but i assume this is close enough to the truth

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Can you possibly shed light on this rumor going around in the fandom? I've heard that Vanderwood has romantic feelings toward Seven and Saeran (bc Vanderwood said his life would be ruined if he saw their dead bodies or something like that). I could see it being true but I can also see it not being true?? What is the truth.

(I haven’t heard of this. I see Vanderwood as being a brotherly figure towards the twins. They are rather close to Seven and are most likely friends, but neither will admit that due to the fact they don’t believe they can have relationships with anyone (Vanderwood reminds Seven during his route that it’s better not to get attached to MC). However, Seven obviously cares enough to essentially create a new identity for Vanderwood. Therefore, I assume that Vanderwood was dreading the confrontation with Seven when they had Saeran, as it would most likely result in Seven’s death due to disobeying the agency.

Plus if they didn’t care about Seven, why would they clean his bunker and not tell their boss about his involvement with the RFA?

Ultimately it depends on the person. Some people may ship Seven or Saeran with Vanderwood. I personally don’t.

I hope this answers your question! :D )

So about Misha..

Looking at these gifs by the lovely @sillybubbies made me think. 

I get the context, but it did make me start spawning a new headcanon. Jared says that jokingly and Jensen agrees, but I think they may have come a little close to the truth about how Misha copes. 

So, theory time!

Jensen doesn’t seem to be a very demonstrative type with his affection (not physically, but verbally) and I think him and Misha hooked up somewhere around end S4 or S5. Both of them (in true fanfiction style) assumed it was a no string attached thing, and were content enough. Misha is written out of the show, and both of them wait for the other to suggest what happens next. Jensen has feelings for Misha, but is unsure if they are returned, because of Misha’s happy, airy, personality that never gives away what he’s actually feeling.   

Jensen is not great at talking about feelings, and tries to provoke a reaction from Misha by talking about ending things. Which is a dumb thing to do. He’s disappointed when Misha seems cool with it, and they break it off. Misha is crushed, but assumes Jensen is not feeling what he does and afterwards is almost his usual self, further confusing and upsetting Jensen.  

Misha acts erratically afterwards, tearing up at random conventions (btw, notice that that has never happened again, ever) And then it strikes Jensen that the happy-go-lucky exterior of Misha is in some ways also a defense from getting hurt. That he completely misunderstood things and needs to put it right. Misha takes some time to trust him again, because Jensen just casually stomped on his heart when he did give it away before. 

And now, after a lot of talking and fucking they’re happy again! And they’ve actually learned to talk to each other about important aspects of the relationship instead of just assuming things, which is why they seem more comfortable around each other now.  Earlier, they had so much sexual tension and their panels screamed fuck me now! Now, they’re a little more tranquil and give out a happy married couple vibe.

The end.   

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How did you meet your current best friend?

The year was 1990. It was Christmas time in Tennessee. There was no snow and my five year old life revolved around the Little Mermaid and the accumulation of Lisa Frank stickers. Assorted family members had made the trek from Missouri to gather at my house for present-unwrapping, scrabble playing and general family drama making. My mother managed to tear my attention away from putting brand new stickers on my brand new pink bicycle (with tassles!) long enough to point out a very bald, nearly one-year-old baby and tell me “That’s your new cousin Rachel! Yes, she’s a girl!”

I’m sure I was impressed