but i am so excited

Super excited to be joining the Over the Garden Wall comic crew! Tomorrow’s issue includes the first of some stories written by me and illustrated by @ohcararara , as well as @officialangryjim and Danielle’s continuation on the Greg stories - so be sure you run and buy it and tip your local comic store friends.

I am so excited and thankful to have this opportunity, and hope all of you enjoy the stories to come! 


still need to paint spatter the overalls, make the necklace, and do the hair, but I JUST GOT HOLTZMANNED, BABY 👍

Flight officially booked!!!! This Saturday I will finally be moving from New York to Wisconsin. 😳. I am SO excited and nervous because ive never lived on my own before!!!!!! but thankful for @crushfit for making my dreams become a reality !!!!!! Ready to get the party started 🤓 and if anyone has any tips about apartment living please help a girl out !

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I know everyone is mad that it looks like Zac and Tay are gonna start stunting, but honestly I am so ready. Like I am going to literally pee myself laughing the entire duration of this stunt. It’s literally taking the two gayest closeted gays in the industry and making a show out of them awkwardly holding hands and stuff. Like damn, everyone knows he’s gay, she really is going for the blatantly obvious ones. Either that or she’s getting hella desperate. Anyways, I am so ready for this, and very excited to see how the Swifties play this one ;) 

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The good thing about Lilo and Stitch and that since most of the marketing was about a cute blue alien they didn’t exploit the culture of indigenous people so as excited I am for Moana I hope Disney doesn’t go there