but i am nuts

happy birthday to my special boy !!!!
it’s a hamster plush party

“They told me that to make him fall in love I had to make him laugh, but every time he laughs I’m the one who falls in love"

this is the gayest thing I’ve ever drawn tbh

Alright so get this, I have never liked nuts because I once was violently ill after having a nut bar and also when I have had them on stuff it made my throat funny. So we are eating pudding last night and it had nuts in it and I am like, “nahh I don’t like this really” and my Mum just goes, “yeah not surprising really when you were younger and had allergy blood tests it came up that you were slightly allergic.” THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN VITAL INFORMATION I COULD HAVE DIED

the signs as random shit kids have said in science class (part 1)
  • Aquarius: I don't see with eyes. I see with brows.
  • Pisces: That light bulb is a good boy. A good rainbow boy.
  • Aries: Ty...Ty? Did you bring your purple vibrator again?
  • Taurus: *repeatedly chants* I'M GONNA KILL MYSELF
  • Gemini: Screw the science-ing; become a singer!
  • Cancer: Brendon Urie is a good dad dog.
  • Leo: My dad bought the sun for ten million dollars and he called it Sun.
  • Virgo: (to the teacher) I can't hear you. I can't hear fake news.
  • Libra: I love Jewish people! They make the best falafel.
  • Scorpio: Bill Nye: Teen Heartthrob and International Sex Symbol
  • Sagittarius: A supernova is NOT a suicide.
  • Capricorn: The fastest thing in the universe is you nutting. Zoom.

so now that I’ve had time to think about it:

Ed saying that Oswald ended up trapped because Ed didn’t love him back is such a reach and so irrelevant to the conversation they were having it almost feels like he was fishing for Oswald to say that he still loves him and trying to goad him into confirming it by telling him to grow up

B is for BAD

Do you remember back in 1x16 when Toby brings Spencer a paper from Jenna’s bedroom, and the paper was thought to have read the word ‘BAD’? Spencer discovers in the next episode that she was reading it wrong all along, the message wasn’t full of letters but of numbers. The numbers 214.

The numbers 214 are significant enough to have appeared over and over in our story in PLL so they have to mean something, right? Surely 214 wasn’t just a motel room, an area code, or a locker number… it is some kind of code between the -A’s. 

Could B actually be for bad? For Bethany? The word “BAD” can also be separated into the initials B.A.D.

A.D.? (am I seeing things again….)

Did we finally get something real handed to us?