but i am so excited for his movie with pari :3

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Could you please do Number 1 with yoongi?


{Y/N breaks up with Yoongi in the middle of the night, but why?}

I took in a deep breath and held it for as long as I could. If I let go of my breath I would surely lose my composure. I let of of my breath when it was too much to bear and leaned against the wall, sliding down slowly. I tucked my head into my knees, trying to soothe the ever throb in my head. I wanted it all to stop, I wanted to stop hearing his voice. I wanted to stop picturing his face, devastated, hurt, betrayed. “Make it stop. Make it stop. I don’t. I don’t love him.” After minutes of talking myself down from the threatening anxiety, I feel like I’m ready to do this. I stand up and trudge up the stair well to his apartment.

i reach the door. My clammy hands pound on the door ruffly. A minute later, a groggy Yoongi opens his door, startled and rubbing his eyes. I almost forgot it was practically 4am. “Y/N?” He says gruffly. “What are you doing here? Come in babe, is everything all right.” He reaches out to pull me inside but I instinctually step back, out of his reach. “No. It’s not fine. I need to talk to you.” I say, bitting the inside of my lip a bit to keep it from quivering. Yoongi looks at me now, his attention peaked. “What’s wrong?” he asks, stepping towards me again. I step back and I imagine the look of hurt in his eyes with my own glued to the floor. “I was sitting on my bed tonight, going through pictures of us. I saw our trip to the island. The first say we met when I asked for a photo with you. I saw that photo we took at my family reunion in January. When I was looking at the photos, I realized that I don’t love you. I saw it in this one specific photo. We were at the grocery store, a frickin grocery store and I’m pushing the cart and you’re picking up a box of cereal and asking me if we should get that one and Cameron is talking the photo. The picture is so ordinary in setting and shot but the way you look at me in that photo- You just, you’re looking at me like I’m art. Which I’m not. I’m far from it. But you, it’s like you see me as something I’m not. You’re eyes were narrowed and you are barely smiling but there’s just this energy flowing off of you towards met hat i can feel even through my stupid screen. Were in a fucking grocery store buying cereal! I look like a mess, my hairs in a bun with a bandana and I’m wearing some stupid baggy band shirt but you’re still looking at me like I’m a brand new world!” I take a breath and look up at Yoongi to see that he is staring at me just the way he did in the photo. “I don’t understand, Y/N.” He whispers.

“I don’t love you the way you love me. I don’t know what love is and I’m not ready to find out.” 

Yoongi runs his hands through his hair, rolling his neck. “Y/N you aren’t making any sense. Love is us. It’s literally us! You and me, we,” Yoongi hold me by my arms, searching my eyes for any form of doubt. “It’s when you say my name, Y/N. When I feel your presence and when, when. God, Y/N. I don’t understand where this is coming from. Please don’t leave me.” Yoongi is blinking rapidly, trying to hold back the gleam in his eyes threatening to spill. I shake my head stonily. “No, Yoongi. I’m sorry but, this just doesn’t feel right anymore. I feel like I’m forcing myself to feel things that don’t come naturally for me. I’ve been feeling like this for a while. I din’t know what it was but now I know, I don’t love you.” I look deeply into his eyes as I say this.  Yoongi instantly drops his hands from my arms and lets me go. He nods his head, butting his lip so hard it looks like he is smiling. He shakes his head, putting his hands on his hips and walks back into his apartment shutting the door. 

Only when I’m out of the building do I allow myself to cry. I’m in so much pain it hurts to breathe, to think. I get inside the black car waiting outside for me and am greeted by the woman.

“You did the right thing Y/N.” She says, looking at me through the rear-view mirror. “I told you, you’re an anchor on Yoongi’s sail. If he wants to make it in this business. Publicity is everything, he’s gotta have the right people beside him.” I nod my head in understanding. 

“There’s ten thousand in the envelope next to you. Take it.” She says. I scoff, wiping my tears. “I didn’t do this for money, I did this to protect him and you know that. I’ll be leaving now, you won’t have to see me ever again. Unless you’re agency screws him over, than I’m coming for you.” 

I hop out of the car and slam the door shut. I turn the alley right when I hear the apartment door swing open. I lean against the wall and see Yoongi run past me, yelling out my name. It takes everything in me not to respond. To run after him and beg him to forgive me for saying I didn’t love him because I do. It’s because I love him that I have to set him free. 


Hey thanks for reading! I just want to thank all of our followers for being so kind and supportive :) I love you <3 I wanted to get to know you guys a bit. What are your favourite movies? Mine is Midnight in Paris (I liked it before Tae mentioned it so I was really excited to hear he enjoyed it too!) Let me know :) I love movies and am dying to hear from you guys. Also, Bias? Mine is Chimchim :)


Fantastic Beasts Character Review

Because, as stated before, the characters alone make me prefer the Fantastic Beasts series to the originals.

Spoiler Alert!

Newt Scamander: Starting out strong here. God bless this small awkward bean. I’m such a sucker for cute fictional boys that have a hard time interacting with humans and are full of a lot of sadness but still want to see the best in the world and Newt is no exception. I fell in love with him within ten minutes of the film, and I remember seeing the previews and thinking, “oh no, not another cute fictional boy for me to obsess over.” The way he sort of latches onto people that he has a good feeling about is adorable (ie. Jacob), and I love how trusting he is as soon as he realizes that the Goldsteins and Jacob are on his side. The Hufflepuff Newt is made very clear, as he is extremely loyal and hardworking with his passions. And his awkwardness is conveyed very well and realistically – not like teen comedies where an obviously social and gorgeous teen is all, “lol look at me i’m so awkward and relatable :3″. Newt obviously CAN talk to people, and he knows how to, but he doesn’t have the charm or way with words that Queenie or Jacob have. He’s an introvert who interacts better with creatures than humans, and I think that’s how a lot of “awkward” people feel. Altogether, Eddie Redmayne (god i love him) did a FANTASTIC job portraying Newt’s big heart and reclusive tendencies and I am beyond excited to learn more about Newt (and his brother !!) in coming films.

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Chasing the C/h/atwalk.  Finale pt 1. Million

[We’re getting  close to the end]

Prologue | 1  | 2  | 3  | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Also, if you haven’t read the space between,  you might want to do that. It’s a fluffy little extra that might make you happy before reading this insanity. 

All my love to all the people who have drawn fanart for me. You have seriously made my day and I smile like an idiot for HOURS. I swear. <3 

ALL MY LOVE TO KATE daughterofthestars08 for betaing this chapter for me AND for the little surprise at the end. I <3 KATE.  This chapter is a monster and I finally splitted it up because it seemed like it was NEVER GOING TO END. 

I posted it now because I’m getting my wisdom teeth out later and I’ll probably be high on painkillers and won’t actually function on the computer. (Or I might start highblogging. Who knows.) 



The group was settling into the crowded living room as usual. Alya stepped out of the kitchen, holding several bowls filled with delicious snacks.

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Change of Plans - Kevin Trapp

       “He’s going to piss himself when you tell her!” My (so called) best friend Ana burst out following my reveal of the big news - her British side being revealed. 
     “Oh, okay, that’s unnecessary.” I told her, cringing at the thought. “He probably won’t even be surprised, I mean we’ve been at it a lot lately. I mean, a lot. I’m talking every night -” 
     “Okay, now you’re the one that needs to stop.” she said making a face and taking another sip of her beer, sending me into a fit of giggles. “So he may not piss himself, but he’s gonna freak out. I mean this is huge!” 
     “It is.” I said, smiling at the mere idea of how Kevin would react to the news. 
     “So, how are you gonna tell him?” Ana said jumping forward in her seat. 
      I looked at her confused. How am I going to tell him? Don’t I just say, ‘Hey bud, I’m pregnant. And surprise - it’s yours!” 
     “Oh god.” She groaned realizing what was going through my head. “Please don’t tell me you’re not going to be as boring as you usually are and casually tell him as you two watch gruesome horror movies and wear matching pjs.” 
     “Boring?!” I exclaimed, offended that she would think of me in such way. 
     “Oh come on Y/N. Admit it. You’ve never been a very exciting ‘big-news teller.” she said, “I mean, you told you’re parents you were moving to France by a text message that said ‘I got a job in Paris! I’m going!”
     So maybe she was right. I never saw the allure in big announcements that grabbed everyones attention - but was that necessarily a bad thing? 
     “So what am I supposed to do?” I asked her, taking a sip from the tall glass of water that sat in front of me. “Rent a hot air balloon and write across the sky ‘Kevin, we’re having a baby’? 
     Ana rolled her eyes and took my hand in hers. “You need help, but thankfully you’ve come to the right place.

     5 o’clock. 
     Kevin would be home any minute now and everything was going to plan perfectly. The casserole was in the oven, the table was set with fancy silverware and fresh flowers, and romantic music played in the background. To anyone else it might seem as if I was getting ready to propose. 
     The sound of a car pulling into the front of the house sent me running to the front door ready to greet Kevin as he walked in. I slowed down and regained my composure, running my hands over my still flat stomach to smooth out the few crinkles in my dress. As I walked towards the door ready to open it and be met by the love of my life, my future husband and the father of my child. As I reached for the doorknob images of the perfect night flashed through my mind. 
     But those images were quickly replaced by the image of the white door swinging open - straight towards my face. 
     “Shit!” I screamed, unable to control my mouth, as the wooden door came into harsh contact with my nose.
     “What the hell?” I heard a surprised voice from the other side of the door. A second later Kevin walked into the house and looked at what had previously been blocking himself from opening the door. “OH Shit!” 
     What a sight I was. Bent over behind the door, my hands covering my face as blood poured out of my nose and onto my white dress. 
     “What the hell happened?” Kevin exclaimed, rushing to my aid. 
     I straightened my back to come face to face with him, my hands still covering a large portion of my face. 
     “Come here.” He said rushing me towards the bathroom. As we passed the kitchen, my heart sank remembering the wonderful night I had planned. 
     As soon as we got into the bathroom, Kevin lifted me onto the bathroom sink before searching through the cabinets. 
     “Is it bad?” I asked slowly removing my hands from my bloody nose. Kevin looked up to me, and his eyes widened at the sight in front of him. 
     “You look beautiful.” He joked before quickly returning to search through the cabinet. Once he had found what he wanted he stood back up and quickly went to work on my nose. 
     “There, all better.” He said stepping back to take a better look at me. “Or at least until we get to the hospital.”
     "I can’t believe you broke my nose.” I said staring back at him. 
     “Hey, that’s not fair! You were the one standing in front of the door! What the hell were-” his quick defense was cut off as I begin to giggle uncontrollably. 
     I couldn’t keep it in. Of all of the ways for tonight to go, this one never even occurred to me. Kevin stared at me, clueless as to why I was laughing my ass off.
     “It’s not you’re fault.” I reassured him after I had regained my composure, taking his hands and pulling him between my legs. 
     “You are so weird.” He said kissing my forehead, careful not to touch my nose. 
     “This is not at all how I had planned for tonight to go.” 
     “I was going to ask you about that.” He said, his eyes revealing a sense of curiosity. “The nice meal, the fancy music, the beautiful dress-” he said looking down at my white (and red) dress “I thought Tuesday was Japanese take out.” 
     “I had this whole thing planned out,” I said rolling my eyes. “I was planning on telling you over take out but somehow Ana convinced me I had to make it special. 
     “Tell me what?” Kevin asked, eyebrows narrowing. 
      I froze realizing my slip up. 
     “Tell you that…” I began trying to find a way to get myself out of the situation. 
     “Spill it babe.” 
     Looking down at his hands that rested on my thighs, I picked up his right hand in mine and gently placed it on my stomach. After a moment I looked back up to meet his eyes that were now filled with a million different emotions. 
     “Tell you that I’m pregnant.” I whispered. 
     For a moment we said nothing, we sat together in comfortable silence, our bodies close to each other as his warm hand rested gently on my stomach. 
     Suddenly I noticed a single tear fall from Kevin’s eye. He was always the strong one. He rarely showed his emotions and it took a lot to get him to cry. In our 4 years together I had only witnessed him crying 3 or 4 times. 
     “I love you so much. And I love our baby more than anything in the world. Thank you so much.” He said taking his hands and cupping my face, resting his forehead on mine. “And I promise never to break your nose again.” 

I really, really like this one… I hope you do too! 

#70 You find a love letter he wrote to you

This is different than my normal type of preferences but, in my opinion, it’s a good type of different so I really hope you enjoy.

Louis: It was a cold winter night, Louis was on tour and you were left alone. Quickly, you hopped out of bed, moving to one of Louis’ drawers to find one of his over-sized sweaters to shield you from the harsh air. Instead of finding one of his sweaters, you found a faded envelope placed neatly on top. Of course, you decided that you had to open it because who keeps unopened letters in their dresser? The letter read:

Dear Y/n,

If you’re reading this, it means that I’m on tour and you decided to snoop around in my dresser drawers. Naughty girl. Luckily, I was prepared for this to happen and I’ve been planning to give you something for a while but I’m too much of a pussy to give it to you myself so I decided to let you find it on your own. I figured that you’d snoop around while I’m gone so if you dig a little deeper through my drawer, you’ll find what I’m talking about. You mean the world to me, y/n, and I know that I’m not very good at showing it but I need you to know just how much I truly love you. I know, I’m shit at cooking, I don’t clean up after myself and I complain a lot about stupid shit but you are the sweetest person I could ever ask for and you’re everything that I want. I might not be the best person but you make me want to be a better person for you. You better call me after you find it because I want to know your thoughts. I love you baby and I always will.

- Louis

Your heart was pound as you finished the note, pushing it aside to scavenge through the rest of his drawer. Your jaw dropped when you pulled out a small, rectangular box, opening it to reveal a beautiful, golden necklace. You reached for your phone, completely forgetting the fact that you wanted a sweater as you dialed Louis number. In that moment, nothing besides you and Louis seemed to matter to either of you.

Liam: You woke up one morning, not even bothering to change out of your pajamas or fix your bed head as you stumbled down the stairs. You weren’t expecting anyone to stop by and you didn’t plan on going out so why bother getting ready? You jumped when the doorbell rang an hour later and you were still as you just woke up. There was a delivery man, holding a giant bouquet of lilies. You quickly signed and placed the lilies in a vase on the counter, pausing for a moment to smell them. A note was poking out of the middle of the flowers and you yanked it out, a small smile on your lips as you ripped it open.

My Y/n,

Would you believe that this is the first letter I’ve ever written? Well you should feel special because that means that my first letter is to you and you also shouldn’t have any high expectations for it. Anyways, Tour is going great so fair and I’ve gotten you something from every country that we’ve been to, which means that I have almost a suitcase full of things for you. Last night, I was in paris and I couldn’t sleep that night so I went walking around and I stumbled upon a garden. I don’t know if it’s strange or not but I kept thinking about you and, if you were there with me, you would’ve been picking the flowers, disregarding the fact that they’re in a garden, because they were so beautiful. That’s when I realized it, y/n. I’m thousands of miles away from you but you’re still the main thing on my mind. I need you here with me, babe, so that’s why I decided to fly you out here with me. You better pack your bags because I can’t wait any longer. I love and miss you, babe.

From, Liam 

Just like he said, the tickets were in the bottom of the enevelope. You bit your lip to contain your smile. You have a flight ticket to Paris for 5 pm, which meant, you had to actually get dressed but that was perfectly fine because you’d be reunited with Liam once again and you couldn’t wait.

Niall: The final bell rang and you let out a sigh of relief. The hall was crowded but, somehow, you had managed to push your way to your locker. You opened your locker and a folded piece of paper glided to the floor. You were completely confused, you didn’t have a boyfriend, so that was out. You unfolded the paper and began to read it.

Dear Y/n,

I hope you remember me. This note is from Niall, as in the Niall that used to be your best friend growing up. I’m pretty sure the last time we spoke we were freshman at the homecoming game but now we’re seniors and I miss you, my best friend. I wanted to know why we grew apart, y/n? We used to be so close, practically inseparable, what changed? Normally I would say this to you in person but, I know that if I try to, I’ll end up forgetting everything that I want to say and nothing will make sense. It's much easier on paper because I won’t have to know your reaction, either your talk to me or you don’t. I understand if this is strange but I just thought that this would be the easiest way. Also, I’d love to be your date to prom, that is if you don’t already have one. Just, please tell me yes or no.

- Niall “Your Best Friend" Horan  

You were shocked that he didn’t know why you stopped talking to him. His friends kept making rude comments towards you and, when you brought it up to him, he completely brushed you off. You decided that you couldn’t be friends with him when his other friends were assholes. You couldn’t help but feel your heart melt practically that he took the time to write this for you and that had to be a good sign. As soon as you got home you ran inside, scribbling on to a sticky note before you ran over to Niall’s front door, leaving a neon yellow note with a yes written on it.

Zayn: It was moving day and you husband of 5 years was helping you pack up everything in the basement. You had just recently gotten pregnant and both Zayn and you decided that the home you currently have, would not be able to contain 3 kids and 2 dogs. ”Zayn,“ You said, finding a crumpled up letter in the bottom of one of Zayn old boxes. "What’s this?” You instinctively flattened out the letter, trying to rid the paper of the majority ofits wrinkles. Zayn was by your side in seconds, automatically assuming that something was wrong due to his worrying, protective nature. “Wow,” His eyes scanned over the letter and he could remember every detail from when he wrote it; what it said, how he was feeling, and, more importantly, why he wrote it. “This was when we were just friends, years before I got the courage to ask you to be my girlfriend, but thought that I could do it back then. I swear, I’d probably only known you for a month when I wrote that… It’s trash, Y/n. Don’t let it bother you at all.” As soon as he walked away, you leaned against the wall, wanting to know if he had felt the same as you so many years ago.


I know, I’m no poet or anything but I need to get this out. I need you to know that when I’m around you, I get this strange feeling that I can’t really describe but the only thing that’s comes close to it is right. I feel right when I with you. I don’t have to hide who I am or certain things about me. I can just be me. I’ve never felt this way before so I’m not quite sure if this is love because it isn’t how those romance movies portray it as. You’re different, y/n, and, if you’d let me, I’d love to take you out to dinner or lunch or even breakfast if you want but I think that if you give us a shot at being a couple, nothing could ever stop us. 

Your friend, Zayn

“Zayn!” You immediately called out, needing answers. “Why didn’t you give this to me?” He quickly blushed, realizing that you read it even though he told you to throw it away. “I-ah-I was standing outside your front door that night but I couldn’t do it. I thought that there was a huge chance that you would read the note and laugh and I couldn’t risk that. I couldn’t risk losing you when you weren’t even mine yet.” “Zayn, If you let me read this, I probably would have married you right then. This is the sweetest thing I have ever read and I feel honored to know that you felt these things when we had only just met.” You paused to wrap your arms around his torso, attempting to pull him in to a hug but your 6th month baby bump was in the way. “I’m so glad that you’re mine,Zayn…

Harry: The light peaked through the window, shining directly into your eyes and causing you to stir awake. Normally, you would have been annoyed for being awoken so early but today was completely different. Today you were going to become Mrs. Y/n Styles and you couldn’t be more excited. The only downside was that Harry wanted to abide by tradition and not see the bride, you, 24 hour before the wedding. As you stretched out on to the pillow next to you, you felt a paper crinkle beneath your arm. Curiously you reached over and grabbed, smiling when you saw your name written on it in Harry’s handwriting.

Mrs. Soon-to-be Styles,

I want you to know that this idea of not seeing you 24 hours before the wedding will be the death of me. Whoever made this tradition must had been a fool and probably didn’t really want to get married because he was avoiding his bride (which is the exact opposite of what I want to be doing right now but tradition is tradition). Anyways, I hope you’re thinking of me because I cannot think of anything but you; what your dress will look like (though I know that you will look beautiful in anything), our first dance as husband and wife, but most importantly I can’t stop thinking about my vows to you. I want them to be perfect and I’ve been planning them out since the day you said yes. I’m still trying to get them perfect because that’s what I want today to be but, I know, it will be perfect no matter what happens, as long as you become my wife. I love you so much y/n and I can’t wait to spent the rest of my life with you, the love of my life.

Yours forever, Harry

You were practically sobbing by the time that you finished reading the note. You had no idea that Harry felt so strongly towards you, of course you knew that he loved you more than anyone else, but this made your heart skip a beat and created butterflies in your stomach. This was the right decision, and you couldn’t wait to finally kiss your groom and show off your love in front of everyone.

[TRANS 141122] CanCam January 2015 – “What's Up B.A.P―!? The other side of B.A.P that no one yet knows!”

2012 Korean debut. In 2013, their Japanese debut with “Warrior”! Having strong individualistic sounds and powerful live performances is their charm; a 6-member group that’s popular in London, Paris, LA, NY and other places too. Their member’s daily fashion shown on tour and such are stylish and has a high standard score ♡ 

Born on 1994, January 24. 178cm. A main vocal with a mellow voice as his charm. With the same-aged Daehyun, they’re nicknamed “Daejae” and loved by fans.

“I want to sweetly invite her to a date like “let’s play~♥” and go for a drive!” - Youngjae


Q1. The one with the highest tension after lives?
YJ: Probably Yongguk-san? It’s a surprise right (laughs)! He doesn’t speak that much usually, but he’s really noisy after a live!
DH: I think it’s Youngjae? He really talks a lot!
JU: I think so too…!
YJ: Eh!? Is that so (laughs).


Q2. The member who talks the most when moving between schedules?
YJ: Mainly… Himchan-san (laughs)! He gets excited with Daehyun, and then including me, the noise just grows.
DH: To the point that no one can stop us!
YJ: Although Jongup can sleep deeply through those sorts of situations (laughs).

Q3. The one with the worst sleeping habits?
YJ: Himchan-san talks a lot when he’s awake, but he also talks when he’s asleep (laughs)! Recently, I slept with Yongguk-san in his room, and from the next room, I heard the presumably-asleep Himchan-san sleep talking… That’s noise disturbance!

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Representation Matters: Working in the French Banlieues

When I first applied to teach abroad, there was a section of the application that asked if I was willing to work in a Zone Urbaine Sensible (ZUS). Sensitive Urban Zone is just a fancy term for po’ & run down. A ZUS typically has a high percentage of public housing, high rates of unemployment, and very low percentages of high school degrees. In the United States we tend to refer to these places as the inner-city, but in Paris most of these neighborhoods are found in les banlieues just outside of the city. 

So knowing all of this before applying, I reluctantly marked a check in the square box. Why on earth would I agree to this, you ask? A couple reasons. The main reason being I was desperate to get into the program and thought that since many people would say no, this might help my chances. The second reason is because I wanted to have students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I grew up in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and I am just in general used to that type of environment. But I didn’t imagine how much I would enjoy the experience. 

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The Doppleganger: Chapter 1

“Breaking Down Walls”


Adrien is Chat Noir.  Chat Noir is Adrien.  Just as Marinette is starting to accept this fact, and see the two as one, someone new appears on the scene.  Someone who looks, sounds, and acts like Ladybug.  But she’s not.  Can Marinette convince Adrien this new girl isn’t his Lady, without revealing who she is?  Can their friendship survive Adrien’s determination to find Ladybug, and Marinette’s jealousy?

Tags: Angst (so much angst coming), some swearing.

(For the most part I’m keeping this PG13, if we consider that most 13 year olds swear, cause besides ripping all our hearts to shreds eventually, thats the worst it might get.  I’ll keep it tasteful.  Any suggested tags?  I’m not really sure what to fill the warning section with!)

SO.  This is my first fanfic.  I do not consider myself a writer, but my head buzzes with so many story ideas that sometimes it’s hard to fight the urge to create it in some way.  Usually, this comes in the format of comics, but I’m kinda not feeling the art-thing right now, and this one was buzzing insistently.  Plus, I wasn’t sure someone else could do it the way I want it done, and that’s an unfair expectation to hold.  So here it is.  Hopefully I can keep my motivation up.

Chapter: [1:you are here] | [2] | [3] | [4] | [5] [6] [7] [8] [Epilogue]


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poeedamerons  asked:

Do you guys know any sterek Anastasia au? I was bored today and watched the movie and I thought that would be a pretty awesome sterek au (let's be real, sterek works in every possible au in life). I know Anastasia is not Disney, but since I am here I would love some Disney Princess Sterek au too ;) thank you! By the way, you girls do the lords work here.

@poeedamerons!!!! Fun fact. I got my name cause my dad read about the og Anastasia and liked the name. So this is MY movie. We rewatched it recently too and I tried to convince my daughter it was my biography. She was skeptical. So rude. - Anastasia (also the name of one of Cinderella’s evil stepsisters)

Originally posted by gif-database

This fanart and tumblr au.

Moar fanart!

Life is a Road by darthjamtart

(2/2 I 3,681 I Teen I Sterek)

The Anastasia AU. Derek is Anastasia. Nobody sings.


“Right,” Stiles says. “I think we should go with head injury.”

Far Away, Long Ago by Morgana_Ehran

(2/? I  6,182 I Teen I Sterek, Scisaac, Peter/Lydia)

“The Prince? Derek as the Prince?” Isaac laughed loudly. “You clearly don’t know this guy. He has no manners! He never says hello! Or please, or thank you! He’s rude to everyone. He eats from a pan. He moves like an ape and growls at everything.”

“Isaac,” Derek hissed.

“The reward is a million pounds,” Stiles said.


(aka Anastasia!au nobody asked for. No one sings and everything is kind of bleaker.)

Once Upon a December by M_Leigh  

(1/1 I 16,578 I General I Sterek)

“Scott would not have thought, years ago in the orphanage, that being befriended by Stiles would ultimately mean sneaking into the Archduke of Russia’s residence in Paris in order for Stiles to chase after the homeless man of his dreams, but he’s gotten very good, over the years, at rolling with the punches.”

Once Upon a December by Lorelai3

(11/11 I 20,983 I General I Sterek, Scira, Ethan/Danny)

There was a time when the Hale family ruled over the country of Pleinelune. And a young Prince Derek celebrates the new year with his family, but their happiness will soon be shattered. When revolution sparks will he and his Grandmamma make it safely to Beacon Hills?

Here’s some Disney Princess AUs as well!

tie your napkin ‘round your neck, cherie by magneticwave

(1/1 I 250 I Not Rated I Sterek, Jydia, Scisaac I Beauty and the Beast AU)

Stiles has been a teapot for 3,308 days. // Scott skids into the door breathlessly and shouts, “THERE’S A GIRL IN THE CASTLE,” and promptly brains himself on one of the casserole dishes.

Love like waves by cofie, HaleHole (SweetFanfics) 

(3/? I 5,794 I General I Sterek I The Little Mermaid AU)

The last thing Derek expects during the Argent’s Halloween party is finding a secret room that has a merman in it. But he figures it’s all part of the party and helps the ‘merman’ free.

Until he realizes that wasn’t part of the party.

Uh. Oops?

wish i could be part of your world by crossroadswrite

(1/1 I  10,148 I Teen I Sterek I Little Mermaid AU)

“Do they really, really, really have mermaids?” Katie gushes, clutching at her dad’s hair from her place on his shoulders and tugging with excitement.

“Merfolk,” Derek corrects distractedly, reading over the little brochure they gave them at the entrance.

Don’t feed the wildlife.
Don’t tap on the glass.
Don’t throw anything in the water.
Don’t engage with the merfolk, only do so when a member of the staff is present as to not incite conflict with our guests.

Derek wonders what it’ll be like, seeing merfolk for the first time. They’re such an interesting culture with so little of its history discovered.

He wonders-

Have Courage, Be Kind… and Get Revenge by rosepetals42

(1/1 I 10,633 I Teen I Sterek I CInderella AU)

“I am going to that ball,” he announces. This is perfect. This is the greatest thing to ever happen to him.

“What?” Scott says. “Wait, really?”

“Obviously!” Stiles replies. He can totally do this. He just needs some clothes that aren’t… basically rags. Pockets! He’ll need lots of pockets. And-

“This is awesome!” Scott interrupts his thought process. “I think you could totally win over the prince if you wanted! You’re like the most handsome guy I know!”

“Agreed,” Stiles says. Then Scott’s words actually catch up with him. “Wait, no. I’m not going for the prince. Why would I care about the prince?”

Fools Off Their Guard Can Fall and Fall Hard by bleep0bleep 

(12/13 I  19,951 I Teen I Sterek I Aladdin AU)

Stiles shakes his head, walking past yet another mound of treasure, this time in the form of gold statues, glimmering softly in the recesses of the cave. Yesterday he was just another street rat living in the kingdom, and since then he’d met the prince, been sentenced to death, escaped into the desert with a strange hag with a magical necklace, and walked into the mouth of a talking wolf that had risen out of the sand.

Now he was in the belly of the beast, walking around in a labyrinth of treasure, looking for some godforsaken lamp.


Jungle love

Dear Maya
The credits have rolled and the votes are in - our favorite girl was undoubtedly the darling of the NYFF!
Even though it’s sometimes a jungle out there she reigned as queen and how perfect it was to see her handsome man there too! I loved hearing him talk about Lost City of Z & having been to the Amazon myself, let me assure you - it CAN be beastly but this is one story I can’t wait to see! Speaking of beasts………… I watched Beauty and the Beast 3 times in less than 48 hours with the Princess this weekend. Who knew a “not quite two year old” could be so enamoured with one movie??
While I was watching dancing forks my friend Helen got to see not only all of our favorite girl’s new films but her handsome man’s too! Best of all she got to speak to him and when she told him she liked his hat he gave her a little smirk and she took a great photo. I was a wee bit jealous but so excited for her!

Next weekend I hope I can talk the Princess into another movie. I tried to get her to watch Lion King & told her Simba was a friendly beast too but she would have none of that.
(Always thought Hakuna Matata was a catchy tune - kind of the PG version of “I don’t give a fuck”)

K: you’re all over Twitter dude

R: and you would know this how?

K: a little squirrel told me

R: oh for fuck’s sake you’re not going to let me live that down are you?

K: are you kidding? LMAO. Love me some jungle squirrel

R: I know you like a little scruff but you hated that beard

K: it was a bit much. More like a lion than a squirrel

R: you do bring out the beast in me

K: mmmmmm I love making you roar

R: you made the crowds roar this weekend honey. They couldn’t get enough. I was so proud of you

K: no more proud than I was of you! I love seeing you on the big screen dude. Especially when you look so jungleISH

R: I told you people wouldn’t recognize me and that’s not a real word

K: do you like “squirrely” better? :)

R: are you teasing the king of the jungle?

K: does the king of the jungle want to be teased?

R: you know one of my favorite quotes is from Rudyard Kipling?

K: The Jungle Book? what does this have to do with teasing?

R: “a brave heart and a courteous tongue. They shall carry thee far through the jungle”

K: …………………………and?

R: and………….you like being teased by that courteous tongue. In the jungle.

K: O M G

R: that’s it?

K: I’m speechless

R: I’m waiting

K. ok….um ……you do have a courteous tongue……….so…..very…. courteous…….just OMG ….so. very, fucking. courteous. Better?

R: king of the jungle right? Not a fucking squirrel.

K: LMAO. yeah OK. You’re my beast

R: you’re the Beauty to my Beast

K: omg I’m hiding that fucking movie. I know it’s so damn cute to hear a toddler say BONJOUR but I am gonna fucking scream if I have to see it again. And don’t say Snow White either. No Hi and no fucking HO

R: Sleeping Beauty? Cinderella? We’ve already bought all that Princess shit for Halloween

K: I know even though I was thinking maybe little squirrels would be so cute

R: UGH. Enough! What am I going to do with you?????

K: I dunno but maybe your courteous tongue could think something up

R: I’ll show you something up

K; ooooooooooh I love your standing ovation

R: oh yeah? Well I love your encores

K: well your HIGHNESS, since we’re here in the wilderness of NYC without kids - there will be no intermissions. The lion does not sleep tonight in this jungle!

R: that deserves a bow my queen but have I told you lately that I love you?

K: yeah my squirrely beast but I love you more

So sweet Maya

October is officially half way over but what an amazing month it has already been! Another magazine cover and now another night shoot in Paris!
That’s no trick - just another delightful treat coming our way. It’s going to be OK.

Lessons in humanity, chapter 1

Lecture: how not to become an asshole

So you made it. You are in medschool. All that hard-work and time sacrificed, all that sweat and blood, all that frickin money. 

You did it. 

Now….medschool is a tough place to be in. Here are some of mine tips of how not to become an asshole in this harsh environment and how to basically keep your humanity. But still trying to keep it real. 

1. Competitive but not murderous 
A healthy dose of competitiveness is a normal part of growing up. Some people are more competitive than others. Some are not competitive at all (me). Whatever flies your kite. But there is one special type of a person who actually wanna make your miserable, who reminds you of their good grades and results every chance they get. Plus usually they don´t care about other people and/or are intentionally (sometimes) tend to bring them down.

Do not be that person. Being exceptional in one thing doesn´t mean you will be special in everything. Some of us are great in tests and some of us are great in OR and some of us have to work their butts off to be half as good as the rest. Be fracking supportive of your future collegues and if you are good and they are struggling, offer your help. 

2. Sharing is caring but…
This doesn´t belong to the “asshole” pile, more like “beware of this asshole” but I felt like I should mention it.
There will always be people who will take you for granted and who will try to be nice to you just to to get something. 

Let me give you an example -  you work hard on your notes, you attend classes, you spend your evening working on your presentations and suddenly here comes this “nice” classmate who asks you to borrow your notes. Now if it happens once becuause they were sick or because of something real, it´s cool, be a sport and help them out. If it happens again and again over the years and you know they don´t attend classes and over the years of clinical training they still suck because they just don´t care at all, and they talk to you only or mostly when they need something, well fuck them. You are not their assistent. You are not their personal typewriter and that person is definetely not your friend.

3. Don´t ask about the meaning of the universe when there is 5 minutes of class left

YOu wanna start a debate about the controversy of vaccines or you wanna ask about the statistics of a child abuse or you wanna ask about the embryonic evolution of an elephant. Well be my guest. But in a class you are taking over the time that was left for you, or for the teacher but also for EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the class. Don´t be that person.

Also from my experience these questions are rarely questions you need to get answered, more like the person asking them is trying to show the professor and the whole class how smart he is. While not realizing the only feeling everyone feels towards  him in that moment is actually an annoyance.

4. Everyone has opinions. 
But not everyone has to know yours.

I have more than few deeply orthodox christians in my class. They don´t support  abortions, contraception, sexed, condoms, any safe sex methods and homosexuality and many many more. 
Let me just say that I think everyone is free to think whatever they want unless it starts influencing other people and in that case I am suddenly becoming my alterego called The Mama Bear. 

Let me give you another example. Few years ago our state passed this law freely translated as “Exceptions in faith” which says that if a doc doesn´t wanna give a woman an abortion/contraception/sexed etc he is free to do so because he has his faith that says it would be a sin or whatever.  
What the fuck. Well some people took this as an permission to bully everyone who doesn´t share these opinions.
So if you wanna spend your days arguing about these issues with people, there are many sites, forums, freacking tumblr where you can do so. Not in class. And definitely not with a patient. 

5, Girls  who judge girls
Dear ladies, if your classmate wanna wear heels and skirts and painted nails and perfect hair and make up every morning let her be. Girl on girl hate because of our looks have been going on for too fracking long and you know why we hate each other and compare each other? because we think
That woman will get noticed
That woman will get more attention and more procedures
That woman spends all this time putting shit on her face instead of studying like me
That woman is a slut

What the hell ladies! Stop that RIGHT NOW.
Instead think:
Oh wow look at her how nice she looks
Hi there darling you look super cute today! Can you show me how to do my eyebrows like that?
Look she got picked for this procedure! I bet it´s because she has been working really freacking hard lately and they noticed! Good for her! 

You get it right? 

6. Boys who judge girls
Don´t . 

7. Paris Hilton vs. Me
There are two types of people in medschool:

Those who sold their souls to the devil and/or sacrificed a virgin to pay for the school and rich kids. 

You will make friends with both. They will go on super exciting trips around the world why you sit in your room reading books. You will see their pics on instagram wondering when will my time come? You might become jealous and bitter. It´s not nice. Or healthy.

They won´t know how it feels, the crippling fear of dept or the fact that you rather wait till you get home to eat ramen AGAIN instead of over-priced city food. These relationships are not easy but they are manageable. Sometimes.

If you are the other sort and you really care about your poor friend and you wanna ask them for night out or something, think simple! Movie? Maybe if it´s a cheap cinema. All you can eat buffet? Sure. 
That five stars restaurant on the corner of a….NO. NOpe. If the evening requires your friend to change into fancy shoes than the answer is NO. This is not the way to go, you will make them super uncomfy. 

8.Know your limits and listen to your friends
Medical school is a marathon, not sprint. You will have bad days, awful days and I am gonna kill myself fuck this shit I am worthless days. 
You will make everyone around you miserable. 
This is a time to take a break. If your friend tells you that you look/sound tired - take it as a sign that maybe this weekend you should sleep in, don´t go to the library, don´t revise.
Go out, get drunk, see friends, binge watch that show you wanted to see forever, read trashy magazines, take a long bath, light a candle, read a book, take it easy.

Nobody else will take care of you but you. 
The physical, emotional, spiritual and intelectual needs are to be taken seriously or you will become, well, a monster.

Ok kiddos that´s it for tonight. Stay fresh. 

#3 Your First Kiss

External image

Harry Styles

“Hey babe… What’s in the bag?” He asked, as he let you inside his flat. “I brought ice-cream and Nutella… Just in case” You said, as he grinned at you, closing the front door. “Brilliant… Okay, so we have the whole afternoon to ourselves, until Louis comes home later this evening” He said, as you sat on the sofa, seeing biscuits and sweets laid out in bowls on the coffee table. “Sounds perfect… Plenty of time to be together” You said, as Harry came and sat down next to you, your knees touching.

“How was work this morning?” Harry asked, as you shrugged. “It was alright… The kids we really hectic and chaotic today, full of energy” You sighed, as he chuckled softly. “Tired then?” He asked, as you nodded, resting your head on his shoulder. “We’re not doing much today, just movies. If you fall asleep, you fall asleep” He said, as you giggled and looked up at him. “What movies have you got for us to watch?” You asked, as he leant forward and picked up 3 films. “I have 21 Jump Street, The Conjuring, and American Pie” He said as you grinned.

“So, what film first?” Harry asked, as he stood up, adjusting his gym shorts on his hips. “Uhm, The Conjuring… I haven’t seen that yet” You said, as he knelt down by the DVD player, the DVD case in his hand. “Okay… Oh, I never offered you a drink” He said, as you giggled softly. “Go help yourself… You know where everything is. I’ve got coke, lemonade, coffee, tea” He said, as you stood up, and walked into the kitchen. “Do you want anything?” You asked, as he turned his head to look at you. “I’ll just have a tea, babe. I’m getting a little cold” He said, as he walked over to you, and pulled you to his chest.

You flicked the kettle on, and turned around in his arms, noses touching. “Your eyes are so beautiful” He whispered, as he looked straight into your eyes. “Your eyes are so… Green” You giggled, as he rolled his eyes. Both of you stared into one another’s eyes, slowly leaning towards one another. Your lips connected after an agonisingly long wait, his hands rising up your sides. His arms wrapped around you, your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you 

“Oh, for goodness sake! Stop making out in the kitchen! I eat in here!” You heard Louis exclaim, causing you both to pull away from each other. “What the hell are you doing home so early?” Harry asked, as Louis sat on the breakfast bar, his legs swinging out. “Eleanor felt ill, so I took her home and then came back here” Louis said, as he scrolled through his phone. A giggle escaped your lips, as you looked up to Harry who looked annoyed. You smiled, and leaned up, placing a kiss to his cheek, before turning around and going back to making your tea, adding a third cup for Louis.

- - - - -

External image

Louis Tomlinson

“And we have arrived in Disneyland, Paris!” Your boyfriend, Louis said, as he looked outside of the window of the Eurostar. “Wow… It’s so beautiful at night” You said, as you rested your chin on his shoulder. “I think this will be the best holiday we are going to have together” He said, as you nodded, waiting patiently for the train to stop at the platform. “I believe we’ve arrived just before the fireworks” He said, a nod coming from you. “That’s the best part!” You squealed, packing away your kindle and your phone into your bag. “Remind me to ring my mum when we get to the room… You know how much of a worryguts she is” You giggled, as he nodded, watching the train reach its stop with an abrupt halt. “Come on, come on! Get up! Let’s get going!” Louis said, excitedly as he stood up, following you off the train. “Oooh, I am so excited, babe! This is gonna be so much fun!” He said, as you went to grab your suitcases.

“From what I’ve read here, the Disney hotel should be around the corner” You said, as you and Louis walked side by side down the path. “It’s a shame the boys couldn’t come… Not that I’m complaining. I do love spending time with you, Tommo” You said, as he smiled brightly. “I don’t care about the boys right now… I care about us, and our time together. Just me and you” He said, as he wrapped an arm around your shoulder. “Oh, look! There’s the hotel” You said, pointing to a cream building with the Disney characters printed around.

“Hello, we have a room booked under Tomlinson” Louis said, as the receptionist scrolled through her computer, the sound of a mouse clicking from her desk. “Ah, Mr Tomlinson. How lovely to meet you. We have your room down the hall. Number 34. Down the corridor, and turn left” The receptionist said, as he took the key from her hand. “Thank you” He said, as he laced your hands with yours. “So, I was thinking we could go see the fireworks, then head off somewhere to find some food. I’m a little hungry” He said, as he slotted the key into the door, kicking it open with his foot. “Oh, wow… A double bed! Looks like we are sharing” He said, as you shut the door behind you, pushing the handle of your suitcase down. “Great… I’m sharing with an arsehole” You joked, as he nudged you playfully. “That was mean! I’m no arsehole” He pouted, as you poked his cheek softly. “Say, let’s unpack later. I want to see the fireworks” He said, as you looked towards your suitcase. “Sounds like a plan” You said, as he grabbed the key from the side, sliding it into his wallet.

“Oh, the Disney castle is so pretty. I’d love to get married there…” You sighed, as Louis smiled down at you. “Oh really now? I’ll be sure to tell the dude who owns this place, you may marry here then” He said, as you felt his arms wrap around your shoulders. You looked up to the dark night sky, as the castle lit up pink, knowing that the firework display was soon to happen. When the first bang erupted through the sky, the atmosphere began to light up. “It’s beautiful…” You said, looking up at Louis, who was watching you, a smile on his face. “Not as beautiful as you” He whispered, as you blushed and hugged him tightly, your cheek pressed against his chest. When you looked back up at him, his lips quickly ducked down and captured yours, eyes closing in passion and pleasure. Your lips moved in sync, as the fireworks went off behind you. “What a first kiss” Louis whispered, a blush creeping on your cheeks. “I love you…” He said, as you grinned widely. “I love you too” You replied, leaning up and placing a small peck on his lips.

- - - - -

Liam Payne

Liam, your best friend and your current roommate, had only recently come home from the Take Me Home tour, spending his first day home sleeping. He’d slept all day sleeping, only waking up in the evening with an empty feeling in his stomach. He’d decided on shuffling into the kitchen, seeing you sat on the ground with a paintbrush in your hand, the walls having a shine to it where the wet paint sat.

“Morning… Or should I say evening?” You asked, giggling as he laughed fakely. “Shut up, you. You’d sleep all day if you just recently come home from a world tour” He said, getting a bottle of water from the fridge, and unscrewing the lid. You turned around from your position on the floor, looking up at Liam. His figure standing there, swigging his water, basketball shorts adorning his hips. “Have you been working out, Payno?” You asked, dipping the paintbrush in the can of paint. “Maybe… Why? Do you like what you see, missy?” He asked, as he sat on the floor beside you, grabbing a paintbrush from the box behind you.

“So, how was life here?” He asked, as he carefully dipped the paint into the can. “It was so boring… Although it was amazing to finally wake up to silence, instead of your dubstep music playing loud, or clanging in the kitchen” You said, as he nudged you playfully. “Any guys on the scene? No one came over to see you?” He asked, as you shook your head, painting a strip on the wall. “No guys at all… And all my friends were busy with university work, or family needs to attend too” You said, as he sighed. “Look, we’re best friends…” He started, as you placed the brush down on the tray, bracing yourself for what he was about to say. “But, we don’t know a lot of personal stuff about one another… I thought best friends knew everything!” He said, as you looked at him. “Hmm… Okay, what do you want to know?” You asked, grabbing his water bottle and taking a sip from it.

“Who was your first kiss?” He asked, as you coughed, hand covering your mouth, in shock, water dripping from your palm. “Oh, uhm… I never thought this was coming up” You said, as he rubbed your back, a cough escaping your lips. “Was it too personal?” He asked, as you shook your head. “No, no… It’s just; I’ve never had my first kiss. I want it to be with someone special” You said, twiddling your fingers and staring at your lap. “You haven’t?” He asked, as he moved the paint away from between the two of you. “No… Like I said, I want it with someone special. All the guys I’ve been with have been jerks towards everyone” You said, as you looked up at Liam, his face closer than you thought. You gasped lightly, a smile spreading on his lips. “Kiss me…” He whispered, as you gave him a confused look. “I like you, okay? A lot” He said, as you grinned and wrapped your arms around his neck, your lips crashing together, as he fell back, with you on top of him.

You blushed a bright pink colour, and rolled off of him, embarrassed. “I am so so-“ You started, before he cut you off. “No, don’t be sorry… I liked it” He said, as his hand found yours. “I really like you, and I’m only hoping you feel the same way?” He asked, as you nodded, a smile on your lips as you tilted your head to look at him. “Then, be my girlfriend?” He asked, as he turned her face, your noses touching. “I would be honoured too…” You whispered, squeezing his hand and smiling widely at him.

- - - - -

Niall Horan

You woke up, on your birthday, to an empty feeling in your heart. Something you didn’t want to feel on your 20th birthday. You checked your phone, to see text messages from the boys and their girlfriends, yet none from your 4 month boyfriend, Niall. As you got up from your bed, you walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl. As you sat at the breakfast bar, the doorbell rang, causing you to run to the door, a hopeful feeling in your gut.

“Hello, my lovely best friend! Happy birthday!” Sophia said, as she ran straight into your arms. “Thanks Soph… How come you’re here so early? Not that I don’t want you here” You said, as she followed you through to the kitchen. “I’m taking you out… My treat” She said, as you smiled, looking at your hands. “Thanks, but I don’t feel like it today” You said, as she placed her hands on her hips. “Oh and why is that?” She asked, as you pouted softly, looking up at her. “I haven’t had a birthday text from Niall… Do you think he’s forgotten?” You asked, as she shrugged. “I have no idea, love… Maybe he’s still asleep” She said, as you groaned loudly, a smirk on her face. “Fine, I’ll come out. Just, let me go and change” You said, chucking your apple core in the bin.

Sophia treated you to a lovely meal at your favourite restaurant, and a movie that afternoon, keeping you occupied for the day. As it neared mid-afternoon, early evening, you started to make your way back to the car, McFlurrys in your hands. “Thank you for today, Soph… It was a lovely birthday treat” You said, as she grinned and pulled you in for a hug. “Anything for you, my love. What does it feel like being 20?” She asked as you shrugged. “Same as when I was 19” You said, as she giggled and opened her car door. You both got inside, and she started the car up to go back to yours.

As you approached your house, you saw cars everywhere outside, noticing Niall’s black range rover on the opposite side of the road. “What the hell is going on?” You asked, confused as you got out the car, and walked up the front pathway. “Sophia… What is going on?” You asked, as she followed you up the front path. “Open the door, and you’ll find out” She said, excitedly, watching as you placed the key in the lock, and opened the door. Party poppers and streamers covered your view, and a huge ‘SURPRISE’ came from in front of you. “Woah… Who’s idea was this?” You grinned, as Niall stepped between your family members, a smile evident on his face. “That would be me… Do you like it?” He asked, as you hugged him tightly. “Thank you… Thank you so much!” You grinned, as you kissed his cheek. “I deserve a little more, eh?” He asked, as he pointed to his cheek. “A little longer kiss” He grinned, as you went to press your lips to his cheek.

When he saw you nearing his cheek, he turned his face, your lips connecting with Niall’s. Cat calls and whistles were heard behind you, as you and Niall kissed in the middle of the dance floor. You pulled away from him, breathless and smiling. “Wow… A lovely birthday present, from a lovely boyfriend” You giggled, as he wrapped an arm around you. “Go and enjoy your party, my love… Happy birthday” He said, pecking your lips and letting you go, watching as you wandered over to Eleanor, Perrie and Sophia, where you all started squealing about your first kiss.

- - - - -

External image

Zayn Malik

“Hello there, my lovely best friend! Do come with me, I have a lovely surprise waiting for you” Zayn said, as you opened the front door to him, dressed in blue jeans, and a white t-shirt with a red and black chequered shirt over the top. “And where might this surprise be?” You asked, slipping your Vans shoes on, and grabbing your bag, following Zayn out the front door. “It’s a surprise. In a surprise place! No details, just wait” Zayn said, as you got into the front seat of his car, closing the door behind you.

“Z, you know I hate surprises, mister!” You said, as he sat in the drivers. “I think you’ll like this place” He said, as he backed out of the driveway. “It better not be anything weird or scary… And awkward, Zayn” You said, as he looked at you. “It’s not… We’re just best friends, hanging out” He said, as you gave him a look. “On Valentine’s Day. Rumours are sure to go around” You said, staring out the window. “Who cares…? We know they aren’t true” He said, as you sighed heavily, watching as he turned onto the driveway. “I guess…” You mumbled, watching the blur of the trees go by.

“Why are we at an ice-cream place, Zayn?” You asked, as he parked the car outside the brightly lit shop. “I know you love ice-cream… And this place does the best ice-cream in town. Trust me” He said, as he opened the car door. You opened yours, and stepped out, stepping onto the curb, and closing the door behind you. “Let’s go inside” He said, as he looked the door, and walked up the concrete steps, holding the door open for you. “Woah… It’s beautiful” You whispered, as he went to find a booth to sit at. “What flavour? I heard they have Nutella…” Zayn said, as your eyes widened. “Are you kidding me? Get me a large one. That stuff will be the death of me!” You cried, as he laughed and went to the counter.

When he came back, you grinned as he placed the large sundae shaped glass down in front of you. “Holy cow… This is amazing” You said, as he sat beside you, taking his own ice-cream. “Ehh… Best way to spend Valentine’s Day?” He asked, as you nodded, taking a spoonful. When you finished, you watched as Zayn took a spoonful, and held it at your mouth. “Oh, you’re offering me some? Thanks” You said, as you wrapped your lips around the spoon.

He pushed his empty sundae glass away, and looked at you, chuckling softly. “You have a little something here” He whispered, pointing at your lips, causing you to blush softly. “Let me get it for you…” He whispered, as he shifted forwards, his face inching closer to you. His cold, red lips connected with your Nutella coated lips, kissing you passionately, his hand finding the back of your neck. He soon pulled away, breathless, resting his forehead against yours. “I love you… Happy Valentine’s Day” He whispered, as smile on your lips. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Zayn… Thank you so much” You said, as you ran your hands across his cheeks, his stubble tickling the tips of your fingers.

alyseb630  asked:

"Imagine that soulmates just have this ability to dream together/meet each other in your dreams regardless of whether or not you two meet in real life. Just like the above point, imagine how you and your soulmate could pretty much be with each other even after you’d both gone to your separate homes/shared bed." Combining these two because I really like the dream idea. Plus potential sin?

So much potential sin, but none of it is kinetic. ;)

Adrien doesn’t really get the whole “soulmate” thing until Mama convinced his Père to relent and release him from private tutors and to private school. There, half the class is already divvied up with their literal dream partners.

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A Brand New Dawn - Chapter 12

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing(s): Ladynoir, Marichat, Adrinette, Ladrien (and a little DJWifi)

Summary: It’s a Miraculous Ladybug college fic!

Notes: OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!! It’s after 3 am right now, and I just stayed up to finish this! You have no idea how excited I’ve been about this chapter! Like this particular bit has been carried with me since the very beginning, when I was only just starting to get the idea for ABND rolling! *flails arms and squeals* And I’m SO EXCITED to finally share it with you guys!!! :D

Reminder, this fic is also on FF.net and AO3 (find the links here) so feel free to follow them!

Word Count: 7,178

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A rolling rumble of distant thunder sounded as the rain continued its relentless downpour on the city. Dawn had not yet arrived, and the streets of Paris were still devoid of its usual bustling activity.

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Rucas Week - Day 5

Day 5: Rucas in Paris or Rucas stay up all night talking

I’ve written them going to Paris already and many will do that so I wanted to go a different direction. This story is dreams of the future which will come to fruition in my Day 7 story. Stay tuned!

Riley and Lucas were sprawled out on her couch after watching a movie, her head resting on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. The Columbia seniors had been spending a lot of time together during their final year of school together.

They didn’t know what the future would bring but they just knew they wanted to spend the time together that they had. Lucas had plans to go to veterinary school after college, while Riley’s plans were far less clear.

“What are you thinking about?” Lucas questioned Riley, as he played with her hair which was messily tied in a bun on top of her head, “You’re worried about something.” 

“The future,” Riley answered with a chuckle and she rolled over to her stomach to face him, “How could you tell?”

“I have known you for almost nine years, Riley,” Lucas teased her, “I think I know you well enough to be able to tell when you mind is elsewhere. What about the future?”

“Touché,” Riley responded, “I just can’t stop thinking about what come after graduation. This year will be over before you know it.”

“True but we still have most of the school year to decide for sure,” Lucas countered, “I haven’t decided where I’m going to grad school yet. I have many options. Cornell is only 3 hours away.”

“But what about Texas A&M, that’s not far from Austin, where your dream began?” Riley suggested, having spent her fair share of time looking at schools for him, “UC Davis is the best veterinary school in the country. There’s also Wisconsin and Penn.”

“Wisconsin and Penn? I don’t think either of those schools is right for me,” Lucas argued, “And UC Davis is 3000 miles away. I can’t possibly go that far away just for school.”

“So it’s going to be either Cornell or Texas A&M?” Riley questioned, truly seeing how he could choose either way and wanting to be supportive.

“Yeah, I think so,” Lucas replied, still having no idea which to choose, “So how do you picture our future?”

“Our future? I don’t know…,” Riley answered nonchalantly at first, “I see a big house in the country somewhere, with room for lots of kids, maybe 4 or 5. And I see land for us to have all sorts of animals, like horses and cows and chickens.”

“Including bunnies?” Lucas questioned, teasingly, about of a childhood dream of hers,

“Yes, including bunnies,” Riley affirmed with her signature giggle before continuing, letting her mind wander, “And a dark room for me and my pictures. I can picture our children, little boys with your sandy blonde hair and little girls with your sky blue eyes.”

“I can see our little boys with your rich chocolate eyes and our little girls with your curly brown hair,” Lucas added, finishing her thought with some of his own, “I love the idea of a house in the country, but do you really want to leave the city?”

“You can’t follow your dream and be a vet in the city,” Riley countered as she shifted herself so she was sitting cross-legged across from him, facing him, “You need land to raise animals. Plus how many horses can you care for in New York City?”

“That’s true, but I can’t ask you to move out of the city, to make that kind of sacrifice for me. You’re whole world is here,” Lucas retorted, feeling like Riley would have to give something up to leave.

“You’re my world, Lucas. All I know is I want to go wherever you are,” Riley responded, “My dad left Philly to come to New York so my mom could live out her dream. It’s not a sacrifice, if I am giving it up for something better. I can take pictures anywhere.”

“How did I get so lucky that I get to be with you?” Lucas asked as he smiled at her with a look that made Riley believe he could love her forever. Riley leaned forward and kissed him the way she could see herself doing for the rest of her life.

You caught me,” Riley teased after pulling back, “Twice, actually, if I recall correctly”.

“And I am so glad I did,” Lucas added before kissing her again. Then he finished, “I think I am going to go for Cornell. It’s close enough that for now you can live here and work.”

“And once you finish, maybe we’ll move to Texas so you can live out your dream,” Riley continued, genuinely excited for this possibility.

“And what about your dream,” Lucas asked, “This shouldn’t only be about my dream.”

“You’re mine, Lucas,” Riley answered, “I have you. All I want is to see you get yours.”

The two continued talking, dreaming, and planning their future until the rays of sunrise streamed in through the windows.