but i am trying out stuff with photoshop

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Happy Valentines Day! Sending love from Canada!!! Have you ever thought of doing a couple themed game show at the cafe as a Valentines Day Special?? If not, what was the plan for this year?

❤️💕❤️ Voltron crew: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! ❤️💕❤️

Allura: We are very excited to share with you the theme of this year’s valentines day event. While there won’t be any game show themes ( as we like to save those for other days to add extra excitement ) We do have a change of rolls!

Coran: Each year every staff member submits their ideas which we draw out at random. This year Lance won the drawing. So introducing!!!!

Lance: That’s right ladies and gents! Your loyal butlers now have a more devilish twisted side. Be careful of their tricks as they may lead you straight to temptation.

Hunk: I still think Chocolate love would have been better.

Lance: You said it would just be everything made out of chocolate. Like plates and forks and stuff.

Hunk: A man can dream.

Lance: You would have had to MAKE IT

Hunk: A MAN…. CAN…. DREAM!

Allura: And of course to celebrate our most popular pair, on the 14th we have a Klance special for all of our lovely fans!

Lance: HEY WOAH! I did NOT Agree to that! When was that photo taken!?

Pidge: When we were going through the maid outfits and you and Shiro got drunk and decided to try them on.  I added Keith’s horns in post to go with the theme.

Lance: You can’t just photoshop something like that.

Pidge: I added horns. The rest is all you two.

Lance: ಠ_ಠ

Keith: Can I have a copy?

Pidge: Here… I already have it framed for you. Go nuts.

Lance: (눈_눈)  please don’t.

A.N. THANKS AGAIN! For all the asks and stuff! I got my work cut out for me! Ask box will close at 10 AM  PST Cause for me in Japan that’s midnight. I won’t be able to do any more V-day related after that. ( Well I might do some aftermath idk) Still, That’s when the box is closing till I catch up with all the asks!

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To Whoever It May Concern: May I just say that your art is excellent? As an aspiring digital artist, your shading and technique is amazing! I hope to one day be as great as you! You seem to have it down to a habit, and so, some tips or tricks with digital software would be much appreciated! I use Clip Studio Paint and I am willing to show you pieces of art to help you visualize a way to help me! I would definitely credit you for your help in having me understanding lighting and shading!

Thank you so much!! And sure! You can DM me and send those pieces if you want!
Now, tips and tricks can be very software specific and I sadly have no experience with that program x: I don’t know if the stuff I do in my old oold photoshop will be applicable in Clip Studio Paint. Though if it’s digital painting itself I can try and help out, or at least direct you to some helpful videos!

I have a playlist for such videos that you can glance through here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEFK…
There’s a big mix of stuff I’ve found either inspiring, motivational, or helpful, all on an art based level.

Like, here’s a video specific about digital painting: https://www.youtube.com/watch…
And here’s one on traditional shading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dqG…
((BTW, sidenote: don’t limit your search for how-to videos to your exact needs specifically,,for example, tipps on shading with a crayon, can very much give you ideas on how to improve your shading in digital painting too!))

I myself have also bought some books on the supject of light/shadow physics, that ,even if you don’t read through them entirely, can give you references and a better understanding on what kinds of rules there are:

Now if you have any specific questions or stuff you want my help on, feel free to ask!! Narrowing down the topic will help me know better what kind of advice I can give you nwn//

Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.

I put together Nishinoyas grand entry from episode 7… Cause apparently I have nothing better to do at 3 am… I’m pretty sure someone already did this but whatever. I just wanted to dick around in Photoshop and try to get better at doing stuff like this. So yeah, here ya go.

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You are the same at my age.....*throw the tablet out of the window* I'm not trying to offend or anything but gosh Thai ppl are so talented <3 <3 I am officially in aweeeeeee. You artworks are mind blowing at such age!!!!! One question tho: how long did it take you to get use to the drawing software (like Photoshop) as I find it difficult to figure all the function :(((( like layers and customise and brushes :((( cheers btw!!,

dslkjdsfdfThank you ;w; How can that be offending?!!

I can’t remember clearly.. but Photoshop was SUPER CONFUSING at first, so I started learning basic stuff like layers and tools in Paint tool Sai. That took me more than half a year I believe. Once I got used to it I switched to photoshop and began to use more complex tools and techniques! I think it took 2-3 months to get to the level where I kinda know what I’m doing!! XD (so much thanks to tutorials on youtube) 

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Got any tips for a wannabe sfm artist I like me?

oh man.. where to start. ;o,

First things first, practice, practice, practice, before you start with making a poster I first suggest you to experiment with the tool so you get the feel of the programm. Right clicking opens you option to spawn models and map (depends where you click!)

I’ve before was a  GMOD artist so I was a bit used with 3D Posing. Your best friend for posing would be the rotate, and move tool. If you right click on a model you should find an option called rig_biped_simple. It’s also pretty handy and easier for posing a model!

(here’s an old GMOD picture)

Again it takes practice and the more you want to try, the more better you get and you start working with more complex things!

I too had some issues with SFM at first

(i’ve deleted the very old ones but you can see somehings a bit wrong here)

Then, I know it sounds now I’m lazy typing here but, look for tutorials!

I have this handy playlist that explain lighting, scenebuild and SSAO settings and other various stuff that may be a good help!

Inside theres also a tutorial on how to import tf2 cosmetics into SFM! And they all really helped me!

Then ressources. If you want more then what SFM offers I suggest you

  • The SFM workshop on steam
  • mods.tf (PLEASE: WATCH THIS VIDEO Otherwise you may overwrite exitsting stuff!) 
  • SFMLab (The site has a lot of 18+ Content so be warned!)
  • TF2maps (has also a lot of maps and props!)

remember that tf2 stuff goes to the tf2 folders while the rest inside the usermod!

also: never be afraid to look at references! Sometimes tho the model wont pose the way you like it to be at times :c but hey, better than nothing!

Another thing I do is post processing with photoshop.

Since I can’t get the results I want I use Photoshop (GIMP works too and is free!) and edit stuff around.

Then as for render: I use these settings

And render it like this:

These are pretty much the basics! Just work on them slowly and don’t rush! With time you will start to experiment and learn new things c: >

Hell, even I am still practicing and trying out new things!

I hope this was any help. I’m terrible with explaining things! Let me know if you need help! :D

Fear Her: The Scribble Creature. Oh, and these two lovely idiots. 

On a whim I got Manga Studio 5 on sale this week (along with approximately half of tumblr). As someone who draws pretty much exclusively in Photoshop, I’m curious to try something new!

*opens program*

Ooh. These brushes look nice…

*finds 3D models*

*ten minutes later, hasn’t drawn a thing, but has succeeded in plunging a model’s hand through his chest and out his back whilst flipping himself off and bending sideways at a preposterous angle*

what is this program

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I am trying to figure out what software to get for digital art, all I have is the free stuff wacom gives you. I can't afford Photoshop and was wondering if you had any recommendations? I was thinking about manga studio 5 but idk if it is considered good or bad

I’ve heard really good things about Manga Studio, though I’ve never used it myself. If you can’t afford PS, I’ve heard Manga Studio is a more art-oriented, stream lined version of PS, as is Paint tool SAI (though SAI only works with windows, so you’re out of luck if you have a mac :/)

You can also check out programs like Fire Aplaca, Cloud Alpaca and GIMP (which are all free, the last time i checked). 

Art Rage and SketchBook Copic Edition are two other programs. I’ve tried both of these myself but personally they always felt more like  toys to me than a real drawing program. Then again I haven’t used either of these in many years so perhaps they’ve improved.

A few others that I have no personal experience with or opinion on whatsoever;

Hope this helps! 


(P.S. @Our followers, please feel free to reblog this post with your own personal reviews on manga studio, or any other photoshop alternatives you’ve found over the years :) I’d love to add them to the post. )

so idk if this is an autistic thing? can other autistic peeps weigh in on this?

i am really literal about the information presented to me & one of the big ways this plays out is, for example, i am completely unable to discern photoshop, like i sort of assume that the image presented to me is accurate, and it’s impossible for me to figure out on my own if something is photoshopped or retouched. and when people point it out it’s still really baffling to me, even if i can figure it out after prompting.

and i’m also really bad at reading subtext in movies and tv shows and stuff bc i tend to trust/assume that what i’m getting is accurate. one of the reasons that i so religiously check out, like, tv tropes any time i watch something new, or try to find recaps of it, is that i am completely not going to get anything ambiguous unless someone else spells it out for me.

like i remember in one of my classes last year we watched a clip from a movie where a woman has a picnic in a cemetery with her daughter and afterwards we were discussing it and everyone was like “oh yeah, the daughter was obviously dead and the lady was imagining she was there” and i was like WHAT. SERIOUSLY??