but i assure you i have all 10

Okay, but it's not just about getting paid to prance around in a princess costume

Let me tell you a story.  Once at a party, I had all the little girls sitting around me and I was asking them about their favorite parts of all the princess movies.  The birthday girl was sitting next to me, and tells me, “Princess, your skin is the same color as mine.”  I smile and agree, and try to move the game along, but she interrupts and says, “Your skin is brown and you’re a princess.  It’s the same color as mine, but you’re a princess.”

“Well, if my skin is brown and your skin is brown, and I’m a princess, then you must be a princess too.” I tell her.  And then I spent the next 10 minutes assuring all the black girls at the party that yes, they have lovely skin and yes, they can be princesses with me.

This happens at most of the parties I go to.  I have had my arm stroked, my hair patted, my skin color commented on more times than I can remember. I am not simply hired out to entertain a bunch of cute little girls dressed in poofy skirts who want to play with a big girl in a poofier skirt.  I am hired out because I am an affirmation. For these little black girls (and boys!  I’ve dazzled a few of them too) Princess Tiana is proof that for once, they can be special BECAUSE of the color of their skin, not IN SPITE OF.

brief opinions and ratings of ally pyre characters i have met so far:

jodariel:12/10. the classic wife. very big, very strong, very gruff. she has a short temper and makes a lot of physical threats, but doesn’t follow through on most of them even though she clearly could and sometimes does want to. hedwyn’s actual [adoptive] mom?? she’s quite defensive of the group and i think she cares about [nearly] everyone way more than she’d ever let on. i will absolutely never not use her in the rites. seems to be the most meticulous of them and keeps after her appearance with surprising dedication.

hedwyn: 10/10. innocent boy. maybe very slightly naive but his untainted mind lends him to being a great mediator and voice of reason, especially against the more brash jodariel. his kindness is borders on unnerving at times, but i’d trust this man with my life. seems to do most of the menial tasks like cooking, cleaning, and repairs with no apparent quarrels to it. thoroughly good dude.

rukey greentail: 9/10. sprightly pup. he starts arguments sometimes, but i think everyone knows they appreciate his spirit and dynamic in the group. just goes off and does dog things all the time if no one’s chatting or needs help. 
got really really mad at me for ringing a bell too much. sorry rukey.

[sh]ae: 12/10. precious. wonderful. pure. you’ve never done anything wrong in your life, ever and i love you so much you beautiful strange moon child. you are my absolute fave to use in the rites and i hope you continue to find and bring to others happiness in everything you go through.
counterpoint: supergiant how the FUCK are we meant to tag fanart of this lass.

ti’zo: 8.5/10. i might not ever use you for the rites but you are a valued and loved member of this team all the same. thank you for your watchful and valiant manner, and cheerful screeches and trills. such a smart boy! he even teaches the other drive-imps!

sandra the unseeing- 15/10 holy shit. so haughty and self-assured. a sassy, sassy woman with negative regret for her actions. what did she do? what did she DO?! she’s almost too powerful and i feel like i need to kinkshame her.

sir gilman -8/10. while i have an inherent dislike for single-eyed designs, i can’t help but love the sparky little guy, and i was really hoping he would indeed join us after being treated so badly by his commander. i don’t particularly care to waste enlightenment on him, but the wyrm’s aura trail detonation is super cool

pamitha- 10/10 beautiful bird lady with a beautiful voice and willing to set aside old prejudices for her own goals. she calls everyone ‘darling’ and i’m gay for her.


“…the war has been over for many years, I have suffered much. But I know you have suffered too. And you have been most courageous and brave in working for reconciliation. While I cannot forget what happend in Kanchanaburi, I assure you of my total forgiveness. Sometime the hating has to stop.”

My daughter could tell you the exact hour you will die.

Nearly all parents say their child is special, so “special” has been cheapened. But our daughter Ivy was special in the most profound sense of the word.

My wife and I always knew Ivy was bright since she began speaking at 3. She’s would have been 8 now…that means it was 3 years ago since she first turned to my wife and said “mommy, you’re gonna live for a really long time. Parts are you are gonna be like a robot, but you will say that you are still you. Daddy…you only have 18 more years to live. Mommy says you should have done something about the lump on your back.”

My wife and I grilled my daughter endlessly to clarify what she said and Ivy held firm: if she is allowed to see someone in person, she can see the exact hour you are going to die. We decided to test it.

My wife was a cardiologist at Saint Leopolds, so she had some pull to bring Ivy into some of the resident rooms. Ivy had an amazing bedside manner and made the last days for some of these people more bearable. After the meetings, Ivy wrote down every death date for the 42 patients; she was 100% accurate with the dates, which ranged from 3 hours to 19 days. Ivy even claimed that one of the women who was given a month left to live actually had 3 more; 2 days later, that patient was released and recovered. She eventually traveled the world and played in a band, her top two bucket list items. She died last week, on the exact hour Ivy said she would.

My wife and I took our daughter to the James Randi Educational Foundation to prove Ivy’s psychic abilities and claim their long outstanding prize of a million dollars. After six successful trials at hospitals of their choosing, the foundation people were just as amazed as we were. Shortly thereafter, the foundation promptly discontinued the prize (with no relation to Ivy, of course).

We didn’t get the million dollars, but we did get serious attention from a group of academics who verified Ivy’s ability to call out people’s dates and sometimes a few scant details of the world that will be; surgeries, medication and old fashioned miracles would sometimes make Ivy push back the original date, and in one case where a doctor left a clamp inside of one of his patients, move it much closer.

 We were able to keep Ivy out of the spotlight of the public, but you don’t keep secrets from the wealthy for very long. When they caught wind, a million dollars rolled in every week.

We re-arranged our entire lives around Ivy. We moved to a different life, one of luxury and security, where people would be profiled and searched before they were let into our compound to see Ivy, who gives them her answer behind 6” of Lucite. It was a business that was managed effectively and lovingly and with great success all the way until a man by the name of Gaelin Ganes wished to speak to our daughter Ivy for a hundred million dollars.

The old man traced a symbol in the air before every door he entered holding a small stuffed animal bound and choked with tarnished chains, something that looked old and cursed. The gaunt man’s head sported a silvery mane that belonged on one of the heads of a founding father, propped on a spindly vulture’s neck over an unnaturally rigid posture. His legs were wrong, kicked back, so that it looked as if his torso was hovering in the air as his feet stood behind him. The man tried his best to make his voice sound friendly, light and lyrical; it was like hearing “Happy Birthday” played on Hell’s organ, loud, toneless and totally unnerving. Something clicked in his throat when he talked like he had teeth grinding back there. I was glad that Mr. Ganes was behind the protective shield as Ivy sat in her “comfy chair”, cradling her knees as her eyes slowly followed the unhinged man. He touched the Lucite.

 “Hello little girl. I hear you are quite special…I can see that. You see things, don’t you? You see people as they are,in time, yes? You can see their rooted births projected all the way to their wavering deaths…yes, I know you can. So can I. So tell me dear. Tell me my death day…and I shall tell you yours.” I put my finger on the alarm. I didn’t trust that man at all.

“I…” I never saw Ivy at a loss for words before. Her eyes widened, reeled and widened again. I would give anything to see what was running through her mind.

 After what seemed to be forever, a tear ran down Ivy’s open eye. Then another.

 “You don’t have a beginning…no end…what…what..?”

 “What am I? I am what is in YOU. A Ganes, and a Ganes lives inside you, one by the name of Harold Ganes, an elder brother that I thought was lost forever. I see now I was mistaken… he was reborn in you. He is the one responsible for your gift…why he chooses to stay hidden in this frame is beyond me, but I shall soon know.” Gaelin removed his hand from the clear wall and said through Ivy: “It is good to see you again, brother.” With that, Gaelin left. For being bent and old, he was incredibly quick and elusive. As soon as he turned a blind camera corner, Gaelin threw off two security squads and vanished from our premises without ever opening a door.

 Our security company drove us to a secret location- Ivy sat between her mother and I, but my daughter would not stop shivering.

“That man is going to throw me away. He wants me gone because I can see the world changing. That bad man is making it change. He is giving all of us…me, you, mommy…he calls them “sacrifices to power”. Then…they rise. Everyone’s death dates have changed…the entire world will die in 10 years, 6 months, 8 days, 2 hours…I can see more if I concentrate, before the bad man throws me away…” My wife assured Ivy that Gaelin Ganes could and would never get her. I remained silent.

We retreated in in the panic cabin and decided to sleep together in 1 bed for safety. Just as when we began to relax in the peaceful dark, my daughter whispered: “he’s close, daddy. The bad man knows what I said to you, about the world sacrifice. I’m not safe here. They’re coming.” I told my daughter that we were sealed into a locked and triggered room under the security company’s eye, we were fine, and ushered everyone back into sleep. That would be the last time I would hear my daughter speak.

My wife and I woke to find our daughter’s mouth open and eyes locked in a dead stare. We rushed her to the hospital to go through 3 days of hell just to hear that they have no idea how, but that she was now in a vegetative state, to which she is not expected to recover. Two operations and the best cognitive medicine have made no impact on our special daughter.

My wife wife killed herself a month after my daughter died of a cerebral hemorrhage after a nurse dropped her from her hospital bed. We were given a substantial private settlement to keep the accident from spreading to the news. I agreed. This is the first I have ever spoken of it.

I am now using every last cent of it to find the man who took my daughter and find answers behind what my daughter saw for all of us in 10 years.

Hi guys, you may have noticed (or maybe not) that in these days the blog is closed. I will come back? I answer immediately: No

This blog was my little puppy, I took care of it with love for over a year. Why I closed the blog? Because I’m tired.

This fandom is a sequence of constant battles and fighting and I don’t want to be part of it. I’m sorry to say this, but It’s not allowed to have an opinion and it’s not allowed to remain neutral. You are forced to choose a side. I don’t want to choose any side. 

I take this opportunity to thank all the people who have supported me in these months, publicly and privately. I thank you all with all my heart.
In particular I would like to thank @jamiefraserfan and sweet @sonodivergente for your great moral support :****

I will leave the world of Outlander? No really, I decided to open a new blog. I asked myself: what actor I would follow beyond Outlander? The response was Sam. I will not take advantage of my almost 6,000 followers, so I have not renamed this blog, I opened a new one.

Perhaps only ten people follow me? Okay, at least I’ll have the assurance that those 10 followers are interested to Sam. It will be a Daily blog, dedicated to his acting career (obviously Outlander will be part of it, you will find updates from the set, photos, gifs, artlicles, etc.), his life, his friends. But it will not be a blog about Jamie Fraser. I want to be clear on this.

For those interested in Sam Heughan and for those interested to my new blog, you can find me here: Sam Heughan Daily 
(It’s under construction, it will take several days to update, sorry)

For those not interested: Ok, it was a good trip, maybe we’ll meet again in a new life ;)

Ps: this blog will remain active as a kind of database, It will not be updated.

anonymous asked:

lmaooo you and I both know that if their fave had been shirtless, they would have fucking lost their shit. sit the fuck down bethany and let us enjoy this moment lmao. Also I don't understand the correlation between being shirtless and being a douche but okay, whatever they say... (btw I'm so happy that he felt confident enough to do that and you could tell how much he was enjoying himself)

When is it a rule that shirtless = douche?!?!? Bieber had questionable antics that made him a douche…what did liam do that similar to that? Harries are feeling threatened again… stay in your lane ffs.


Okay but it’s not even like their presh faves haven’t gone shirtless, because they totes have:

Louis’ gone shirtless on his ig recently too. WHAT KINDA DOUCHEBAGS, LMAO. Yes, I had no clue either on how shirtlessness equated to douchebaggery but it MUST have been so since the start of humankind, after all a Larrie decreed it. 

Like you say, Justin has done a lot of random unnecessary shit. I don’t follow him personally so I can’t say with confidence if he really is that awful or not but rest assured, it’s not his shirtlessness, it’s his preposterous behavior like walking out of shows, spitting on fans, and a whole other bunch of reasons as to why he is problematic. He’d come for a show to my country and the ticket rates were exorbitant. I obvs didn’t go but I saw it on TV for 10 mins, the guy didn’t even sing? He lip synced throughout. He didn’t even know the lyrics to Despacito right, so yeah, those are a few other reasons that make him appear eh. But anyway, this larrie really needs to gather her cronies and actually stay in their lane lmao bye.

Listen, we all know Liam has body image issues even when he absolutely didn’t need to but it only worsened with the media and the fuck all fandom. And while I agree that Liam is comfortable in his skin and has gained the confidence to show off his beautiful body, Liam’s always been confident, even when he was getting shit for nothing. NOW that’s the kind of confidence I aspire to achieve, not merely just the confidence to be comfy in my skin when I am conventionally slim but also to accept and embrace my body the way it is. Because say what you will, Liam lost himself while performing, he embraced his body and immersed himself wholly into the frenzy of performing:

So, yes. I am proud of confident baby today as I was of all his kickass moves and energy in 2014! Xx

Broken Hearted: The Recovery

Broken Hearted: The Recovery
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader
Word Count: 1779
Warnings: Bones Soul mate AU, fluff, angst, cursing, pretty much the normal stuff

A/N: I have read so many soul mate AU’s that I’m intrigued and want to try my hand at it. Just in case this idea that I have isn’t new, I’m not trying to copy anyone! This is Part 5 of the series. 

The golden sparkles of the transporter cleared to reveal the Medbay in full swing. From your position on the floor with Leonard still kneeing beside you, you can hear the bustle and see the legs of people rushing to you. In your dazed state, it seemed like chaos and completely unnecessary. You tried to tell that to Leonard and get yourself up, but he put his hand on your stomach, holding you on the floor. That’s when the pain hit. Your shoulder and elbow were in excruciating pain, so much so that a cry ripped through your lips and the room began to grow dark. The last sound you heard was Leonard yelling at someone to bring him a damn hypo.

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And While We Live (Chapter 4)



I - 3 days after arriving

Claire was lying in bed. Not one ounce of motivation to leave it, everyday just staying in an oblivious cocoon for ten minutes more, then twenty minutes more. She felt herself drowning in the pounding unforgiving sounds of her rocky heartbeat. It wasn’t like her, but her inner anchor to the world was disappearing. She opened the letter Gillian had given her the night before and reread it.

My darling niece,

I know. I am deeply sorry for this voyage you endured. There is no easy way to explain this to you, my darling, but know that what you just experienced is unique to each individual, but has been part of our family for many generations. For your own safety I can’t tell you anything more, but I promise I will, in due time.

My darling bee, you have the exquisite ability to survive. Survive by living. Like you dear papa, my brother whom I miss so much. Like your beautiful, strong mama. I can assure you with all certainty, with all the facts and notes and observations that you, my little curly wonder, will thrive. Please, don’t be afraid, trust my friends Raymond and Gillian, and LIVE.

All my love,

Uncle Lamb

II - 10 days after arriving

Dearest bee,

I wish I could give you this in person. By now Raymond already explained what exactly happened and Geillis has filled you in on the mechanisms of the process. I must confide in you I took many of these trips in my youth. Too many, in fact, and that’s why I have to wait a little while longer to be sure I can do it again…  For the most important reason of all: being able to see you again.

For practical reasons, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp, born in 1918, died in service of her country. Pardon my bluntness, but please realize that this was no accident. Your destiny has been written for a long time. I know you’re hurting for Franklin. I can assure you he is hurting for you as well, this is not his fault. I promise you I will look after him for as long as I can and for as long as he needs me to. You may be asking: who are you to talk to you about matters of the heart? It will always hurt a little bit my darling… You were meant to be on this journey, as Frank was meant to be in your life for as long as he did. Both your war experiences had different challenges and this is one of them.  Trust that feeling you always had in the pit of your stomach, you think I forgot you letters to me during the war? Your concerns?

You will have more answers, but promise me you will live your life first before looking for them.

With love,

Uncle Lamb

Claire folded the yellow paper and saved it inside the envelope. She would place it inside a shoe box, next to the clothes she was wearing when she arrived. And then, she would wipe her tears and head to the library. I am sorry Uncle Lamb, but I have to know

III - 40 days after arriving

She found out Frank had gone off to America one year after her disappearance. She found a few books under his name, Scottish history of course, but didn’t dare look for more that afternoon. Would she ever know more? Had he let her go? Was he still alive?

Claire wasn’t sure she wanted to look for him, she only wanted a way to go back to her life. But she knew Uncle Lamb wouldn’t ask for her promise if he didn’t mean it. Truth is… She missed her uncle most of all. In the Beauchamp practical manner of thinking, Claire assumed that time moved in parallel on both sides of the stones. It bothered her that Frank was still looking for her and that she had no way of letting him know she was alright. If she were honest with herself, that was what she was worried about, more so than going back to her impending marriage. These days she was starting to take out her feelings from the drawers she was used to put them in. Compartmentalize was a mechanism of survival, but now that the dust was settling and she felt more calmer (Gillian was proving to be a good friend aside from Uncle Lamb’s requests, as was the mysterious Raymond), she was able to think about what she had left behind.

She felt relief in not having to please someone. In not feeling forced to arrange excuses for her desires, in not justifying her likes and dislikes, in not dealing with suspicious vibrations. Claire and Frank had a wall between them that she had hoped to tear down… But that was before.

My darling niece,

If you are not furious at the simple thought of your old uncle, know that I don’t have all the answers. I barely have any at all because my darling girl, what is meant to be is stronger than the will of men. I simply wish to make it easier for you, to cushion the anxiety and worry. I know you, your incredible ability to adapt to any circumstance. This time it won’t be different… The people you left might suffer, but the wisdom of the universe will help them too. Please remember I just wished to make things easier for you…

As I write these, you are on your way to Scotland. And I know it’s just the beginning.


Uncle Lambert

PS: Darling bee, you need someone who believes (in) you without wanting to prove anything.

Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S7, Vol. 7

I didn’t even love Deep Space Nine at the start. That may be one of my favorite things about this now, here at the end. I got attached gradually, more and more, a love that built over time until I’d grown so fond of it, so close, that at times it would almost seem we were completing each other’s frickin sentences.

Oh my show, my sweet space show, so strong and sure in its storytelling. It has been a steady hug when I needed it most, during times when the world and my own days were both filled with distress and despair. The people on this station experienced great traumas too, but it was boundlessly comforting to watch them navigate each tricky pass with such care and wisdom and heart. Their hope gave me hope, too.

I actually really like watching shows that have already concluded. I like the feeling of having seen the whole thing, and now having this complete world to play in. A show that’s no longer on the air is like a novel — you can look at it as one thing, hold it in your hands and see what the shapes of all the narratives truly were. It’s once I’ve finished a series that the most imaginative parts of my fan-mind finally let loose, spilling light into unexplored corners, drawing plans for how to shore up weak spots, bring a few pieces a bit tighter together, add a haunted attic, etc.

So this is the sort of space I was just tipping over into when Deep Space Nine gave me an ending. A capital letter Ending, achingly realistic. The series ended because the characters’ time together ended. The course of people’s lives change, they take new opportunities, they move away — and so ends the run of months, years if you’re lucky, when you were all together.

The finale is sad, oh it is so sad, and god I love it, I do. I love it for being so sad, and for being so natural, so recognizable, that now this is just my ending. No matter what else my thoughts will go back to fill in, all roads lead to the sea. To goodbye.

Which is probably what has landed me in just a very a tender sort story hangover with this one, walking around sheltering this warm, full, broken heart. 

So I do hope you sweethearts will stick around as I feel I’m going to be in quite the state for a while!!

Tarra Treks: The Final Set of Watch-Notes

7x24 ‘The Dogs of War: Part 8’
- O’Brien: “Running a little late.”
  Sisko: “This is no way to start a relationship.”
  me: “do it”
  Julian, slipping into frame: “Hi Ezri.”
  haaaahahaha, they did it
- Miles just keeping a steady eye on Julian awkwardly circling Ezri, oh Chief
- Worf: “He is an overgrown child.”


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Wasn’t expecting that. Part 5

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6


Word count: 940

It was the day after Peter and Y/N’s first date. Mostly everyone was happy, especially Wade since he got a chimichanga out of it. I say mostly everyone because Tony wasn’t happy at all. He didn’t trust Wade and Y/N. To Tony, she will always be the girl that tried to kidnap his Spider-Kid. 

Peter sat on one of the couches in the Avenger tower, while Tony was giving him a deathly glare for across the room.

“Peter, I a-,” Tony growled

“Look, Mr. Stark, she’s really nice! Why can’t you just be happy for me?!” Peter was now on his feet and walking over to Tony.

Tony rolled his eyes at the young boy, "if you ju-“

"but n-no! When is Peter ever happy? It’s always about you!”

Tony was sitting on the couch and massaging his head. He snapped, “Peter, I’m concerned for you! Isn’t it obvious? If this ladybug looking guy knows where you are that is bad. But he also knows who you are! Kid, you may not know it, but this girl could potentially get you killed.”

Peter scoffed, “ y-you're just jealous! Everyone you care about just leaves!”

Tony stopped rubbing his head. He knew exactly what Peter was hinting at, “they left for a reason, Parker.”

Tony got up from his sit, having enough of this whole situation. Before he opened the door, he quickly turned around, “and just so you know, if everyone I cared about left me, I can assure you that you wouldn’t be here. Because I care about you way more than you think, kid.”

                           ~TIME SKIP~

“So you’re telling me, Mr. Know-it-all hates me?" 


Peter and Y/N were now on there second date. This time, they went to a restaurant. Since New York is famous for their pizza, Peter took her to one of the best. Roberta’s Pizza (A/N~thank god for tripadvisor, I’ve only been to New York once.). They ordered the pizza about 10 minutes ago and have been talking about the same thing since.

“It’s not that he hates you. Mr. Stark just doesn’t trust you.”

The waitress finally came, after they said ‘thank you’, Y/N adds on to Peters statement, “must be because I kidnapped you.” Peter shrugged in return, “or the fact that your dad is a villain.”

“Don’t let him hear you say that. He prefers anti-hero… in simpler words, he’s an assassin. He prefers to get paid for the shit he does.”

For the remaining time of their date, they got to know each other better. Y/N and Peter have been dating for a little over two weeks now. It has been the happiest two weeks of Peters life. That is exactly why he is about to drop the 'will you be my girlfriend’? question. Lucky for him, Y/N felt the same way. They finished eating and Peter being the gentleman he is, payed for the subway ticket to her house. He was spending a lot of money on her, but in his opinion it was worth it. Granted, Peter had to work double time to pay for all of it.  

Once they got to the subway station, it only took 10 minutes for it to pull up. The ride to Y/N house was silent. Well, as silent as a subway can get. 

They were walking towards Y/N house when Peter pulled her into an alley.

“Ok, don’t freak out.”

“How the hell am I not supposed to freak out!”

Little did Y/N know, Peter made her a surprise. He couldn’t express his feelings, so Peter decided to use his 'skills’ to aid him. 

“Look up, sweetheart.”

Above the two lovers, there was the question that Peter has been waiting to ask Y/N. In webbing, on the wall it read, 'Y/N, WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?' 

Y/N’s fear turned into the biggest smile Peter has seen on her face, “yes! Oh my god, I never lost faith in you, I swear!”

“As much as I am happy to hear you will be my girlfriend, I kind of want to ask why you would lose faith in me?”

“Well…. after you talked about Tony hating-”

“He doesn’t trust you.”

She rolled her eyes but continued anyway, “yeah, ok. What I’m trying to say is, I thought you would take his side and not want to trust me anymore. I thought you pulling me into an alley would lead to you a) killing me or b) just telling me that I’m a horrible person.”

“You should know by now that I love you a lot! I would never think you’re a horrible person, I care too much about you for that to even run through my mind.”

All Y/N could do was smile. They only person who ever said that to her was her dad. She knew that having him as a boyfriend could harm her fathers 'business’. Y/N also knew that Peter could be endangered by dating her, but she just couldn’t help herself. Y/N would protect him from all the badness in the world, if it was the last thing she had to do. Peter would do the same and she knew it.

“Hate to ruin the moment, but I better get you back to Wade before he thinks you’re hurt." 

Yet another day ends in a happy ending. But let’s just get something straight, not all days are fairytales.

I Should Have Known | Dan Howell

Hello! This is a short fanfic about Dan Howell and Phil Lester based on the request below. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!

It had been about three days since Y/N had last spoken to her boyfriend Dan. A romantic date night out had ended in a horrible fight and her storming out of their shared apartment. Y/N had been staying with their close friend Phil who had taken her in before when she’d had relationship trouble. He had also been the one who encouraged her to try and talk to Dan again, now that most of the dust had settled in. The fight hadn’t appeared out of thin air, it always seemed to be about the same old things and Phil had continuously pressed that it was time for them to really talk about what was bothering them. So that’s what she was on her way to do now; sit her boyfriend down and talk this out once and for all. The cab stopped outside of the apartment and she got out, unlocking the door with the key she still had. Dan’s coat was on the hanger by the door but it was strangely silent. “Dan?” She asked, walking into the livingroom to find it empty. He had to be in his bedroom then. She walked through the long hallway until she reached his bedroom, raising her hand to knock on the door before she froze in her steps. She heard something that sounded like Dan’s voice but with a strange female voice mixed in, and as she pushed the door open she was greeted with the sight of her boyfriend in bed with someone else.

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Sanrio Van Visits

For all of my followers (and those who don’t follow me and are seeing this through a reblog on their dashboard)….

I offer Sanrio character van visits several times per week for people who do not have access to the cards. 

If you are interested in paying a character van a visit, please IM me and I will get back to you as soon as I can to have you come into town.

Trades are not necessary, but donations are appreciated (though not at all required)!!

I work 40 hours/week at an animal hospital, so I may not be available most nights as most days end up running me from 10-11 hours, but rest assured that I will get to as many people as I possibly can!

Your friend and Mayor,

Starling ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Hired by BigHit: Bittersweet- Part 4

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Summary: You’ve always had respect for Min Yoongi’s musical talent. As one of BigHit’s new producers, you now get to experience both the bitter and sweet sides of him.

Parts: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 [END]

Hired by BigHit Series: Taehyung // Hoseok // Yoongi // Seokjin // Namjoon // Jungkook // Jimin

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anonymous asked:

oo requests are open.. this might be a weird request, but do you have any headcanons on if switch and valkyrie had s/os who were also idols? i understand producers are pretty much the standard, but i think an idol s/o would be an interesting mix!

ooh, interesting req anon! as an ‘idolcon’, i 10/10 want to see this happen lmao god i love idols

natsume ~ ☆

→ the boyfriend who is proudest of his partner

→ natsume is self-assured in his allure as an idol, but never so much more confident of his partner. he watches over them putting in hard work in all their practice sessions, and shine on stage like the star they are; afterwards, he’s sure to reward them with a kiss and a pat on the head.

→ then again, natsume is competitive, and regards his partner as a fellow rival. as they cuddle, watching each others’ live shows, natsume issues them a challenge, or threaten to sabotage their group. although he’d never curse them or their group, he does feel a strange mixture of delight and of envy whenever he sees them get higher ratings than switch.

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anonymous asked:

in the one post, you said no pet stores. why is that?

My oh my, you guys really know how to ask the questions that will get me typing…

Okay maybe when I said no pet stores I was being a little too harsh, I just wouldn’t recommend 95% of pet stores. I’ve worked in a pet store selling reptiles, so let me say that this is from first hand experience and not a herp snob looking down on pet store quality animals.

I’ve broken my concerns down into my five major points which are: Poor education = Poor advice, High Turnover and Health Concerns, Exposure to the Public, Quality vs Price, ‘Rescues’ aka Supporting the Industry. Click the read more to read my elaborations on each of these thoughts.

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Friendly reminder

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Top 10 reasons to binge watch The Fosters & watch Season 4

The 2015-2016 was an epically bad year for lesbian television with a trail of not just broken hearts, but dead bodies. In the midst of all of this death and despair, there is just one show that has bucked the trend. That show is The Fosters, airing on Freeform Monday’s at 8pm EST. 

The Fosters is about Stef and Lena Adams Foster, a married lesbian couple raising five teenagers in San Diego. I can understand if you might have dismissed this show as catering to the teens, but i assure you, Stef and Lena always have their own thing going on. Here’s a top 10 of why you should binge watch this show NOW so you can start watching season 4 live on Freeform. 

10. When Stef gets shot, she recovers and immediately proposes marriage to her long-time domestic partner. No dead lesbians on this show.

9. When the principal develops a crush on hot Mama Lena, Lena rejects her advances. It’s messy and hurtful, but there is no cheating on this show. 

8. The actresses (Teri Polo and Sherri Saum respectively) playing Stef and Lena Adams Foster love their characters and each other and are more than happy to share their love with the fans.

7. Lena may be a mom to five kids, but this mama has a loving and complicated relationship with her own mother.

6. Stef may be a mom to five kids, but this mom has a loving and complicated relationship with her own mother.

5. Stef has to deal with her own internalized homophobia. It’s an ongoing process, but she’s working on it!

4. Stef and Lena not only love each other, they also really like each other and it shows.

3. They fight. And sometimes it’s adorable.

2. Let’s talk about sex, baby. They have it. And it’s awesome. (mostly)

1. These two women are deeply, passionately in love with each other, and it is beautiful.

Request: Grump Play Date

Request:  Can you do a gamegrumpsx reader where you are like 20, and you have a 10 year old lil sis that you have to watch for like a week while your parents go put of town. And you end up having to take her to the grump space while you work. Just like her falling asleep on Danny, Barry give her piggy back rides, Arin finding her playing with the kitty’s. Lots of fluff!!

AN: OH SHIT FAM IM BACK! Sorry I just disappeared for a while there. I pretty much just lost all inspiration and time to write. It was a hard few weeks. But Rest assured I have been finding much more inspiration as of late and I am ready to jump back in and start writing! So I am super soory that this request took such a long time, and I did end up changing just a few things, but not much. I hope you enjoy it! And look out for more stories to come! 

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Part I: reason | Part II: alone

December 26th, morning

Remus opened his eyes slowly, desperate for water he made his way out of the bed but a little noise he heard made hims top on his tracks. An angel was standing at the door and Remus was fairly sure he was still sleeping, Sirius with all his beauty and a fucking towel hanging from his hips was smiling at him. Nope, he was asleep there was no way any human being could be so perfect. It was as if God took time to carve out each one of his perfect features, you could easily eat chocolate ice cream from his collar bones and that towel.. Good God that towel was hanging so dangerously loose, Remus found himself praying for it to just fall off.

“Well, morning Remus,” said Sirius and Remus suddenly realised not only was he not dreaming but he had been staring at him for too long and also there was a not so small problem going under the blankets he was hoping Sirius wouldn’t realise.

“Morning,” he mumbled shyly trying his best to cover himself up with the big duvet.“What time is it?”

“9.30″ he replied with a smile. “Are you going to give me the pleasure of preparing breakfast for you?”

He cooks, too?

“Well, yeah sure, why not?” blabbered Remus as he tried to look somewhere else than Sirius’ abdomen which proved to get harder and harder every passing second. “I need to be out at 11, though. My mother would kill me.”

“You should get out of bed then,” he suggested with a raised eyebrow and Remus felt his heart trying to climb out of his mouth.

Not when you are standing like the fucking Greek God you are and I’m here above average at best.

“I will once you shut my door please,” shot back Remus trying to look as confident as he can. “We are still strangers after all.”

“But you slept at my house?”

“Difficult times require difficult choices Sirius,” he replied sarcastically with a smile and shooed him out and as he was staring at him as he turned around he realised that towel was both a blessing and a curse. He got out of the warm bed his problem long gone and got dressed in a haste as he pulled his sweater over him he heard Sirius call from downstairs.

“I’m not even bothering asking you if you prefer tea or coffee,” he yelled making Remus smile and he got out of the guest room after making the bed, that was how his mother raised him after all, and went downstairs still smiling.

“You shouldn’t. I’m guessing you are a coffee person,” speculated Remus as he sat on the chair waiting for Sirius to bring their plates, it was smelling like heaven inside the house.

They ate their food as they talked about their jobs a little more and Sirius told Remus a bit more about his family, Remus had a small urge inside him to ask Sirius something he knew was a bit too soon but he just wanted to know.

“What are you doing on New Year’s Eve?”

“Um, I’ll probably be here the same as yesterday,” answered Sirius and that was the first time he looked weak since they met. “It’s just one day turning to another, it’s not a big deal.”

“You don’t mean that,” objected Remus because Christmas was very special for him and he liked to think it was for most of the people. He was personally offended by how little Sirius thought of New Year’s Eve. “No one should be alone on New Year’s Eve.”

“Well I really don’t have much of a choice really,” he teased but Remus could hear the disappointment in his voice he tried so hard to mask with all the teasing and sarcasm. “It’s not like I can take back what happened last year and I don’t want to spend my New Year’s Eve with people who only pretend to love me out of obligation.”

“Come spend it with us,” blurted out Remus before he could stop himself.


“You can come spend it with us, it’s our turn this year to hold the festivities and there will be loads of people. I have kept in touch with my best friends from high school and our families are very close friends and we have a tradition–”

“I can’t,” said Sirius curtly. “It is very rude to your parents and everyone else invited. I’m alright with spending it alone, Remus.”

“Think about it as a thank you for accommodating me last night,” he countered. “I won’t let you spend it alone.”

“Please let it go–”

“You said,” began Remus and took a deep breath. “You said there was a reason that we met–”

“I was drunk–”

“Shut it for a second, please,” interrupted Remus, shocked at his own audacity, he ran a hand through his locks. “You said there was a reason for us to meet, what if it is for you to meet new people and find a new place you can call home?”

“We are just strangers who met because of a coincidence,” said Sirius as he picked the empty plates up.

“Drunk you is better than this hopeless you,” hissed Remus as he stood up and went to the kitchen walking a little too fast. He clearly wasn’t looking where he was going as he bumped into Sirius when he entered the kitchen. They ran into each other Remus hovering over Sirius and his scent still as mesmerising as it was last night and it took a little time for both of them to take a step back and mumble an apology.

“I have just realised I’m tall enough to put you on my shoulder and carry you to my car if you refuse to come again,” challenged Remus, he didn’t know where this blind courage was coming from but he was liking it, it was like a good side effect of Sirius. “Please?”

“You should call and ask your mother first really,” said Sirius as he gave up and Remus bolted to his phone and called his mother as fast as he could.

“Hi mum… yes I’ll be leaving in five minutes. I was wondering if I can bring someone with me… Yes, yes that’s the one… No he’ll be spending it alone..”


“I will mum, God… okay love you, too. See you in an hour.” 

Remus turned around to see Sirius’ reaction to his mother’s yelling and he was staring at a grinning Greek God.

“I think I love her,” said Sirius as he put the plates and the mugs in the dishwasher. “Let me take a few things. I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“We both did weird things the past 24 hours, what’s life without a little risk?”

Remus didn’t believe what he was hearing himself say, when did he start living so reckless? Sirius came back with a small duffel bag and he was smiling like he wasn’t believing what he was about to do either.

“I just realised I don’t even know your last name,” said Remus.

“It’s Black,” replied Sirius as he pulled the door behind him. “It suits my soul pretty well.”

“If you say so,” he snickered before he turned left to walk towards his car. The roads were cleared and it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas even though it was over.

I’m in a stranger’s car, going God knows where, mother wouldn’t approve. All the more reason to do this.

They were driving slowly to their destination with the AC on so they wouldn’t freeze. Remus was playing Queen songs on shuffle and Sirius’ Christmas miracle was getting better and better. 

“We are lucky they cleared the snow from the streets because I didn’t bother getting snow tires,” stated Remus as he stared at the road, his eyes squinted a little. “Mum will probably drown you with food, please don’t try to be polite and say no when you want to.”

“I never say no to good food Remus,” he replied. “No one in their right mind does.”

He smiled his signature warm smile that would melt icebergs and kept on staring ahead. Out of his respect for Bohemian Rhapsody, Sirius kept his mouth shut but as soon as it was over he started asking all the things he had been trying to keep himself from asking.

“So who are these friends of yours that are invited?”

“Um, so James and Lily have been dating since senior year, if James gets his head out of his ass he will propose soon,” he began, there was a spark to his eye he knew Regulus had when he was talking about him. “Peter is an amazing cook and he is my oldest friend, I met him when we were 10 years old, I guess.”

“It must be nice to have friends like that,” said Sirius absent-mindedly. What was wrong with him? He found himself saying all the things he never said to anybody else. “I’m only close with my brother Regulus, who’s abroad at the moment. He’s studying art in Italy.”

“I’m going to force my friendship on you Sirius Black,” assured Remus as he turned and grinned at Sirius shortly. “It is easier for you to just let me in really.”

Sirius wanted to let him in so badly, he was aching for affection and love ever since his relationship with his parents and old friends went down the hill like an avalanche but he was almost sure Remus wasn’t talking about the same kind of relationship Sirius was hoping for. 

This was what the writers talked about all the time, this was the feeling Sirius made fun of all the time because love couldn’t be so sudden but here he was in the car with Remus Lupin with his old sweater, sandy locks and honey eyes, and he suddenly believed that love didn’t knock before it entered but Remus had literally knocked his way in.

“This thing called love I just can’t handle it..”

Me neither, Freddie, me neither.