but i am okay with just admiring them from a distance

AU where the Justice League forms like usual, except Batman maintained his “totally a myth” status and has in fact been active for years before the JL forms. He’s very cautious about trusting them, but still joins, and the others sort of accepts that as long as they trust that Batman has a really hard time with trust, it will all work out in its own weird way

Then, one day, in the middle of a JL mission, the League gets in a tight spot. Out of nowhere, this blue and black blur swoops in and saves everyone’s ass. Maybe breaking some shackles that were proving very difficult, maybe disarm a bomb that the League was just a hair’s breadth too slow to reach without help, but whatever happens, the shadowy figure pauses just long enough to say, “Hey, Batman, you know you there are these things called cellphones now and you can just call sometimes, it doesn’t have to be this dramatic?” and bounds away after shouting ‘let’s do brunch! Bring your new friends!’

Batman is mortified.

No one lets it go.

The entire rest of the mission, the whole League is asking so many questions. Who was that? Do you know him? How do you know him? What’s going on? I didn’t know there was a vigilante in this area?? They don’t let up until he talks.

“That was Nightwing.” Batman is mumbling. The JL forces him to bring them to the Brunch. Brunch happens to be in a run-down apartment on the edge of a bad neighborhood, at five in the morning, in costume. Nightwing introduces himself as Batman’s lovechild with justice.

“I did not realize Batman had a child,” Martian Manhunter says, calmly enough that no one’s sure if he’s accidentally plucking a really loud thought out of the air or if he’s trying to make a joke.

Nightwing stares for a moment falling over laughing. He doesn’t get up. Batman starts trying to apply anti-Joker venom but Nightwing just kicks him and laughs until he cries. He keeps trying to wipe his eyes and his mask keeps getting in the way, so he asks everyone to leave so he can please get a hold of himself

He is still laughing when they leave. Everyone is confused. Batman is furious.  Nightwing manages to breathe long enough to say, “We’re just so glad you’re socializing now, Batman.”

Superman turns to look at Batman very slowly. “…’we’?”

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ARIES: eat frozen yogurt and take not-so-shitty Polaroids because these memories mean more than you’ll ever know. you are unique. go on adventures, and let yourself be taken with whatever these heated days have to offer.  you remind me of the good that will persevere no matter how bad it gets. i have so much love for you in my heart, and thank you for being the closest thing to home i know. you have saved so many people with those warm arms of yours. i am lucky enough to be one of them.

TAURUS: i hope you let your skin get painted over in gold from sunshine and your cheeks hurt with the weight of your smiles. see new things,  but be safe.  if it gets rough, just know there’s nothing you can’t get through. you are a smart and beautiful everywhere. embrace your humor, you’ve always had a knack for keeping me laughing.  

GEMINI: this is your time. the skies are blue with your name painted in every breeze. it’s all yours if you want it. i think you should spend as much time as you can outside, because there is something about summer that will always love you. eat your birthday cake on a picnic with the most loveliest person you know, and let all your stress fade into the chlorine smell of swimming pools and sticky sweet smell of skin and sunscreen. it’ll be good, i promise.

CANCER: you deserve to shine as bright as you possibly can, you deserve to see the stars, and taste galaxies, and love someone who knows what that word means. you deserve so much, much more than i’ll ever be able to give. but i will give it up anyway. no more regrets. dance a lot to loud music, and sleep with your entire body and soul, take care of yourself in the most gentle way you know how. i want you to have fun. go out and do something only mildly reckless. i want you to find stories, to tell, to write, to capture, to paint, to sing half badly at the top of your lungs. you are so lovely. none of these words will ever be enough to tell you how grateful i am that you are here.

LEO: we’ve got a calendar of things to do but it’s gonna be alright, trust me. you’ve got an army of love ready to fight the stress any hour of the day. there is so much good waiting for you, so much greatness you deserve.  if there is a battle, you are the winning side. you’re the strongest person i know but please remember take care of yourself. travel far and i hope you find different places that feel like home.

VIRGO: i just want you to smile. a little, a lot. i want you to feel lighter than things have been recently, or in the past, just want you to relax. the world is always moving, turning, constantly, and it can be deafening the amount of noise. sometimes people act like they don’t hear you, but they do. they’re just too stupid to admit it. you’re so goddamn gorgeous. enjoy the sun, i hope you find something new to love.

LIBRA: you mean so much, you matter so fucking much, there will be never enough of my stupid poetic sayings to describe it. this is what this is, stupid. just another time i couldn’t keep my mouth shut. you’re a different aspect of life, one that i’ve neglected. my most sincere apologies.  you’ve always believed so much, i admire that about you. i hope you’re happy every possible moment you can be, and i hope you are loved. this summer should be good. you deserve it.

SCORPIO: calm down, breathe in, breathe out. you are always there, like a constant thrum in the background or the sound of screaming poetry, no matter the noise, i am nothing but appreciative of your love. i hope you live your days breathing in salty sweet air of the sea and that your skin is speckled gold with sand and that your soul is breathing and alive. things will work out, i like to believe the universe has a way of giving back to the good ones. you’re one of them. good. calm. pure. something sinful, yeah maybe, but i’m alright with going to hell as long as i see you there.

SAGITTARIUS: there is sunshine loving adventures waiting for you. i think you’ll hate and love airplanes a little bit more, and get a little pissed at the way time seems to run on it’s own agenda, but all in all, i know it’s going to be a good month. draw, paint, laugh, go on road trips with good music playing in the background and take a selfish amount of pictures. there are memories that will keep you warm longer than the sun ever has.

CAPRICORN: i don’t know what to expect out of you that’s anything less than greatness. don’t run forward but a walk in the park can do wonders sometimes. you’re life. don’t forget that. have fun, don’t sit idle. move around, go downtown and look at sculptures and art you have no idea what they mean. laugh. a lot. be a child, cause you know things are only getting harder. but you’re better. you’re good. things will work itself out. what is broken, will always rearrange.

AQUARIUS: summers are either chlorine stained hearts or the breath of fresh air in your lungs, and this time around might feel a little bit of both. work with what you have, i don’t know what else to say. but remember you are not poison. yes there is black ink spilling from your pen and sometimes your gushing veins, but it is not a part of hell you have to keep inside of yourself so you don’t infect and destroy and hurt hurt hurt. humans, we’re heaven and hell combined in one animal. and that’s it. you’re only human. nothing more, nothing less. and that’s okay. keep breathing. i know you can take care of yourself, but thing is, you don’t have to. you are not alone.

PISCES: i don’t see you around much, but your tenderness is always in my heart. i hope you pick flowers and decorate your hair with the aesthetic cause you’re a sunflower in a garden full of weeds. you told me that once. i’ll never forget. i hope you love yourself. if things are spiraling, i will do good on my promise to sink with you, no matter the distance, no matter the time spent apart, we’re always together. somewhere. i miss you yeah. there is no battle ship, there are no more gun shots and bullet wounds, and you’ll be okay. the sun will be sweet to you. listen to good music and visit a new cafe. you have so much love to give.


Warnings: None

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 1.8k

A/N: Thank you to all those who followed me and read my first fic!  I’m thinking of doing a part two to this one, so if you like it, let me know!

Your fire escape had always been your favourite part of your apartment.  Situated outside your bedroom window, you had spent countless hours of your life lounging on the metal steps, reading a book or catching up on some homework.  Last summer, you had wound a string of fairy lights around the rails, which were coated in shiny dark paint.  Your landlady had protested at first but, after you proved that they weren’t endangering the use of the fire escape in any way, she had let you keep them.  The small victory had brought a smile to your face, and now your escape was even cozier than before, and was still just as cozy a year later.  This year’s summer brought scorching heat and clear nights, and you spent most of your free time out on your escape, trying to catch a breeze.

You sat on your fire escape now, wearing a lightweight hoodie and pajama shorts, doodling in a journal.  School was out for the week and tomorrow didn’t require a six am wake up call, leaving you free to stay up late and admire the Queens skyline at night.  It was nights like these that you loved the most; nights that seemed like they were pulled straight from a movie scene, with stars that glimmered like flames, a full moon bigger than you had ever seen before, and the sounds of the city mixing in with the quiet melodies that drifted out of the speakers propped up on your window sill.  You would be content for the rest of your life if you could keep moments like these forever.

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(because I couldn’t HELP myself, okay?)

Jack knew, though. He knew.

There hasn’t been a doubt in his mind. Every time he’s been down to Samwell, every time he watched from a corner in the kitchen as Bitty simultaneously baked muffins and batted away Holster’s interference and counseled the tadpoles on affairs of the heart, it’s been obvious. As much as Jack loves Bittle, this team loves him too. All of them love him.

It’s not just love, though. It’s just that Jack understands the love most. But there’s more to it. Another side to Bittle that he hasn’t been privileged to see, that he can’t see from his vantage point as a former captain and now-boyfriend.

Jack gets his first glimpse of it when the tadpole – Whiskey, his name is – comes in and asks Bittle about his wrist shot. Two years ago, a year ago even, Bittle would have turned to Jack and said, “Gosh, I’m not sure I can – better ask the master.” This time, Bittle out-and-out forgets Jack’s in the room. He picks up a spatula and uses it as a prop to explain launch angles from the stick blade, and Whiskey watches with rapt attention. It’s the look on Whiskey’s face that strikes Jack. He’s never looked at Bittle like that; he’s never had cause to. But Whiskey does.

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anonymous asked:

If you were to advise young girls on what to look out for in guys, what would some of the things be?

typically my advice is to stay away from men for as long as possible. Odds are that the majority you run into, will hinder your growth. So my advice is to look out for men, rather than look for anything in them.

Cultivate your self-esteem, your passions, become financially independent.

Cultivating self-esteem: i can’t stress this enough, it must be there before you go near men. Most men will damage your self-esteem. It doesn’t even have to be deliberate on their part. It can be something like them not responding to your communication needs and you will turn that inwards, and see that as reflecting your self-worth.

My advice to brown girls is typically the same as well. To build those things first. But then i guess, reluctantly, I do advise them to date. Because they will often be discouraged from dating. And in my experience, no woman from our cultures has managed to get away with not being paired to a man without breaking ties, no matter her initial reluctance. And your parents pickings will definitely be far worse, in that the aim of parents choosing for you (whether anyone admits it or not) is to continue patriarchal control over you.

So coming to what to look for in men:

1) look for how he reacts when you disagree with him. This is the biggest thing imo. Does he get irritated. Does he budge. If he does budge is it reluctant “I guess you’re right”. Do things seem to always be followed by a but. What you want is someone who is impressed and admires you. Not someone who is annoyed that you know better or more, because that would mean he wants to maintain himself above you. Also, men can admire you for being intelligent or opinionated but still manage to reduce you for it: either objectify you or infantilize you. E.g., aw its so cute she knows a lot. OR it’s hot that she knows a lot. Avoid  both. 

2) is the conversation conducive: it’s more than if he is just listening to you and can regurgitate what you’ve told him about yourself. Does the convo have a flow. Do you get to say what you want. Does he hear you out, ask questions, show interest.. or is he just waiting for an entry point in the convo where he can insert himself in order to relate to you. Because the first one feels wholesome whereas the latter, while okay, will make you feel empty in the long run. 
(and i personally like it when i have said what I want, and the guy still stays quiet on the topic until I ask him so ‘what about you’. I like it when they are quiet and don’t speak unless instructed.. this applies for any men in my life not just dating  lmao but anyway)

3) look for how he talks about other women.. what it is that he talks about when he talks about women. Look at how he looks at other women. Ask him about the women he has been attracted to and how he became attracted to them/what about them he liked. Ask this for real women. Ask this about fictional women. Always be mindful of whether he is objectifying women or not. If he is objectifying women, he’s not capable of real love so forget it. How to know whether he is objectifying women or not? Ask yourself if you or any women you have known would become attracted to a man in the same way/same scenario that he is describing to you.

4) Porn, dominance & attraction: this one is by far the hardest for me to describe. It does go in with #3, about how they talk about women. You can ask the guy about his current porn use, age at first exposure. What he thinks about and gets off to lol. But I have found that they give it away in their verbal language and body language. Like the example of the guy I talked about who I had asked who he was attracted to/ if he ever found someone sexually attractive that he did not find emotionally attractive. And he mentioned his boss and then told me how he did fantasize about her, then goes “you know when you wanna put someone in their place….. oh you don’t know??” If a guy “falls for you” real fast, to me that is an indication of him having objectified you. Love takes getting to know. If he seems to have a “type”, i am personally weary of those men. Any type at all. A body type, even a personality type. Because they still manage to reduce women into categories. You cannot and should not fall in love with a category!

5) how he makes you feel about yourself: related to the above. It’s his responsibility to make you feel good about yourself. I have stated elsewhere that I believe, that unless a woman has clinical type self-esteem issues, the average woman’s self-esteem issues in a relationship actually stem from their male partner’s failures. Their male partner is either objectifying other women which comes across subtly in conversations or the way they behave. So if you are not feeling good about yourself while you are with him, you’re not crazy. He is shit. 

6) age old how he treats others: how does he treat people in the service industry. Does he get annoyed when his food at the restaurant takes longer. Life is a game of patience, and he won’t live if he doesn’t have any.

7) sense of responsibility: does he pick up after others. Not just himself. But others. This is observed. But also you can tell from the stories he tells you. What does he do for others? It’s the kind of thing where eg., the house phone rings, who has to go for it or else it goes unanswered? Would he put the dishes in the sink or leave them around for someone else to pick up?

8) what is he telling you about himself: related to above.. When we tell stories, we all want something taken away from them about ourselves. What is he trying to get across? Most men’s stories are about a display of power and dominance, rather than having been helpful. Take notice!

9) How he relates to other men and things deemed feminine: does he have a lot of guy friends (these men are a lost cause lmao). If he tries to distance himself from anything that is related to women, stay away from that man. E.g., he doesn’t watch click flicks… or  watches them cos they are good to watch when you don’t want to think so much. Also relating to #3, you can also check that from how he views female characters in movies, TV shows and books. If he sees their perspective or not. I remember one guy told me that robot girl from ex-machina was crazy, and that’s all he had to say, and i wanted to bash his head in cos of how dumb his thoughts on the movie were….. If he can’t see from the female perspective in shows and books where it is literally spelled out, he lacks emotional depth and empathy. 

I can’t think of more. Over the years I have mentioned quite a few as I came across! But I haven’t interacted much with men as of late so it’s not so fresh anymore. Just look for any display of dominance and dehumanization, both in words and in actions. I do have an advice tag

I Still Haven’t Won Against You

[SVT as the Mafia] [ Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

Jeon Wonwoo x Reader

Summary: Played poker with him once. He lost. He finally got the rematch he wanted so badly but he lost again.

Genre: Mafia AU, smuttish

Word count: 2,590

Originally posted by mc-gyu

You have no idea how you got yourself into this situation. Seemingly only a few seconds ago you were afraid to go out of your house, hoping not to meet him and the next he had you pinned against the wall, making you feel all sorts of things. And now! Now you’re sitting, playing that stupid strip poker he came up with it. Luckily for you, you were so much better at this, still having all your clothes on. You watched him take off his shirt and throw it on the ground. You took the wine glass and sipped your drink, hoping he won’t notice you staring.

“How the fuck I keep losing against you is beyond me,” he sighed, leaning his head against the armchair. “I need another drink.”

He stood up and went to the kitchen. He kept doing that every time he lost, getting more and more irritated when he came back. Mostly because his phone has been ringing non stop all evening. You heard him argue with someone again before he hung up and continued the trail of thought he had.

“It’s been like what? The 5th time I lost now?” he shouted from the kitchen.

“6th,” you corrected him.

“And here I hoped I will get to see you in all your glory,” he pouted.

“Keep whishing,” you thought, standing up and picking his shirt up. You put in next to his other clothes. At least he still had his pants on. You noticed something fall out of the shirt and bent down to pick it up. You couldn’t believe this. It was a card. That sneaky bastard was cheating all this time! But you still managed to win, the goddess of fortune was on your side.

“You weren’t supposed to see that,” startled, you jumped up. You didn’t feel him approach you from behind at all. You turned around to look at him.

“What’s this? You cheater ~” you teased him, waving the card in front of his face. He quickly snatched him from your hand.

“You left me no other choice.”

“Yeah right! I knew you were a cheater. I noticed it the first time we played.”

“Oho!.. You noticed? The first time?” this caught his attention. He took a few steps to you, still holding the wine bottle in one of his hands. “Were you watching me?”

You started blushing, of course you were. He was sitting right across you but that wasn’t the only reason. He took a few more steps to you, till you hit the table with your back. He set the bottle on it, cornering you between his hands. You put your palms against his well toned chest in attempt to push him off a little but he kept his stance. You could feel his heart beating.

“Were you?” he whispered to your ear, leaning closer.

“Weren’t you?” you retorted. A smirk appeared on his face as he looked you in the eyes.

“Caught me red handed,” he breathed out. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you to him. “That’s what makes you special,” he said, before clashing his lips with yours. You didn’t know what you expected but you must say the wine tasted better off his lips. He pushed you to the table, before lifting you up and setting you on top of it, only then breaking the kiss but he still was so close, you could breathe in his air.

“Are we too drunk or do you really want this?” he whispered. You hooked your legs around his waist and you chuckled as he kissed you again, picking you up and going in the direction of his room. “I will take that as a yes.”

You heard his phone ring again but you two completely ignored it. He threw you on the bed, almost falling on top of you. Your hair spreading everywhere.  He took a few strands off your face, stroking them gently.

“Shit, with all this obsession to play with you, I never got the chance to tell you, how beautiful you are,” instead of letting him see you blushing, you used this opportunity to get another kiss, yanking on the tie he still was wearing for some reason, you ran your tongue over his lips.

“So needy,” he breathed out before going in for it. As he swirled his tongue around yours, he tugged your hair slightly to allow better access. He pulled away to get some air but you two were still connected by a slim trail of saliva. He bit down on his lip.

“Shit,” he said, nibbling down on your ear, sending shivers down your spine. He continued from the ear down to your neck, kissing and sucking on your skin, making sure to leave marks. You could hear his phone going off in the distance.

“Don’t,” you panted out, raking through his hair with your fingers. “Don’t answer.”

“I wasn’t planning to,” he said, shoving his knee between your thighs, he got one hand under your skirt and began hiking it up before you stopped him.

“How about you start from the top?”

“How about you don’t interrupt and let me take care of things,” he smirked, getting a hold of your arms and pinning them above your head, still doing what you suggested. He began unbuttoning your shirt but he quickly got tired of it and quite literally ripped it open.

“Wonwoo!” you whined, “This shirt was expensive.”

“Don’t worry, I will buy you a thousand more like it, after this,” he took it off and threw it on the ground along with his tie. You couldn’t help but notice how stunned he was.

“What? What is it?”

“They’re perfect,” he said more to himself than to you. He cupped your breasts. “So perfect, they fit right into my hands.”

“Wait for what you will see when you take this off then,” you teased.

“Can’t wait to find out,” he unclasped your bra. As if knowing what’s going to happen tonight you even put on the one that opens up in the front. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was just him but somehow you didn’t feel even slightly embarrassed exposing your half naked body like that. He went straight for one of them, planting kisses and sometimes sucking harshly while kneading the other. He pulled away, admiring his work, he brushed over the marks he left, making you fell sparks all over your body. Your breathing hitched as you couldn’t take the tension anymore.  

“Wonwoo-“ you whimpered.

“You asked for this yourself,” he teased, getting one of your nipples between his teeth and biting on it, making you moan.

“I would prefer if you were louder,” he took it whole into his mouth, you could feel his tongue snake  around it, when he released it with a pop. You immediately realized what it was. His phone. Again.

“Don’t you dare,” you ordered.

“Those pricks,” he hissed before giving you a quick peck on the lips and standing up.

“Wonwoo!” you shouted after him. What an asshole! Is he seriously going to leave you hanging like this? You lay down on the bed waiting for him to come back. After listening to his shouts who were incomprehensible from this distance, for at least five minutes, you clasped your bra back on and took your shirt from the ground, putting it on. You got off the bed and went to where he was. As you got closer you could hear the bits of the conversation.

“I said I’m not coming a hundred times today… No… No, it’s not about her… Can’t you just raid them and be done with it?.. Why am I even needed?.. No, you listen to me you motherfu-“

“Fuck!!” he shouted, smashing, his phone on the ground. His chest was rising from heavy breathing. You could see that he was pissed. Something that still scared you.

“Those idiots can’t do anything without me,” he clenched his fists, before turning around and noticing you standing in the doorway. He came up to you and started buttoning your shirt up.

“Is everything okay?” you asked him.

“Yeah,” he said, avoiding your gaze. “Work,” he simply stated.

He had trouble with the buttons though because he ripped half of them off a few minutes ago, so he got his shirt from the armchair, where you placed it before. It was way too big for you but you loved it, it had his smell rubbed off on it. He buttoned you up all the way to the top and you felt like a child, letting him dress you up like that.

“Is that it? Just like that?”

“I’m sorry but this is important…” he sighed. “I must say that this is way harder for me than for you.”

You caught up with what he meant right off the bat, sparing a quick glance down to his waist. He went to the hall to get your shoes and you closely followed after him.

“I already called for your ride back home, so don’t worry about that,” he explained. He gave you your shoes but you didn’t feel like putting them on. “Please don’t get mad… I feel like… I finally got to talk to you, even touch you without you running away… I want to know that I still have a chance.”

You didn’t know what to say, him saying those things didn’t feel like him at all, you were used to seeing him all cheeky and sly so you just gave him a smile while he guided you to the elevator. He went inside of it and gave you one last passionate kiss, he looked you in the eyes still holding onto your bottom lip with his teeth for a while before stepping out and pressing the button for the ground floor.

“When?” you asked.

“Be patient,” he said, as the door closed.


As soon as you were alone you pressed your head against the cold metal wall of the elevator. Oh my god! Were you about to have a one night stand with your ‘stalker’? That’s so not like you. Or could it have been something more? You were completely spaced out that you realized you need to get off when other people started getting in. You walked into the lobby and ignoring the looks people were giving you, started putting your high heels on.

“You must be Y/N.”

“Jesus! Don’t scare me like that!” you looked up to see a man, almost as handsome as Wonwoo is.

“I’m Seungcheol. I will take you home. Come with me,” he said, going to the exit. You quickly finished putting your shoes on and followed after him.

“Were you the one who called him just now?”

“Nope. He has his own things to take care of,” he opened the back door of his car for you.

“Can’t I sit in the front?”

“It will be safer if you sit in the back,” he said. You decided not to argue and got in. The back windows were tinted. Maybe that’s what he meant. Why are you so trusting anyway? At least you can blame it on you being quite drunk if anything happens.

“I live on-“

“I know where you live,” he said, looking at you through the rear view mirror and starting the engine. “Wonwoo told me all about you. Actually the only thing he has been talking about for the past months was you.”

You wondered what he knew and if Wonwoo and him are close. You decided to use this opportunity to find out something about him because he seemingly knew everything there is to know about you.

“I heard he lost against you,” he was the first to speak again. “That was a big surprise for all of us. He hadn’t lost in ages,” he laughed.

“Is that good or bad?” you asked him.

“Depends,” he gave you a quick glance again. “What were you two doing up there?”

“Why cards?” you changed the subject quickly.

“It’s almost the only thing he’s good at. He got himself in a pretty nasty situation. He needed money. The easiest way for him to get some was poker,” he took a sharp turn and you slid down the seat. You found the seatbelt and fastened it. How fast is he driving?

“What did he need the money for?”

“If you don’t know this, it means he didn’t tell you on purpose. I guess if he wants to, he will tell you yourself one day,” he shrugged. After taking a few more turns, you were already home.

“Last question,” you said. “Who are you exactly?”

“I’m the leader.”

“The leader?” you repeated. “Of what?”

“He never told you that too?” he started laughing again. “Then the only thing I can tell you right now is that I’m his boss.”

Is he serious? Leader? Boss? What the hell is he talking about? Both of them are suspicious after all.

“Getting serious though,” he said, turning in his seat and sending you a glare. “I hope I never see you again. You distract him too much,” he leaned over the seats and opened the door for you. “Now, could you please get out of my car?”

You gave him a quick thanks and stepped out, slamming the door shut. You watched him speed away, down the street. Rude.


He told you to be patient but it has already been a few weeks till your little get together. You had to finish these documents by the end of the week but everything from the clock to the thoughts of him sidetracked you. Someone knocked at your door and you got up from your place on the sofa to go get them. You looked through the keyhole and opened them with the speed of light.

“Wonwoo?” you questioned.

He came in and kicked the door close with his feet, wrapping his arms around your waist. He started kissing your neck and you had to push him off.

“Wonwoo are you drunk?” you could smell the alcohol from here.

“I need you,” he said, embracing and holding on to you tightly. He nuzzled his head in your neck. “Sometimes… I just can’t do this.”

“Do what?” you asked but he was quiet. “Wonwoo?.. Are you?.. Are you crying?”

You brushed his hair off his face. He was actually half asleep. Great.

“How much did you drink? Why were you drinking in the first place?” you threw his hand, around your shoulder and dragged him to the bed. Man is he heavy. You dropped him down but as if he waiting for this precise moment, he grabbed your hand and pulled you to the bed. He rolled over, so he could be on top.

“What are you doing?”

“Finishing what we started.”

“I’m not doing anything with you tonight, you’re too drunk.”

He hovered above you for a few seconds. Gazing into your eyes when he plopped down on top of you.

“You’re right,” he whined. “I want to remember every second of it.”

“Wonwoo, could you maybe get off? You’re heavy.”

He did as you asked but still didn’t let go and instead snuggled up to you.

“I’m staying over,” he said.

“Of course you are,” you rolled your eyes.

“You know,” he started again. “I never won against you.”


“So…” he said, drawing your body closer to him. “I still can’t let you go,” he whispered into your ear.

Not Without You

Originally posted by tony-starkes

Rating: Adult, Explicit, Mature

Characters: Jim Kirk, Reader, Spock, Uhura, Bones

Situation/Scenario: Reader is trapped on a shuttle that is about to fail/explode/fall out of the sky (I don’t know how to word that) And the crew is struggling to get her back on board. She is beamed out at the last second. Jim has already convinced himself she is going to die, she doesn’t, he proves how much he needs her.

Warnings: Almost death, Angsty, smut, romance, unprotected sex, AN UNEDITED HOT MESS

Author’s note: Sooo, I have not written smut since I had a kpop smut page. I apologize in advance, my skills are ruuustty.

tags: @yourtropegirl

Not Without You

“Y/L/N to enterprise!” You yelled into your communicator. “I don’t think the shuttle is going to make it!” You yell as you try to pilot the damn thing closer to the enterprise. The ship had stopped at a class m planet to assist in delivering medical supplies to a research team. Everything had gone well, till it was time to return to the enterprise. The team on the planet had their pick of some supplies, and you had the remaining on the shuttle with you. You were supposed to have another crew member go down with you, but you had done this very trip to this team a few times before and didn’t feel you needed assistance.

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Exo as Yandere

Warning: Smut, Angst, Dark theme and Violence cause you know…YANDERE. I also do not any gif. Anyway thank you for reading, please enjoy~!

Baekhyun : The Hyde and Jekyll Type :

His smile is feign with innocence. Charming and popular, Baekhyun would use his amiable personality to approach you. His objective was simple, slowly earn your trust and soon your heart. It wasn’t that hard to become friends with you through his sense of humour. And it is even easier since the both of you have so many common interest, like playing video games or nerding out about movies. But it was frustrating to be stuck in a friend zone within your heart for such a long time. Baekhyun may seem like a gentle and loving person to you but it’s all a facade. Deep down the other part of him was surging to come out. It couldn’t wait to make you his. No matter what type of competitions he have. In the end you would always came back to Baekhyun. After all he is your best friend. Your one and only soulmate.

  • “Don’t cry Y/N, He is a fool for leaving you. He doesn’t deserve you at all. You can cry on my shoulders as much as you want. I will always be here for you.”

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  • “You think Y/N would believe you? I have known her for such a long time. With these pictures who do you think she will believe? This is just the beginning you know. If you don’t break up with Y/N, I will make sure you wish you were dead.”

Minseok : The Big Brother Type :

The first time when you’d met Minseok, you can’t help but to fall for him. He is very attractive after all, flirty and confident, yet still a gentleman, who wouldn’t fall for someone like Minseok? But because he was much older than you and surely more experience. You had gave up and dismiss all of your feelings as a simple crush. Minseok didn’t help out though, even though you were just a little sister to him. He had teased you to no end, making you feel things you shouldn’t always leading you on for no reason. You desperately wanted to move on from Minseok. But he was always in the way. Acting like an overprotective older brother, Minseok was the worse. Little did you know though, is that Minseok have feeling for you too, even more than one could imagine. After all he was always watching, from the very beginning those watchful eyes was already set on you. Big Brother is and always watching.

  • “No Y/N, you are way too young for this. Your parents won’t be happy if they found you going to place like that. How about I take you out on this Saturday instead? Should we go to that new restaurant? Or should we go the mall?”

Originally posted by katherine8595

  • “Didn’t I told you not to go to that party? Dressing like this…You even allow that bastard to touch you. You really want to see me mad don’t you? I should punish you. You’ve been a very bad girl Y/N. And bad girl like you should be heavily punished.”

Jongin : Hannibal Lecter Type : 

Jongin wanted everything from you. He make it clear of course, that he wanted you on the very first meeting. Confidentiality coming toward you unlike the rest. He would shamelessly flirt with you until you agree to go out with him.  A perfectionist at heart, Jongin will plan out every dates for the both of you perfectly, making sure that every moments you two spent together would be very special. It wasn’t enough though, already within weeks of dating, he wanted more than nothing but to spent every moment with you. He could not stand the ideas of you being with anyone else but him. You are his goddess, his one and only, his to worship. No one could ever loves you even more than Jongin. Your body, your heart, your soul…if those greedy eyes could speak it would probably said that’s it wanted to consume your very own being.

  • “I love you Y/N, so, so much. Let’s be together forever okay? I will always protect you, I promise to love and  cherish you till the end of the days. Please, please believe in me.”

  • “Y/N doesn’t know it but I really hate it when I see guys like you approach her. Really what make you think you could ever have a chance with Y/N? You’re nothing but a pig for me to slaughter. How should I do it? Should I cut you up and feed you to the dogs? No, I think I’ll start with your legs and feed it to you.”

Junmyeon : The Mr. Gatsby Type : 

What is use to all the money and power in the world if he can’t have you? Unlike the rest of Psychopathic Type, Junmyeon is the most ‘human’ in all of them. He understands your feelings, how your heart didn’t belong to him the moment you first met him. But it was okay, Junmyeon respect your choices. He loved you enough to let you roam the world freely. There is nothing in the world that he couldn’t do for you. He could buy you anything you ever wanted, his love for you is endless. If you like he would even kill himself for you. But as perfect of a lover Junmyeon is, there is just one thing he couldn’t stand, and that’s seeing you getting hurt. This lovestruck fool would do anything to protect you. If you were to ask he were willing to do anything.

  • “Don’t cry Y/N, please don’t cry. Can’t you see how much I love you? Please stop hurting yourself. Seeing you like this is killing me. Please forget about him.”

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  • “Why must you hurt Y/N? Do you not see how much she loves you? I loves her so much, and Y/N, she loves you so much. I was going to let you be, I was willing to share Y/N with you…but that’s all changes now. You have hurt her too much. I can’t forgive you. Don’t worry it will be all over soon, Y/N will forget about you soon enough.”

Yixing : The Daddy Long Leg Type :

 Instead of interacting with you directly like the rest, Yixing would keep his distance when he first meet you. It wasn’t because he was afraid of rejection or anything like that, no, no, it’s just necessary that he find out everything about you first before the right time come. He must become the perfect man in order to woo you. Everything he do must be completely believable, so natural, like he have never meet you before. Let those gazes follow him, let them see how great of a man he is and that he is the man of your dream. Let them admire him and let them desire him. His plan was absolutely flawless after all. Playing the nice guy, becoming your crush, helping you secretly, and letting you find out all his good deeds ‘accidentally’. Who said you can’t create your own destiny?

  • “Ah Y/N, What a coincidence meeting you here, would you like some coffee? It’s my treat! How did I know that this is your favorite? Hmm…lucky guess, I guess.”
  • “Do you see that lovely girl over there? I’ll give you $300 if you pretend to attack her at 10:40 PM today. I will be there trying to protect her, you can beat me up as much as you want, just make it believable and leave within 10 minutes or so.”

Jongdae :The  Dr. Frankenstein Type : 

Jongdae was obsessed with you. How unfortunate you are to have meet a lover like Jongdae. Unlike the rest of Exo, this person wasn’t afraid of you knowing this dark side at all. In fact he had fully embrace it and using his kind feature this person would manipulate everyone around him. There was nothing wrong with Jongdae. It’s just that it’s you who haven’t realize how ugly and impure this world is yet. And so Jongdae was going to show you just that, he would show you the true color of those pests. Driving you insane and giving you madness. Jongdae knew well that he have to ‘kill’ you in order for you to be reborn completely. So until when you are able to compromise that Jongdae was the only person you ever needed in this world, by then you are truly his.

  • “There you go again, being so kind to them, you really are an angel aren’t you? Even if he is your boyfriend and she is your best friend must you give them that much trust? I’m only joking~They seem like really good people after all~”

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  • “I told you didn’t I? That they was going to betray you. Look what you done now. Dirtying your hand like that? Don’t worry, you did nothing wrong Y/N-ah~ All you need is me, just put all of your trust in me. I will protect you”

Chanyeol : The Romeo Montague Type : 

There was nothing in this world that could tear Chanyeol away from you. A romantic at heart, every moment you spent with him will be fill with love and happy memories. Being wooed by his sweet songs, making you laugh, giving you lots and lots of loving kisses. Meeting Chanyeol was like a meeting of fate and he would make you feel like you were the luckiest girl in the world. But little did you know that this perfect boyfriend can’t help but to have a dark side to him. There was no way that he would let it happens, for this love to become a star-cross lover tragedy. Nothing could tear Chanyeol away from you. No one was ever going to steal you away from him. And if your heart ever to get stolen? Than Chanyeol wouldn’t mind dying with you, stealing you back from the person that had stolen you away.

  • “Did you dream of me last night Y/N? Me? Of course I did, how can I not think of you every minute of the day! You don’t believe me? Silly Y/N just how many time do I have to say that I love you for you to believe me?”
  • “Why did you look at him like that? Am I not good enough for you Y/N? You know that I can’t take it right? Do you really want to see me feeding you poison that much? Don’t turn me into such a bad guy Y/N-ah. I love you so, so very much.”

Kyungsoo : The Devil Type : 

With a face of an Angel. No one could ever doubt that he was a more of a fallen one. It doesn’t matter if you have a lover or not, in the end you could never escape from Kyungsoo. Tempting with you lust, filling your soul with envy, he will show you the way of wrath. In which your heart can’t help but to be consume with greed as fall deeper for him, letting you have a taste of sloth, only to leave you starving in gluttony. He loves it to see you degrading yourself begging for mercy and pleading for more. So forget all about your pride and all of your morals. Take a bite of this sweet apple and sell your soul to the devil. You can run away from temptation but never hid from it.

  • “I don’t tell lies Y/N, well not to you. If you wanted me then say it. I want you too. I will always be here waiting for you. So just come to me and I’ll be yours.”
  • “Were you jealous of her darling? Did your heart fill with envy when you see me with her? Did it drive you insane that you wanted to murder that person? Baby girl you should already know that my heart is only set for you.”

Sehun : The Prince Charming Type :

Sehun is the type of guy that you would bring home to your parent. Someone who all your friends would swoon over and talk about. He was the guy that would sweep you off your feet. The more you look at him you can’t help but to be reminded of a perfect prince out of the fairy tales book. But one should always be careful of what they wished for. After all happily ever after always came with a price. The moment you had fallen for this Prince Charming was already too late. One can only advise you to continue and remain oblivious to what was happening and continue on loving Sehun. Or else the beast will be awaken and you could never escape from this twisted fairy tales.

  • “Here have my coat. Yes, your friends seem nice. Hmm? Are you jealous? You’re silly you know that? Aigoo~ How can my girlfriend be so pretty even though she are mad at me?”

Originally posted by oikawae

  • “Does it hurt? I’m sorry princess but you had brought this upon yourself, you were going to leave me after all. And now these chains are going to keep you here with me forever. I will make you happy, I promise.”

Anyway as you can tell there are a bit of English Literature refferences with in this post. They may not be actually yandere, but i find these characters inspiringly creepy. It took really long to make this but I wouldn’t mind doing it again. So if you have a request please feel free to drop it in my inbox. I hope you reblog and give me heartu~

The List Part 3

Last part folks! Sorry it took so long. A truck load of stuff happened in almost every aspect of my life but I took care of some of it now. Btw, can someone please tag @zodiac-awesome, @otpislife2002, and @rptheturk? I can’t seem to tag them for some reason. Anyway, enjoy!!

Part 1  Part 2


Logan woke up at exactly 6:30 am that morning.

He put on his glasses, let his eyes adjust a bit, did some stretches, and changed into his usual attire. He fixed himself up a bit to look somehow presentable.

After making sure he was decent, he did his daily rounds of checking his walls; and by his walls he meant the various things posted on it.

He finally finished filling up the fourth week of Thomas’ schedule. He read over his list of important dates to see if today was one (thankfully it wasn’t), and he looked over his food chart and made plans to try and convince Patton and Thomas to cook something with vegetables for once.

He checked his to do list and was reminded of the meeting they’d be having later to discuss the next video. Maybe he can finally tell them about some ideas he thought of. Hopefully they’ll be taken into consideration this time.

He read through every chart, list, and table in the room until he’d walked past every corner.

He checked the time and saw that it was almost seven. Patton would be awake any time now to make breakfast. In fact, Virgil’s and Roman’s voices could already be heard down the hall having another of their silly little arguments.

They were unusually early, Logan thought.

As he readied himself to meet the others in the commons, he was met with one last list by the door.

That list. Logan didn’t really have a label for this particular one. He made this list a few months ago to… well… mend his mistakes; to fix his wrong and make himself a better facet. It was designed as a strategy to remind himself of his imperfections so that he may find a solution to somehow improve himself.

Everyday he follows that list in hopes of gaining something even he isn’t sure what. Improvement? Favor? Acceptance maybe? Thomas’ betterment? Perhaps even the others’ happiness?

He doesn’t know.

What he does know is that despite of all the months of learning vocab words, keeping quiet, suppressing emotion, working hard, controlling his excitement over learning, and distancing himself so the others can be happy, nothing has changed.

He’s still the same boring, buzz killing, emotionless, unfavorable, and useless logical side.

Well, come to think of it, he may have actually successfully did something about his annoying talkativeness.

He feels a strange twinge in his chest but skillfully wills it away as he readies himself to read every item on that list again.

He takes a deep breath and casts his eyes on the 1st item but does a double take when he notices something different.

1. Smart

Your immense knowledge and intelligence is truly something admirable. You are the best opponent in a debate and you always have the solution to any problem or dilemma. Your mind has gotten us out of tricky situations countless of times and we can not be more thankful for that.

Now, Logan knows that is not the list he made; but as much as he wants to run to the commons right now and ask who took it, he must admit that reading that first item made him feel something… pleasant. He can’t help but continue on with the rest.

2. Passionate

You love to learn. Learning brings you enjoyment and fills your eyes with wonder, which we rarely see. With the desire to learn of course comes the desire to share what you have acquired. Do not hesitate to share your excitement with the others. Your passionate rambles about astronomy and psychology have been terribly missed (and have been scientifically proven to be found adorable).

Logan was sure Patton wrote that last bit. He didn’t even notice when a little laugh slipped from his lips.

3. Human

Yes, technically we are aspects of a persona, but that does not mean we do not possess some characteristics of a human being. This means that we, including you, have emotions. Even as the logical side it is okay to show feelings. In fact, there are some cases where emotions are necessary in a dilemma or in a problem. It’s okay to get frustrated, to be mad, and it’s okay to cry; you need to every once in a while. Of course, do not forget to smile. You do not need to hide them.

Right now, Logan was feeling something in his chest he could not understand and his eyes are stinging. He decided that he wasn’t going to push them down; just this once.

4. Caring

You may not admit it but we all know how much you care for us. You are always looking out for Thomas, striving to bring out the best in him. We’ve seen you worry over each of us and you’ve helped us in times of need and we will forever be grateful for that. Please do not distance yourself any longer. We know you think it makes us happy but really, we miss your company terribly.

He was immensely off schedule now and somehow the sting in his eyes had turned to liquid. It only made him want to read more.

5. Relevant

You. Are. Needed. (Pardon the grammar). It’s you who keeps Thomas sane. You are his drive to learn. You provide him with his basic knowledge and you are certainly relevant in maintaining his health. None of us could ever replace you Logan. You are unique, and you are important.

Logan was feeling a mirage of emotions now that stopping it would be of no use. He finally lets a few tears slip as he reads the last item.

6. Loved

If you would let us, we would like to show you how much you really mean to us. We apologize if we have failed to say it before and we can not forgive ourselves for not showing it enough; but please know that you are unique, you do not need to change, we care for you, and most importantly, 

we love you.

He read that last line again; and again, and again, and again. He wanted to make sure this was all real; that he wasn’t dreaming.

He can’t believe it. It doesn’t make sense. Why? How? It’s illogical, nonsensical, unreal…


He could feel the piece of paper on his fingertips and the words lay there unmoving and unchanging.

This is real. Everything was sinking in all at once. He belongs, he is needed, they care, they understand, he is loved.

He never thought he would ever be able to cry while feeling such immense happine-


He faced the door where three facets stood.

For a second they all just stood there until Logan ducked his head and quickly wiped his eyes dry and-

Oh, he never knew a hug could feel this… wonderful.

As the three sides enveloped their logical counterpart in warmth and comfort, Logan let go.

He let go of all the toil and sorrow he’d been locking up in one heart-wrenching sob.

It was the first time they all saw Logan cry, and they all hoped it was the last.

“Apologies, I-”

“No, we should be the ones apologizing.”

“We’re so, so sorry .”

“You are none of those things please believe us.”

“But I’m-”

“No but’s. Forget that list you made. It’s all lies.”

“You don’t need to change.”

They said all that they needed to say until none could be said any longer.

As they all stood there a few moments after, looking at each other’s red eyes and tear-stained cheeks, they heard the most wonderful sound they ever heard:

Logan’s laugh.

It was nothing more than a breathy chuckle but it was a laugh nonetheless; a laugh that coaxed their mouths to curl upwards too.

“…I love all of you as well.

Okay, that was the most beautiful thing they ever heard.

They shared one more hug, then headed out the room for breakfast.

The list remained there; and like Logan did with all his other charts and reminders, he read that list everyday.

It never failed to make him smile.



“Hey Logan?”

“Yes Patton?”

The moral side pointed from where the four of them were laying side by side outside to a group of stars in the night sky.

“What’s that constipation over there?”

A little laugh.

“You mean that constellation over there?”

“Well if that’s what you call it, then yeah.”

A tiny smile.

“That’s the little dipper or the Ursa Minor.”

The smile grew.

“Did you know that that star at the tip of the Ursa Minor is the Polaris? It is also called the north star because it…”

Virgil propped himself on his elbows and looked to his right to see Logan passionately talking about the constellations with Patton beside him listening intently with wide eyes.

To his left he saw Roman; both hands above his head, wistfully looking into the dark, starry night.

All of them wore smiles on their lips.

He lay back down with a content sigh and his mouth curled upward.

It was great to have his family back.

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Steamy Showers / Clay Jensen smut imagine

Steamy Showers

Clay Jensen x reader

Request: clay jensen smut where you’ve been teasing him all day at school w little touches and whispers that when you two are home later he can’t take it anymore.

A/N: First smut I’ve ever written so I hope it’s good! Decided to change locations a little bit, but it’s still the same idea J. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy! (Oops, this got longer than expected… oh well.)

Warnings: smut, swearing

Word count: 1410

It was a few weeks after you and Clay had your first time together. It went pretty well but it had hurt a little for you. Clay felt so bad about hurting you that you hadn’t had sex again. But you were determined to change that. You had longed for Clay to have sex with you again, but you were too afraid to initiate it or ask for it.

Today was your weekly jog session together and you picked out a sexy sports outfit; short pink shorts, a pink sports bra and a see-through white top. You had it hanging in your closet for some time and you were too shy to actually wear it. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

You heard the doorbell ring and knew it was Clay. You quickly put your hair into a messy bun and ran downstairs to open the door.

“Hey, babe, ready to go?” Clay asked as he was checking his watch. He lifted his head to look at you and his mouth fell open a bit.

“I’m ready,” you smiled happily and closed the door behind you. “Shall we?”

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anonymous asked:

I know we all are starving for the backstory and i dont know if you talked about this but do you have any predictions or wishes ?

oh yes yes I love prekerberos backstory stuff!! Okay, so:

  • I don’t think Shiro and Keith were friends at first. we know that Keith has deep abandonment issues and really struggles with emotional intimacy, so I imagine he had difficulty reaching out to others. We also know that Shiro really changed his life, but many people are averse to change. Even if Shiro was just trying to help–saw that Keith had no one in his corner and tried to take him under his wing–I think it’s very likely Keith fought him every step of the way. He can take care of himself. But gradually, Shiro works his way into his heart, and there’s just no turning back. (see here
  • I also am very much a proponent of the theory that the change of clothes Shiro got from Keith’s shack belonged to him originally, and that he stayed over at some point prekerberos and left them there
  • Following in the same vein of that, I like to imagine the hoverbike was originally Shiro’s and he and Keith ditched curfew to go on midnight rides through the desert. And at one point Keith drove them to his shack. To me, it just makes more sense that the bike would be Shiro’s, because I honestly can’t think of any conceivable way for Keith to afford it. We’re talking about someone who lived in a rundown shack without a bed and a slab of stone on stacks of cinderblocks for a table after all, I feel like he couldn’t afford this sleek new hoverbike model. 
  • Keith’s favorite class according to the Voltron site’s paladin quiz is self-defense, and we know from his gladiator days that Shiro was damn good at hand-to-hand combat. So I just really want Shiro and Keith to be sparring partners at the garrison. Like maybe Keith is really stressed out and needs to blow off some steam so Shiro offers to train with him. And yeah, he’s fast and his footwork’s deftly fluid, he’s good at evasion and more agile than anyone in his class. But he’s also impatient and hot-blooded, and after gauging his technique long enough it doesn’t take much for Shiro to get the better of him. Keith spends their first few sessions with a perpetual losing streak and having to constantly hear “patience yields focus.” 
  • Keith broke lots of records in the sim, and most of those belonged to Shiro 
  • They eat lunch together in the commissary and everyone stares at Keith because what the hell is that cadet doing with Shirogane 
  • Shiro is the garrison golden boy and Keith is the up and coming ace pilot. The officers mostly can’t stand Keith because he’s rough around the edges, blunt, hates following orders, carves his own course, and never does things by the book. 
  • Astronauts at NASA have said part of the screening process was determining whether or not you would be good for publicity. Like, Shiro is practically America’s sweetheart and perfect for being the face of the garrison. He’s great for the recruitment posters. Having their best new pilot be Keith is frustrating though, because he doesn’t fit into their little mold, but he’s also too damn good for them to ever let him go
  • Keith pining for Shiro please
  • And Shiro being really blown away by Keith’s raw talent and ability, Shiro admiring Keith and slowly realizing oh no, I like him
  • I really want Keith either being super supportive of Shiro’s decision to accept his mission for Kerberos or completely heartbroken he’s leaving and tries to get as much distance as possible to make the separation less painful
  • Keith being there for the mission launch and Shiro holding him close in a warm hug, murmuring that he’ll be back soon and not to worry. Keith stiffens, but still says, voice broken, “I know. You’re a great pilot, Shiro. You’ll be okay.” 
“I liked the building, not you.”

A/N: Hope this breaks my writing hiatus.  I tried to make this as realistic as possible. I might have more parts if you guys like it. 

Paring: Shawn X Fan

Word Count: 3,175

I wasn’t sure which neighbourhood I was in or how I exactly got there but I didn’t care. As I passed further into the blocks of residential houses the more they began to bloom with colour and greengage. I felt like I was returning home.

I continued listening to my music out of one earbud and ambled my way down the streets, the shutter on my camera never seemed to stop. Everything was perfect and it had been so long since I felt this way.

Toronto was good for me but it also was different. It was nothing like back home and after living on The Rock for my whole life I wasn’t used to change. Moving to Toronto I expected that my abilities would expand and flex but after the third month, I was feeling trapped. My source for photography was suddenly limited and I was trying to learn to adapt.

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“I’ve got you.”

Summary: The life of a royal can be dangerous and prince Roman’s is no different. The people believed that, with everything their benvolent prince had overcome, he must have a guardian angel watching over him. Little did they know, he actually did. Winged!Virgil.

Pairing: Prinxiety (could be platonic, but is bordering on romantic)

Words: 5955 words (!!!)

Triggers/warnings: near-drowining (not detailed), fire (detailed)

A/N: This is based off @randomslasher‘s wonderful fanart that @this-is-ske (it won’t tag, sorry) coloured. Dear lord, this story was a trip! Glad I got it done :) Laura, I hope you feel better soon!

PS. Despite me tagging people on the Spread your wings taglist, THIS IS NOT PART OF SPREAD YOUR WINGS! I just tagged you because I thought it was the Winged!Virgil aspect that interested you. If you did not want to be tagged, my apologies. It won’t happen again.

Roman couldn’t remember their first meeting, which meant that they might not have met that time, at all. But he wanted to believe they did.

It was when he was six years old, bedridden with a high fever. He had been confined to his bed for days on end, coughing and crying and sleeping and enduring, enduring, enduring. The best healers in the kingdom had been summoned, but none of them could help. The king and queen were told to prepare for the worst-case scenario: the prince was unlikely to survive.

But then, suddenly, he did.

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Goodbye Mr. English Guy

Pairing: Newt Scamander X Reader

Requested: Yes

@fangirl4mbct: Hi can you do a Newt X Reader where the reader is a muggle (her and newt are in love) and she and Jacob get their memories taken but they still become friends and open the bakery together a few days later Queeny, Tina and Newt walk in and see them smiling and the reader looks at the three before looking back at Jacob with a knowing smile and she says something like “finally you guys come in here how long has it been since we’ve last seen you” and it’s all cute and fluffy?

A/N: Yay, I finally wrote something! I’m sorry for the long wait, I just never found the time to sit my butt down and write a full paragraph, hehe.
I changed the plot a tiny bit but I hope that’s alright! I’m sorry if this sucks!


They all stared teary-eyed as Jacob walked away, not looking back. People passed, drenched from head to toe, their memories fading away.
The four people still sheltered from the rain, remained unnoticed. Millions of tiny water crystals fell onto the streets, the patter of the heavy droplets soothing and welcoming.

You knew it was your turn to step out and return to your normal life, you knew that it was the right thing to do. But your heart fought against you, not daring to move into the rain as if it were boiling acid. Acid that would strip away who you now were.

A gentle squeeze brought you back from your thoughts, you hadn’t realized that you were holding Newt’s hand.

“(Y/N), I…I can’t lose you,” Newt says, holding back tears that were threatening to fall. He had to be strong, for your sake. “We can make this work! You can climb into my case and I can take you to England and we can start a new life there without fear of being hunted by the ministry because they accept relationships with muggles and-”

He was stumbling over his words, something he did when he was extremely nervous. Oh, the things you already knew about the man and what he knew about you - and you had literally met over twenty-four hours ago! It was love at first sight, it was fate and now, it was being ripped apart.

You place your shaking hand on to Newt’s face and shake your head sadly.

“You know that’s risky Newt, I can’t have you get into any more trouble.”

“But-” he protests, desperately holding you closer.

“It’s…it’s alright, love. Jacob was right, I was never supposed to know any of this, it’s for…the best.”

He looks at you with sad but understanding eyes. A tear trickles slowly down his cheek.

“I love you.” he whispers.

“I love you too,” you say gently, tears also streaming down your face. You stand on your tiptoes and press your lips to his, savouring the feeling or his full lips against yours. You both tasted tears.
When you pulled away your body screamed for his touch, screamed to stay with him, but you fought against it, you had to.

You step back, face the streets and take a deep breath.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find her again,” Tina says gently to Newt. “We’ll find both of them, after all, they were friends before this whole thing.”

“But how will she remember?”

You smile sadly and turn your head ever so slightly and say, “I’m the same person, and I’ll find you attractive as soon as I see you. And if that doesn’t do anything helpful, grab me and kiss me, I won’t be complaining. Then…just be you, the one I fell in love with. Goodbye Mr. English Guy.”

With that, you step out into the rain and close your eyes. After a few seconds your head snaps up and you groan, quickly walking home.

“What kind of idiot am I for not bringing an umbrella?!” you scold yourself, bringing your hand up to rub your eyes with frustration.
Wait, had you been crying? You shake your head and tell yourself that it was just the rain.
“Damn the rain.” you mutter rather loudly before scurrying off.

“Damn the rain.” Newt repeats, watching you from a distance, hidden in the shadows.


“Okay, tell me again. You’re saying that someone just gave you a bunch of silver eggs to fund for this bakery?” you ask Jacob with bulging eyes and a smile as you stand with him behind the counter, serving eager customers from left and right.

“Yep, crazy isn’t it?” he replies laughing.

“Where’d you get your ideas from, Mr. Kowalski?” a woman with a smiling face asks, admiring the baked goods.

“I don’t know! I don’t know…They just come.”

Suddenly the bell on the door jingles and three people walk in. However one, in particular, catches your eye.

“Hullo,” Newt says, walking up to the counter where you and Jacob stood. Your eyes never left the handsome man’s face. Wait, did he just flicker his eyes towards you too? You didn’t know why but he seemed awfully familiar…

“Hello, there mister! How can I help you today?…” Jacob’s voice trails off as he sees a pretty blonde haired girl walk up beside the man you had eyes for.

“Oh, I can’t take this anymore.” the one with dark hair yells. “Do something!”

Newt blinks a couple times and swoops in and kisses you on the lips, taking you completely off guard.

Everyone stares at him in shock.

When he pulled away, he shrunk back, as if he expected you to slap him or anything. To be completely honest, you enjoyed it, a lot and you weren’t going to complain. But suddenly with a pang in your chest, it all came rushing back. A flood of memories filled you with warmth and you ran around the counter and jumped into Newt’s arms, startling him this time.

“Oh Newt, I’ve missed you!” you say, hugging him tightly and burying yourself into him.

Jacob seems to snap out of the whole memory loss thing too and says with a knowing smile, “Finally, you guys showed up! How long has it been since we’ve last seen you?”

But you barely heard him, the sound of his voice being drowned out and overpowered by Newt’s presence. All you wanted to feel, hear and see was Newt, and all he wanted was you.

“So it wasn’t goodbye after all.” Newt murmurs into your ear, gripping you tightly as if you would slip out of his reach again.

“Yeah, although it was fun saying ‘Goodbye Mr. English Guy’.” you reply with a laugh.

He rolls his eyes and presses his lips to yours once more.

Midnight Crash

Summary / Request: “Hi I’d like to request something where Tom Holland is drunk and he sings Sexual by Dyo [NEIKED]? Only if you feel like it and please take your time if you do! Lots of love” / A night of partying too hard comes to a close when Tom and Harrison decide to crash at your place.

Warnings: swearing

fluff / Gender Neutral reader

Requested: anon

word count: 1237

Originally posted by brennenbeckwith

At about midnight the drunk texts from Tom start to flood your phone. Some appropriate, some not, all are barely comprehensible. Around 1 AM Harrison starts to send you videos of Tom, drunk off his ass, making a fool out of himself.

In one clip, the two are in a club, the music deafening, but a familiar shadowed figure comes to view. Once you turn the brightness on your phone all the way up it’s clear to see that the figure is Tom holding two shots of what looks like tequila.

“Okay Tom, I think it’s time to cut you off for tonight,” says Harrison from behind the camera.

“How about I cut you off!” Tom yells while barely keeping himself upright.

               The clip then goes on to show Tom downing both shots before promptly collapsing onto a stool.

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jonathan byers x reader

words: 1272

warnings: mentions of sex, but overall some cute fluff that i based off of my boyfriend and i

requested: May I please request a Jonathan Byers imagine where it’s the morning after your first time and he basically spoils you? 

The Byers house was dead silent for once in it’s time. Sunlight spilled in through open curtains, the walls stood empty other than old photographs of the boys growing up. It was peaceful. With Joyce and Will spending the weekend with Hopper and Eleven, Jonathan had the house all to himself. Well to himself and you.

He’d been awake the last hour, watching how peaceful you looked when you were asleep. One arm was underneath you, the other lazily slung around your waist. His fingertips traced lightly over the skin there, tracing patterns and shapes. He didn’t want to wake you, as you seemed almost ethereal in your sleep. It was like he was lucky enough to have a real angel fall into his arms and he never wanted to let it go.

His movements ceased once he felt you begin to stir, assuming he was the cause of your waking. You turn to face him, still exhausted, and bury your face in his chest sleepily. He can’t help but let out a low chuckle at how adorable it was, leaning down to press a soft kiss against your forehead.

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Ties That Bind - Part 1: At First Sight

Characters (first names are as in the show renaming a few last names to fit my story): Reader (Y/N Harvelle), Crowley McCloud, Castiel Novak, Dean Winchester, Benny Lafitte, Ben Braeden, Asher (OC), Mike (OC),

Pairing: Dean x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Violence, robbery, gun shot wound, language (I think that is it for this one)

Word Count: 3500ish

A/N: Thanks to @blacktithe7 for betaing and helping me rework this series.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


You were practically hopping on one foot across the room, trying to catch your 6 month old german shepherd pup that had chosen to run off with one of your shoes just as you were about to leave the house. You were already late and in no mood for any of his shenanigans. Being late what not all that unusual for you though. You were a busy person, but when you were in a moment you gave yourself to it fully. No matter if it was the kids you worked with needing attention, your puppy needing love or a file you needed to read over. The last was what had slowed you this morning before everything started going wrong.

“Drop it Santo,” You pointed at him and spoke in a firm tone when you finally managed to get him cornered. Santo stared back at you for a few seconds before he reluctantly did as he was told.

“Good boy,” you mumbled as you retrieved your shoe and put it on. You led him out back and into his pin. You checked to make sure he had plenty of fresh water before you petted him goodbye and practically ran for your car. Even if you were busy and he was a brat, he still deserved your love. He was a sweet puppy and he was going to grow up to be an amazing dog.

Just as you put your key into the ignition, your phone rang somewhere down in your purse. “Damnit.”

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🔷 Irises

Originally posted by talk-me-down-troye

Summary: You and Yoongi hate each other but somehow you still have feelings for him. 

Pairing: Painter!Yoongi x reader

Genre:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) u kno 

Words: 5k 

A/N: I really like ‘enemies to lovers’ fanfictions so I decided to write one. I hope you like it. I apologize for any errors.

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Requested by @brennughh (okay I’m still not really sure what happened?? Like I meant to save this to my drafts at some point but I think I might have answered privately instead?? Cause it just like.. dissapeared?? Sorry for the confusion man :(( )

I hope your surgery goes/went well!! I tried to look into the recovery process a little to get an idea on what to write, but I’m not sure if it’s accurate or not, so bear with me :’)

  • As soon as you would make it home, Peter would rACE to your apartment to see you
  • since he wouldn’t have been able to come and visit you in the hospital
  • stingy nurses that didn’t like the fact that you weren’t related
  • Honestly he’d probably already be waiting at your house when you got there
  • balloons galore
  • lots of pillows and blankets
  • a stack of movies
  • a pile of books
  • When you would make it inside Peter would immediately run to your side and help you
  • Your parent would have been helping you get on the elevator and stuff
  • Peter would reassure them that he’s “got it from here”
  • It’d be a lot of cooing and smiling and ginger touches as he helped you to the bed
  • “C’mere, babe”
  • “Alrighty, almost there”
  • “You’re doing great”
  • One of his arms would be looped around your shoulder and the other would be holding your hand
  • Steady steps and patient smiles from Peter
  • Once you would get to the bed he’d kinda looked confused for a second
  • like
  • how were you supposed to climb up there
  • ?
  • “Can I lift you up?”
  • A guiltily, pleased smile
  • Cause even though he would feel so, so bad for you he would lOVe the idea of like carrying you around and taking care of you
  • You’d giggle and nod and lean against his chest
  • His arms would loop under your legs and back
  • SO.
  • one of his thumbs would be rubbing little circles on your side awww
  • You’d gingerly wrap your arms around his neck and lazily stare off into the distance because you’d be bEAt
  • He’d be admiring youuuu ahH
  • He’d love the sleepy smile and messy hair and soft breathing
  • so much so thaT HE WOULD ALMOST TRIP
  • almost.
  • But of course he wouldn’t trip like he’s clumsy but Spidey isn’t so it would balance out
  • he’d still feel super bad that he was too busy looking at you to focus asjfad
  • He’d lay you down really gently on the bed and fold the various blankets he had brought over across your legs and shoulders
  • Kneel by the bedside and stroke the hair at your temples
  • “You doin’ okay?”
  • he would feel so sad that you were sore and hurting uf
  • Questioning brown eyes and a worried smile
  • “I am now”
  • He’d chuckle really lightly, relieved
  • “Good, sleepy”
  • You’d pass out like right then
  • Peter would kind of be having an internal debate
  • He wouldn’t want to leave but he’d know that you needed to just sleep
  • so he’d wander into the next room to do homework
  • but he’d be in to check on you like evEry two seconds
  • Every time he’d be super careful to close the door so you could barely hear the click
  • EveRY TIME HE’D look at you and admire you and smile a lil and feel so bad for you
  • When you would finally wake up, your mouth would be pretty dry
  • You’d barely squeak out “Peter?”
  • Special spidey hearing and special spidey caring :’)
  • “Hey, uh, are - are you okay?”
  • You’d give a sleepy smile and nod, closing your eyes a little bit
  • “You’ve been out for a while, dude”
  • He’d grin and wander over to you
  • You’d wince a little as you shifted on the bed
  • “Does it hurt?”
  • “Yeah, a little”
  • Peter would look so. broken. adfadjha
  • “Can I - can I do anything?”
  • He’d swallow really hesitantly and lick his lips
  • “Those books looked pretty interesting”
  • His face would light up
  • “The ones - the ones I had on the coffee table?”
  • You’d nod and smile up at him
  • “I’ll go get them, I checked out a bunch from the library so we could read after you felt better”
  • and then he’d hurriedly scratch the back of his neck and chuckle a little
  • “Oh, uh I meant so that you could read them, I got them for you to read, it doesn’t necessarily have to -“
  • “I wanna read with you, Parker, c’mon go get those books”
  • He’d be a blushing happy grinning meSS
  • aW
  • He’d come back in the room with all of the books and some more blankets and pillows
  • He’d climb up next to you and you guys would sit there and read for a while
  • Little gentle cuddles
  • You’d probably fall asleep on his shoulder
  • aWW

- -

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[I’m On Fire] - Part 3

AU!Jeffrey x Reader

[Prompt: Jeffrey picking you up from school, and the scandal when everyone who thought he was your father, finds out he’s actually your boyfriend]

A/N: I wanted to write a flashback on how these two met, especially since they have such a huge age gap. In case any of you were curious – Also, I have been having such a serious struggle writing part 3 so if this is shitty or disappointed you guys in anyway…I’m so sorry in advance >.< I’ve written two different versions which I hated and now that I finished this draft I just wanted to post it without thinking. UGH again I’m sorry if its shitty. 

Tags: Smut, Daddy Kink, Fluff

Part 2 || Masterlist 

(gif by @londoncapsule


Alma was bustling with life.

Students, lovers and friends gathered together in the tiny narrow restaurant bumping elbows by the dinner tables and getting to know one another as they crowded the bar. The walls were painted an aztec blue, decorated and adorned with textiles of white, orange and mustard yellow. The eclectic music was drowned out by the sound of heavy chatter and the clinking of wine glasses.

Juxtaposing this lively atmosphere, you found yourself seated across Phoebe and Regina spending the first half of your night dealing with their chilling stares and withdrawn attitudes.

No matter how many times you profusely apologised to them, they didn’t appear to be in a forgiving mood.

“Did you guys forget how we became friends in the first place?”, you argued after they continued refusing to accept your hurtful “excuses”.

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