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WIFEY FOR LIFEY, insta-captioned Lauren Morelli, one of Orange Is the New Black’s writers who just married Samira Wiley, who plays Poussey Washington on the show.

It was while writing for OITNB (which prominently features lesbian/bisexual characters and relationships) that Morelli realized she was gay, she told Mic in 2014. Essentially, she says, her life began to unfold in parallel to the show’s main character Piper, whose sexuality on the show is undefined but fluid.

“Now, when I am in the writers’ room or on set,” she said, “I no longer feel like I am stuck in the middle of two truths. I belong because my own narrative fits in alongside the fictional stories that we are telling on the show: stories of people finding themselves, of difficult paths and of redemption.”

The wedding was officiated by Samira WIley’s parents, who are co-pastors of Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ in Washington D.C.

Down to Mephisto’s Cafe PT.1

Just a Girl

There are ups and downs to being a world famous rugby player.

The sport, the cash, and the kickass merch are all things Ginny Weasley can live with. The glam, the press, the stalker fans and photo shoots, she can do without. 

But sometimes the things that bite you in the ass, have perks of their own.

Who knew Pansy Parkinson could make bad look so good.

Parkinson Studio- Before the BBC Before the BBC Sponsor Party

Ginny: Hey, so, not to be that girl, but how long is this going to take? I did just get back from a match… My ass, and now feet, are killing me.

Assistant Velma: *unsympathetic* 

Pansy: Not long, now that I am here.

Ginny: *gives Pansy a once-over* Huh, what a shame.

Take all the time you need.

Pansy: I intend to.

*reaches for Ginny’s chin to inspect* Not a bad job…

At least I don’t have to fire anyone

Ginny: Well, Mum and Da stopped after me so I guess I am the masterpiece they were always looking for but never found in my brothers.

Pansy: *ignores Ginny* Her hem needs to come up a quarter of an inch.

Ginny: *muttering* Well I think my hem is fine.

Pansy: Oh really?

Assistant Velma: *tsks* It’s not everyday someone gets dressed by Ms. Parkinson, I would watch your mouth.

Ginny: And how about getting undressed by Ms. Parkinson? How often does that happen?

Pansy: *directed at Velma* That will be all.

We’re done.

Ginny: ….Alright. Thank you Ms. Parkinson. I guess… I’ll…go…

Pansy: Go? Oh no, darling. You misunderstand.

The only place you’re going tonight is the BBC Sponsor Party, correct?

Ginny: Right.

Pansy: You obviously need help navigating this world, and who better than myself? You will be taking me, I’ll send over appropriate attire, see you at seven.

Ginny: Seven it is.

Pansy: Don’t be late.

Ginny: *happy dance*

Assistant Velma: Oi! Watch the pins!

Ginny: Sorry!


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Have you ever posted your genyatta headcanons? If not, would you please?

YO sorry i didn’t answer this for so long I totally forgot i have a bunch of unanswered stuff in my inbox, my love for genyatta reminded me tho
(long post im srry)

last time i checked ive never talked headcanons w/ them so here i am now

1. Genji’s extremely touchy-feely affectionate. Not inappropriately or anything, just hanging off of zen, resting his head on zen, sneaking kisses and all that fuzzy stuff. If they’re relaxing on a couch or something Genji will try and get into zen’s lap or drag him into his own.

2. Zen likes leaving Genji notes in times when they might not get to see eachother a lot. Stuff like ‘dont forgot -thing-’ or ‘hope to see you soon, love u’. Probably adds little smiley faces to the end and plenty of xoxo

3. Earlier on in their relationship, Genji probably tried to get Zen new clothes (his current wear looks p dang used and torn). Zen would refuse at first, but couldn’t decline some birthday gifts of sweaters and beanie hats.

4. Zen also accepted the sweaters so he’s less pointy to hug. 

5. They watch cat videos on the internet and aspire to get cats of their own someday

6. Zen likes giving eskimo kisses and Genji p much dies of joy every time he gets one

7. they can’t go on diner dates (zen dont eat) and neither of them really wear clothes so often they’ll go plant shopping together to buy cute little plants or things to plant in a garden, that or just window shop.

8. Genji walks all quiet like but zen, when he does walk (floating around is p tiring yknow?) he makes little metal tap sounds that genji coos over (much to zen’s confusion. ‘they’re just footsteps genji i dont understand??’ ‘master ur too cute’)

9. they probably play some mad twister in their spare time

10. jet pack

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Can I have slow, long and teasing 2009!Phan smut please !!

this is latelatelate

i added daddy kink bc i’m trash

ew this is shit but it’s 2 am shut up


Dan watched carefully from the doorway as Phil sat down on the edge of his bed, stretching his arms above his head.

He bit at his nails; a bad nervous habit he had developed recently, and gazed at him from under the hair falling in his eyes.

Phil realized after a second that Dan was still just standing there, and raised his eyebrows, sitting up.

“Well c'mon,” he said, patting the spot next to him on the bed; oblivious. “Don’t get shy now, it’s not like you haven’t been in my room before.” He flashed Dan a crooked grin.

Dan let his gaze fall to his feet. Fuck, he was already blushing.

“Hey… what’s up?” Phil asked, finally noticing something may not be right with the younger boy. “Did I say something? I’m really sorry if I did, I-”

“No,” Dan said finally, his voice coming out shakier than he would have liked. “Y-You didn’t say anything. It’s n-not that.”

“So what is it?” Phil shifted on the bed, tilting his head to the side and arching his eyebrows in question. Dan swallowed.

“Do you not want to have sex with me?” Dan blurted, his eyes widening and his face going dark red the second the words were out.

There was incredibly painful awkward silence, as Phil stared at Dan and Dan tried not to cry from the tension.

“What?” Phil finally asked, his voice breaking. Dan avoided his eyes.

“Do you not… want to have… sex with me…?” He repeated, slower. “Do you not, like, see me that way?”

More silence, and Dan felt as if his head would explode.

“Come here.”

He looked up, biting his lip and meeting Phil’s eyes.


“C'mere,” Phil repeated, motioning to him.

Dan inched forward, slowly edging towards Phil as if he was scared he would bite him. He moved to sit next to him, but Phil grabbed his wrist.

“Not there. Here,” he mumbled, tugging the boy down and onto his lap, so he was straddling him. Dan let out a soft gasp.


“Dan.” Phil cupped his face, holding his cheeks in both hands, and searched his eyes. “Of course I want to have sex with you.”

Dan blinked. “Y-You do…?”

“Of course!” Phil smiled. “I just didn’t want to… I didn’t want to push anything.” He shrugged. “I didn’t think you were ready.”

“Are you kidding?” Dan squeaked, placing his hands over Phil’s. “I’ve been ready since I met you. I’ve been really, really ready, and I’m tired of waiting.”

Phil laughed softly, letting one hand fall to Dan’s hip, the other staying on his face. “I just thought-”

“Well don’t think,” Dan breathed, pressing his lips to Phil’s abruptly. Phil froze, before melting into the touch. His hand moved to Dan’s lower back, pulling him closer and licking at his lower lip.

“Dan,” Phil gasped, pulling back and resting their foreheads together. Dan’s mind raced, filled with endless possibilities of what they could do, what he had wanted to do for so long. Maybe he was finally going to get what he wanted. “Dan, you have to be completely positive you want this. I am not stealing your first time, that would make me feel terrible.”

Dan blushed. Phil knew he was a virgin; it had been one of the first things they had talked about.

“I want it,” he whispered, licking his lips, his eyelashes fanning his pink-tinted cheeks. “I swear, I want it so bad. I want you.”

Phil slowly intertwined his fingers with Dan’s, sliding his hand into his. “I think we should go slow.”

Dan nodded, smiling. He wanted this, he really did, but that didn’t keep him from being nervous. Phil seemed so damn experienced, he was so much more mature in Dan’s eyes, he still couldn’t believe he was really in this situation in the first place. In Phil Lester’s bedroom, about to…

Jesus. His heart was just about jumping out of his chest.

“Thank you,” he muttered.

Phil hummed, nodding and mapping out a small area of Dan’s neck with his fingers, tracing the skin. Dan shivered, taking a shaky breath when Phil dipped his head, planting his lips to the spot and sucking.

“Oh…” he breathed, choking on the words. Phil wrapped his arms around Dan’s waist, holding him closer, and damn, he really seemed to know what he was doing.

Phil really didn’t know what he was doing, not a bit. All he knew was he had dreamed of having Dan in a situation just like this, and now that they were here, he was combining his pure desperate lust with his need to just kiss Dan’s skin as gently as possible, and making it into… whatever he was doing right now.

Phil nipped at Dan’s throat, and Dan tilted his head back, gripping Phil’s shoulders for balance, he whimpered, closing his eyes and focusing on the feeling of Phil’s mouth and lips and tongue on his skin. He was also focusing on not jizzing his pants.

Phil slid his hands over Dan’s bum, squeezing gently, and a high pitched moan fell from Dan’s lips. He immediately covered his mouth, his eyes widening; embarrassed.

“I-” he started, but Phil just shook his head.

“Do it again.”


Phil kneaded his ass again, sucking at the same spot on his neck, harder. Dan squeaked, moaning loudly and automatically rutting against Phil’s thigh.

“There we go,” Phil hummed, pinching Dan’s flesh and making him jump. “Good boy.”

Dan whimpered at the praise, moaning again and wrapping his legs around Phil’s waist, clinging to him.

“You’re shaking.” Phil kissed his nose, and Dan caught his lower lip between his teeth.

“Am I?” He whispered back. Phil nodded.

Phil gently tugged at the hem of Dan’s shirt, and Dan lifted his arms above his head. Phil pulled it off, tossing it aside and ridding himself of his own shirt.

In one movement Phil stood, holding Dan up and turning, pinning him to the bed so that now he was on top of him, hovering over him.

“I think you’re shaking too,” Dan breathed, kissing the side of Phil’s mouth.

“Sorry.” Phil laughed nervously. “I just really don’t want to mess this up.”

“You won’t.”

Phil bit his lip. “I could.”

Dan ran his hands over Phil’s shoulders, trying to calm his nerves. It helped to see that Phil was just as scared by this as he was, for whatever reason.

“But you won’t.” Dan pressed kiss after kiss on Phil’s cheeks. “Tell me something.”

“Hm?” Phil mumbled, his fingers gliding over Dan’s stomach.

“Tell me something. Like, something I don’t know.”

Phil chuckled breathily, running his fingertips over Dan’s button and tugging. “I’m slightly allergic to cats.”

“Really?” Dan put his hands on Phil’s, helping him unbutton his jeans, trying to ignore the fire in his stomach. He knew that already. He wasn’t sure there was anything about Phil he didn’t know.

“Mhm.” Phil nodded, his eyes brightening. He slowly and carefully pushed Dan’s jeans down his hips. “My middle name is Michael. But you knew that one.” He licked his lips. “I made a game when I was fourteen. I was really into programming I guess. Still kind of am.”

Dan gasped as Phil’s fingers brushed over his bulge, clinging to him. “That’s- so cool,” he breathed, digging his nails into Phil’s shoulders.


“Don’t back out now.” Dan whined softly. “Please, Phil, need you inside me.”

Phil moaned, nodding slightly and pulling at Dan’s boxers. Dan had no time to even think about being self conscious; Phil had his hand wrapped around Dan’s cock in seconds, his boxers clinging to his hips. Dan whimpered loudly, automatically bucking up into the touch.

Dan desperately tugged at Phil’s zipper, messily pushing his jeans down, and Phil removed them completely.

“How much,” Phil whispered, biting down on Dan’s neck, listening to his soft noises of desperation. “How much do you need me?”

“So much,” Dan gasped, scratching down Phil’s back. “So much, daddy, please-!”

A growl fell from Phil’s lips and he was sucking on his fingers, before pushing Dan’s legs up and circling his hole.

Dan whimpered, whining and squirming as Phil held him still, moaning when Phil pushed a finger in.

“Daddy,” he breathed again, and Phil groaned. He pumped his finger, digging his nails into Dan’s thigh with the other one.

“Dan, Jesus.”

Dan smirked, grinning at him and licking his lips. Phil leaned up to kiss him deeply, licking into his mouth as he carefully added another finger; stretching him.

Phil was not too quick with the stretching; it was Dan’s first time, and it really had to be perfect. He still couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that Dan had chosen him for this…

He was always amazed that Dan liked him in the first place.

The next few minutes were filled with soft kisses and moans, clinging to each other like if they let go, it would all be over.

It took Dan a moment but he soon got used to Phil’s fingers, pushing back on them.

“Daddy, please,” he whimpered, meeting Phil’s eyes. “Want your cock, Phil.”

Phil took a shaky breath, and nodded.

“Are you sure you-”

“Yes, damn it!”

Phil laughed. “Alright, fine. Just making sure baby.”

Phil slicked himself up, lining up with Dan so that their hips were aligned, hovering over him. He kissed him softly, slowly pushing in.

Dan gasped, immediately tending up and clinging to Phil’s shoulders like his life support. Phil hummed, kissing his cheeks and all down his jaw.

“It’s okay,” he whispered. “Focus on me. Focus on the pleasure.” He slowly wrapped his hand around Dan’s dick, rubbing him in time to the thrusts, and soon he was moaning and squirming under his touch.

“Shit,” Dan hissed through his teeth. “Phil…”

“Good boy,” Phil mumbled, slowly thrusting, aiming for the places he knew would make Dan scream. “Doing so well, such a good boy for me, I- fuck…”

Dan moaned loudly, throwing his head back, practically drooling. Okay. Now he got it. It felt really fucking good.

Phil sped up, watching Dan’s face carefully and letting out quiet grunts ever time he moved. Soft noises of pleasure and the creaking of bedsprings filled the room.

“I-I can’t last much longer,” Dan whined, scratching his nails down Phil’s back. “Harder, go harder.”

“Baby I-”


And then Dan let out a noise that was probably the most angelic thing Phil had ever heard, and he was pounding into him, snapping his hips roughly as he fucked into him. Dan shrieked, a continuous wordless stream of moaning falling from his lips.

“I’m gonna- I love you, I love you so much, Phil, fuck-!”

Dan came over Phil’s hand and his stomach, whining loud and high pitched, and Phil gasped.

“Holy fuck,” he managed to groan, burying his face in Dan’s neck and letting go inside him, his hips twitching.

They stayed like that for a moment, Dan gasping for breath, his noises shaky, soaking in what he had done. Phil slowly pulled out, but they stayed tangled up together, all heat and sweat and pure exhaustion.

“I meant it.”

Phil looked up, brushing hair out of Dan’s eyes. “Hm…?”

“I meant it,” he repeated, grinning. “I really do love you, I don’t care if that’s weird.”

Phil’s entire face lit up.

“I love you too,” he breathed. “And I definitely don’t care if that’s weird either.”

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hi x so i have this friend that i always go back and fourth with, with fighting then becoming best friends again but i feel like i am kind of getting hurt with everything. we've been really good friends for four years now but i'm scared because i don't want to leave him. any advice for it? and today was going to be the day i was going to tell him i'm bi but i'm too scared since now him and i are having these problems.

I have the exact same kind of friend, or at least it used to be like this until one day i was like u kno what im sick of getting hurt and I just stopped talking to him. It hurt for a while and i missed him but then after a couple of months i just didnt care anymore! And it felt so great to know that I wasnt bothered by what he thought of me and i never felt more free!! We are still friends now because he contacted me again and now we just have this kinda chill friendship where we dont talk often but when we do everything’s good. Im not saying this would happen for sure if u just blocked ur friend out but u gotta think… is he causing you more pain than happiness? is it worth going through all that fighting? Is what he thinks of you on your mind more than you’d like it to be? if so it might be worth just giving the friendship a break for a while. U dont need to say anything about it like u dont gotta break up with him just straight up stop talking. Eventually u will stop caring and if he decides to rekindle that friendship then great and if not then u just wont care anymore. Thats just my experience and advice i guess. Best of luck


So I want to start off with saying sorry for like zero updates, most is just reblogs and nothing. There are two reasons. The first is I have been playing Mass Effect Andromeda. When I get into a game I really get into them XD’ But the other reason is lack of motivations and ideas? Since I left the Undertale fandom it just been kind of empty. I mean I guess I’m more active when I’m in a fandom but right now I’m not really in a fandom just floating about(?) I am working on commissions and a project but it coming slowly. But I will get those commissions done this week I promise! I’m not touching my game until they are done now.
But with the project (comic/manga thingy) it a very slow process that I want to get out but every time I do something with it I just feel depressed(?) I’m not good with doing projects by myself but I’m not good with working with certain people either :T So either the project is going to be very very slow or I’ll end up dropping it like everything :(

So yea that’s the update…. Yey? o3o


So excited to get an @bekkathyst package in the mail that I’m headed back to her shop in a few moments. 

I can not express how excited I am abou that K2 Jasper. I mean holy shit, I’m smitten. I need at least thirty more pieces of it and definitely some jewelry. I’d seen it once before and was so excited to find some in this shop! That moonstone flash is lovely, I’ll have to try to get a pic. 

Got some Aventurine, Amethyst, Fluorite, Opal, Moonstone, Angelite, Calcite, Sodalite and the K2. 

Now I just need it to stop being so freaking cloudy so I can charge them in the moonlight. 

  • Me: "Alright Brain, time to go to sleep now"
  • Brain: "Hm... I wonder what's going on on Tumblr now"
  • Me: "Dude, come on, I have to get up early tomorrow!"
  • Brain: "Oh, remember that cup of coffee you drank like 12 hours ago that seemed not to work? I can definitely feel it now!"
  • Me: "Are you kidding me? Just stop shitting around! I already only have 4 hours of sleep left"
  • Brain: "Ooooh, remember those really embarrassing moments that happened when you were a kid? Those moments you constantly try not to remember? Good times"
  • Me: "Let me guess. I'm not falling asleep any time soon, am I?"
  • Brain: "Yes"

There are so many lovely messages I still need to reply to (and I will get to them soon for sure) but for now I will just lock in the time and date that I plan to do the next liveblog, just in case you want to be around at the time. 

My weekend itself is a bit busy this week, but I don’t want to leave you guys hanging for any longer than I have to, so I’ll aim to try and do it on Thursday evening!



ok now where is my lesbian sports anime ??

basketball? swimming? figure skating? goddamn tennis?? volleyball? cheerleading? gymNASTICS?¿¿??? mma!?

do i hear bowling?? snowboarding??? rowing aka CREW???!???


like…….. WHERE ?!?? do i gotta make it myself or..?

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I was reading nattosoups blog and one of the older tutorials mentioned needing to find a way to deal with people creeping on you while tabling alone, do you guys have any advice now about dealing with it? Its the thing I am most worried about aside from just flat out failing when I start going to cons this summer.

Nattosoup:  I got so tired of it after a particularly awful con and a particularly awful creepo that I bring my fiance with me to any show I can force him to attend with me.  Never an issue when he’s there.  If I can’t get him, I pay a friend’s way as my assistant for the show, and they’ll usually tell a creepo to back off.

People have told me to be blunter, but I was pretty blunt with aforementioned creep, and he wrote it off as me being playful.  I flat out told him i wasn’t playing, and he said he liked feisty women.  I wasn’t even the one who invited him behind the table, yet there he was, invited in like a vampire and impossible to get rid of.  My MOTHER had to get him to leave, he tried to brush her off too.

You can try reporting it to con staff, but that’s *IF* you can find them- at cons like Mechacon, artist alley staff never seem to materialize. 

Kiriska: I’ve been lucky enough to have had relatively few incidents throughout the years, but honestly, even one incident is unpleasant enough. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a great solution, as I usually don’t like having others behind the table with me and don’t have many friends able to come to cons with me anyway.

My usual strategy is:

  1.  Ignore them. Just straight up stop responding to anything they’re saying and don’t acknowledge that they’re there. Greet other customers and talk to them. Maybe distract yourself with your phone or a drawing or by talking to your neighbours. You might try texting a friend and having them come to your table to pretend to be a customer so you can engage with them if no other customers are around.
  2. Tell them straight up to go away; take their photo and tell them you’re going to report them to staff for harassment. Take your valuables and leave to go find staff, or ask if one of your neighbours can do so for you.

In both these scenarios, it’s important to make friends with neighbours if you don’t already know others in the alley. If you see someone harassing a neighbour, see if you can step in on their behalf. Have each other’s backs! 

If the con has a staff table in the alley, be aware of where it is. Some cons provide contact numbers for staff. Have them handy. If nothing else, have their social media handy and ask their social media guys to send help. 

Bottom line: have someone you can contact for help.

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12:43 am it's my birthday and I just turned 20. I'm thinking about how in 5 years my birthday will fall on a Saturday and how scary it is to think I'll be 25 in such a short time. I'm not ready for life or getting older, even though I know I'll still be young- it's weird to think about and even weirder that I probably won't even remember feeling afraid in this moment 5 years from now

damn dude welcome to the depressed young adults club 

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So I just got the notification for your last post and I was scrolling through tour art when my mom asked to see what I was doing on my phone, thing is she probably wouldn't like me looking at two of the founding fathers making out, so I just had a heart attack. I managed to get it to like a teapots that was totally PG but my God am I going to be more careful


I’m so tired of disappointment and bad news. Can I have a do over of the last 6 months, please? Another baby died. Another mystery. The vet thinks that this one and Violet, who died last summer are related. An unknown “toxicosis”. How am I supposed to stop what I don’t understand??? The others were trauma and virus which are basically just bad luck. This isn’t. I asked about doing a necropsy but she hasn’t gotten back to me. I really want to get this under control.

Anyway, I decided I’m not going on my trip. I can’t leave right now. If something else happened while I was gone I wouldn’t forgive myself. Besides, how can I leave at the beginning of growing season? It just isn’t the right time.

Good thing: the early arriving bare root flowers are mostly surviving well even though they didn’t get in the ground right away. Some of the carnations are crispy. Still don’t know about the peonies. But on the whole, they lived.

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tbh i am with you, i get that the boys have said countless times that they're coming back but like? going solo and to a total complete different audience is something they're going to enjoy that i don't think they'll want to go back to being a boyband or idk maybe i'm just sad. i am proud of the four of them, genuinely but i am just gonna miss them so much you know? it sucks. before harry releasing this website, ad etc. i was sure they'd come back but with this now im not sure.

with now officially the 4 of them going solo it does seem a bit definite and it makes me sad. But i honestly dont think coming back or not is a decision they are gonna “make in the future” or anything. I think if they are coming back then they decided that they would before taking a break and already have it all figured out. so theres nothing to do but waiting. i thought i would be excited for solo work for all of them but the more time pass the more i just want the band back. except for solo niall im actually not that excited about anything tbh. i just want one direction lol.

Let me start off by saying I love Got7. I was introduced to kpop with Got7. I will always love them and be an igot7 but my kpop love grew from there thanks to them. I am now a part of sooooo many fandoms including Monsta X. I watched last week how Got7 got so much love and four wins (so happy and proud of my boys). But now I feel like it’s time for Monsta X to get that same love. I know it’s unfair of me to ask but to anyone out there who has a soft spot in their heart for us Monsta X and kpop underdogs in general, please vote for Monsta x, stream their video and maybe even listen to the rest of their music. I swear you won’t regret it. Even if you don’t know them or stan them, seeing those boys get their first win will fill your heart with so much joy and happiness you’ll be glad you did. Sorry for the rant but I really want this for them.

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I'm extremely possessive of my fp. It's really frustrating because I know I shouldn't be, but I am. And I can't even tell them, since it's not 'appropriate' to be possessive, and I'd seem like a 'bad person'. So I'm stuck bubbling in my cauldron on possessiveness. Gotta love those BPD feels...

i relate so much !! im crazy possessive about my fps so if they ever hang out with someone else i’ll get crazy jealous. example: one time my fp gave someone else a sweatshirt of theirs and im still jealous about it because i love wearing other peoples clothes and i wanted it so bad and wow even now just thinking about it i can feel myself getting angry and jealous all over again so good luck dude i know its hard. message me if you need anything

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Dumbest customer I've had in a while

Last night I was delivering to an apartment complex near my store. This apartment had multiple buildings, 10 I believe. Each apartment building had 8 rooms, each room’s number corresponded to its building number, i.e. building 7 apt 4 would be apt 704. This order was submitted online with no apartment number, just “CALL” in the instructions. This apartment complex isn’t especially unique, there are plenty like it in my area, and it’s very easily navigable. When I called to get the apartment number, the following conversation ensued

Me: “hey there, this is unhappy_flyer with (restaurant), I have your delivery and I’m at your apartment complex, but I don’t have an apartment number. What apartment am i going to with this order?”

Customer: “Oh he’s here (random dialogue in background, followed by a long pause) ok now see you’re gonna come through the gate, go straight, keep looking to the right-”

Me: “uh dude I just need the apartment number, I’m familiar with the layout”

C: “no see you gotta come in the gate, once you come in keep going straight but look to the right and you’ll see a green light-”

Me: “wait man, I know this place pretty well, you just need to tell me the apartment number.”

C: “I'ma come outside and watch for you, just look for a green light on one of the door boop

I wound up finding them rather quickly but man was that annoying and unnecessary. I understand you want to make it easier for me to find you but giving me an apartment number was the best thing you could’ve done there. Anyone else have a situation like this before?

By: unhappy_flyer102