but i am happy with it so far

I’m so proud of my boys, this is a very important mark in their career and I’ve never been so happy over such an achievement. They have gathered so many fans and achieved things some people haven’t managed to reach yet. They deserve everything that comes their way. If someone told me bts would go far enough the win an award at the bbmas I would of told them they weren’t sane. The fact that they won the Top Social Artist at the BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS is just head spinning. I am so so so so happy for them and this is such an amazing moment for them and we should all treasure it forever.

i am just so so so proud of them!! they’ve come so far from their first win on a music show to being the first kpop group to be nominated and to WIN a billboard award. they really got to this point through pure hard work and passion for what they do. i’m so so so happy! i love them so much :’(

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would you say you're in a place where you're happy? im still young (19 soon 20) and i want to feel happy but i feel like i'll only get there if i'm this totally made up version of myself that i'm not sure is achievable. were you ever in a place where you feel like you finally figured out who you are on your own? sorry if this doesn't make any sense.

i’m so happy, i’ve never been happier. that said i really only got to this place less than a year ago and i’m about to be 25 next month. i feel like i know who i am and what i want and how i’m going to get there. 19 feels so far away tbh, i was just in college having fun and fucking around lol. i had darker times when i was older like 21-23 yeas sort of terrible, like rock bottom a thousand times over. 

the best piece of advice i can give you is to stop planning, stop thinking so far ahead. be present. think about what you enjoy doing and who you enjoy being around and take time for yourself and just focus on right now. things don’t go as planned, people come in and out of your life and your feelings change and your interests change and you just have to welcome all of those things and let your life play out.

“Dean: I got the beer

You: Good, just got to find some where to store it

Dean: I also found this

You: A wheel barrel

Dean: Yup, cleaned it out as best as I could

You: Ok

Sam: Michael has the stuffed peppers on the grill and needs the meat now

Michael: Alright, veggies are done, meat is done and everyone is here. Lets eat

Dean: I have been waiting for this for so long

You: I think Dean is going to cry

Dean: Am not

Sam: Yeah, think he is about to cry. Can hear it in the tone in his voice

Dean: Shut up”

Everyone at the table laugh while Dean glares. You’re happy you can do this and have the day off from hunting. Sam is relieved he can have the people he loves healthy and whole. Even for one who came out of no where. Michael is happy he can experience something out of his element, rather then watching from a far and finally have the moment to himself.


AN: It took me a while just to post the pic and had to resize it. But its finally up and its 2:47am. I had to post, even though I culd have waited until tomorrow but its the long weekend so taadaa.

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I read somewhere that Wentworth said that this season's final will be something fans are used to. And there was a theory that Michael will end up in prison. What do you think about that?

okay, so i read a lot of interviews before the show came back. and i never read one where wentworth said the ending was something the fans would be used to, so if someone could provide me a source on that, i’d be interested. i did, however, read one (found here) where he said this:

Is there a happy ending this time around? Happy as far as Prison Break would define happy ending [laughs]. What does happen, where we do find these characters at the end of these nine episodes, is somewhere that feels right and earned and satisfying.

so, to me, those two statements contradict themselves. because, as a fan, what i am used to with prison break is heartache and disappointment. so if wentworth did say the ending is something we’re used to, that’s not anything that’s right, earned, or satisfying. right, earned, and satisfying is exactly what i would not expect, given the history of this show. it’s nothing i’m used to.

michael ending up back in prison is not right, it definitely is not earned, and it would not be satisfying at all. and i think wentworth knows that. what is right, earned, and satisfying is michael getting to settle down with his family, finally, after seven years being away from them. maybe they’ll be in witness protection or something, i don’t know, and that’s what’ll make it only qualify as a “happy as far as prison break would define happy ending.” they’re all together, but the journey isn’t quite over.

honestly, all that matters to me, what will make me happy (and therefore, in my book, qualify as a happy ending) is that everyone michael loves is safe, healthy, with him, and they’re finally going to get some peace. i just want them to be able to live. which is not a disney movie “and they all lived happily ever” moment, but it would definitely fit the bill as something that is right, earned, and satisfying.

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(ok i just got home from work and saw you stalk my blog. crash into the inbox head first, blow it up with TNT if you want. give me something to do to distract me from my boring home life. i am so happy you like it i was really worried i'd get hate for some reason but so far everything is going good)

No doll, i love it!!!
It’s so unique!! And cute!! Everyone go follow!!!

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SO I'VE JUST READ THROUGH "LORD OF THORNS" AND HON! I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH IT. They are super sweet and cute and in love, and I am so so happy with how their relationship has grown so far. Could you please tag me in the future updates for this fic? I don't want to miss anything! ^-^

Ok haha baby I’ve been checking each time you Reblog because even though you never comment on anything, your tags are always the funniest and I love them.
I am SO GLAD you are enjoying the story, I feel like it’s been a while since you’ve read/ liked something of mine so I’m so glad I didn’t lose you as a reader!!!

Of course I will tag you in the next updates!!!

honestly I’m so happy bts have actually made it this far. especially for a KPOP group to be recognized in America like this. on an awards show. watched by millions of Americans on tv and millions of ppl around the world. it’s so amazing to see this, I am really proud of them and how far they’ve come and I hope they continue to grow even bigger and bigger as a group.

I am so proud over them that I don’t know what to do with myself. Having followed them for so many years, having seen them grown up, I can’t believe that they have come so far. I am just so proud, and so happy that I can share this moment with them even if I’m on a different continent. I haven’t felt as connected with other army’s since the daesang. But there are so many more amazing moments to share in the future with them!
My heart is happy, and their hard work and good intentions give me reassurance in our generation that there is so much good to do and so much happiness to spread.

I don’t know, I just feel so much at the moment, but I am honoured to share that feeling with you, both our boys, and our ARMY! ❤️❤️❤️

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why do you call that short guy daddy like... is he actually your daddy? or are you just one of those people who jokes and is like "lol yeah daddy" or like idk what's the deal??

So long story short my biological father is not the greatest man in the world, far from it. For some reason @thisisnotbucky decided that I was worth caring about and became my surrogate parent type thing. They have also done an amazing job at making me feel welcome in their presence.

Like yes he is my daddy, like Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy.

I hope that is the correct short person…


สุขสันต์วันเกิด กันต์พิมุกต์ ภูวกุล Happy 20th birthday to the young and rich BamBam! You have grown so much and come so far in the past few years. I am really proud of all your achievements and I hope you earn even more money in the coming years. Please always stay happy and healthy. Never ever stop dabbing! #YoungAndRichBamBamDay

headcanon time! so @deohsogay and i were talking and as we all know, vasquez is a giant fucking lesbian and has been out and proud since she was in high school probably and long story short, her gaydar is off the charts

so OBVIOUSLY she has alex figured out from the moment she steps into the deo. and at first she’s not sure if alex is just lowkey and private but then she realises wow alex does not know that she is in fact a giant lesbian

and this amuses vasquez to no end because alex is the gayest gay to ever gay in the history of gay, and she has absolutely no idea. and after a while it gets to vasquez and she cant hold it in anymore so their conversations go a little like this

‘vasquez i got a new motorbike!’
‘i said yay! how exciting!’

‘vasquez i went to the movies last night and saw this one with kristen stewart in it she’s so cool i really like her’
‘what was that?’
‘thespian! you love actors!’

and when maggie shows up on the scene, you bet your ass vasquez hears all about the stupid, short, dimpled cop with shiny eyes who annoys the shit out of alex and vasquez is like oh my god she has a crush is this what it feels like to be proud of your children and she watches closely at the way alex smiles when maggie is around and she sees the way maggie looks at alex and she’s like ‘i give them three months and theyll be engaged’

‘it’s okay, vasquez i dont need back up, maggie’s coming with me’
‘you are so gay’
‘excuse me?’
‘you sure youre okay?’

ANYWAY so after this back and forth for years, FINALLY alex approaches vasquez one day and is like ‘hey susan did you know that maggie and i are dating and also i am gay’

and vasquez goes OH THANK GOD! and she pulls out this huge fucking scrapbook and it’s called DEOh So Gay: The Gaygent Danvers Story by susan vasquez and it’s literally a scrapbook made up of sneaky photos she took of alex’s gayest outfits and also written down documentation of every time alex said or did something gay and alex is blushing and also laughing because she’s so happy she’s come so far and vasquez is a good friend and also maggie loves it and it sits on their coffee table for the rest of their lives

A year since the beginning of the end. I’ve learned a lot in that year. I’ll never let anyone manipulate me the way that you did, and I haven’t yet. I learned that sometimes losing who you could’ve loved hurts more than losing someone you have loved. I’ve learned that sometimes you’ll lose parts of yourself that are not retractable but that is okay because you’ll find pieces of yourself that you never knew were there. Life is messy, really messy. If you’re reading this you probably think this all sounds so generic but I promise in due time you’ll understand. People always say that the first person you should love is yourself. I always that I loved myself but I didn’t, and it took you leaving me to realize that. A year later and I finally understand what it means to truly love yourself. I understand that I am in no means perfect, but I am comfortable with who I am in every area of my life. I don’t need another person to fill the emptiness I used to have. I fill those spaces with things that I love and things that makes me happy and I suggest you do the same. It took me a year to realize that it’s not about relying on another person and that love is far more independent than we paint it to be. So believe me while healing is undoubtedly an uncomfortable process in due time you’ll become unaffected. It may have taken me nearly a year to realize that but by focusing on yourself and loving yourself you can mend your own soul, and you don’t need another to do so. You decide what thoughts you allow your brain to process, choose the healthy ones my dear.
—  pen-to-paper-bm, March 21