just gonna keep commenting on how pretty I am?”

Preston: The comment caught Preston off-guard. He was so used to dealing with agitated settlers and other equally as anxious minutemen that any form of positivism made the hairs on his neck stand up. But when Preston realized Sole was trying to be cute, he couldn’t help but blush. “Thank you, General,” he said. “Feel free to hang it up in the Castle. We can use my handsome face as a way to recruit more members.”  

Piper: She wasn’t sure what Sole was going to show her at first. Her friend loved to pretend she found cool things on their walks to tease Piper. Once Sole picked up a crumbled, dirty napkin and asked her if it was the latest issue of Publick Occurrences. Piper didn’t find that funny.

Upon seeing Sole was actually being sweet, her nose crinkled. It was… unexpected. Nice, even. “Very cute, Blue,” she chided. “You come up with that one all on your own?”

Nick: Nick had been around long enough to hear every pick-up line. But seeing Sole be the one to deliver it? He couldn’t help but wink at his own reflection. “That’s a damn fine synth I see there,” he said. “But are you sure you got that caption right? Because where I’m standing, you’re the real piece of art.” And then - just so Sole didn’t get too comfortable - Nick added: “And the biggest piece of work.”

Strong: He didn’t get it. “That’s no picture! That is just Strong. Puny human must have hit head in last fight.” How were the two of them supposed to take on the Commonwealth if Sole didn’t know what a mirror was? Pitiful.

X6-88: X6 didn’t blink. Sole thought they may have offended him. He looked at the mirror, then to Sole, then back at the mirror again. Tension built. Was he going to chastise them? Lose respect? Did he think Sole had no idea what a mirror was?

“That was a good one.” It was all X6 said. Sole wasn’t sure if he genuinely meant it, because he kept on walking.

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If you get any future asks about personal or inappropriate stuff, then I would like to express my condolences. You're a human being just like everyone else. Why should you be treated any different? Well, unfortunately it IS the internet and it's bound to happen. But, I would like to assure you that you are not alone. You got friends to always back you up and most importantly, you're awesome. Just keep doing what you love and let nothing stop you from it. (: Also, sorry if you heard this before..

Oh man thank you very much! And exactly, I’ve seen so many people forgetting that artists are people too!

Thank you again for taking the time to send me this message ✨✨✨

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do you think Tweek irrationally doubts his relationship at times? thinking he did something wrong or thinking that Craig is upset at him even though nothing even happened between them? jumping to conclusions kind of like in pd where he was freaking out that Craig hadnt texted him back right away even if it was only 10 mins

with his paranoia i don’t doubt it. But craig loves him unconditionally so he has nothing to fear, and craig constantly assures him as such

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I'm about to initiate a divorce and I have no idea what that means for me as a Mormon. Can you give any insight into Church policy on divorce in toxic situations, especially from Handbook 1? When I move I will be counseled at the stake level and I don't want to be excommunicated.

Hello Anon,

I know this is a hard time and is probably the toughest thing you’ll ever do. 

Mormons can get a civil divorce for any reason allowed by law. I carefully reviewed the handbook sections about Church discipline, let me assure you divorce is never mentioned.

I really didn’t find much in either Handbook 1 or 2 specifically about divorce. The one thing I did find is that a person shouldn’t participate in single activities until their divorce is final (see Church Handbook of Instruction 2:16.3.5)

You didn’t mention whether you’re sealed to your husband. In case you’re curious, here’s what I’ve learned about how divorces affect sealings.

As soon as a woman is ready to be sealed to a new man in the temple and both are temple worthy; she should apply for a cancellation of her prior sealing.

When a man is ready to be sealed to a new wife and they are both temple worthy, he applies for a temple sealing approval.

If a couple is first married civilly, they must be married for one year before a previous temple sealing will be canceled. The one-year waiting period may not apply to some cultures or countries, depending on what laws exist.

As a single, never-married individual, I probably shouldn’t give any advice, but here’s a few things:

Don’t seek legal advice from your bishop, that’s not his role or expertise.

I think you’re wise to move to a different stake where you can receive the full support of a different bishop and stake president.

If possible, arrange for counseling. You’re going through a very hard thing. You’ve got a lot of emotional things you’re dealing with.

You’ll have to accept that church leaders may not view your husband the same way you do. He may not be disciplined or restricted in ways you think are appropriate or necessary. He may even receive callings you think he doesn’t qualify for. That may hurt, you might feel betrayed. Part of letting go of your marriage is letting him lead his life and deal with people and church in his way.

If you have children, please be mindful of their well-being. Divorce is already hard enough, parents can make it even rougher.

I wish you well.

BTS reaction to other member liking you

Request: Hey I was wondering if you can do a Bts reaction when other members have a crush on there S/O or Bts reaction of when they almost get caught or somtlike that



He wouldn’t worry much about you leaving him because who would want to leave him.


He wouldn’t be really worried either but he would keep an close eye on you and the member.


He would get worried. Not a lot but still. You would have to assure him that he is the only person that you love. After he made sure he would be a lot calmer.


He would be like Namjoon and Yoongi. Even after you assured him that ge is the love of your lice he would still keep an eye on the other member.


He would be I think the less nervous of them all. He knew that he can’t be better than he already is and if you wanted to leave him he wouldn’t stop you.


He would be the most nervous and scared about yku and the other member. He though he isn’t good enough. Even after you assured your love for him he wouldn’t change much.


He wouldn’t not get worried. Only a little jealous if he saw that you are spending more time with the other member and not him.


Originally posted by mayawolf

Pairing: Thor x fiance!Reader, past Tony x Reader, Steve x Reader, Bucky
Word count: 2,209
Warnings: Mentions of surgery

Part 32 of Petty Insults

You couldn’t stop shivering, despite the 4 blankets that they had draped over you. The nurse assured you that it was entirely normal. You were rolled to another room, where Thor was waiting. Heimdall had been a large baby, but he was beautiful. He was currently in the nursery, and would be in your room once you were moved. You’d be sharing a room with another new mother, but you didn’t mind. “I am so proud of you, little one.” Thor beamed with pride.

You nuzzled into his hand when he cupped your cheek. “Did it take long?” You yawned.

“Not at all, love.” He brushed his thumb over your cheek. “You were only asleep about an hour.” He informed you.

You nodded. “I thought so.” You blushed, hugging the blankets closer to you. “I can’t wait to hold him.”

He grinned. “Soon, little one.” He told you. “Even then, you’ll be on your back. They do this to prevent headaches.” You raised an eyebrow at him, making him chuckle. “I was talking to the nurses and doctors while our son was born.”

“You would you friendly giant.” You teased. “Did you let everyone know? Or not yet?”

Thor laughed, shaking his head. “Not yet. I’ve yet to leave your side.”

You smiled lovingly at him. “I love you so much. I can’t wait to start this with you.” You sniffled.

“For now, let’s just keep you comfortable.”

You nodded, just letting him play with your hair.

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Athena Worship

I have seen many blogs and people who worship different Greek gods and it is great that they share their experiences with everyone else. But what about Athena? I have not found any information about her, I asked her in a prayer to guide me and until now with her symbols I have been able to collect all this information.
Athena is the goddess of military strategy, but do not compare her with Ares, she knows when to stop or when it is necessary to fight. It also represents crafts and knowledge. She is an excellent protector, and you can always ask her for knowledge.
She was the protector of many heroes, gave them the strength to fight for their ideals. If you show her courage and are not afraid of the hardships she faces in life, rest assured that she will be proud of you.

What can I put on my altar?

  • Besides that you can put a small statue that represents it, you can also join the symbols of the snake and the owls, that represent their wisdom.
  • You can put a little olive oil to decorate your altar.
  • Crystals and herbs that represent protection and wisdom.
  • golden and red candles! They are her favorite colors. It may seem a little like Christmas, but concentrate on knowing how to combine them.


  • Crafts! Like origami, papercraft, cards, sewing or anything else you can do on your own with your hands. Even paintings and drawings.
  • Olives and olive oil.
  • Any type of food, formerly sacrifices were made in her name but now you can just leave her some cookie or whatever you want. If you share with her, she will thank you.


  • You can ask for strength to overcome a situation where you feel you have to fight for something. Something with friends, family or whatever kind of weight you have on top of and you need to fight for it.
  • Ask for knowledge for important exams.
  • Ask for her presence when you need creativity in crafts and then show her and thank her! She will be proud of you for putting all your effort into that.
  • You can always ask for clues or inspiration, she is very generous with the signs.

Personal experience:

  • The first time I spoke directly with her, I asked her for signs in dreams. They were dreams too heavy and full of symbols, I could hardly sleep but I felt rested.
  • Once I was desperate looking for my sketchbook, I could not find it anywhere. Internally I asked her to help me get it and I literally found it two seconds later where I never thought it could be.
  • When I feel fear for the presences in my home, it is enough to ask for strength to feel brave again. She reminds me that I am a hero, the hero of my own story and it helps me focus on myself.
  • Request your presence whenever I need to draw or work on something that requires creativity, makes me feel more agile.
  • While I write this I asked for your presence, it took a long time without making an offering for time problems and I wanted to write this for her. I hope it serves you and share it!

Hoping this help you!