but i am not sure if i like it

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I have seen somewhere that "bunny huggers do not make good keepers" and I would like to ask why is that? I do not understand the sentiment behind that statement, I am not even really sure who would one call a bunny hugger?

In animal management fields, people who just want to love on the animals all the time and treat them like pets and friends because they adore them are frequently referred to as ‘bunny huggers’. 

They don’t make good keepers because frequently when they’re applying for an animal care job, they’re doing it because they want contact with the animals. That’s not the job, and it causes a couple major issues when you’ve got someone like that on the team. Speaking from personal observation and summarizing the frequent things keepers talk about having to deal with: they’re often not willing to do the actual hard, dirty work that comprises 98% of the job because they thought they’d just get play privileges, and they’re also unfortunately more prone to breaking rules to try to touch or feed things. When people talk about bunny huggers not making good keepers, they’re talking about the fact that people who approach the job thinking wild animals want to be friends with them are often in no way prepared for the job at hand and are generally unwilling to do it. 

If you’re interested in the animal management field because you primarily want to hang out with / play with / touch animals, you’re straight up in the wrong field. 


So I have got over the initial shock that Regina and Emma actually hug (first saw on a Gif and was freaking out a little) and now I have watched the entire sneak peak I have a few thoughts….

Firstly did you notice that Emma couldn’t look at Regina when she said she was engaged, she spoke directly to Zelena.

Secondly when Regina sees the ring and then says ‘Emma…’ I’m not sure she is entirely happy, she looks shocked and sad.

The way that Emma stops and looks at Regina, like what ever Regina is about to say next is the most important thing in the world and when Regina tells her she is happy for her I’m pretty sure Emma means it when she says it means a lot because as usual Regina will be by her side and supporting her, whatever happens.

However I have two big things I am not happy about….

We have waited 6 seasons for them to hug. All the moments they have supported and saved one another and this is the moment they chose to allow them to hug? The moment is not even about their friendship or anything they have been through its all based around Hooks proposal.

Also I am annoyed that they released the hug before the episode airs. It’s almost like they are going… 'you’ve asked and you’ve waited and so here is you hug.“
It feels like the release has been used to draw the Swan Queen shippers in to watch the episode… It’s pure queer baiting and I refuse to be drawn into it.

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i'm not excited for it and it's making me feel so bad

Here’s the thing: I’m sure Harry’s music will be amazing, whatever the genre is, and yet I feel split in two the way I am when Louis does something and it’s tainted by things that happen alongside his career - like stunts. Half of me is yayy the other is absolutely PISSED about how everything’s tainted by specific media narratives, including the one according to which Harry is a distant megastar who loathes his bandmates and is above it all, so above it all that he can drop an entire album in complete silence and doesn’t even need to comment on anything, which we know for a fact is bullshit.

just another arya and dany parallel:

both are thrown into environments where they don’t speak the language. dany joins the dothraki where she is lost and alone. she cannot even speak to her new husband. but she has irri, a girl her own age, to teach her to speak their tongue. this helps her grow more confident among her new people. 

arya arrives in braavos and is instantly scared by the prospect of being friendless and unable to communicate in a foreign city. the waif becomes arya’s language teacher and *appears* to be of age with her. arya perfects her braavosi by living among the people while also learning several more tongues. 


Mineral Sale Item #1

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My headcanon is that Lance's real name is Lazaro but that on his first day of garrison the instructor wasn't too sure on how to pronounce the name and Lance was like "oh just call me Laz" and the instructor heard "Lance" so he just rolled with it

oh my god that feels real man, i can’t even begin to describe how many (white) teachers have butchered my name and then been like “oh yikes can i call you something easier??” hence bobbie

I have lived 
and laughed and fallen 
in love with wolves 
now, darling, it is time
I die with them too 

teeth bared for what feels 
like the very first time,
not against the world 
just against him-
the man who has always been
the greatest monster in this story 

he stands stock still as I circle. 
I don’t think he understands
how I have learned to growl poetry,
it’s vicious in a way
the little nothings he whispered 
never could be 

I’m stronger now
I’m brave, I’m bigger than girl
yet, still, he says my name 

and I drop like prey 

man is the apex predator,
I am not sure there will ever be a day
when I don’t feel hunted,
beaten, broken down by a boy 
who I taught to bite back

—  the wolf’s worst nightmare || O.L.

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What is your absolute favourite Johnlock moment in a fanfiction ?

That particular moment when the realization hits them and both of them are like.. “I think I will fuck him into oblivion and also I wanna make him breakfast and kiss his forehead and I am pretty sure I can die for him…Well damn…kick my dick I’m in love.”

I can read a thousand variations of the moment they helplessly fall in love and I will never get tired.

i agree that kylo ren hate on tumblr can be like… weirdly unnecessarily intense for sure

but i am pretty sure that “good people” don’t let trauma define them in a way that involves joining a fascist regime and killing an entire solar system

ivy is such a good cat. she waits for me to wake up before she heads to the kitchen to wait for breakfast (& at this point she starts meowing a lot, mercifully she waits until i am up for this part.) 

i got up, but only to pee with the intention of going right back to bed for a little more sleep, & i saw her walking to the edge of the bed like it was breakfast time, so i turned & motioned with my index finger a ‘wait’ type signal. she seems to be almost completely deaf at this point, so i held it there until i was sure she saw it, but really not convinced it would do anything. i peed, came back, & she was still right there.

she curled back up to catch a few more sleeps with me. 

fucking precious. the end.

*finally de-stresses enough to check emails, Friday evening*

“hi Logan, are we able to schedule a meeting for either Thursday or Friday this week?”

*stress levels immediately back up 300%*

another mun meme, feel free to repost.

NICKNAME: everyone calls me nerdy, I don’t know why. I call me nerdy too, idk why
STAR SIGN: gemini
HEIGHT: 5′6ish…I think…
CURRENT TIME: 8.25 pm and I am still fucked up from napping #rip
FAVE MUSIC ARTIST: woodkid owns my entire ass
LAST MOVIE WATCHED: assassin’s creed
LAST SHOW WATCHED: just watched the new arrow
WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: may 2016, right after civil war. I made the original blog for Peter back in like…2012. I’ve been around
OTHER BLOGS: overspeedification (aka hello blog I’ll be spending more time on once JL hits)
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: I was like ‘well underoos’ are the Big New Thing for Peter and I thought ‘man peter was very UNDER-USED in Civil War’ and then I was like… I can pun this.
AVG HOURS SLEEP: Usually 3-4 on weekdays but will crash for 15 during weekends
HOW MANY BLANKETS DO YOU SLEEP WITH?: just one big one??? lmao one blanket just does it for me. Two if its hella cold
DREAM JOB: I want to act so bad. You act like a doofus and you get paid that’s the #dream

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I've got a little confusion thingy going on. I'm ace. Full stop. That's pretty much set. But I always felt like I would be able to date/love both binary genders equally (makes sense now since I am sex-indifferent and repulsed by "female" genitalia). But recently I question whether I might be aro-spec. I look up the terms from time to time but the definitions sometimes feel so "scientific". But I am pretty sure bi-aro-spec, if I can word it like that(?) would you give me a list of aro-identities?

if it makes you comfortable, that label sounds fine

here’s a big list


Does it make me a bad person that I am so excited over that spoiler pic of Aaron having a panic attack. Sure, I’d rather he didn’t have to suffer through it but Robert’s going to be there, which is what I wanted from the last time he had one, and hopefully this means Aaron’s going to get some proper help because they’re not just dropping his mental health issues. 

Not to mention the fact that it’s looking more and more likely that he’s going to get spooked by Robert as he comes up behind him, which is then going to mean he’s going to lash out, and the fall out from him hitting Robert is going to be amazing, and they’re going to actually talk about what happened to him in prison, and it’s going to make Robert feel even worse once he finds out the full extent of it. (and breathe)

Yep, pretty sure that I should not be getting this excited about someone having a panic attack and hitting their husband.

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Hi Anne, may I ask you something I don't really understand? why does BTS have Japanese albums and Japanese songs? I mean, is it not possible to enter Japanese market with their Korean albums and promote that albums there as well? I'm curious because I really dont know how it works. and the same thing for the Taiwanese versions of their albums. why make a specific version for that country when it's exactly the same as their Korean one?

I actually am not sure about this either. it probably has more to do about the certain companies responsible for handling bangtan’s music matters in that country. Like it’s not bighit that produces it but their affiliated company in each country. Like in Japan, someone else manages bangtan’s music there so they produce japanese albums and songs.

Does vegan pizza taste weird…?

I won’t get an allergy test for two weeks so until I know for sure I just gotta avoid all dairy. I’m really hoping that I’m not allergic to milk and that it’s something else like a nut in ice cream and maybe the other reactions are just like, placebo reactions? Idk I’m hopeful. But it could also be a good thing if I am allergic since I planned on converting to a mostly vegan diet anyways (idk what the exact word is but I don’t want meat or animal milk…but I still like other things so long as I know where they came from). I’m just not ready for that, I like junk food 😢


going to an escape room tonight. kinda nervous because we’ve escaped twice and if we don’t again it’ll be kind of disappointing lol. we were supposed to go last week, but my sister was sick so we rescheduled. the only thing is that it’s not until 8:30 and i’m like 😴 already.

thank you all again for the kind words & support re: stomach probs. i don’t think i have an ulcer or anything else like that going on because i don’t have pain. still just can’t eat normally because i get pretty nauseous and i get so gurgly, burpy, and sour. unpleasant. like i said, i really just want to eat. i will report back after the gastro next week for sure. next week i have acupuncture monday, gastro tuesday, & dentist wednesday.

this weekend should be low key. next weekend we’ll be spending with tyler & sarah and i am super psyched.

anyway, it’s friday, so woop woop!

happy friday & have a great weekend, my beautiful loves!

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How do you feel about FT ending? I'm sad but happy, my main concern is will Hiro do a side story for Gajevy and Nalu? I hope he does FT is his pride and joy so I'm assuming he's not completely done with the FT franchise yet. If he does do a side story I want him to take his time in developing the story, just don't go out there and give us a story your not happy with.💫💕😌

I’m sad but happy as well. I hope he makes a ‘next generation’ type of thing like what happened with Naruto. I would like that.

However, I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the ships or anything. Gajevy is canon, and Nalu has been kind of famed as ‘more than friends, less than lovers’. I am a little worried about that, to be honest.

But I trust Mashima. Yes, he has messed up in the past. But he has done some good work in developing characters (even though there is tons of fanservice–which is NOT my favorite) and I hope he does with them what he pleases and that also makes us happy as well.

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i feel your last anon because for the love of god!!!!!!! i grew up calling my father "daddy" because i had an uncle i called "papa" and this damn website and everybody in this planet ruined the word for me!!! i had to resort to calling my father "mr. dad" or "the dadfather" (because he likes the godfather movies). thnx for ur time and good luck with harvard i'm sure you will do amazing.

yeah i still call my father daddy sometimes because that’s what i grew up calling him and i fucking hate the fact that it’s become so sexualized in the mainstream that i, a minor, am the one considered weird for calling my actual dad “daddy.” i’m literally just trying to be affectionate with the man who raised me i don’t want any sexual implications in that thanks