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Cautious Optimism: Malec Edition

Look, I completely understand, agree with, and feel the complaints about the lack of Malec development recently, and the lack of intimacy between them sending a homophobic message. 

But, I am cautiously optimistic that this will improve because of three words: ensemble, Matt, Harry.

In a TV show with a large ensemble cast like Shadowhunters, it sometimes takes time before a certain character or a relationship has its due and its time. It’s frustrating sometimes, but that’s the nature of an ensemble cast and a show that has a 20-episode seasons. And, like any other typical dramatic ensemble cast, there’s always a main character that drives the story–and, in this case, it’s Clary. Therefore, her relationships take center stage most often–just like with Elena in TVD, Ted in How I Met Your Mother, etc. etc. etc (any many more, but I’m tired…). It’s annoying as all hell sometimes, especially when you don’t connect with the main character, since sometimes we’re like, “Damn it! Get back to insert character name here!” But, more often than not, a show gets back around to focusing on a different character or relationship aside from the main. It just may take a few episodes to get there. It just takes time. 

Think of it this way: it’s like reading a book with different characters for each chapter–everyone has that character they want to read, so when you’re reading the other chapters or a longer chapter from a main character’s POV, you’re like, “Come on! Get back to this character!” It’s the same with Shadowhunters. Right now, we’re not on a Magnus or Alec (or Luke–the man needs more screentime) chapter; we may be hearing about their lives during the other chapters, but they’re not the focus–but, soon, we will be on their chapters.

Matt and Harry have both reassured us in several interviews that Malec has some challenges to work through, mainly stemming from them figuring out who each other actually is (Matt hinted at that a lot), working on balance (Matt and Harry both hinted at this), and working through trauma (Harry hinted at this), BUT, both of them said they’ll hopefully get through it. 

Harry has given several interviews about the aftermath of that torture–he would not constantly discuss how Magnus has to work through it, how it would impact his relationships (including Alec), and confront the past if we weren’t going to see it. He also said that Magnus has to confront his past–that hasn’t really happened yet. It will. And, from the looks of the 2x15 stills, Alec will be there for that. 

And, Matt, the Fanboy King of the Malec Ship, has reiterated several times that Malec is on a constant “upward trend”, they just may have to work through some stuff first. He would not say that if we weren’t going to see it; he would not sound so optimistic if there’s nothing there. Sure, he teases from time to time, but he never would joke about that–he’s like the ultimate Malec fan, come on. 

This is my long-winded version of saying that I am (cautiously) optimistic that Malec will get their time this season. Look at it this way: we have about 6 hours of content left (6 episodes)–Malec will get their due.

If all of this goes to shit, and they still receive questionable coverage as a couple and as characters, then we will storm the castle, kill the beast, etc. 

Love to all. 

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1. Drink: tea w lime
2. Phone call: my mum
3. Text message: 😂😂😂😂 (I am so talkative I can’t)
4. Song you listened to: imagine dragons - believer
5. Time you cried: yesterday ;(
6. Dated someone twice: no
7. Kissed someone and regretted it: no
8. Been cheated on: no
9. Lost someone special: I just distanced bc I am bad at talking through internet I guess but I am trying to improve
10. Been depressed: nooooooo I don’t have this thingy bless god
11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: nope
12-14: black, dark purple and beige
15. Made new friends: yeahhhh
16. Fallen out of love: I haven’t experienced love yet so 👐🏻
17. Laughed until you cried: yessss every day
18. Found out someone was talking about you: no
19. Met someone who changed you: no ??
20. Found out who your friends are: kinda
21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: I don’t use Facebook i use vk and no I didn’t
22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: in bl yeah quite lots of ppl
23. Do you have any pets: no :((
24. Do you want to change your name: no it’s nice especially it’s full form
25. What did you do for your last Birthday: I was in restaurant w my dad, his friend and brother
26. What time did you wake up: 8:40 am
27. What were you doing at midnight last night: watching tv and scrolling my tl
28. Name something you can’t wait for: to visit 5sos concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29. When was the last time you saw your mom: hahaha 5 min ago
30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: I wish I was more confident
31. What are you listening right now: nothing 👐🏻
32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: nope
33. Something that is getting on your nerves: when someone says bad things about my fav singers or groups
34. Most visited Website: tumblr and vk
35. Mole/s: lots of everywhere except my faceu
36. Mark/s: on my wrist
37. Childhood dream: to be a dentist
38. Hair color: brown w a bit reddish tint
39. Long or short hair: something in the middle
40. Do you have a crush on someone: noooo
41. What do you like about yourself: i’m kinda smart and love self education
42. Piercings: one in each ear
43. Bloodtype: 0 (I)
44. Nickname: filu, filusha, filya
45. Relationship status: eeeehhhhh I am single
46. Zodiac: cancer
47. Pronouns: she/her
48. Favorite TV Show: I don’t really like our Russian tv shows
49. Tattoos: nope
50. Right or left hand: right hand
51. Surgery: never had one
52. Piercing: answered
53. Sport: i hate it actually
55. Vacation: ehhh I wanna visit so many places
56. Pair of trainers: bright blue w pink insides
57. Eating: cucumber 🥒 hah
58. Drinking: nothing yet
59. I’m about to: eat self cooked meal
61. Waiting for: my grandmother, godfather and his gf to come to us
62. Want: to start reading books that are obligatory to read this holidays
63. Get married: I really want
64. Career: I wanna be a dentist
65. Hugs or kisses: hugs 🙈
66. Lips or eyes: eyes I guess
67. Shorter or taller: ahh it depends on what r we talking about. i wanna be shorter as I am pretty tall, if we r talking about future bf than taller
68. Older or younger: older
70. Nice arms or nice stomach: arms especially hands bc HAVE U SEEN THESE TWO MASTERPIECES OF MODERN ART THAT R CALLED NAMJOON’s HANDS?!?!?!
71. Sensitive or loud: sensitive
72. Hook up or relationship: relationship ❤️
73. Troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant ????
74. Kissed a stranger: no
75. Drank hard liquor: yeah but a lil bit
76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: yes but I found them that day
77. Turned someone down: no
78. Sex in the first date: noooooo
79. Broken someones heart: no no no
80. Had your heart broken: noo
81. Been arrested: no
82. Cried when someone died: yes 3 times ;(((
83. Fallen for a friend: noooo
84. Yourself: i’m trying my best
85. Miracles: no
86. Love at first sight: no definitely
87. Santa Claus: no
88. Kiss in the first date: yeeessss
89. Angels: well I know park jimin exists so I have all basis to believe in them
90. Current best friends name: polina
91. Eyecolor: blue w yellow additions so they look like green
92. Favorite movie: idkkkkkkkk mb the fault in our stars? or the great Gatsby ??

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“My English is not good.  Spoken English is very difficult.  But I want to study at Columbia so I am trying to improve.  I decided to come to America because of Forrest Gump.  I’ve watched the movie five times.  I like Forrest very much.  Forrest is very simple.  He picks one thing, and he keeps going.  When I was young, I thought Forrest was stupid.  But now I have a different view.  I think people are too complicated.  They complain about everything.  Forrest never complains.  Forrest chooses one thing and he keeps going.  I watched the movie last month to encourage me.  My life is hard because people don’t ever know what I’m saying.  But I just think of Forrest.  Forrest figured everything out because he just kept going.”

Tbt to when Kaylie confronted Scanlan in episode 38 about him being such a scoundrel that he didn’t know he had a daughter so he said to her: “how can you fault me for something that I did not know about?" 

The phrase is almost too telling for what happens 47 episodes later. 

How can you blame the rest of your family for things you simply didn’t tell them, Scanlan? How is it their fault you never opened up? How are they to blame for your lack of honesty? How can you fault them for things they didn’t know?