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A little blurb for @yorugami‘s really cool fanart, the Frostiron/American Gods Crossover Series.  If you haven’t seen it, go check it out, it’s amazing.  Also tagging @feelingsinwinter since she was the one I saw asking for a story. :)

“How will your friends have time for me, when they’re so busy fighting you?”

Tony smiled as the metal tip of Loki’s spear hit the arc reactor with a sharp tink.  The smile only grew wider when Loki tried it again, and the power of the spear and the gem inside it dissipated harmlessly.  Tony reached out and took the spear from Loki’s suddenly nerveless fingers, and the look in the sorcerer’s eyes went from smug to confused. “Sorry, Saruman.  You’ve drastically underestimated what you are facing here.” He ran his hands over the spear thoughtfully.  “Did you know that this thing is actually a very complex machine?”

“I don’t understand,” Loki said slowly, narrowing his eyes at Tony.

“Yeah.” Tony finished his examination of Loki’s spear and tossed it back to Loki.  He went back to the bar to pick up his glass of whiskey. “How can I explain this,” he said musingly, tapping his finger on his glass as he took a sip.  “Well, the short answer is, you’re not the only god in this room.”

“You’re mad,” Loki said when he saw that Tony was serious.

Tony barked out a laugh.  “You’re not the first to say that, but no.” He walked to the window overlooking New York City and gestured for Loki to join him, which he did after a moment of hesitation.   “The world has changed a lot since the last time you or Thor were here.  Did you know that, in many parts of the world, there are more electronic devices in a given house than people?  Phones, tablets, computers, televisions, DVD players, microwaves…the list goes on and on.  Technology has changed the world, and people love it. And you know, it’s a curious quirk of Earth that that much devotion has power.”  Tony glanced over and smiled at Loki’s look of horrified comprehension.  

“You remember now, don’t you? It’s been a long time for you both, but once upon a time, you and Thor came to Earth and people worshiped you, were devoted to you, and over time you realized that you had powers that you didn’t have before.  Now maybe you didn’t realize what was happening, or maybe you forgot, but either way, you weren’t the first or only gods this planet has created.”   He drained his glass and pressed it between his palms, where it became a cell phone. He hit a couple of buttons on it with his thumb and said, “We’ve got some time before the others arrive. Let’s go take a look at this machine you put on my roof. My roof, of all places!”

He took the stairs two at a time, checking at each floor that Loki was still following him, up to where the device housing the Tesseract was powering up with a vibrating thrum that was more felt than heard.  Tony put his hands in his pocket and circled the machine while Eric Selvig puttered around it, approaching Loki with a fawning look on his face until Loki waved him away.  “Why are you telling me this?” Loki said, raising his voice to be heard over the muted roar of the city and the sound of the device.

“Well, first, the way you came to my planet, kicking up a fuss, blowing up one of my favorite children, I figured that maybe this guy didn’t know that this place doesn’t belong to his kind anymore.  Maybe I’ll give him a chance to make it right,” he answered, giving him a significant look, complete with raised eyebrows, then looking at the device as it continued to gain power.  In a few minutes it would reach critical mass, and the portal would open to the army waiting on the other side.  “Second, have you ever heard the saying, ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’?”

Now Tony had to laugh because Loki’s look of suspicion had become astonishment. “You are suggesting an alliance?” Loki said incredulously.

“Sure,” Tony said with a shrug. “Why not?  To put it a different way, I am the god of the technology we understand, and you are the god of the technology we don’t.  I feel like it’s a natural alliance.”  Suddenly the device’s thrum became a high pitched whine, and Tony waved a hand at it absently, eyes and arc reactor glowing briefly as he powered down the machine, until even the Tesseract was deactivated and became a dull, lifeless blue.  “Whatever you’re running from, I can protect you.”

“I doubt that,” Loki said, but he made no move to reactivate the machine, even as Eric watched him with nervous astonishment, wringing his hands but hanging back, instinctively realizing he was outmatched.

“Yeah? Let me guess, do these big bad guys have spaceships? Fancy laser guns? Would you say they are pretty technologically advanced?” Tony smirked and rocked back on his heels.  “If they come here, they will be on my turf, which means all of their technology will answer to me.  So what do you say?”

Loki stared at him for so long that Tony pulled his cell phone back out of his pocket to check the time.  At the edge of the horizon a small dot could be seen, rapidly resolving itself into a quinjet.  “Very well,” Loki said finally. “I am interested in seeing how this…alliance turns out.”

“Great! Now you definitely should have a drink.  Maybe after my friends get here.”  He smiled at Loki and turned to the quinjet, waving them to the side for a place to land.  “Just don’t tell them, yeah? They don’t know about the whole god thing. I feel like it would freak them out.”

The Seer (Part 44)

Summary: You continue your discussion with the stranger.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: geeky/nerdy reader, language in general / some swearing, quarrelling, a little angst maybe, this should be all… I think.

Notes: The text between { } is the translation of the previous text in Italian. The parts in italic are the reader thoughts and the alerts that her power gives her. While the parts between double lines are the reader’s visions. I would appreciate any feedback.

Word count: 1062

The Seer MASTERLIST for all the parts of the series.

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The man picks up with you. “You said that you would have done whatever I wanted you to do.”

“Yeah, I did that but…” You sigh, and turn to look at him. “Man, you have chosen something that I can’t do. Like… I am not able to do it, really, I’ve tried.” You shake your head in surrender. “There’s no way; that three damned words don’t come out. Every time I’ve tried I’ve just burped out nonsense or my brain has frozen leaving me standing there like an idiot. So…” You shrug. “You’ll have more success doing it yourself.”

“You are serious.” The man frowns.

“Yep.” You nod.

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Queen of Asgard (part 5)

(Loki x Reader)

“How could you do that to me?” Loki said pacing around the room.
“You said I could approve whatever I want.”
“Yes, but a birthday party really? I am not going to do that!”
“You already agreed.”
“No I did not, you did!” He yelled.
“Yeah but in your name soooo…”
Damn it Y/N. I’m the untrustworthy one in this relationship!“
"Seems like you misjudged me a little. I bet that doesn’t happen too often.” You laughed,
“Besides I’m pretty sure my brother doesn’t actually want you anyway near our cousin so you get to annoy him and I have a chance to visit earth.”
“You don’t like it here?” Loki asked you.
“I do, that’s not how I meant it. It’s just not my home. Or at least not yet.” You answered.
“I understand, trust me.”

You dragged Loki, under protest all the way, to the bifrost where Heimdall opened it for you.
Tony had come to pick you up. You were sitting in the car between your brother and Loki neither of them very happy. They were both looking out the window trying their best to ignore the other.
“Ok guys that’s ridiculous, you can’t act like this all the time.” You told them.
“I very well can. I am a king.” Loki answered with a childish defiance.
“I think you’ll like my cousin very much since you’re evidently on the same level. She likes to play princess, too.”
Tony laughed at your remark, while Loki sent him a glare.
“Oh and you dear brother, I so hope you didn’t buy her something ludicrous like a spaceship again. Cause I am the one who has to apologize to our aunt.” You said to your brother.
This time Loki looked amused and Tony the one who was sulking.

“We’re here so get out Loki.” You said to him when he wouldn’t leave the car on his own.
“Do I have to?” He sighed.
“Yes. Yes you do.”
“You owe me for that. Don’t think you’ll get away with this.”
“Fine, fine just move, come on.” You pushed him out of the door.

The house was full with children running around and adults trying to find a quiet place for themselves. Your aunt came to greet you when you entered.
“My dear niece. How have you been. I missed you.” She said to you lovingly. Your aunt had always liked you, “And Tony.” Not so much your brother. She loved him, like she did both of you but he had always caused her a lot of nerves when you were children.
“This must be your handsome husband. You really should have invited us but I guess it can’t be helped since the wedding was in England.” Your aunt went on.
You leaned to the side and whispered to Tony.
“What exactly did you tell her I was doing?”
“I said you married a rich, royal british guy.”
“You’re kidding right?”
“No I’m not. I couldn’t tell her you were teleported to asgard to marry the god of mischief who tried to enslave humanity, could I sis?”
“Well, when you say it like this…”

Your cousin came running towards you when she saw you. You hugged her and lifted her up.
“Happy birthday, Gwen.”
“Thank you!” She responded happily.
She went over to Tony and greeted him. The two were whispering to each other, your aunt looked worried already.
Last time, Tony had taken her to the museu, just not actually in the museum. They had been wandering around on the roof and someone had filmed it, which your aunt later saw and freaked.
She came back to you and looked at Loki.
“Is this your magician boyfriend?” She asked. You couldn’t help but laugh.
“Yep that’s him.” You answered. Loki looked so freaking pissed at everything that was going on, it was hilarious to you.
“Can you summon a unicorn? She asked him. He looked so done but answered anyway.
"Do you want one?”
“That’s too bad. Guess we can’t always get what we want.”
“Loki!” You nudged him into his side and sent him an agry look. He sighed dramatically.
“I’ll look what I can do, tiny human.”

Somehow Loki hadn’t been able to say no to your aunt, so now he was standing in front of roughly 12 kids putting on a magic show for them.
There were fireworks and glitter flying around everywhere. An actual unicorn was running through the garden too. Not just the kids were impressed, everyone else as well. No wonder. It was real magic after all.
The children loved him and after he was finished they were all gathering around him, talking and laughing.
“Get away from me you little gremlins.” He looked around lost, “Y/N, do something!”
“Why didn’t you want an army?” You said smirking.
“That’s not funny what am I supposed to do with these creatures.”
“I’m sure you’ll think of something.” You said and waved before walking back to the house, leaving him surronded by children.
When you came back a few minutes later, drink in hand, they were all sitting together in a circle. Loki was telling them a story and for the first time today everyone was quite. Your worries were for naught, he could handle himself quite well by the looks of it.

It was getting late, most people were already gone so you decided to leave as well. Your cousin came to say goodbye. She hugged Loki. He looked really surprised and a bit… embarrassed?

“That wasn’t so bad now, was it?” You asked Loki when you were walking back to the palace.
“Don’t ever make me do something like that again and I’m not forgetting this I will pay you back.”
“Oh come on don’t be salty you had fun too.”
“I had not.”
You ran ahead and screamed back at him.
“You totally did, princess.”

Loki: A Salvation Army Bell Ringer?!

Author: candace (iamcandace.weebly.com)

Chapter No./One Shot: One Shot

Original Image: Imagine Loki as a Salvation Army bell ringer.

Rating: G

Notes/Warning: This is my first fan fiction and I certainly hope I am doing this correctly. Hope you enjoy!!


“Not again!!” said Hawkeye, looking up from reading his comic book, towards the opened door. It was none other than Loki. Thor was behind him, making sure the thick woven rope that served as makeshift cuffs didn’t come loose. 

“Jeez Loki, this is the seventh time you got in trouble in the last three days alone!” added Black Widow from the kitchen.

Loki couldn’t hide the smirk that slowly grew upon his face. “Well,what can I say? I got a little “bored”, so I felt like causing some mayhem, that’s all!”

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In The Name of Your Father

TITLE: In The Name of Your Father


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki is training recruits for a war that Asgard is in. Every house has to send one man to fight in the army, but your father is too old/ill to go, so you disguise yourself as a man to save him from certain death. Basically something resembling the Disney Movie of Mulan.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES/WARNINGS: Sorry about the delay in updating. An idea came to me for a continuation for one of my one shots and I could think of nothing else until I wrote it out, and it turned out to be a few chapters long.

The training continued over the following weeks, with several more attempted desertions, but overall the group progressed well. Loki for the most part seemed pleased. He often conferred with you regarding certain matters of minor issues and concerns, and you helped whenever possible.

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Ok so since Tony Stark wank has been bothering me since last night (lol? I just let things fester for no reason. Then I explode at a random irrelevant time…)

I watched Thor 2… because I was thinking about that whole movie and I needed to refresh so I could make a slightly accurate… thing.. rant?

Ok well I was wondering if Thor got as much shit for what he pulled in TDW as Tony is getting now… and the fact that Thor is the one to get all grabby with Tony also started to be questionable as well…
Like youd think hed have some compassion… some understanding.
As he risked the entirety of The Nine Realms for one person– which is really romantic in a way, but also he literally could have gotten so many people killed.
Odin asked him what would happen if Thors plan failed, then told Thor that the Aether would end up in the hands of Malekith if he failed thus endangering everyone.
Thor manages to scrape by and beat Malekith… but the consequences of his actions are… he brought the battle to Earth probably getting quite a bit of innocent people injured or killed, Odins probable death, Asgard under Lokis rule.. and im not sure what the ‘Ragnarok’ movie is gonna be about… but it doesnt sound very good.
All because Thor didnt listen to Odin.
Even Odin injured heartbroken and enraged had more sense than Thor in that movie.
If Thor with minor help from Jane, Selvig, Darcy and Intern could defeat Malekith(with the Aether) and his army… Im pretty sure Thor, the warriors three, Sif, Odin and his army could have managed to defeat Malekith(without the Aether) and his army.

Thor made a decision to hold Janes life (whos very important mind you but is just one person) above the rest of the people in The Nine Realms…
Tony accidentally created Ultron while trying to create a respectable defense for the whole world…
And the only hate I see on Thor tends to be from ridiculous Loki fans (who are missing the point).
So what did Tony do that was so much worse…

Am I missing something. (That might be it… im no good with memory)
And theres also Bruce who helped Tony to consider but…

Lead Me Not To Temptation

TITLE: Lead Me Not to Temptation

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Nineteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine being chosen to be Loki’s wife, and while at first you loath the idea, you came around and actually fall in love with Loki, and he falls in love with you. But the day before the wedding, Odin changes the arrangement and suddenly you’re being whisked away to marry Thor instead. You and Loki manage to have a secret affair and things are perfect, until you fall pregnant.

RATING: Mature

NOTES: This is a work of fiction, what I write in this is not in anyway to be taken as advice for something like this. NEVER EVER do something like this to someone, it is the cruelest thing in the world to ever do. I actually know people, my own father included that this was done to. Seriously, don’t do it! 

“And you are certain?” Kari stared back at the healer.

“I am.” Eir looked at her sympathetically.


“Every elixir has a duration period, and that one has clearly ended. His Majesty has not left you as alone as you may have thought.” Eir stated. “What would you have me do, we can deal with it now before his return if you would like, I will say nothing.”

“No.” Kari placed her hand on her stomach. “I need some time to think.”

“I understand; when is the king back from Vanaheim?”

“I am not sure, those who opposed King Roan have been dealt with, and so the time he is there now is of his own choosing. Most of the army is back, it is mostly him, Loki and his friends there now.”

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