but i am positive i'm right

this is the single most important thing i’ve ever drawn


Lightwoodsdaily’s Appreciation Weeks Day 13:

Favourite Emeraude Toubia Moment:

I feel now with all these reality shows on TV, girls are confused about what is the right role model. There are a lot of girls fighting on TV, and girls probably wonder, “Am I supposed to be mean with my friends at school or be a bully?” I was bullied in middle school, so I think we need more girls on TV to be positive role models — and I’m so happy that’s happening.

I would like to keep this blog positive and a sanctuary among the chaos, but I might need a bit of time to heal. I am…incredibly shaken up right now, in tears and fearing for my future. I am not okay. 

I will probably be optimistic tomorrow. Perhaps even in a few hours, depending on how quickly I can push this out of my mind. I am not sure if I will be able to answer messages right now with the same pep and cheer I usually do, but tomorrow is another day. In due time, I will be okay.

My only comfort right now is that I live in California, where we are essentially cut off from the rest of the country and free to live in our own bubble. I only hope Trump cannot reach us with his hateful rhetoric. However, I also hope the rest of the country is not affected by this vile man. I hope he accomplishes nothing during his presidency and that anyone who voted for him realizes they made a mistake.

This will be my one and only post on this, since I do not want to dwell on the issue or stress anyone out. I might even delete this as soon as I post it. I don’t know right now, I’m just really upset, and disappointed, and scared. But hopefully we (not just Americans, but all folks across the globe that this will affect) can come together and get through this. I love each and every single one of you, and will pray for all of us tonight. May whichever God you believe in guide you through these troubling times. And if you are not religious, I will send positive vibes your way and hope for you to be kept safe as well. 


And suddenly it all makes sense

anonymous asked:

I dont rly have anyone to talk to abt ljoe's issue but i just wanna share w angels that i am rly proud of how some angels are reacting to this especially the ones who respect ljoe's decision and say that they're gonna continue supporting him. I just love the loyal angels who are so strong in handling this situation that i also feel like i should be strong too. Angels are amazing and our boys are too!! I am positive that ljoe will be able to achieve all his dreams without anyone holding him back

Aw yes I’m so proud of those angels as well. you guys are amazing and rare fans. Teen Tops guardian angels, protecting and supporting them. I really hope our Byungari will be able to do what he loves. I really think that people who don’t support his decision are really selfish. If you really love him you will let him go. Meaning if you really, truly care about him and his well being you will want him to do what’s best for him. It might hurt us but like I said we are Guardian Angels. A guardian is a guard, a shield, something to go forward and take the hits and the pain or someone to watch over and make sure that the person they are appointed to stays safe. Our pain right now is A small price compared to what byunghun and the others have probably been through for us. They hurt too. We may not always be able to take the hits and protect them but we can always support and love them.

I don’t have anyone to talk to about it either but I’m here for any Angel or anyone in general, if you or anyone else has something you want to talk about regarding Teen Top or whatever I’m here for you ~

Stay strong and continue to stand by Teen Top and L.Joe

@ the anon in my ask box:

i am? LGBT+? i already know everything you’re saying at me. like 10 times over. I agree that if people don’t want to be called queer they should have that right. I also think that they should be understanding that while their experience is painful it’s not universal, and the word can be an extremely positive part of someones identity and trying to shut them down for using it especially with knowledgable about the history and reclamation of the word for the past 30+ years, I don’t find that fair either.

Theres a lot of slurs out there, and some of them are reclaimed. They’re always going to have the negative connotation of the way they were originally used and still used. But don’t shut down people who are trying to reclaim it, especially as a positive part of their identity and a way to relate and connect with other people who identify the same way.

I’m also not going to continue to talk about this, and all asks about it from here on will go unanswered.

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four and a half fucking minutes in the entire episode. le sigh.

I’m so upset too. So upset. Like. I’m so numb. I am basically a Linkin Park song at the moment.

But like: Maggie in her gay ass pantless sitting position.

Alex knowing exactly how bbygrl likes her breakfast and coffee.

Maggie knowing they’re right for each other.

Maggie in that femmey af suit and getting J’onn and James to help her set the space up for Alex, and J’onn and James being supportive and affirming for Maggie.

Alex in that fucking dress that Winn totally made her at Maggie’s request before going off on his date.

May I have this dance.

And these things here.



My work has such a small staff that most of us end up doing multiple jobs. I’ve been there the longest out of anyone, other than one instructor, but I get paid the least, even though I’m technically doing three positions right now.

I’ve just been informed that I’m now going to be doing a fourth.


Not asked, not suggested…informed.

I’m not getting paid any more for it.

I’m not getting any more hours in my work day.

I’m not getting any help even though we suggested that I and another coworker tag team because it would be easier.

Nope, it’s just going to be me. Doing four jobs. For the same pay. And the same amount of hours.

And I’m pissed.


Today I am just done. I have never been so glad to see the end of a week. The day started with a 7am phone call (i usually go in about 8am). “One of the nurses didn’t show up. Where are you?” My response was what you mean, call the director of care she said she had so,done scheduled (we have an empty nursing position right now). The nurse calling says “the scheduler was supposed to have let you know they couldn’t replace and need you to fill the shift”. So a crazy rush later I’m at work cancelling my meetings while trying to actually be a nurse with no management support in the building at all today. The day just honestly went downhill from there and I didn’t get home until 730pm. I literally shoved a sandwich in my mouth at 130pm got home and my hubby had been out ice fishing all day. Glad he had a good day but he got home at 4pm and didn’t take anything out for supper so now I am in the process of cooking mac and cheese because I’m starved and too tired to cook anything else.

Tomorrow I am sleeping in! Hubby is going out of town 3 hrs for meetings and won’t be back until late. I’m going to get up, kick back with coffee. Make something good to eat and then walk the dog. I will then tackle the dishes and the pile of laundry that still needs doing. After that I am putting my feet up and calling it done! I have Sunday and Monday off and have some paperwork for my union board as well as the charity Gala to catch up on but that is it.

I know I should call my mom as I check on her every night but I just don’t have the brain power to deal with her tails of woe about her dealings with my brother and his family and her home renovations and her crazy friend. I am the person who hears all, does all and takes care of all in my family and personal life. I manage enduring POA from across the ocean for an elderly aunt and uncle, am my mothers sounding board and complaint department as well as mediator, my sisters families emergency contacts, the main financial manager and household manager in my own home( my husband travels so much), and the peacekeeper and problem solver for my in laws and husband. I have a busy job as well as serving on multiple boards which I do to get a break from work and family crap. I can’t turn off my phones because I am on call for work this weekend and I need to be able to be contacted for emergencies with my aunt and uncle but otherwise I am NOT answering the phone.

I shouldn’t really complain as I have a pretty sweet life compared to most people. It’s just that sometimes it gets really overwhelming. It’s true what they say, that the more people, stuff and money in your life, the more issues can exist. I was off to a really great start with my new year new year and accomplishing my goals but this week it got has kind of gotten away from me. Next week will be back to my routines and goals!

I just need a break from my life for once and this weekend I am taking it!


Very Very Important

Hey everyone. Here I am about to go on a summarised version of a rant about sexual orientation and rights for love.

Ahem. Ahem.

For all those that support and are a part of the LGBT+ community, I applaud you.

And for all those that are completely and utterly against it, your opinion is like rain. No matter how hard you come pouring down, there will always be a rainbow that appears. And that rainbow will, no matter what you do, never be straight.

The only straight rainbows are sour straps.

And they are the best straight rainbows ever. These sour straps are also known as Allies. And are the only straight person’s opinion about who you are and who you love that matters.

Puff Out.

i’m only gonna post Positive news stories i am 100000% Done with how fucking awful and terrible and disgusting ppl are i’m now only here to highlight the parts that are Not Shit

there will be no discourse on this goddamn blog i not only hate that word but 99% of what it entails is absolute petty bullshit and i’m not here for that!!! THIS’LL BE A GODDAMN SAFE SPACE OF POSITIVITY IF IT KILLS ME!!!!


I FINALLY HAVE A WAY TO GET AROUND INSTEAD OF STAYING IN BED ALL DAY BECAUSE MY LEGS AND BACK HURT TOO MUCH TO GO PLACES AND WALK AROUND. Holy crap, I’m excited. I cried a little bit. This is huge, guys. And it only cost me $165 because it’s refurbished/donated. Freaking amazing. I feel like celebrating!

SCOOT SCOOT!!! 😄😭🎉🎉 #cutestscootergirluknow

Okay I know this is gonna make me look like the biggest nerd ever (but most of you already know that I am) but seriously how fucking awesome is it that we have literally the fucking dc trinity in a movie together? Like seriously the fact that we even have a dc cinematic universe going on right now makes me so fucking happy. You guys have no idea how much of a little dc nerd I was as a kid. 

Growing up I had no one else among my group of friends who was into superheroes or anything. And as a kid I loved anything dc related, whether it was smallville, superman returns, justice league, legion of superheroes, teen titans, like all of these things made me so happy. I even yelled, cheered and cried when I saw the series finale of smallville when I was in high school. As a little kid/teen I was dying to see all of these characters on the big screen together and every time I went to go see a dc movie whether it was superman returns, the dark knight trilogy, or even green lantern, I would look for any glimmer of hope that those movies would start the dc cinematic universe. 

But for a long time I never thought we would actually have a dc cinematic universe or even a justice league movie. I spent so much of my life as a kid and teenager waiting to see my favorite characters all on the big screen that I began to doubt we’d ever get them all in the same movie. And as I got older I began to think “Even if there ever is a justice league movie when I’m older, will I even wanna see it? Won’t I be too old to be seeing a superhero movie?”

But then man of steel came out back in 2013, it made me feel like a kid again. Every second of the movie made me relive all of the great times I had as a kid watching these characters. Like seriously if I could tell the younger version of me that he would see a batman v superman movie, a suicide squad movie, wonder woman, and finally a justice league movie all within a couple of years I think I would have gone crazy haha. I honestly never thought I would be into these movies still as an adult. And yet here I am crying about these characters every other day as a 21-year-old adult.

This is honestly the happiest time for me, you guys. Between bvs, suicide squad, and just everything we’re gonna be getting from the dceu makes me feel the kind of happiness that I had when I was a kid. That’s why no amount of negative critic reviews, stupid fanboys, or anyone else for that matter is going to ruin my enjoyment of these movies. I’m proud to be a dc fan, no one can do anything to change that. 


So I hit 2k a while back, and to express how happy it made me, I really wanted to make a follow forever. This is really delayed lmfao but thank you guys so much for filling my negative ass dash with positivity. You’ve really all brightened up my time on this godforsaken website to such a huge extent, and I could never be more glad than I am right now! Additionally, I’m posting this in celebration of today’s day, so Eid Mubarak to all of my Muslim followers!!

Thank you so much, and remember to follow all of these amazing blogs! Friends and/or favorites are bolded! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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As someone who uses sarcastic jabs as a sign of affection, I’m endlessly confused by people who claim that Barba hates Sonny. I mean, come on, there’s a huge difference between insulting someone and teasing them a little… and Sonny’s just an easy target because he’s too positive to be offended.

The whole “Am I right?” - ”Seldom.” thing they’ve got going on is a running joke. What kind of people do you have running jokes with? Probably not with those you dislike.

Like, yeah, you don’t have to ship them, but Barba sure as hell doesn’t hate Sonny. If he did, his remarks would be a lot more cutting and there would be no doubt about it.