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sarah I just had a really weird flash into a fic idea where R is the god of love & beauty,,, like how E is usually portrayed in those fics?? I dunno, a role reversal of it seems rlly interesting


  • People expect the god of love and beauty to be beautiful, but Grantaire lives to be contrary, so his preferred form is decidedly unlike what anyone would expect him to look like - untameable curls, too big forehead, eyes too far apart, crooked nose, a scar across one cheek that he was delighted to receive from Bahorel one time they were play-fighting. 
  • The muted shock -always, always- in people’s eyes when they see him for the first time keeps his head straight, reminds him that humankind is not as good as Cosette likes to make them out to be.
  • “Is that him?” people whisper. “Are you sure? He looks nothing like the statues.” Grantaire doesn’t bother striking any of the statues down, he does enjoy beautiful things, after all, and they are all very beautiful. 
  • He learns that the statues have all been made to look like Enjolras, who “so beautiful that the god of love must’ve created him in his own image”. He learns that Enjolras hates it, hates being called beautiful even though he undeniably is
  • Out of curiosity, he goes and talks to Enjolras, and surprise surprise, ends up falling in love. 
  • “Make me ordinary.” // “You could never be anything but extraordinary. That would not change even if I changed the way you look.” 
7 | Save Me


word count: 3,174 you’re welcome

warnings: violence, gore probably smut at some point I mean it’s me we’re talking about, dead bodies, non-con etc. very mature themes.  this chapter has mentions of bruises and gunshots.

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“Hello beautiful, get dressed. You’re coming with us princess.”  Yoongi.

Being tied to a hard wooden chair in the basement of an abandoned house was the least of your worries, you were much more concerned about the two psychotic men across from you. Staring at your beaten frame as you sobbed uncontrollably,

“Don’t cry princess,” Yoongi hummed “We’re not going to kill you.” He ran a long knife across your bare leg, pressing just hard enough to leave a scratch mark,

“Not yet anyway.” The professor laughed as he stood in the corner of the room, toying with a camera,

“Why- why are you doing this to me? I thought you-”

“Well you thought wrong sweetheart.” Yoongi smiled sadistically, “I need you be cooperative. I’ve been waiting three fucking years to bring him down, and I’m not going to let some whore like you ruin my chances.”

“What- I don’t understand.” You choked out, fighting with the cries at the back of your throat,

“Namjoon princess. You’re going to help me kill him.” Yoongi stood up and hovered over your body, his icy stare fixated on your face, “And when you’re finished with that, you’re all his.” He gestured to the psychopath standing in the corner,

“Please,” you roared, choking on your own pleas “Please. Just kill me. Kill me-, I’d rather die than help you.”


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Promises - Happy Lowman

Requested by @chaosmieu

List#9: 7, 9, & 10 - Happy♡

7. “Please stop getting my hopes up. Just stop!”

9. “I’m not a fantasy. If you want me, earn me!”

10. “Sit there, watch me choose you. Watch me earn you.”

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I’m beginng to think people forget what Roleplay Means.  
Sometimes I let Anders live and run off with him
and I am harassed for it.
Other times Anders gets the murder knife in the
final act and I am called a NAZI for it.
So here is a reminder what RPG means………….
RPG is short for role-playing game which means
“a game in which each participant assumes the role of a character,
generally in a fantasy or science fiction setting, that can interact
within the game’s imaginary world.”
I truly wish the fandom would remember that before they
judge people.

Mr. Irwin: Teacher!Ashton

Request: Can you do a teacher Ashton smut?

Requested By: crazyfandommasterlist

A/N:  Hey guys I hope you like this one if you do please reblog and like it would mean so much to me. By the way requests are closed right now but after I catch up on the ones that I have committed to I will re open them. Please understand that is very graphic and sexual in nature. Therefore if you are not comfortable with that please do not read. Thanks you all so much, enjoy!


Sitting at my desk I quickly try to finish the rest of my test knowing Mr. Irwin’s rule of when the bell rings, your test ends. I can practically hear the clock ticking down knowing I have several more question and my heart picks up it’s pace. Then there it is the dreaded ring.

“Fuck.” I mumble under my breath. “What the hell am I going to do?”

I hear students all around me packing up their things and getting read to go. “Ms. Y/L/N, please stay behind.” Mr. Irwin says standing from his desk to collect other student’s midterms as the head out the door.

I sit patiently and try to take deep breaths. Not only the fact that I would have to tell him I did not finish is making me nervous but Mr. Irwin is extremely handsome, fresh out of uni himself, and has me completely head over heels for him. I’m the classic teacher’s pet. I study hard, always take note, get good grades, and I always remember to say hello at the beginning of class and tell him to have a nice day at the end. The classroom goes silent as the last student exits and Mr. Irwin slowly walks towards me. My hands are becoming clammy and I’m already super pink in the cheeks.  

“Y/N do you have anywhere to be after class today?” He asks after sitting down in the desk beside me and looking up at the clock.

With a deep breath I manage to speak. “No Sir I don’t.”

“Good… you know Y/N you are my best student and I appreciate the effort you put into your education with me.” I try to smile, nod, anything but I can’t, I feel absolutely paralyzed by him. He gives me an awkward look. “Y/N I didn’t call you after to yell at you… I would just like you to finish you test, you deserve the best grade you can get.”

I light up. “Really Mr. Irwin?” I ask in shock and he nods. “Thank you! Thank you so much, I promise I won’t be too long.”

“Oh don’t worry.” He chuckles. “Stay as long as you need, I’ll be up front if you need me.”

Taken back by his warmness toward me I have to shake myself and get back to work. Finally I finish and collect my thing before walking to him and placing the test on his desk.

“Thank you again Mr. Irwin.” I say smiling.

Looking up from his paper work he smiles back at me and takes his reading glasses off. “Of course, as long as you don’t have somewhere to be I would like to talk to you.” The nervous feelings bubble up inside me again but I say okay. “Good, you may sit.” He says pulling a chair up to his. I do as he says and put my stuff on the ground. “Y/N I think you know you are my favorite student.” He chuckles a little. “And I think we both know… there is something else going on here…”

My eyes almost pop out of my skull. Is this really happening right now? “W-what do you mean?” I ask trying my best not to stutter.

“Oh come on you are smarter than this. You come in here everyday exchanging a few nice words with me before sitting at your seat and then constantly looking at me with those beautiful eyes of yours leaving me to only imagine what you could be thinking about when you cross and uncross your legs and bite on your own lower lip.” I turn completely red and go to speak but he stops me. “Don’t even try to lie about it Y/N I see the way to look at me when you think I’m not paying attention…. but if you want me to stop just say it….” He pauses. I shake my head eager but also nervous to see what is about to come. “Well you know when sometimes I’ll stumble across my words during a lecture or lesson. You know what I thinking of?” He asks.

“No I don’t.” I whisper before asking. “Tell me.”

“I think about making everyone leave, locking the door, and taking you over this wooden oak desk right here. I think about pleasing you until you scream before I even get undressed. I think about fucking you so hard that every other man you’ll meet will just be a disappointment. I think of holding you in my arms after I’ve completely taken over you and how I’d pet your hair, kiss your skin, and whisper little sweet nothings in your ear.” He says smirking and almost whimpering at his words I stay quiet. “Now you think you can follow my directions?”

“Yes Sir.” I say standing up immediately ready for whatever task he is about to give me. I smooth out the shirt I’m wearing a little awkwardly.

“Go lock the door and then come stand right in front of me.” Quickly I do as he asks and when I get in front of him he stand up as well.

He smiles towering over me and caressing my cheek with his thumb. “Good girl… but before we move any further let’s promise to keep this our little secret…. At least for now.”

“I promise.” I assure him as I courageously place one of my palms on his lower chest.

“Very good… now may I finally kiss you?” He asks making me smile and blush. He smiles too pulling me closer.

“Please do.” I whisper and he does almost immediately. The kiss is surprisingly soft and gentle.

“All those other girls trot into my classroom in big heels with tight shirts pushing their breasts out and little miniskirts so that when they sit I could catch a glance. But you… you come in here in this.” He smiles chuckling to him seeing. “You’re comfortable, you look amazing, you’re not showing yourself off for my attention. No you got my attention though because you make my mind run wild desperate to know what secrets you’re hiding.” He pauses and kisses me again and this time I deepen the kiss so he does too. He swiftly picks me up and sits me on his desk. He pulls away and starts unbuttoning his shirt but his fingers keep stumbling.

“Let me.” I smile at him as he blushes because he’s been playing the role of the dominate and here I am having to help him. I get all of his buttons undone and tug off his tie. He then takes his tank top off so his chest is bare. “Wow.” I mumble at how toned he truly is.

He chuckles. “Your turn now baby.” He smirks at me seeing how I light up when he calls me that. I help him take off my shirt leaving me in my bra and skirt. “You like it when I call you that baby?” I nod and grin and he leans in kissing me. “Good girl… let’s take this off too…” He smirks pulling my skirt off and then allowing me to help me unbuckle his pants. “Fuck you are way too beautiful… “ He chuckles and wipes things off his desk and lays me back so he can kiss all over my skin. I giggle a little as he kisses over my stomach tickling me a bit. He chuckles too and then kisses my lips again. “I’m trying not to go to fast so that your comfortable but it’s so fucking hard…”

“I am comfortable, just fuck me already.” I somehow convince myself to whimper out. He stares at me for a moment and I panic. “Please?”

He laughs again. “As you wish baby girl.” He then tears all the rest of our clothes off so that we are completely bare and after slipping a condom on he starts teasing me with the tip of his cock. I moan out for him and lace my fingers with his of the hand that was resting on my hip. “Fuck baby you are so beautiful.” He says and then slides himself inside of me.

“Fuck…” I moan out and squeeze his hand. He groans two and waits until I give him the okay to start moving. “Oh my god, Mr. Irwin.” I moan at the sensation.

“You can call me Ashton baby.” He chuckles before it turns into a moan. Ashton picks up his pace before leaning towards me so not only can he go back to kissing me but that so he can also have easier access to my clit. He covers my mouth as I moan out just a little too loud for him desperately. “We can’t get caught baby.”

I nod and he lets go of my mouth. “Ashton you feel so good.” I mumble desperately. “Please go harder, oh my god.”

“Of course baby.” He chuckles and the groans as the sound of our skin colliding fills the room. “Fuck are you close?” I nod and moan loudly but Ashton is too distracted to cover my mouth. “Good girl I want you to cum for me.”

“Fuck okay, oh my god.” I whine as I feel my high and he starts kissing all over my skin. “Of fuck Ashton.” I yelp orgasming hard and he quickly pulls me off of him and pushes me to the ground.

“Can you swallow for me?” He groans as he pleasures himself and throws his head back. I push his hands out of the way and start sucking him off as answer. “Fuck, good girl, I’m almost there.” He groans and grips my hair. Before I know it he cums in my mouth and I swallow for him. Ashton pulls me back up and kisses me hard. “You’re amazing Y/N.”

“So are you…” I giggle.

We kiss again and he sighs. “I really like you… “ Ashton blushes at me and that surprises me a little.

“I really like you too…” I mumble blushing too. “So what now?”

He chuckles. “How about this?” He says pausing and getting a key from his coat pocket. “How about you go back to my place, make yourself at home, I’ll be home in a half an hour and then we can talk yeah?” I nod and he kisses me smiling me. “This is going to be quite the adventure.”

“That it is.”


(SOLDIER MADI REPORTING TO DUTY~ okay, this wasn’t a request. Oops. I have quite a few requests now. However, I felt like writing this while I still had the Ideas. I will answer some more requests either later tonight, or tomorrow (because I am tiRED.

Thank you to all who are sending in the requests, though :))



The fall breeze blew through your (H/C) locks, causing them to wave behind you. You let out a soft sigh, rubbing your cold hands together for warmth.

Yoosung took notice of this, and couldn’t help the smile that tugged on his features. He slowly brought a hand down to your own, gently interlocking your hand in his, instantly spreading warmth into it.

The two of you decided you would go buy a new video game to play with each other, wanting to spend more time together. He was always playing LOLOL, so, you wanted to see if you could find something that you could play instead of the usual.

Beginning to get bored of walking, you let out a small groan, and tilted your head up towards the sky. In that moment, you two had finished walking past a line of large trees, that were blocking the sun from hitting you.

A ray of light seemed to make it’s way on your (S/C) skin, giving you a beautiful glow.

Yoosung felt his breath hitch in his throat as he stared at your now smiling figure. The way he saw you…you were absolutely stunning.

The boy gulped, unable to stop himself from saying exactly what was on his mind.

“God..I just…gahh, I love you so much, (Y/N).” He admitted, shyly looking down at the leaf filled side walk.

You snapped your head over to him, blinking. Had you heard him right? Did he just say what you thought he said?

Once you finally processed what he had actually said, you had to think for a moment. How did you feel?

This boy had just confessed. He was giving you the opportunity to smash his heart on the ground if you didn’t feel the same.

You took a deep breath, letting out a small giggle. Yoosung bit his lip, not sure if that meant you didn’t return the feeling.

“Yoosung. I love you, too.” You finally said. His face lit up, happiness filling his violet eyes.

He picked you up into the air, excitedly spinning you around. Once he put you down, he couldn’t help but place a delicate kiss on your soft, pink lips.

You stayed like that for a few moments, just melting into each other.

Yes, you truly did love this boy..



“COME ON SOLDIER, I’LL RACE YOU! FIRST ONE TO GET TO THE HONEY BUDDHA CHIPS WINS.” Luciel exclaimed, starting to run off in the direction of the chips.

You let out a gasp, and pushed your bottom lip out.

“CAPTAIN SEVEN..! YOU LITTLE CHEATING SHIT!” You yelled out to him, as you tried to catch up.

Of course, exercise was never your thing. You’d much rather find yourself on the couch with some pizza, and a marathon of (Favorite Show.)

“I KNOW YOU DON’T ‘DO EXERCISE’ BUT COME ON.” He started to bust out in laughter, unable to continue running for the time being, due to the lack of breath.

You smirked, knowing exactly what to do. You would take advantage of the red head’s sudden pause, and pass him. Then, you’d be on top of the world!! Or..at least, on top of his chip stash.

You began to sprint as fast as you could, desperately trying to catch up. He didn’t notice at first, and by the time he actually did..it was too late.

You passed him with a grin, chuckling lightly at his mistake.

Once you made it to the Honey Buddha Chips, you collapsed into the floor, breathing heavily.

It took a moment, but Luciel caught up to you, sitting down in a criss-crossed position. He stuck his tongue out at you, taking a bag of the chips from the pile.

“Well, that’s all the exercise I’m doing this year.” You panted, also pulling yourself out a bag.

Luciel laughed, smiling at his lazy excuse of a girlfriend. He loved how cute you were when you were lazy. He loved how you’d always joke around with him. He loved that you two had the whole “soldier, captain” deal going on…and..he just loved you.

He didn’t know if it was too early or not, but he knew what he wanted to say, and he wasn’t going to hold it back.

“I really love you, you know that?” He quietly admitted, leaning over to you. He brushed a stand of your (H/C) hair out of your face, placing a quick kiss on your lips.

You tensed up, as he said those three words to you for the first time. Playing it cool, you relaxed into him.

You pulled away from each other, smiling.

“I love you too, Luciel.”



You smiled, thanking the waitress as you got the bill.

Jumin reached a hand over to pick it up, but you quickly grabbed it before he could even brush a finger on it. He looked over at you, slightly tilting his head in confusion.

“I want to pay!” You exclaimed, pulling your card out of your wallet. Jumin’s eyes widened for a moment, as if he couldn’t believe his ears.

“(Y/N). Don’t be ridiculous. I’ll be paying for our meal. It’s common curiosity.” He sighed, holding out his hand for the check. You narrowed your eyes, your lips forming a tiny smirk.

“We could at least split the bill.” You reasoned, placing your card down on the white clothed table.

Jumin was starting to get even more confused. Why weren’t you like other girls? Why weren’t you trying to get him to pay for the dinner, along with having him get you a thousand other things? Of course, he wouldn’t mind if you were. He would happily spend some money on you. However..the fact that he was assured you weren’t after his money..was very calming.

“You want to split the bill?” He asked, smiling softly. You nodded, and he shrugged, reaching over to take your card. At first, you felt satisfied..but then, you realized that he was putting your card in his back pocket.

“Hey! What are you doing?” You frowned, moving a stand of hair out of your face.

Jumin propped his elbows up on the table, continuing to give you that charming smile of his.

“You’ll get it back when we leave.” He casually stated, making your eyes widen.

“What? I thou-” he cut you off, getting a more serious look on his face.

“I appreciate the thought, (Y/N), however, I wish for you to keep your own money. I’ll take care of it tonight.”

You let out a small groan, glancing over to the side of the floor. Jumin chuckled, moving his arms back off the table.

“Don’t be like that, (Y/N). You know, I love you..” He confidently admitted, having no doubt in his mind that you were someone special to him.

You quickly looked to him, a big grin finding its way on your face.

“Is that so…? Well, Mr. Han. I love you, too, if I do say so myself~”



Zen jumped off the stage, grabbing the icy water bottle he had left on the floor.

You were currently watching one of his rehearsals, and let me just say..hot.

You looked up from your position in the old theater chair, slowly pushing yourself up to sit straight. You gave Zen a quick little wave, earning a smile from the man. He quickly mouthed a “hello, beautiful” to you, before pulling himself back on stage.

Zen took a big drink of the water, setting it back down as soon as he was finished. He rubbed his hands together, looking back over at the director.

“Now, I want you to really put yourself into this role. I know you can do it, Zen.” The director said. “Lights..Camera…ACTION!”

“Please, (insert other female name here.) Not after all we’ve been though…If you leave, what am I? Will I even be a man anymore? Or will I just become..become a lost child?” Zen said to the female lead in front of him.

You watched as he played out the scene, almost cringing at some parts of the script. You kinda wished you the one up there. That way, he could be talking to you. Even if it was cringe worthy.

Zen took the other females hand in his, looking her into the eyes as he prepared to say the next line.

“I love you, (Y/N)…” He stage whispered, before realizing his error. You felt yourself choke on the air, widening your eyes.

“CUT..! God, Zen..” The director sighed, running a hand through his hair. He waved his hand at Zen, grabbing his own water. “Take five.”

Zen quickly came back off stage, rushing over to be by your side.

“Hey..! (Y/N)! Uhm..did you hear that?” He nervously asked, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. You blinked, nodding slightly, unable to form an actual word. “Damn..I was hoping to tell you in a more romantic way then that.” He sighed, taking your hand, and pulling you up to your feet. “I guess I’ll just have to do this now.” He smiled. Before you could have a chance to speak, he kissed you.

You felt yourself go weak at the knees, wrapping your arms around his neck.

All too soon, he pulled away from you, resting his forehead on yours.

“I do love you, (Y/N).” He whispered breathlessly.

“I love you, too, Zen..”



You two had a day off, and you knew instantly that you wanted to spend it together.

So, there you were. Cuddled up together on your bed, ensuring that you both stayed warm on this particularly chilly fall night.

Normally, you two talked about more serious topics, which usually ended in one of you ranting, or making some deep confession.

As always, this was the case.

You two talked about how much the other meant to you, almost making it like a childish competition.

“Well, Jaehee.” You started, shifting slightly in the bed, keeping one arm securely wrapped around her. “Have I ever told you..that you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on?” You whispered, giving her a small smirk. You placed a finger underneath her chin, leaning your head over just enough to place a soft kiss on her small lips.

She let out a groan when you parted, obviously wanting more. She slowly moved her hand down to your lower back, rubbing small circles into your skin.

“Well, (Y/N). How about I tell you..that I love you..” She shyly says, a blush taking over her features. You felt your heart skip a beat, as you bit your lip. You were happy that she really did feel the same way as you.

“Well, I’d say that I love you, too.”



You brought the bag of bread down from the bottom shelf, placing it onto the kitchen counter.

You let out a small puff of breath, grabbing the toaster and plugging it in. You wanted to make some breakfast, and originally planned on making a great, big healthy one..but, it was just too much effort for you to put forth at the moment.

V wandered his way into the kitchen, smiling as he saw your beautiful figure moving around as you made some toast. He almost wished he had his camera. Even in your most simple moments, you still managed to fascinate him.

Noting that you didn’t seem to notice the blue haired man, he slowly walked over to you, wrapping his strong arms around your torso from behind. He snuggled his head into your neck, placing a soft kiss on it.

The gestures as a whole had first startled you, making you jump a bit. He didn’t seem to mind, as he only secured his grip around you.

“V, would you like some toast?” You laughed, preparing to get another couple of slices out of the bag.

“I’d love some. Thank you, (Y/N).” He said, pulling away from you. You instantly felt a wave of the cool air surround you, and you sighed.

V leaned on a nearby chair, continuing to watch you make the toast. He was grateful that you were put in his life. Especially after he had went through hell and back. He constantly had to ask himself..“is this real? Do I actually deserve such a wonderful woman?”

He only had three words left to say to you in this moment.

The toast finally popped out of the toaster, and you jumped again, obviously startled by the sudden noise it had made.

V chuckled at you, watching as you placed the slices of toast on a plate. You handed him the plate, giving him a sweet smile.

“Thank you, (Y/N).” He said. He gave you a quick kiss on the cheek, before leaning over by your ear. “I love you.” He stated, refusing to make eye contact. Your heart fluttered, as you pulled him into a tight hug.

“I love you, too, V.”



You let out a groan, as you sat yourself in your desk chair, placing your head in your hands.

Saeran looked over at you from his spot on your bed, tilting his head at your sudden action.

“(Y/N)?” He said, standing up, and moving over to where you were. He didn’t really know what to do in this situation, so, he awkwardly placed a hand on your back, patting it lightly.

You sighed, lifting your head back up to look at him. He gasped the moment you looked up. You had tears in your eyes, and it was quite obvious they’ve been there for a while. Your eyes were all red and puffy, and their were little tear stains on your pink cheeks.

He started to mentally panic, not knowing what to do or say. He hated to see you upset..it physically pained him to see you even about to cry.

“(Y/N)..uh..what’s..what’s wrong?” He tried, raising a brow.

You pushed your hair behind your ear, 100% ready to rant.

You began to talk about how these girls were talking about you at the store, making rude remarks right in front of you. You had a fight with one of your good family members, and they seemed to be pretty damn mad at you, now.

And so on and so forth.

“- and I just don’t know what to do. I feel as if the world just hates me. Everyone hates me.” You said, exaggerating a little bit, due to your frustration. Saeran blinked, not wanting to hear you say this about yourself.

“I don’t hate you..” Saeran said, trailing off at the end. You gave him a half hearted smile, before giving him a pat on the back.


“..Because I- I think I love you.” He finished, giving you a confident smile. You didn’t think, before pulling him into a crushing hug.

“Really, now? Well, I think I love you, too.”

You Serve Me

Request: “Reader teases Graves the whole day at MACUSA after the fight they had, (just everywhere, in his office, elevators, even at meetings omg), and when they come home after work the whole thing ends up with angry, sort of punishing sex for the poor reader. {I love your writing, honey, you’re an inspiration because I write myself sometimes}” + “could I request a percival smut that he and the reader work together and they have a love/hate relationship? love your fics btw ♡”

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Word Count: 2031

Warnings: Smut

Originally posted by givemeloveeff

“This isn’t right.” You said to yourself mostly, but Percival still came over, looming his head over to look at the paperwork. His cologne wafted into your senses, mixed with the smell of peppermint toothpaste and coffee. It was just hitting 9am, and you were already eager to head home, not wanting to deal with the pile of irrelevant data that had stacked up on your desk.

“Then fix it.” He shrugged, sipping on the double espresso coffee you had brought for him before work started. “That’s what you’re for, right?”

You had to hold yourself back with great difficulty from slapping his smirking mug. This had been going on since the start of the week, and you were completely fed up. It was enough to belittle you by using his superiority to make you take his coffee orders, but now he was crossing a line by getting you to do his work.

“How long do you plan to torment me?” Your voice raised, face locked in a permanent scowl as you watched the smile fall from his face.

“Are you forgetting your role, (Y/n)?” He grumbled, trying to look indifferent as his cold laced words escaped him. “I am the director of magical security, you serve me.”

You threw your hands in the air, flabbergasted. “Yes but I’m not your personal assistant Percy-“

“That’s Mr. Graves, while you’re here.”

He threw a knowing smirk. He was playing a dangerous game here, but he didn’t seem to realise. You could’ve let every Auror know just how Mr. Graves likes getting his cock sucked, or how he worships your body on the weekends. But instead you found yourself putting on a pleasant smile, obeying him for the sake of plotting your revenge in a much more torturous way.

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A/N: I admit that this is rushed and not my best work, but I absolutely loved this movie and am the one of many who wishes Griff was a more involved character. So here this is! I have more story ideas for him and the rest of the cast that I may post soon, but for now, here this is. 

Griff couldn’t keep his eyes off her. She sat with her chair on two legs, leaning back in it dangerously. Doc was going over the game plan at the front of the room- a plan she played a key role in-, yet her eyes wandered to anywhere but the board at the front. Her eyes, instead, grazed the forms of her fellow crew members.

She first watched over Darling and Buddy; unlike anyone else who met the couple, she seemed bored. Darling sat on Buddy’s lap, staring intently at him, a loves truck look in her eyes. Griff noticed the new girl’s eyes drop as she watched Buddy’s hand crawl up Darling’s thigh. He also took notice to her shudder at the sight. He smirked slightly at the reaction. He waited for her next observation.

She then moved onto Baby. Her brows seemed to furrow as she saw how far away he was from the rest of the group. Confusion was evident on her features, trying to decipher why. Investigation only stayed on him for a few more seconds before she moved on- onto Griff.

Even after watching her watch the others, he was slightly startled by the attention on himself. Her eyes trailed over him, top to bottom, bottom to top. Until hers met his. Seeing that he had also been watching her, a surprising look washed over her- amusement. She smirked, looking at him once more before looking to the board, possibly for the first time the entire meeting.

“- have you been paying attention, Griff, or should I repeat to make up for your disinterest?” Griff’s eyes flashed from the girl to Doc, who seemed pissed off to no end.

He began to formulate an answer before a deafening slam filled the room. All eyes flew to the newbie, who now had all chair legs on the floor. She looked to Doc with a ruby red smile as she leaned into the table. “I’d be happy to explain it to him, Doc.” Her hand slid across the table top and trailed over Griff’s tattooed arm. “No skin off my back.”

Doc didn’t even take in the scene before him, sighing and saying, “Do whatever you want, Princess. But if tomorrow doesn’t go well, I can guarantee the skin on your back will be the least of your problems.” He turned to address the rest of the group. “Go home. Be back by eight in the AM.”

The group dispersed, Darling winking at Griff as she clung to Buddy’s arm on the way out. Baby was gone before anyone else could even think about the door. Griff went to stand before realizing the new girl- or Princess, as Doc said- still had her hand rested on his forearm. He pushed his sunglasses up, taking in the girl before him. She stayed silent with a relaxed smile on her face, waiting for Griff to say something.

Eventually, he barely conjured up a sentence. “So… your name’s Princess?”

She raised her eyebrows. “Do you think Darling’s name is actually Darling?”

“Point taken.” He observed her another moment, glancing at her hand again. “You always this touchy with coworkers?”

“Honey, we’re together for one job, one day; we’re hardly coworkers.”

He chuckled, becoming less tense by the second. “Who’re you calling ‘honey’? How old are you anyways? You don’t look much older than Baby.”

Her fingers started to trace the intricate detail embedded in his skin. He noticed her nails were cut short and neat like she had no time for the frivolous upkeep. “I’m old enough if that’s what you’re worried about. How old are you, Griff?”

Becoming used to her comebacks, he moved his arm, taking her hand that was occupied just seconds ago. “You’re quick. I like that.”

She smirked before redirecting her attention the board. “I suppose I should explain the job so neither of us gets killed.” Though moving onto a new subject, her hand never left Griff’s; and he didn’t have a single problem with that.

anonymous asked:

aaaah your dnd headcanons gave me literal life!! since requests are open, how about everyone reacting to an mc actually forcing them to play Dungeons and Dragons (or some variation of it)? thanks!

Omg THANK YOU, this made my day, I’m so glad you like them!! They were the first ones I wrote for this blog and so they have a special place in my heart. My dnd muse is all over the place (thanks to TAZ finale and finally starting Critical Role, omg), so I’m sorry this took a bit but HERE YOU GO. :) Sticking to the main squad for now (V officially counts in this now) but I am hoping to add Saeran and Vanderwood later on when I have more energy.

Requests are open.~


  • agreed when you told him he could play a beautiful performer
  • thus Zen the elf bard is born yes, he named his character after himself
  • he put almost all of his points into charisma at the beginning and forgot to make sure he had enough skill to…survive
  • he dies a lot
  • but he has fun anyway!! more than he expected tbh
  • he also has the best luck with rolling
    • thank goodness, he needs it with all those death saving throws


  • needed absolutely no convincing
  • seriously, the boy said yes before you finished saying the word ‘dragons’
  • this is his. kind. of. fun.
  • he rolls a human paladin, basically modeled off his LOLOL character
  • v v good at strategy, he got this, hardly ever falls in battle, the boy plays a tank and plays him well
  • gets really into it like. REALLY.


  • really only agreed because she was certain Jumin would stick her with cat sitting if she didn’t participate
    • “It’s only a few hours at a time but Mr. Han can be really unreasonable…”
  • she ends up diving in and giving it 100%, as she tends to do
  • her character has the most extensive and well-thought backstory of all of them
  • she’s planned out all of her leveling up through level 20, she is Prepared™
  • she ends up making a super badass character tbh
  • probably rolls a dragonborn dual class, like rogue + monk/mystic


  • had to be bribed with wine to agree to play
  • somehow lands on human cleric, because nobody else is one and they need a healer
  • always has to be reminded by the squad to actually heal them
  • forgets which dice to roll nearly every time
  • he doesn’t really understand the cleric thing, he keeps accidentally trying to sell his holy symbol
  • he ends up actually kind of getting into it but refuses to admit it so cute


  • he didn’t need any convincing
  • actually really wants to be DM nobody thinks he should have that kind of power
  • ends up rolling a tiefling draconic sorcerer (i.e. my literal character, sorry not sorry)
  • also, he makes the horns really long so he can make the character randomly stab stuff with them
  • spends 0% of the time actually trying to win any battles
  • spends 100% of the time picking actions and attacks and choices based on how funny or hardcore they might be


  • not super interested but couldn’t say no to you i mean c’mon
  • plays a sage warlock, but could totally be a badass DM if he wanted to be which he doesn’t
  • actually knows what he’s doing but has the worst rolling luck EVER
  • he fails a lot of important checks and dies almost as much as Zen
  • but then he’ll roll a nat 20 on something absolutely ridiculous, like petting a dog
  • but he has a lot of fun just because everyone is together

✦Bonus MC:

  • chaotic neutral DM
  • you don’t want them to fail, but it sure is hilarious when they do
  • it’s been months and you’re not even 100% sure they realize that they only actually agreed to play one game
    • but you’re certainly not going to remind them
Chapter 141: The Eve of Parallels

So as @i-b-a-r-a-h-i-m-e told you in our answer to a recent ask, this chapter is crucial for the development of numerous characters, mainly for Hina-chan :,( 

So in this meta, I will try to explain my personal thoughts on the chapter for all the characters involved, and here I want to say that I do not share Viktoria’s opinion on HInami’s part in TG. For me she has always been of great importance and despite being used as a plot-device several times, her development and personal road are not to be neglected. Now here are my thoughts about these characters!

Keep reading

Normani Kordei

Dancing In Perfect Harmony

By Deborah Wagner

When Normani Kordei agreed to join the twenty fourth season of ABC’s hit television show Dancing with the Stars, she hadn’t realized what a life changing experience it would be. Since 2012, Kordei has been best known as one of the five original members of the popular girl group Fifth Harmony.

Through the DWTS experience, Kordei has learned that it was a little difficult at first being in the spotlight without her “sisters” – as she lovingly calls her group-mates Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke and Dinah Jane. (Former group member Camila Cabello left last year to pursue a solo career.) However, it has also turned into a fulfilling personal growth experience. During this period, Kordei has found out how strong she really is, and that she can succeed at anything she puts her mind to.  

Blossoming in front of the millions of DWTS viewers every week, twenty-year old Kordei has grown into a confident young woman right before our eyes. She has proven to herself – and tens of millions of viewers and fans – that she is in this competition to win the coveted mirror ball trophy, like Laurie Hernandez, Nyle DeMarco and Bindi Irwin had before her.

With dance moves that are now up to par with the professionals, Kordei’s hard work is paying off as she continues to nail her dance moves and receive rave reviews from the judges – including Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inana, Julianne Hough and Bruno Yonioli. Her partner and teacher Val Chmerkovskiy has helped her master the art of telling stories rhythmically through her movements. With the help of his exceptional choreography, the two have earned a spot at the top of the leaderboard for many weeks during the season.

Now, with the final two weeks of Dancing with the Stars here, Kordei is bittersweetly working hard to perfect her final dances. During these long and tiring days, this hard-working New Orleans-born and Texas-raised go getter continues to strive for excellence in these last performances. During a break in her busy practice schedule, Kordei took a half hour to chill and chat with us.

For the last five years, you have been accustomed to shining with four – now three – partners in Fifth Harmony. On DWTS though, it’s just you (and Val, of course) out there. How different does it feel to have the spotlight on you?

It’s honestly a bit of an adjustment having the whole spotlight solely on me. Kind of entering a world of my own, outside of Fifth Harmony. It’s also been refreshing, too. We’ve been together for the last four or five years. We do have an amazing time, the four girls now, coming from different walks of life making one common goal happen. But, I feel that we only showcase pieces of who we are as humans and individuals. Ally, Dinah, Lauren and myself, we make up what Fifth Harmony now is, but we still have dreams outside of the group. I’ve always loved to dance, which I hardly got to do while in Fifth Harmony. It’s just really cool, because I proved to myself that, “Yeah girl, you still got it.”

My passion is still there for dance. People are getting the opportunity to get to know me. I’ve also really surprised myself during the process. I think that Val has done an incredible job, not just as a choreographer and a teacher, but as a friend. Helping me grow and pulling things out of me that I didn’t even know were there. I’m just super happy. It’s like a family there at Dancing with the Stars.

Your Fifth Harmony sisters have shown you so much love during this experience. What has the support from them, your family and your fans meant to you?

Oh, man. The support of my family and friends and the girls means the absolute world to me. I don’t know if you saw the week – I think it was week four – where the girls actually came on and the sang “Impossible,” which is the first song that we ever performed as a group in the X-Factor days after meeting each other. We had to sing that song. It was pretty symbolic after singing it then and it now; everything that had happened in between made it mean even more. They’re always texting me after every show. Lauren told me she sat up crying after my contemporary dance this week. But, they’re super supportive and it means the world. I support them. We are sisters at the end of the day. That’s what we are supposed to do.

As far as my family and friends, they are over the moon. They love to see me happy. [It is] almost a breakthrough, just me recognizing my strengths. They always tell me it’s okay to give myself a pat on the back sometimes. My grandmother’s favorite show is Dancing with the Stars, so she is out there every week. They’re all cheering me on. That’s priceless for me!

You’ve already connected with millions through your singing. Now you’re receiving such praise and high scores (including two perfect ones) for your dance. Did you ever think you would be able to connect so completely through dance?

I felt it in my heart that was my way of communicating and speaking to people. Dance was actually my first passion, even before I started singing. I was dancing for as long as I can remember. It’s like a trance that I go in. It’s like an out of body experience, with me completely being immersed in the music. It’s really about storytelling. I’m really feeling it. It’s freedom of expression. I have been having the best time on Dancing with the Stars. I love all the different genres. Even though I came from a dance background, I’ve never done any ballroom dancing. So, it’s always a lot of work. I always feel it when I’m on the stage, every Monday.

Your dance this week was both beautiful, yet painful all at the same time. It gave me chills. It’s getting people talking about the problem of cyber-bullying. First I want to say, I am sorry that you had to go through that. No one ever should. Secondly, as a Mom of two kids who have also experienced bullying, what would you say to others who are trying to escape the painful experience of bullying and cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is a very devastating thing to have to go through for anyone, whether you are an adult of a child. That’s the thing with social media, it can be powerful and positive but at the same time, it can really tear people apart. It sucks because it’s the face and the force of this generation. We use it so heavily and depend on it like it’s second nature. It’s like all we know. But I think that cyber bullying is only a piece of the conversation that Val and I were discussing through our performance and our dance. With cyber bullying, I talked about it because I’ve been through it. [However, the dance was] for anybody that’s going through adversity and who feels lonely or helpless and feels the world is caving in. In society, we pick on each other and we create these barriers.

We are all on this Earth for a reason. We have a purpose. I think about how much better we could be if we were all united and had more love for one another. If we had sympathy. If we had open hearts and open minds, instead of being so closed minded. At the end of the day, everyone seeks acceptance. Anyone listening and going through cyber bullying or bullying in any way, I think you really just need to dig deep to find your freedom, because nobody else is going to give it to you. It’s something that you have to accept and take within yourself. Naturally, whenever the rest of the world doesn’t accept you, it’s all about self-acceptance. What you think about yourself looking in the mirror. Thinking I’m happy with he or she. I know what I have to offer. That’s what matters.

Throughout the seasons of Dancing with the Stars, you can always tell if there is a real connection between the star and their dancing partner. Your connection with Val seems like such a strong bond, built with admiration and respect. What has it been like to go through this experience with him?

Going through this experience with Val, first and foremost let me say, I remember the first day walking into the room and learning the choreography and being super timid. I’m a totally different person than when I walked in. I really have him to thank for that. He has changed me in the best way possible. I’m forever grateful. He is my friend, my teacher, my choreographer. He’s like my brother.

It also helps that I generally do look up to him. Not just as a dancer but as a person. He teaches me constantly, every day. We talk about things that are going on in the world and about things like family and everything. He is a hard worker and an amazing human being. He never fails to stop and serve other people as well. He’s always taking the time to think about how he can help kids recognize that their dreams also matter. It doesn’t matter where they come from. It’s about what they have in their heart and their determination. He’s really good at instilling great values and making you a believer. He really makes me feel like I can do anything.

It sounds like they picked the perfect partner for you, then.

Yeah, I couldn’t ask for anyone better. I don’t know if I’d get the same experience, or grow the same way, if it hadn’t been for him. I genuinely love him. Even after the show is over, he’ll play a significant role. I am really blessed that he’s part of my world and I am now part of his.

As rewarding as this experience has been, it must be exhausting touring with Fifth Harmony and practicing with Val for the live shows. How are you taking care of yourself while this time?

Well, it has definitely been a lot. It’s crazy to even sit here and think about traveling back and forth from Asia to LA for the first three weeks of the show. It was definitely a challenge and took a toll on my body, obviously. I got injured about two or three weeks ago when I did my salsa number – “When I Grow Up.” That was the first week that we started to do lifts and flips and tricks. I hadn’t danced in five years, maybe even longer, so my body was not used to it anymore.

On top on flying and the lack of sleep, I had a really severe pulled muscle strain in my back and my hip. There were two different muscle strains. One wasn’t affected by the other, but they just so happened that I had two at the same time. I felt like it slowed me in a way. You guys might not have seen it, but for me it was really frustrating. I was like, “Why can’t I get this?” or “Why do we have to change this lift?” It would have looked so good, but physically I could not do it. We’ve definitely had an emotional rollercoaster throughout this journey, but I think it’s shaped us and is part of our story. Part of the reason I’ve worked so hard. In those times where it’s like you can’t overthink this, we have to just do it. We’d be performing in Asia on the carpet, in the lobby, in front of people, anywhere we could for days before the performance, in the airport. It’s all pieces of our journey and of our story.

Would you recommend this experience of DWTS to one of your 5H partners?

Heck to the yes! (laughs) I’d recommend this experience to anybody! It’s amazing. I can’t really put it into words. I’m sad that it’s coming to an end, we are in our last weeks. I was really emotional yesterday. I was sitting down thinking about it. I’m just super grateful looking in the faces of every single person that makes up what Dancing with the Stars is.

It’s the reason that we can put these incredible shows on Monday night – down to hair, down to makeup, down to wardrobe. It really is fancy. There’s just a fulfillment that you get, going out there, on that stage and on that ballroom with your partner, every single Monday. Knowing that your inspiring someone, it’s a special feeling. It’s electrifying. I can’t even explain it or completely put it into words.  

Once Dancing with the Stars season is over, do you plan on going back into the studio with Fifth Harmony? We know your 5H fans would love to hear some new music.

Oh, I never left the studio. I was actually in the studio last night. Yeah, we started recording before I even started Dancing with the Stars. We are still in the studio now. It never stops for me. It wasn’t like I do one thing and then start another after. It’s all in one. (laughs) So, yeah, we have new music coming out really soon.

I’m sure you have built relationships with the other contestants on the show. Do you think you will be keeping in touch after this is over?

Oh my God, yes! 110%! Like I said before, even the first day we all met at GMA, everyone came in super humble, smiles all across the room. I remember having a conversation with David [Ross]. He’s just the sweetest, sweetest guy. Talking to Bonner [Bolton] because we’re both from Texas. Hearing his story, I was just completely moved and inspired and also captivated by his southern hospitality and charm. (laughs)

Me and Simone [Biles] are really, really close and have become the best of friends on the show. She makes me laugh a lot. I think we are so different but we are alike at the same time. We kind of balance each other out, which makes this experience even more fun. Then Rashad [Jennings], he’s like a big brother. I love him too. He told me after my contemporary piece that he really connected with it on a personal level and that I could come to him for anything if I wanted to vent.

Who on the DWTS cast is the biggest practical joker or always cracks everyone up?

I don’t know. Val always makes me laugh, personally. He’s actually a very funny human being. I feel like he’s the glue that holds everything together, in a way. There are so many different elements, but I do really appreciate that he has this way of reeling people in. It’s really comfortable and safe. Feeling like it’s a safe environment for them to be all that they are. And he is really, really funny. He’s always has me cracking up.

Also Simone. She’s always has me cracking up. Just little things she says. Sometimes I’m like, “Girl, how did you come up with that?” (laughs) “How did you come up with that?”

You are only 20 and have already accomplished so much with an award-winning music career and now this wonderful experience on DWTS. What else would you like to do in the future?

Coming off of this experience – really exploring myself on Dancing with the Stars – I feel has really opened many doors for me. Widened the range of expectations that I have for myself. There is a lot I now would love to do and know now I am capable of doing. I’d love to act and get into film. I really do enjoy stepping into another character every single week on Dancing with the Stars. I’d love to do that as a career choice.

Just something that I love. I am all about the arts, so I’ll continue to do my music obviously. I’m very into fashion. I’d love to have my own fashion line and my own empire. Yeah, I just want there to be nothing that I can’t do. I want to at least touch on many things, because you never know, that might be what I decide to do for the rest of my life. I don’t know, wherever life takes me, wherever God takes me. But I really want to cross over to acting, because I find that mesmerizing. I can really lose myself in it.

We did pick one fan question to ask. Amira Parker would like to know what your favorite 5H song is to perform in concert?

My favorite Fifth Harmony song to perform right now – because it can change since we have new music coming out – I have like five favorites right now. Let’s see… probably “Boss.” Yeah, every time I hear the “da-na-na-na,” the crowd for some reason always goes crazy on that song. It gets me super hyped. There’s never been a crowd that hasn’t had a great response to that song. I think it’s just the energy of it. It’ personally one of my favs, the choreography and that was kind of the beginning of the new Fifth Harmony. I don’t know if you guys saw a change, but from “Miss Moving On” to “Boss,” there was a switch. That was the moment where we actually started to grow up and grow into our womanhood. So, I love “Boss.”

For our final question, do you have a message for your fans?

To my fans, I love you guys incredibly. I can never thank you enough for how much you fulfill me and everything you’ve done in order to make me feel supported and confident within myself. You guys lift me up anytime I’m down. I would definitely say that all of my success, and our success, is because of you guys. I love you. Make sure you learn to love yourselves.

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Overheard from Parents
  • "Why are there a pair of pants in the middle of the living room floor?"
  • "Is that mud? I hope that's mud."
  • "Watch your language."
  • "Why is the dog wearing a tutu?"
  • "What happened to our baby?"
  • "Let's not attack mommy with a fork."
  • "Do you just want to run around naked like the animals?"
  • "You need to get up off the floor."
  • "Santa doesn't fly near planes. If he did he would crash into one and he'd die."
  • "My back is hurty."
  • "Don't do anything bad here, okay?"
  • "Just pretend you're riding a horse."
  • "How did you get into my Amazon app?... Did you just buy something?"
  • "Princess isn't a job, sweetie."
  • "I was mean because I wouldn't let them lick the wall socket."
  • "Do you think it's a good idea to take our child on a wine tour?"
  • "Stop making a scene!"
  • "You know... people are gross."
  • "I am not your personal hand warmer."
  • "I wish I could remember what sex was like."
  • "Do you know where the kids are?"
  • "Stop licking the dog, honey."
  • "Daddy doesn't care unless you're bleeding, on fire or getting him a beer."
  • "What's that smell?"
  • "No, no that's not for eating!"
  • "I don't remember what sleep was like. What's it like?"
  • "Is my shirt inside out?"
  • "You can be anything you want. Within reason."
  • "Physics don't work that way."
  • "No eye poking."
  • "Should I even ask what happened here?"
Running Lines ~ Harrison Imagine~

Summary: you need help running our lines for a movie

requested: no but there needs to be more imagines about my man

note: lol i said i was going to do this a while ago and this has actually been written for like a week but i just started schools and i also wrote for other fandoms so i’m busyyyy

“AND CUT! Good job everyone, let’s move to the outdoor scene, so go ahead and take a 30 minute break” Our director yells and informs us. See i’m the female lead in this new movie. I costar with Tom Holland, he’s incredible and we’ve actually began to be friends.

“Hey y/n, did you want to run some lines for a little bit and then hang out with me and Haz in my trailer?” Tom asks as he’s walking up to me.

“Oh yeah just let me grab my phone form my trailer.” Tom nods and I walk off. I get into my trailer and start looking for my phone. I search everywhere before I finally find it. I go to Toms trailer and walk up to the door. I hear voices before I knock.

“Really Tom? You couldn’t have just went to her trailer?” That was Harrison’s voice. Harrison was Toms bestfriend and assistant, they spent all their time together and it was adorable. I’ve always had a crush on Harrison but he doesn’t seem to like me, at all

“Please be nice Haz, I don’t even see why you don’t like her, she’s lovely” Tom says.

“She gets on my nerves, she walks around set thinking she’s all this and all that when she’s not-” I couldn’t take anymore so I decided to knock on the door.

“come in” Tom yells.

“Hey, sorry I took forever, I couldn’t find my phone for the life of me” I say laughing.

“Hello Harrison, I haven’t seen you all day” I smile in his direction.

“Well no shit, i’ve been in here all day, we can’t all be lead roles like you y/n, some of us have to be assistants” He rolls his eyes and sits on the couch.

I look down at the floor before looking up at Tom and put on a fake smile.

Me and Tom walk over to a small table in the room.

“Okay do you want to work on the next scene or do you wanna practice something you have trouble with?”

“Well i’m actually having trouble with the next scene, i just feel like i’m not bringing the right emotion you know?” I say flipping through our script.

“Alright perfect. Ok so do you wanna start?” He says smiling. I nod and move my hair behind my ear.

“Could you quit walking so fast, for just one second Daniel?”

“Learn to keep up, Lacy. Not everyone here can just accommodate to your every need and cry.” Tom says using his American accent.

“WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SO MEAN TO ME?” I fake shout almost whining.

“That was good y/n. Oh, Haz could you please read my lines with y/n. I just remembered I had to go meet with Taylor.” Taylor was one of the other lead roles. He was playing Toms bestfriend.

My eyes widen and I watch as tom moves through the room quickly grabbing paper work before shouting bye and slamming the trailer door.

“Fucks sake. Just read that line again and we can go from there.” Harrison says plopping into the chair across from me.

“WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN TO ME” I shout standing up so I can really get into character.


“No there’s something else so what is it? I have done nothing but try my very best to please you. I work hard just like you do and I have been nothing but nice to you. Why do you hate me Daniel and tell the truth” I take a step closer to Harrison. His jaw his clenched and I can tell he’s actually a really good actor.

“Because you’re perfect. You have beautiful hair, and a gorgeous smile and your laugh is heavenly. Don’t even get me started on the fact that you listen to the same music as me. Our humor sense is the same, we love the same movies and the same video games. You’re like my version of a dream girl and I could never have you because you’re so far out of my league. I hate you because I want you and you’re too stuck up your boyfriends ass to see that, to see me.” Harrison steps even closer to me. His eyes actually looked pained he’s definitely playing the role. Then it hit me. He’s not playing and neither am I. This is me and Harrison working out our problems.

“He’s not my boyfriend. I would never date him when I’ve got you, right here.”

“You want to date me? Why?”

“The same reason you want to date me. You’re perfect. I’ve liked you since the day I met you but, you were always so mean I thought I’d never have a chance”

“Is this the part where we kiss?” Harrison says.

“What? that’s not in the script. Harrison you have to follow the script or else I’ll get confused and kissing is not-” I’m cut off by Harrison’s lips pressing against mine. I drop my script and move my hands to the back of his head. I have to stand on my tip toes to reach his lips.

I pull apart and look into his eyes.

“Did you mean it?” I said playing with the hairs on the back of his neck.

“Of course I did. I want to be with you. I’m sorry I was so rude all the time. You’re far too perfect to be treated like that” He says kissing me again. We make out for a while just standing there when we heard the door open. We jump apart quickly.

“What are you guys doing?” Tom asks looking at the scripts on the ground.

“I got my girl” Harrison says pulling me by the waist and kissing me again.

“NO STOP THAT. None of that in my trailer. Go make babies in y/ns trailer” Tom says sitting on the couch. We laugh at him and join him, me in Harrison’s lap.

Nosferatu Sentence Starters

Source: X

“I still don’t understand why you have to go to Romania.”

“Forgive me. I must depart.”

“I wouldn’t miss this opportunity for the world.”

“I’m counting on you.”

“I won’t let you down.”

“I hear the count is free with his wealth.”

“What is a little pain, discomfort or drop of blood to you?”

“Just be warned, the people of Transylvania are not like us. They’re stll clinging to silly superstitions like spirits and monsters.”

“It’s still practically the dark ages up in those mountains.”

“No man is the devil!”

“Please eat and drink. We’ve just begun supper.”

“What did you say?”

“The evil spirits become all powerful after dark.”

“Your superstitions means nothing to me.”

“It is truly dangerous on the roads at night and you still have some ways to go.”

“The Book of the Vampires. I fear you may need it.”

“This is all just nonsense. Vampires. Spirits. Nosferatu. Ridiculous.”

“I have a room prepared. You should rest.”

“Forgive me, friend. I forget my manners.”

“You English have strange customs.”

“I am filled with nothing but boredom here.”

“Nosferatu drinks the blood of the young.”

“He burns with fever!”

“Is there nothing we can do?”

“He is coming.”

“Death is fast approaching.”

“This appears to be no natural phenomena.”

“Pray your friend returns unharmed.”

“I must go to him.”

“I feel renewed.”

“You are lucky to still be alive.”

“No one deserves to be driven mad.”

“Perhaps we should all meal soon and retire early. We could all do with some rest.”

“I did it, my darling.”

“The Nosferatu is dead.”

Fangirling like a teenager this AM...

Mindhunter is that unbelievably rare thing, a perfect season of viewing, that you can binge in a couple of days and want to rewatch immediately, if not sooner. This show is NOT for the faint of heart, but anyone actually interested in crime, the whys and wherefores of serial and spree killers, needs to watch it.  Anyone interested in how profiling is done, the inner workings of academia and civil service, the kinds of minds it takes to dwell in darkness and want to study or eradicate it, should watch this. I could go on and on here, but I’ll save it for recaps. 

The production itself is top notch. I lived through the 70s, was in the Military and worked for the Police in the 80s. The visuals, the language, the sets, the costuming, all on point. The editing, direction, writing, it just doesn’t get better than this. I don’t even know who the showrunner is, but I could kiss them at this point. I haven’t done any research on the show yet, I’m just pushing out a first impression, after first binge watch, piece here. I can assure you that I will be delving deeply into all of that after my next binge of it. 

It would be safe to say that I have studied crime, criminals, aberrant psychology, and the men and women who play a part in it, most of my life. It started with reading The Boston Strangler when I was in the 7th grade, my MeMe had a copy, and I never really looked back from that. A Criminal History of Mankind by Colin Wilson made quite the impression on me too. Then there were Thomas Harris’s books, you know, the ones about that urbane cannibal. 

Why has been a central theme in my life, so there was no way I wasn’t going to like this show if it was well done, but to love it as much as I do? That I was not expecting. Nor was I expecting to find the amazing performances of the cast on a show I heard NOTHING about before watching it. The entire ensemble is first rate, not a clinker in the lot. 

Here is what has me fangirling the hardest at the moment though: Holt McCallany who plays one of the two male leads, and in my opinion is phenomenal in the role, just brilliant, liked my tweet to him this AM praising his performance.  I about fell out of my chair. 

Now on to that second cup of joe…and that second binge watch…oh yes, I will be talking more about this, and will be doing recaps in the year before we get the next season.

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Just found out about Jaden Smith’s possible Kpop debut and all I can say is, it’s completely unacceptable especially after the whole issue with EXP EDITION– which I talked about here. Jaden Smith might be a POC, but that doesn’t give him the right to barge into another race’s sphere, especially considering the fact that Blacks are more established in the Western media industry than Asians. (Will Smith has played the lead role in many movies, while we can’t even get an Asian actress to play a Japanese woman in Ghost in the Shell. I rest my case.) 

That being said, while I am bitter about this, but my whole issue with Jaden isn’t actually his race.

It’s nice to see a Black person being given the opportunity to pursue his dreams, but I dislike the whole context and implications of it being Jaden Smith in particular. I mean, he’s already an established artiste in Hollywood (aka worldwide recognition). His debut is riding on his prior popularity. Plus, the kpop industry is already so saturated. There are so many Koreans out there who have the same dream as well, yet they lack the background and resources to pursue this dream. And they’re seeing foreigners taking their places.

Their individual races aside, both EXP EDITION and Jaden Smith are Americans/ Westerners. They’re not even from an ethnic group with shared cultural affinities to Koreans. That’s what really bothers me, because Kpop isn’t just songs written in Korean language. The Hallyu Wave is about culture, not just music. EXP EDITION and Jaden can release songs in Korean language, with Kpoo-esque concepts without having to label it as ‘Kpop’. That would not be an issue. I stress this once and I’m saying it again, it’s not about the language or the location, the Korean in Kpop is about the culture.

They might know the culture. But it’s impossible to truly understand a culture when one’s not part of it, mainly because you’re learning it from preconceived notions you already have and you’re learning it through the lense of the culture that had already shaped you. Some scholar said this. I can’t remember who. But there’s stuff to support this. I’m not bullshitting.  

On top of coming from an Asian society myself (I’m Singaporean), after studying Asian cultures on a deeper level, I can say that the whole wave of Globalization and Westernization is an issue a lot of Asian societies (ie. China, India, Japan, Korean, all the smaller SEAn states, etc) struggle with. It affects our concept of identity because many are unsure how far we should take the adoption of Western culture and ideas which are so commonly known as being the essence of ‘modern’ culture. But Kpop (and to a lesser degree, the Otaku culture) changes this because we now see a very Asian phenomenon taking center stage in being considered ‘modern’. And guess what! We can look to each other as icons of modernity now and not to the other end of the world. And yet Westerners (regardless of their race and status in America) are entering this sphere so easily now– remember that a lot of Korean trainees struggle a lot before debuting.

Hardwork and commitment are values deeply ingrained in East Asian societies since the early days (ie. birth of Confucianism). Trainees, and rookies even, suffer and go through shit to make a name for themselves. Plus, in Korea, many deeply respected groups all come from humble backgrounds and slowly build their way up. I mean it’s the same for everyone’s beloved BTS as well– they weren’t the most looked at group at debut but they’re world stars now. It’s the same with older groups as well– BEAST/HIGHLIGHT was a ‘recycled’ group but there’s a reason why they’re going strong when their initially-popular brother group is now in shambles. The fact that EXP EDITION is already receiving so much attention for being ‘the first all-American Kpop group’ and the fact that Jaden Smith, an already popular artiste who already has his fame and fortune, is trying his hands out here is, to me, is shitting on this aspect of Kpop and Korean culture in general.

To be honest, I am less pissed off with Jaden that I am with EXP EDITION, considering the whole context of Whitewashing Asian pop culture makes EXP EDITION a lot more unacceptable and since they’re also a social experiment (like what nonsense is that). Really, the issue I do have with him is the fact that he’s already an established American artiste who’s able to make use of his existing popularity. The idea of a popular Westerner coming into our sphere makes it seem that this is more of the West trying to outdo us even in our own domains, than it being seen as the West adopting something from us. Will it be a different story if it’s a less popular POC artiste or maybe even a typical POC from the street? Most probably! I mean, it’s nice to see the West taking up our culture as well, but it’s being done in a manner that it seems almost like appropriation.

I don’t want to hate on Jaden since I know he really fucking wants to be a Kpop artiste, but it’s just the whole context that bothers me. I am curious to see what he comes up with though. But in the case of EXP EDITION, I listened to them, but… lmao, no thanks.

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  • Vex: May I help you?
  • Scanlan: We'll be asking the questions. Who are you?!
  • Vex: Vex.
  • Scanlan: No not him, you.
  • Vex: Yes, I am Vex.
  • Scanlan: Just answer the damn questions, who are you?!
  • Vex: I have told you!
  • Scanlan: Are you deaf?
  • Vex: No, Vex is blind.
  • Scanlan: He's not blind, you're blind!
  • Vex: That is what I just said!
  • Scanlan: You just said what?!
  • Vex: I did not say 'what', I said Vex!
  • Scanlan: That's what I'm asking you!
  • Vex: And Vex is answering!
  • Scanlan: Shut up!
  • Scanlan: You!
  • Vex: Yes?
  • Scanlan: NOT YOU, HIM!
  • Scanlan: What's your name?
  • Vax: Vax.
  • Scanlan: Yes you!
  • Vax: I'M VAX!
  • Vex: He is Vax, and I am Vex.
  • Scanlan: And I'm about to kick your elf ass, cause I am SICK OF PLAYING GAMES!

inkvin  asked:

I didn't want to request anything since your hands are still full with our trade...but I couldn't help it XD How about an AU with Zen and reader as co-actors? 😅😅❤❤👏👏

Please accept this request as a formal apology for taking so long with my part of our trade. (Okay, no but I really am sorry for the delay “OTL) Thank you for requesting!

It was Zen’s first major role to play in an actual film, and to be frank, he was nervous beyond belief. The actor only started out with small musicals, so acting for the big screen with different environments and sets and cameras everywhere was still a bit new to him. At the same time, however, Zen understood that he was able to climb up all the way here by his hard work and determination, and he felt rather proud about that.

The film was supposed to be a tragic romance fantasy about a human girl who fell in love with her Guardian Angel, while he fell in love with her. The angel knows that the woman’s death was approaching, but he can’t do anything about it, no matter how hard he struggles against fate, and this was the role that Zen was cast for.

“Oh, Zen! Good morning!”

The actor straightens up immediately when he hears your familiar voice greet him, and the young man enthusiastically returns your greeting. You were the shared lead role with Zen, playing as the woman in love with her Guardian Angel. Throughout the time the two of you worked together, Zen found himself becoming close with you. You were a pleasant person to both talk to and work with, and Zen couldn’t deny the way his heart would race whenever he was with you.

“I look forward to working with you today too.” You flash the actor a warm smile, and he practically melts on the spot.

“I am too,” Zen replies, pushing his thoughts away before the two of you go to get ready. He needed to remain professional.

As soon as the cameras start rolling, Zen is no longer Zen but the character he plays as, and he’s no longer just a co-worker to you but as your star-crossed lover. The scene that you and the rest of the cast and crew were filming was the climax of the woman’s and angel’s relationship, the angel coming to terms with the woman’s fate but still wanting to say a proper farewell.

“You mean everything to me,” Zen speaks as his character, the scripted words tumbling out of his lips with ease. He continues going through the lines, your own lines mixed in between, and as the scene continues, Zen’s character starts to become more and more overwhelmed. …And Zen is too.

Somehow, along the way, both Zen’s character and the actor himself slowly started to blend together, and the young man was unable to tell whose heart he was speaking from. Whose feelings he was trying to convey. Zen didn’t know why he did it, but as soon as the actor finishes with his lines, he suddenly cups your face and leans down to kiss you.

Your eyes widen with complete surprise; this wasn’t part of the script. Before you can even react, trying to figure out what the proper response should be to this situation, Zen pulls away from you, still looking at you like his character in love, or could it be…?

“Cut!” The director’s crisp voice rings loudly in the air, and both you and Zen are simultaneously broken out of your thoughts.

It’s obvious from the young man’s expression that he was panicking, although whether it was because he messed up the scene by doing something not on the script or from the action of suddenly kissing you itself, you couldn’t tell. Both you and the actor glance towards the director who doesn’t look upset all. In fact, he looks rather pleased.

“I liked that added kiss at the end. It really ties in the whole scene together. Let’s keep it in.”

Zen immediately goes to try to convince the director otherwise since you had no idea that the young man was ever going to kiss you, and he thought that you would be uncomfortable with having it shown on screen. Before Zen could utter a word though, you interrupt him with a single word. “Okay.”

After filming was over for the day, Zen tries to catch you before you leave. He calls out to you, and you stop in your tracks, tilting your head to the side as curiosity makes its way to your features. Zen gets straight to the point. “I’m sorry for earlier!” He exclaims perhaps a bit too loudly, and his flushed cheeks deepen in shades even more.

“It’s fine,” you reply. “It was just acting.”

The young man shakes his head. “No, that’s the thing. It wasn’t acting. I…I kissed you because I myself wanted to kiss you. Not as the character I was playing as. I’m really sorry!”

You remain quiet for a moment as you process Zen’s words, and the pieces slowly fall into place. Heat rises to your cheeks as you try to explain. “E-Even so, it’s still fine. I…admittedly kind of liked it.”

Zen finally brings his gaze to yours, and since this is how the situation is right now, he decides to just go for it and asks, “I know I skipped all the steps before by kissing you, but I was wondering if…maybe you can give me a chance to start at the beginning and go on a date with me once we’re done filming the movie?”

You respond without wasting a single second. “Yeah, I’d like that.”

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